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New Legislation Balances National Security Concerns with Support for U.S. Drone Industry: “Drones for First Responders Act”
dronelife | 04/21/2024
New legislative proposal in the U.S. Congress, known as the Drones for First Responders (DFR) Act, is poised to strike a careful balance between enhancing national security and supporting domestic drone manufacturing.
Elevating Firefighting Strategies: Drone Surveillance Takes to the Skies in New South Wales
dronelife | 04/02/2024
Australian drone operator Ninox Robotics recently announced a joint operation with the New South Wales Rural Fire Service to fly long-range drones for surveillance of bush and grass fires
Top 5 Trends in Public Safety Drone Operations
Commercial UAV news | 03/21/2024
This year, over 600 public safety and related industry professionals convened at the second annual National Public Safety UAS Conference, in Williamsburg, Virginia. These are the top 5 key takeaways from the event.
FAA Updates and Open Questions: From the Floor of the National Public Safety UAS Conference
dronelife | 03/13/2024
A panel of FAA representative provide updates and insights for public safety and law enforcement drone community with updates on the B4UFly app, remote ID, and  along with fielded questions from the audience.
Counter UAS Update, From the Floor of National Public Safety UAS Conference
dronelife | 03/13/2024
Use of counter UAS technologies to keep unauthorized drones out of sensitive airspace, including the space over prisons where incursions are becoming more frequent.
Texas Police Secure Drone Data, Aim to Preserve Fleets Despite Ban Attempts
droneliife | 02/27/2024
As both state and federal officials try to limit, if not outright ban, the use of Chinese-made drones by public service agencies, police departments and sheriff's offices in Texas have taken steps to ensure that those UAVs in their fleets do not present the security threat that ban advocates fear.
News Round-Up: Commercial Drones and Artificial Intelligence
Commercial UAV News | 02/26/2024
"the prospect of using robotics and related systems in place of human intelligence to perform tasks and solve problems is seen by many as key to increasing efficiency, enhancing safety, and delivering exceptional return on investment in a broad range of commercial operations."
Drone Adoption in Law Enforcement Continues to Rise
Commercial UAS News | 02/08/2024
News reports from across the US and around the world point to an increase in the use of drones and related systems in public safety and law enforcement. In large cities and small towns alike, uncrewed systems are being put to work in countless ways that make citizens safer and supply more and better tools for law enforcement officials. 
Drone Industry Visionaries Interview: Exploring the importance of transparency and situational awareness for public safety agencies with Vern Sallee
Commercial UAV News | 02/06/2024
While we've explored what it means to build a drone program, success with doing so always depends on the approach and industry. Those distinctions are especially evident in the public safety sector, where success isn't just about a given task or project, but also about policy, process and the general public.
Drone Successfully Demonstrates Lifeboat Deployment in Italian Coast Guard Search and Rescue Exercise
dronelifee | 02/02/2024
The AR5 drone, equipped with optical and infrared cameras, a maritime radar, an AIS receiver, and an emergency position-indicating radio beacon antenna, showcased its ability to deploy a lifeboat for up to eight people with high precision.
New Commercial UAV News Guide: Building Your Drone Program
Commercial UAV News | 01/18/2024
The new Commercial UAV News guide, "Building Your Drone Program: Defining Your Scope, Choosing the Right Systems, Workforce Development, and More," can help.
Drones in Disaster Response: Harnessing the Potential of Unmanned Aerial Systems
dronelife | 01/16/2024
The Role of Drone Technology in Crisis Management and its Impact on Communities
Court Ruling on Police Drone Footage: A Shift in Public Record Norms
dronelife | 01/09/2024
California Appellate Court's Decision Impacts Public Access to Police Drone Footage
Oregon will use up to 126 Jump eVTOL aircraft for emergency response
Transport Up | 12/03/2023
Jump Aero, a California-based aircraft manufacturer, has partnered with the Oregon Department of Aviation to explore the integration of their JA1 Pulse Aircraft into the fabric of Oregon's emergency response ecosystem. The recently inked Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) marks a collaborative effort to redefine emergency medical services in rural Oregon, harnessing the speed and sustainability of the JA1 Pulse Aircraft.
