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What We Do

We Are Autonomous Aviation Ecosystem Builders.

Creating an Oklahoma centric industry ecosystem made up of companies, thought leaders, investors, and public partnerships focused on making the state a world class destination for all things Unmanned Aviation and Advanced Air Mobility.
network chart of UASCI-related concepts like Technology, Economic Development, and Startups in front of a photo of of young, smiling professionals

How We Do It


We focus on two specific areas related to industry connection and knowledge exchange:
  • Business to Business Demo Days
    Our B2B Demo Days connect drone service providers (DSPs) with new customers, providing a forum where DSPs complete live demos for an audience of end users. This is a learning opportunity showcasing new technologies for the users in targeted industry sectors.
  • Industry Networking
    We facilitate ongoing learning through regularly scheduled events that foster knowledge exchange among industry players and also provide forums for training from subject matter experts.


UASCI is a first-class mentoring and matchmaking hub that targets the specific needs of small businesses in the UAS/AAM industry. We focus on:
  • Mentoring Partnerships
    We partner with state startup accelerators and economic development groups to provide specific and UAS/AAM unique industry support for those with business models that touch that space.
  • Structured Engagements
    Our mentors are experienced professionals who volunteer their time to work 1:1 with a small business owner. Each mentor/mentee pair typically meets at least once a month over a four-month period.

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UASCI has implemented a technology transfer service to support UAV industry development in Oklahoma.
  • Technology Consulting
    We offer a consulting service to assist small businesses with their technology needs. Consulting can support identification of opportunities or strategies to acquire technologies or identify funding opportunities. It can also include testing and evaluation resources. This consulting service also advises businesses who see potential value in licensing or collaborating labs and universities but who are not familiar with the tech transfer process.
  • Technology Licensing
    We search through research and technologies from Federal and University Labs in order to identify innovative technologies and new business opportunities. We leverage this vast resource and present UAS commercial opportunities to entrepreneurs and businesses.
  • Technology Pitch Sessions
    We produce live, online presentations and investor pitch sessions on technologies with commercial potential emphasizing UAS and AAM vehicle systems, battery, sensor and operational technologies.

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Capital Attraction

Creating a capital pipeline for both home grown startups, and companies open to making a move to our region, is one of our key ecosystem building objectives.
  • UAS Angel Network
    The Network is a collection of accredited individual investors, angel groups and seed venture capital funds focused on opportunities in the Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) and Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) industry. We hold bi-monthly pitch sessions to connect emerging aviation start-ups with capital investment. Subsectors of interest include:
    • Drone Service Providers
    • UAS logistics
    • Airspace Management Systems
    • UAS Flight Safety Systems
    • Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM)
    • Droneports and Vertiports
    • Commercialization of New UAS Technologies

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UAS Testing

We have committed to helping companies understand the full suite of testing capabilities within the state and provide support and connection to those resources.
  • Oklahoma Test Sites
    We partner with state UAS testing facilities like the Choctaw Beyond Program, Skyway 36 (Osage Nation) and Oklahoma State University’s Unmanned Systems Research Institute (USRI) to help facilitate the use of testing resources for companies. We also:
    • Provide consulting services and vision casting
    • Provide access to our network for future UAS Testing opportunities
    • Act as a facility advocate for a national audience

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One of UASCI’s key objectives is the breaking down of state industry silos and we do that through intentional collaborative events and projects.
  • Private Industry Advisory Council
    We host an industry advisory council made up of company executives and investors. This group focuses on providing industry voice and influence to future state strategy and planning as well as on identifying workforce and technology gaps that require attention to allow for continued state industry growth.
  • Public Private Partnerships
    We actively engage Universities, Tribes and State agencies on projects related to UAS and AAM technologies in order to help these increase knowledge and resource sharing opportunities.