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UAV-based magnetometer comparison: utilities detection test
sUAS News | 04/29/2024
This report shows the results of a test survey aimed at comparing four different UAV-based (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) magnetometers and their capabilities to detect various infrastructure utilities.
Ocean Alliance Develops New Use for Drones in Whale Research: Non-invasive Tagging
dronelife | 02/13/2024
Ocean Alliance, the scientific research and conservation group that pioneered the use of UAVs in the study of whales with its breakthrough "Snotbot" technology, is finding a new way to use drones to learn about the underwater lives of these magnificent marine animals.
The Art and Science of Low-Light Drone Operations: LiDAR or Camera? A DRONELIFE Exclusive from Immervision
dronelife | 11/20/2023
Immervision is a leading provider of "Deep Seeing Technology": wide-angle optics, processing, and sensor fusion for next generation technology.  Here, Immervision AVP Ludimila Centano gives a deep dive on the sensor options available for safe, low-light drone operations.
Vigilant Aerospace secures military contract to develop detect-and-avoid system
GPS World | 11/08/2023
Vigilant Aerospace Systems, a provider of multi-sensor detect-and-avoid safety systems for UAVs and advanced air mobility (AAM), has been awarded a contract by the U.S. Air Force to develop a detect-and-avoid system for the Air Force's new long-endurance UAV.
TruWeather Harnesses the Power of Advanced Technology to Keep Advanced Aviation Flying
AUVSI | 10/31/2023
The drone and advanced air mobility (AAM) industries will not succeed without having significantly more fidelity on low altitude weather. Current equipment, systems and standards do not provide this.
Vigilant Aerospace Awarded Contract to Develop Detect-and-Avoid System for the US Air Force’s New Long-Endurance UAS
Vigilant Aerospace Systems | 10/10/2023
Vigilant Aerospace Systems, Inc., a provider of multi-sensor detect-and-avoid safety systems for uncrewed aircraft systems (UAS) and advanced air mobility (AAM), announced that it has been awarded a contract by the US Air Force to develop a detect-and-avoid system for the Air Force's new long-endurance drone.
The Threat to Drones: GPS Jamming Systems, and the Countermeasures Available
dronelife | 06/29/2023
infiniDome, an Israeli developer of anti-GPS jamming systems, recently released a white-paper report focusing on various GPS jamming technologies, as well as countermeasures (such as the company's own GPSdome product).
The Tech Behind BVLOS
inside unmanned systems | 05/15/2023
Flying BVLOS is still an exception, but enabling technologies are paving the way for routine BVLOS operations. The number of Part 107 BVLOS waivers issued by the FAA more than doubled in 2022 and increased 17% from January to March of this year.
AgEagle wins contract from U.S. Department of Defense’s Defense Innovation Unit to equip eBee VISION with RAS-A IOP-compliant ground control capabilities
sUAS News | 04/28/2023
AgEagle Aerial Systems Inc. (NYSE American:UAVS) ("AgEagle" or the "Company"), an industry-leading provider of full stack flight hardware, sensors, and software for commercial and government use, today announced that the Company has won a federal contract from the U.S. Department of Defense's ("DoD") Defense Innovation Unit ("DIU") to produce and deliver eBee™ VISION fixed-wing drones and customized command and control software that proves compatible and is in full compliance with the DoD Robotic and Autonomous System-Air Interoperability Profile ("RAS-A IOP").
TruWeather Solutions’ Weather Sensor Network Blankets the Nation
AUVSI | 04/18/2023
Weather can bring flight times to a standstill. To TruWeather Solutions, that downtime is called the "weather tax". As uncrewed aircraft systems (UAS) and advanced air mobility (AAM) operations scale, and schedules become tighter, this "weather tax" - can quickly add up. And time equals money.
MatrixSpace Radar: Cell-Phone Sized, High Performance, AI Sensor
dronelife | 04/18/2023
As MatrixSpace has developed a name in the industry, their engineers have developed a ground-breaking product.  Today, they've launched a radar  – small, lightweight, and incredibly powerful.  The ability to detect the size, precise location, and the movement of objects could be a game changer for advanced drone operations and airspace awareness systems.