Flying Vehicles for Medical First Responders Sought in Oregon
IOT World Today | 11/29/2023
Jump Aero and the Oregon Department of Aviation are looking to determine how to bring the emergency response aircraft to the rural population
uAvionix Combines Command and Control, Detect and Avoid for BVLOS Flight at Choctaw Nation Emerging Aviation Technology Center
dronelife | 08/29/2023
uAvionix, operating at the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma (CNO) Emerging Aviation Technology Center, has completed the first true Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) flight in non-segregated airspace using aviation protected C-Band in the United States.
Civil Air Patrol and uAvionix Unveil Low Altitude ADS-B Network
Transport UP | 08/23/2023
In a collaboration that merges ADS-B aviation technology with advances in public service through aviation, the Civil Air Patrol (CAP) and uAvionix Corporation have entered a partnership that brings a dual band Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) receiver network to the National Radar (NRAT) mission. This initiative aims to dramatically reduce response times in search and rescue operations, potentially saving lives in critical situations.
North Carolina’s Civil Air Patrol Invests in 10 New Drones for Emergency Management
dronelife | 05/20/2023
The North Carolina Wing has been at the forefront of the Civil Air Patrol small Unmanned Aerial Systems (sUAS) program that culminated in the first locate and save within CAP in August of 2021. On May 6th, the program introduced an increase in training and equipment at the NCWG headquarters.
NASA’s Advanced Capabilities for Emergency Response Operations (ACERO) Project
SciTechDailey | 04/17/2023
NASA's Advanced Capabilities for Emergency Response Operations (ACERO) project is utilizing drones and advanced aviation technologies to enhance wildland fire coordination and operations. Drones can extend the window for aerial suppression, allowing for safer and more effective firefighting. ACERO is developing airspace management technologies to share information between crewed aircraft, drone operators, and ground crews during wildfires, improving situational awareness and reducing safety risks
A Drone and Wearable Sensor Solution Locates Firefighters in a Burning Building: Research from George Mason University
dronelife | 10/25/2022
Drones are widely recognized as an indispensible tool in firefighting.  Now, researchers from George Mason University are working on a drone and wearable sensor solution that can locate each firefighter working in a burning building – and notify their team if they're in trouble.
Drones Deliver Defibrillators – What’s Next? Everdrone Honored as Top Innovator [VIDEO]
dronelife | 10/24/2022
For the third time, autonomous drone technology leader Everdrone has made the list of Ny Teknik's Top 33 Most Promising Tech Companies in Sweden.
NASA holds design challenge for firefighting air tanker
Fire Aviation | 10/05/2022
Another student competition for designing an air tanker has concluded.
FAA Drone Research Awards: $2.7 Million for Disaster Preparedness, Emergency Response
dronelife | 08/22/2022
$2.7 million has been granted to 5 universities in FAA drone research awards, which will support work on leveraging drone technology for disaster preparedness and emergency response.
NASA Researchers Field-Test New Technology to Aid Drone Pilots in Fighting Fires
Aviation Today | 07/20/2022
NASA's STEReO (Scalable Traffic Management for Emergency Response Operations) project, led by the Ames Research Center, has developed a prototype of a drone pilot's kit intended to help scale up the use of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) for disaster response applications.
Spright Chooses Elsight’s Halo to Ensure Connectivity for Critical Missions
dronelife | 07/07/2022
Spright, an Air Methods subsidiary, is performing critical missions in North America, providing emergency medical services to more than 100,000 patients across 48 states.  Spright is their drone division – created to help solve many of the time sensitive challenges that the medical logistics industry faces.
Texas Drone Law Struck Down: Restrictions Violate First Amendment Rights
dronelife | 04/04/2022
A federal judge has struck down a Texas drone law, one of the most restrictive in the country, for violating the First Amendment's protections of freedom of speech and the press.
Skyfire Public Safety Drone: the US-Made SF2
dronelife | 02/27/2022
Skyfire Announces SF2 Drone for Public Safety and Critical Sector Missions
NCDOT Launches National First with Tethered Drones on IMAP Trucks
sUAS News | 02/22/2022
Two N.C. Department of Transportation programs combined to be the first in the nation to launch an innovative technology pilot with their safety service patrol that should improve safety on North Carolina roadways.
