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UASCI Lab to Business Showcase
featuring Oklahoma State University Research and Technology
April 19, 2023 at 1:00pm CT

The UASCI Lab to Business Showcase featuring Oklahoma State University research and technology on UAV systems was held on April 19th. Below are links to the showcase video, presentation and other reference information. If you would like to attend future Lab to Business Showcase events, please sign up for the newsletter or watch for the event announcements on this website.

This event featured technologies from Oklahoma State University. The specific technologies and presentations are listed below along with the approximate starting point on the video for that technology:

  • 0:34 UASCI overview, Craig Mahaney
  • 04:49 Oklahoma State University Overview, Victoria Natalie
  • 06:45 All Terrain Land and Air Sphere (ATLAS), Dr. Ben Loh
  • 24:41 Coaxial Motor, Dual Axis Gimbal, Dr. Ben Loh
  • 36:29 Cowboy Innovations, Amanda Aker
  • 52:18 OAIRE Research and Technology Overview, Victoria Natalie

download Slide Deck (pptx)

Contact information

For Technology Licensing and Cowboy Innovations
Amanda Aker
Licensing Associate
Oklahoma State University
(405) 744-1450

For Oklahoma Aerospace Institute of Research and Education (OAIRE)
Victoria Natalie

ATLAS Opportunity summary sheet from lab:

Coaxial motor and a dual axis gimbal for direction control summary from Lab
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Publications relevant to the technology:
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