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UASCI Lab to Business Showcase
June 21, 2023 at 1:00pm CT

TechLink contact information

For further assistance, including technology licensing and collaboration opportunities

Derek Mayer
Senior Technology Manager

The UASCI Lab to Business Showcase featuring DOD research and technology on UAS autonomous agents, swarm technologies and advanced manufacturing was held on June 21, 2023. Below are links to the showcase video, presentation and other reference information. If you would like to attend future Lab to Business Showcase events, please sign up for the newsletter or watch for the event announcements on this website. For questions or comments regarding this event, please contact Jack James at .

This event was in partnership with TechLink and featured technologies from various DOD research labs. The specific technologies and presentations are listed below along with the approximate starting point on the video for that technology. For more information on any of these technologies including licensing and collaboration opportunities, please contact TechLink, Derek Mayer at contact information listed here.

04:43 TechLink Services
06:18 Autonomous Agent scheduling
11:35 Agent Conflict Resolution
16:26 Counter swarm interception using sacrificial UAVs
19:22 Real-time adaptive additive manufacturing system
21:51 Improved Slicer algorithms for 3D printing
25:53 Manufacturing hollow spheres with high-strength and stiffness
29:28 Manufacturing improved composite part

Download the slide deck:
PPT Presentation

Links to TechLink and specific Technologies on the TechLink website

Note that patents associated with each technology may be found under IP on each of the linked webpages:

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