Join the FLC for the USCG Showcase
Content Sharing | 01/27/2022
Technology Tension
A conversation with Coast Guard Researchers
Drone Training for Public Safety Agencies: BRINC Drones Platinum Sponsor of Texas Public Safety Robotics Summit
dronelife | 01/27/2022
BRINC Drones to Sponsor Leading Robotics Summit offering critical drone training for public safety personnel.
BRINC CEO Blake Resnick is This Year’s Youngest Forbes 30 Under 30 “Social Impact” Honoree
dronelife | 12/06/2021
21-year old BRINC CEO Blake Resnick is the creator of the Lemur line of drone solutions – and the successful company behind them.  Now, Resnick is the youngest person named to this year's prestigious Forbes 30 Under 30 Social Impact list.
Avy’s Launches Drone Response Network
dronelife | 12/02/2021
Dutch aviation technology pioneer Avy has launched the first Drone Response Network to combine docking stations with autonomous aircraft that possess vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) capabilities. The network's implementation provides 'drone coverage' within a certain area, allowing for instant deployment to support medical deliveries or emergency services during critical incidents. It's fit for purpose and ready for roll out, with first flights taking place in the first quarter of 2022.
Near Earth Autonomy and L3Harris demonstrate drone system that delivers life-saving blood to medics in the field
sUAS News | 11/10/2021
Near Earth Autonomy and L3Harris Technologies have announced a successful demonstration of an unmanned aircraft system (UAS) that can autonomously deliver life-saving blood and other medical supplies hundreds of miles away from operational bases to medics in the field.
Drone-based tech, droneport launched at IIT-Guwahati
EastMojo | 11/09/2021
The centre will be used to support cargo drones delivering urgent/ medical and emergency supplies/ precious supplies to remote areas of Northeast.
FAA – Drones, a key piece in fighting wildfires
sUAS News | 10/29/2021
The use of drones for fighting wildfires is a "hot" topic, with more than 6 million acres of forest burned this year. When they are used by emergency responders they have proven to help suppress and contain massive blazes, and save lives on the ground and in the air.
Tethered system enables Mavic 2 to autonomously fly over and land safely on small vessels
sUAS News | 10/29/2021
Firefighters and police drone team has been using the V-Line tethered system for the
Mavic 2 drone in a variety of situations on land. Today, Volarious launch a new product called the V-Line boat mode.
It can also be used in coastline surveillance, search & rescue operations. A drone can take off, follow, and land on small vessels autonomously while providing a real-time elevated view of high resolution thermal & RGB images and video streams at the comfort of the cabin.
Are Air Taxis & Ambulances the New Reality of Urban Air Mobility Market? – Exclusive Report by Mordor Intelligence
Digital Journal | 10/21/2021
The urban air mobility market is projected to grow to USD 17,269.71 million by 2035, registering a CAGR of 17.81% during the forecast period (2021-2035). The growing traffic congestion issues, especially in larger cities, globally, are propelling the need for faster modes of intracity transportation. In this regard, the urban air mobility concept is gaining importance. There are many R&D investments in the urban air mobility industry, with many start-ups and aerospace players eyeing this market as one of the high growth potentials. With the growing emphasis on environmentally friendly and economically sustainable technologies in mobility, players are mainly focusing on developing eVTOL (electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing) aircraft, whereas other players are looking beyond electricity to alternative energy sources, like hydrogen fuel cells. Therefore, such factors are expected to drive the growth of the market in focus during the forecast period.
BRINC Raises $25 Million Series A Funding Led by Index Ventures With Participation From Sam Altman, Tusk Venture Partners, Jeff Weiner’s Next Play Ventures, Dylan Field, Elad Gil, Patrick Spence, Alex Wang
sUAS News | 10/13/2021
The real-word danger faced by first responders has been highly visible in 2021, from tragic scenes of search and rescue, to a national surge of active, mass shooter situations. BRINC, an American technology company building a new class of drones in response to the mass shooting at The Mandalay Bay, today announced that it has raised $25 million in Series A funding for its mission to keep people safe in dangerous situations.
