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Unlock the potential to prosper and create jobs in the emerging UAS industry.

What are Droneports?

New to the aviation industry, Droneports provide a fixed or mobile location for the housing, maintenance, fueling and piloting of commercial fleets of drones, and the safe flying of drones in the national airspace.

Droneports can include:
  • Facilities
  • Fleet Housing
  • Fleet Maintenance
  • Fleet Piloting
  • Incubator and Technology Development
  • Education and Training
  • Testing Facilities
Droneports may serve single specialized clients or numerous generalized and variable clients with diverse flight missions. They will be expected to ensure the safe flying of UAS fleets. The support services may be very limited or turnkey. They may be designed for low or high altitude, short or long distance flights, or both.

Why You Need a Droneport In Your Community

The FAA expects over 450,000 and as many as 717,000 commercial grade drones will be in service by 2022.

Droneports are expected to serve as nodes for commercial drone operations in a region. New business opportunities will arise in and around droneports as entrepreneurs take on these new markets – particularly services for piloting, maintaining, fueling and equipping these aircraft. Companies needing to operate fleets of drones in a region can benefit by having a facility to handle these logistical needs.

Droneport Services and Tenants

While drone housing and maintenance may be under one roof, many aspects of drone operations may rely initially on off-site, third-party service providers, from flight authorization services, to UAS service suppliers and the many data feeds they bundle and provide, off-site air traffic control, operations management software vendors, teams in the field, training, insurance, etc.

DronePort Network

DronePort Network
Bringing together communities, thought leaders and companies to unlock economic prosperity and create jobs in the emerging Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) industry.

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