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Building the UAS Ecosystem of the Future in Oklahoma

We Drive
Aviation Innovation

Our mission is to create an environment where unmanned aviation startups can thrive, connect with innovative networks, access global capital, discover national technologies and learn from proven tech industry leaders.

We are Autonomous Aviation Ecosystem Builders.

Who We Are

The enormous growth of the Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) industry presents unprecedented opportunities for small businesses across the U.S. and in states like Oklahoma to grow and create new jobs, while attracting investment and driving technology to meet industry needs. The UAS Cluster Initiative facilitates access to critical resources for young companies in the UAS industry, helping them promote their products to potential customers, license technologies and access financing.

We are a first-class mentoring and matchmaking hub that targets the specific needs of small businesses in the UAS industry. We address these needs through access to our diverse network of successful entrepreneurs, venture capital and private equity expertise and access and practical training in technology commercialization.

We expand resource availability
We help grow ideas into companies
We accelerate out of the box thinking
We build and support the ecosystem
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What We Do

We host business to business demo days to bring service providers and industry together.
We provide guidance to emerging aviation startups and young companies seeking to grow.
We facilitate access to new technologies using innovative pitch sessions.
Capital Attraction
We run the UAS Angel Network which holds industry specific investor pitch sessions.
UAS Testing
We facilitate access to UAS product testing.
We help connect UAS industry partners to innovation.

We can help your
company grow