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UAS Cluster Initiative Newsletter
September 8, 2017  

I was once told that drones are a fad.
If you were not already convinced that drones are here to stay perhaps recent news will persuade you.

Drones came to the rescue in the wake of Hurricane Harvey, are interacting with wildlife, and will one day explore Mars. As an industry, growth is on every horizon and commanding attention from big investors.

I can't predict the future, but in my humble opinion we have just scratched the surface of this industry's potential and impact.
UAS in the News
Airobotics Raises $32.5 Million in Round C to Meet Growing Demand in Mining and Homeland Security Industries
Airobotics, a global leader in fully automated industrial drones, is announcing today the completion of a $32.5 million funding round, led by BlueRun Ventures China, as well as Microsoft Ventures, and another strategic investor.

Above Devastated Houston, Armies of Drones Prove Their Worth
Less than a week after the last drops of Hurricane Harvey fell, Houston is just beginning to assess the damage. Early estimates suggest the hurricane has inflicted $120 billion in damage on the region, making it the most expensive natural disaster...

Drones could be a big industry in Kansas, says state UAS director
Entrepreneurs, investors, researchers, and other professionals gathered at the airport Hilton in Wichita Thursday for the second annual UAS Tech Forum. The Unmanned Aerial Systems Cluster Initiative organized the event to bring small business and...

NASA is Developing Drones to Explore Mars
NASA has a plan and is working on an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle for the Martian surface. Currently, aerial imaging is only available through satellite but they orbit several miles above. The Drones will be able to provide the solution for all of these...

Disguised drones boost wildlife management
Saxon Remote Systems, a manufacturer of unmanned aerial systems in McPherson, is flying into the market with technology to make current wildlife management methods easier and more precise. The only concern? Interrupting wildlife habits with a UAS,...
Upcoming Industry Events
BDS2017 - Big Drone Show
September 27, 2017 - September 28, 2017
Toronto, Canada
Canada's largest gathering of UAV professionals and enthusiasts. Setting the stage for what is to come in the future of UAV/UAS systems, this two-day event will provide an all-encompassing view of the industry from the technology itself to the...

Drone World Expo
October 3 - 4, 2017
San Jose, CA
Thought leaders, industry experts and end-users will gather at Drone World Expo in the heart of Silicon Valley to present real-world solutions to your business and environmental challenges. UAS/UAVs provide the capability for you to capture data in...

Commercial UAV Expo 2017
October 24-26, 2017
Las Vegas, Nevada
The Commercial UAV Expo is perfect for drone professionals who are looking to keep up-to-date on trends and new developments for industrial drone applications. This year's conference focuses on "UAV/UAS integration and operation forlarge asset...
Aerotenna Smart Drone Development Platform, The First Ready To Fly Drone With Collision Avoidance Radar
UAS | 09/08/2017
At InterDrone Aerotenna Powered by Ainstein announces its new Smart Drone Development Platform, a transformative new offering that is the smartest, most capable ready to fly kit on the market today!

Civilian Drone Market Worth 73.5 Billion Through 2026
Inside Unmanned Systems | 09/07/2017
According to a new report the market for civil, commercial and consumer drones will expand from $2.8 billion in 2017 to an annual level of more than $11.8 billion by 2026—a compound growth rate of 15.5 percent.

PrecisionHawk Brings Leading Drone LiDAR Solution to Market
sUAS News | 09/07/2017
PrecisionHawk, a provider of advanced commercial drone technologies, is making strategic moves to provide its customers with a drone LiDAR solution that matches or exceeds standard manned aircraft data outputs.

New swarming drone technology could help find lost hikers, study wildlife
CU Boulder Today | 09/06/2017
CU Boulder researchers have developed an advanced drone "swarming" technology that allows a single operator to control multiple unmanned aircraft for a variety of tasks, which could include searching for lost hikers or studying wildlife.

The Drone Dilemma
American City and County | 09/06/2017
Caught between federal rules, legal ambiguity and public service, local governments struggle to find their places in governing private and commercial drone activity

Are Drones the Next Frontier for Artificial Intelligence?
Aviation Today | 09/01/2017
Artificial intelligence and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies have a bright future within the aviation industry. While standard use of that technology seems like it is decades away, it could be closer than you think. Another industry on the cusp of using artificial intelligence and IoT together to provide services to customers is the unmanned aircraft systems industry.

Could Samaritan Drone Aircraft Help Hurricane Harvey Rescuers?
Scientific American | 09/01/2017
As the effects of Hurricane Harvey continue to torment southeastern Texas and parts of Louisiana, remote-controlled drone aircraft have offered a bird's-eye view of the devastation in real time. However, the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration and other government agencies issued terse warnings for civilians to keep their drones out of areas where official rescue operations are using low-flying aircraft to locate and evacuate Harvey's victims.

This 'small' Ohio tech company built the drone UPS just flew from a moving delivery truck
WXIX -TV FOX 19 | 09/01/2017
With the help of an Ohio-based tech company, UPS has successfully tested a drone for potential use in day-to-day operations. During the test, conducted Monday in Lithia, Fla., a drone launched from the top of a package car, delivered a package to a home, and returned to the vehicle while a driver continued along his route toward a separate delivery.

Northrop Grumman expansion brings jobs to Grand Sky facility
More jobs will be coming to North Dakota as a result of Northrup Grumman's expansion of facilities at the Grand Sky Unmanned Aerial Systems Business and Aviation Park adjacent to the Grand Forks Air Force Base. Last week, the company started work on a 35,000-square-foot hanger capable of housing two Global Hawk-sized aircraft. In April, Northrop Grumman dedicated a 36,000-square-foot building at Grand Sky with office, classroom and lab space dedicated to fostering autonomous systems and other capabilities.

The Legal Impact of Drones in the Construction Industry
Inside Counsel | 08/28/2017
Garret Murai, of Wendel Rosen as well as Construction Practice Group co-chair and editor of California Construction Law Blog, sat down with Inside Counsel to discuss the rise of drones in the construction industry and the legal impact surrounding it.

Hoeven: North Dakota is 'unmatched' in UAS capabilities
Grand Forks (ND) Herald | 08/23/2017
The unmanned aircraft industry is growing fast, and North Dakota is positioned to lead the way.
That's what government, military, educational and sector leaders emphasized Tuesday during the UAS Summit in Grand Forks.

Nevada UAS Test Site Tries out Artificial Intelligence with Microsoft Researchers
Unmanned Aerial Online | 08/23/2017
The Nevada Governor's Office of Economic Development and the Nevada Institute for Autonomous Systems recently teamed up with Microsoft's unmanned aircraft systems research team to test artificial intelligence (AI) on a sailplane measuring 16.5 feet and weighing 12.5 pounds.

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