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UASCI Lab to Business Technology Presentation
September 27, 2022 at 1:00pm CT

For serial entrepreneurs, new entrepreneurs, or existing businesses looking for their next UAS or AAM opportunity, UASCI provides this information from September 27th, 2022 Lab to Business Technology Presentation #3.

This presentation featured technologies from NASA Ames Research Center, Naval Surface Warfare Center - Corona, and the Naval Postgraduate School. For your reference, the starting points on the video for each technology brief are listed below:

3:30 - Vertiport Assessment and Mobility Operations
16:16 - UAS Traffic Management
29:26 - UAV-based FOD detection
36:22 - UAV-based measurement system

Full video

Links to the technology summaries and patents.

Below are URLs to the presented technologies. If you go to the linked page, you may find a URL to the patent information at the bottom of the page.

The presentation slides may be found here:

Slide Deck

Attached here are links to reference information for Vertiport planning and UAS Traffic Management.

This information is more extensive than the summary presentation.

Contact information.

For more information on the NASA Ames Research Center technologies, including licensing, contact:

    For technology questions, contact Jay Singh at NASA Ames Research Center
    • Email: .
    For NASA licensing support, contact Cory Abercrombie
    • Email: .

For either the NSWC-Corona or the Naval Postgraduate School technologies, contact TechLink at the addresses below:
    Contact at TechLink: David Scott
    • .
    Contact at TechLink: Derek Mayer
    • .
    You may also contact TechLink for collaboration or licensing related to any DoD or VA lab research.

For questions or more information, please contact Jack James at .