Wichita, KS

August 30 – 31, 2017


Kansas Department of TransportationKansas Department of Transportation

Greater Wichita PartnershipGreater Wichita Partnership
Formed in 2015, the Greater Wichita Partnership aligns resources and focuses the business community on common strategies that cultivate the economic environment and fast-forwards growth in south-central Kansas. The primary work of the Partnership revolves around six strategic priorities focusing on growing primary jobs, providing diversification through entrepreneurship, assisting in education attainment and workforce development, improving internal and external perceptions, recruiting and retaining talent and stimulating downtown vitality.

Wichita State UniversityWichita State University
Learn. Work. Live. Play. Envision a place where creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship are valued – where a living/learning ecosystem has been custom-made to nurture your success. It’s a place where risk-taking and collaboration are not only accepted, but encouraged, and lessons extend beyond walls and campus boundaries to influence change on the grandest scale. Envision a place where tomorrow is being created today.

If you have the passion, the creativity and the audacity to dream the biggest of dreams, your wait is over: The time is now and the place is Wichita State.

Kansas State UniversityKansas State University