At California Blazes, NASA Team Observes How Drones Fight Wildfire
NASA | 10/11/2021
Armed with fire-retardant clothing, a helmet, headlamp, and flashlight, NASA's Joey Mercer spent a night in August scrambling over rocks. He was in the woods of Northern California shadowing a team fighting the Dixie fire – the second-largest wildfire in the state's history to date. In September, he and teammates made their way to three more California wildfire events, watching and learning as firefighters on the ground used small uncrewed aircraft to help battle blazes from above.
Mercer is the principal investigator for the Scalable Traffic Management for Emergency Response Operations, or STEReO, project at NASA's Ames Research Center in California's Silicon Valley. His team is designing software and communication tools to help disaster responders work more safely and efficiently. Part of their approach is to scale up the use of unmanned aircraft systems, or UAS, also called drones.
Austin PD Drones: Department to Launch Robotics Unit
dronelife | 09/27/2021
The police department in the city of Austin, Texas plans to create a new Robotics Unit to oversee the operations of its drone fleet.
Within the next several months, the Austin Police Department is expected to request that the City Council approve funding for the creation of the unit, Assistant Chief Scott Perry said in an interview.
Urban Aeronautics Secures $10 million Advance for CityHawk, the World's First Wingless, Compact eVTOL
PR Newswire | 09/14/2021
Urban Aeronautics, the Israel-based aerospace company behind CityHawk, the advanced, compact eVTOL (electric vertical takeoff and landing vehicle) with a distinct, wingless exterior and patented fully-enclosed Fancraft™ rotor system, today announced the first $10 million towards their next round. The added funds come after the latest successful test flights for the company's tech demonstrator in early July, showcasing the CityHawk's capabilities for smooth vertical takeoff, landing, and short-distance flight in wind conditions, which is a key step on the path to commercial production for inner-city air travel. Private investors from the USA, Brazil and Israel participated in the round.
Original Skydio Video Series Tells the Stories of First Responders in Critical Missions
dronelife | 09/13/2021
If you've ever wondered exactly how drones get used during a public safety mission, the new Skydio video series is worth watching.
The Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) Summit Explores How the Future of the Airspace Will Be Defined
Commercial UAV News | 09/13/2021
While topics related to Unmanned Aircraft Systems Traffic Management (UTM) systems and U-space have been a major part of both Commercial UAV Expo Americas and Commercial UAV Expo Europe, a new connection for these events to Amsterdam Drone Week has enabled such discussions to be highlighted in a whole new manner. The Advanced Air Mobility Summit that was part of the conference program for the Commercial UAV Expo Americas event highlighted the benefits that these connections can enable in the short and long term.
WFP boosts global co-operation on humanitarian drone use
reliefweb | 02/04/2021
The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) with support from the UK Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) is stepping up global co-operation on the use of humanitarian drones, which are a game-changer for fast, accurate, disaster impact assessment and response. With growing threats from famine and climate change, it is hoped a new online platform will help respond to the challenges ahead, as currently being demonstrated in the response to tropical storm Eloise in Mozambique.
Ambulance Drones Might Be Coming to Skies of New York
Bestgaming pro | 01/12/2021
Picture the scene. A person has collapsed outside. Paramedics have arrived and they're helping a doctor assess their patient. Suddenly there's a buzzing sound from the sky and, as they look upward, a futuristic, drone-like flying ambulance bursts through the low cloud cover and begins to descend to the streets below.
Ramsey County Sheriff’s Office requests comments on draft UAV policy.
Ramsey County Sheriff's Office | 12/01/2020
The Sheriff's Office is requesting public comments and input regarding the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs or drones).
Drones revolutionise search-and-rescue operations | 12/01/2020
Drones are widely used to take amazing aerial photos, or to inspect infrastructure and crops. But in the future it is hoped they can increasingly be deployed to help firefighters or search and rescue operations in emergency situations.
Can Bay Area startup’s firefighting drones save us from catastrophe?
The Mercury News | 11/30/2020
With flame-ravaged Bay Area communities still mired in a tough recovery after California's worst fire season destroyed more than 1,000 Bay Area homes, a Silicon Valley startup says its artificially intelligent firefighting drones could help stop future catastrophes.
Vodafone and Ericsson Successfully Complete Drone Delivery Testing
Transport & Logistics | 11/29/2020
Drone delivery of goods and critical services via mobile networks is a step closer following successful testing by Vodafone and Ericsson.

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