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Rethink Vertical Podcast
The Rethink Vertical podcast, brought to you by the UAS Cluster Initiative, brings you emerging aerospace industry insight, without the fluff. These immersive conversations highlight where the industry is today and how it will shape the technology of tomorrow.

Join host Craig Mahaney on the third Thursday of every month as he interviews the industry’s most innovative thinkers and doers.

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May 25, 2023 – Omer Sharar (infiniDome)

In this episode of Rethink Vertical, host Craig Mahaney talks with infiniDome's Cofounder and CEO, Omer Sharar. InfiniDome develops GPS protection and resilient navigation solutions tailored to defend UAVs and vehicles from jamming attacks.Craig and Omer talk about the vulnerabilities of GPS, the effect on commercial and defense UAS operations, and how infiniDome is working to mitigate the problems at hand.


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April 27, 2023 – Andrew Carter and Ryan Pleskach (ResilienX)

In this episode of Rethink Vertical, host Craig Mahaney talks with ResilienX Co-founders Andrew Carter and Ryan Pleskach. RelisienX is the market leader for in-time aviation safety management system software and Andrew and Ryan have a great founder’s story to tell.


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April 6, 2023 – Guillaume Catry and Nicolas Bosson (WindShape)

Exciting news from Tulsa! WindShape, a Swiss innovation company emerged in 2016 as a world leader in drone research, development, testing, and validation. As part of its expansion plans, WindShape has recently signed an agreement with Osage LLC to establish a state-of-the-art indoor drone testing and validation center at the Skyway36 Droneport and Technology Innovation Center. Co-founders Guillaume Catry and Nicolas Bosson join host Craig Mahaney to talk about their entrepreneurship journey, and why they are excited for what’s to come in Oklahoma.


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February 16, 2023 – Aaron Pierce (Pierce Aerospace)

Aaron Pierce, Founder and CEO of Pierce Aerospace joins host Craig Mahaney to talk about his company's Remote ID technology, the challenges of running a dual use startup, how he approached pitching to investors, and much more!

Pierce Aerospace:

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