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Volume 163
June 11, 2024
quadcopter drone in silhouette flying high above a brightly lit cityscape at twilight
Welcome to VERT BRIEF
Welcome to the updated UAS Cluster Initiative Newsletter, now known as UAS Cluster Initiative VERT BRIEF. This update will include the same content as before but in an improved and more user-friendly format. Additionally, take note that above the headers of "UPCOMING EVENTS," "POLICY," "RESEARCH," and "INDUSTRY" are links that will directly navigate you to the respective section. If you have any questions, our contact information is at the end of this newsletter.

UAS Cluster Initiative's Vertical Marketplace
At the UAS Cluster Initiative, we're continuously working to serve the membership of the emerging aerospace industry more effectively. In 2023, that meant launching two new products, Rethink Vertical podcast, and Charting the Course: Workforce Dynamics in Oklahoma's Emerging Aerospace Industry.

This year, we are building on the development of those products and working to make access to our vast array of resources more intuitively accessible.

That means, starting later this month, all resources and products will live within the Vertical Marketplace – a one stop, instinctual space for all things emerging aerospace.

Soon, you will receive an invitation to create a login to access Vertical Marketplace. You'll still get this content free of charge, but by creating this login feature, we'll be able to continue to work to create a more community-based environment that will continue to grow with us, and the industry.

You'll receive a few more reminders and helpful tips before things go live. Please let us know if you have any questions along the way. Our hope is that these changes will continue to enhance your experience.

Craig Mahaney
Executive Director, UAS Cluster Initiative

Rethink Vertical Podcast with Vigilant Aerospace Cofounder and CEO, Kraettli Epperson.
In the latest Rethink Vertical Podcast, Kraettli Epperson, CEO and Co-founder of Vigilant Aerospace Systems is back! If you missed the first part of the conversation, go back and listen to the July 20, 2023 episode to catch up. This week, Craig and Kraettli take a deeper dive into detect and avoid methodologies, what airspace management may look like with scaled commercial UAS operations and the exciting things ahead for Vigilant.

Vigilant Aerospace Systems:

Watch this and previous Rethink Vertical Podcasts at

Upcoming Events
Jun. 10 - Jun. 12, 2024 2024 Energy Drone & Robotics Summit
Houston, TX
Sept. 9 - Sept. 12, 2024 First Advanced Air Mobility Symposium (AAM 2024)
Montréal, Canada
Droneport Headlines
Electrifying vertiports
Veertical | 06/10/2024
it's expected that as the industry moves forward after introduction, electricity will be a major limiting factor in AAM scale-up in the U.S. and globally.
FlightHorizon Selected to Provide Airspace Management and Detect-and-Avoid for Osage Nation's Skyway36 Droneport
sUAS News | 06/04/2024
Vigilant Aerospaces' FlightHorizon airspace management and uncrewed traffic management (UTM) system has been selected as the airspace management system for the Skyway36 droneport in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Skyway36 is a leading droneport in the United...
GAO – Actions Needed to Better Support Remote Identification in the National Airspace
sUAS Neews | 06/06/2024
We recommended, among other things, that FAA help tribal, state, and local law enforcement understand how to use Remote ID to help with drone investigations.
Booz Allen Hamilton Identifies Non-Kinetic C-UAS as a Key Emerging Technology
dronelife | 06/10/2024
Booz Allen Hamilton's recent research report, "Top 10 Emerging Technologies For DoD and National Security," highlights Non-Kinetic Counter-Unmanned Aircraft Systems (C-UAS) as a crucial technology for defense and intelligence sectors.
NOAA and GrandSky Partner to Enhance Weather Forecasting with Drones
dronelife | 06/03/2024
Innovative 2-Year Research Agreement Utilizes Meteodrones to Improve Atmospheric Data Collection and Forecast Accuracy
Walmart's Retail Renaissance Brings Better to Life with Innovation, Integrations
sUAS News | 06/01/2024
Company incorporates drone delivery into app, expands InHome service and elevates shopping experience with GenAI assistant for unmatched customer convenience.
Amazon Expands Drone Delivery Operations with New FAA Approval
dronelife | 05/31/2024
International "everything store" Amazon recently announced that they had received FAA approval to expand their drone delivery operations, having new permissions to conduct BVLOS (Beyond Visual Line Of Sight) missions around the College Station,...
The Future of Data and Drones: How do you get the data you need to support the key metric, Cost-Per-(Flight)-Minute?
Commercial UAS News | 05/29/2024
In this article, we're going to dive into how to identify the other data sources that support the key metric for drone operations, CPM, which in turn gets us closer to eventually leveraging data tools. 
What Would a ‘Drone Wall' Look Like?
dronelife | 05/29/2024
NATO Nations Unite to Create a High-Tech Border Defense System


ABOUT: UASCI is creating an environment where unmanned aviation startups can thrive, connect with innovative networks, access global capital, discover national technologies and learn from proven tech industry leaders.

The UAS Cluster Initiative is funded in part through a Contract with the U.S. Small Business Administration. All opinions, conclusions, and/or recommendations expressed within this newsletter do not necessarily reflect the views of the SBA.
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