Inside the Drone Mission to Study Volcanos: Autel’s EVO Lite+ on Irazú
dronelife | 02/28/2023
An international team of scientists has deployed an Autel Robotics drone to monitor activities on Costa Rica's Irazú Volcano.
Choctaw Nation Beyond Program obtains FAA approval for Beyond Visual Line of Sight operations with uAvionix Installation
sUAS News | 01/25/2023
uAvionix today announced that the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma (CNO) Beyond Program received approval from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) operations using uAvionix SkyLine™ Managed C2 and Detect & Avoid sensors on the Emerging Aviation Technology Center UAS Test Range. This marks the second BVLOS waiver by the FAA for the combination of uAvionix SkyLine software and SkyLink™ hardware in as many months and allows drone pilots operating at the CNO range to leverage only an Electronic Observer while meeting requirements to remain well-clear of crewed aircraft while the uncrewed aircraft is beyond the pilot's visual range of sight.
Sensing Climate, Reducing the Weather Tax
inside unmanned systems | 01/04/2023
Better weather sensing could reduce 'weather tax' in the form of delays and cancellations.
Ouster and Velodyne Announce Proposed Merger of Equals to Accelerate Lidar Adoption
sUAS News | 11/07/2022
Ouster (NYSE: OUST), a leading provider of high-resolution digital lidar, and Velodyne (NASDAQ: VLDR, VLDRW), a leading global player in lidar sensors and solutions, announced that they have entered into a definitive agreement to merge in an all-stock transaction. The proposed merger is expected to drive significant value creation and result in a strong financial position through robust product offerings, increased operational efficiencies, ​​and a complementary customer base in fast-growing end-markets.
Using small drones to measure wind speeds in the polar regions
Tech Xplore | 10/27/2022
Drones and similar small unmanned aerial vehicles (sUAVs) have seen a massive surge in popularity over the past few years due to their innovative applications, such as crop monitoring, search and rescue operations, and coast profiling. The potential of sUAVs in atmospheric science and meteorology has not gone unnoticed either as drones offer an efficient way to place various kinds of sensors up above in the lower atmosphere.
Reveal Technology and Teal Drones Demonstrate Multi-Drone Mapping to US Military
sUAS News | 08/18/2022
Military tactical teams' ability to quickly produce accurate maps of areas targeted for military operations can mean the difference between mission success or failure. Meeting this need, Reveal Technology has teamed with Teal Drones – a division of Red Cat Holdings (NASDAQ: RCAT) – to enhance Reveal's "Farsight" mapping software by automatically combining imagery from multiple unmanned aerial systems (UAS) to produce high-fidelity 3D maps. By dramatically increasing the speed of collection, users receive Farsight maps and analytics faster than ever. The groundbreaking technology was recently successfully demonstrated to U.S. Army Special Operations Command near Fort Bragg.
Vigilant Aerospace Supports RIMPAC 22 Maritime Exercise with FlightHorizon COMMANDER for Historic UAS Flights
Vigilant Areospace Systems | 08/02/2022
Vigilant Aerospace announced on Tuesday that it has provided a demonstration FlightHorizon COMMANDER airspace management system to the US Air Force in support of the Rim of the Pacific (RIMPAC) 2022 exercise, currently going on in Hawaii and near Southern California.
Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) for Ports, Warehouses, and Logistics
Commercial UAV News | 08/01/2022
"The logistics industry is the leader of the pack when it comes to using drones."
That's according to a recent article in the American Journal of Transportation. The article describes how uncrewed technology has been embraced by companies involved in warehousing, port management, transportation, and other logistics-focused operations.
AgEagle reports backlogged sales of $2 Million fueled by growing global demand for MicaSense drone sensors
sUAS News | 06/30/2022
AgEagle Aerial Systems Inc. (NYSE American: UAVS) ("AgEagle" or the "Company"), an industry-leading provider of full-stack drone, sensor and software solutions for commercial and government/defense use, today reported that steps taken to increase supply due to significant demand for its new MicaSense Altum-PT and RedEdge-P sensors, and its legacy RedEdge-MX sensors, will enable the Company to ship  more than $2 million in backlogged purchase orders in the third quarter, ending September 30, 2022. In addition, AgEagle expects to meet ongoing global market demand for its multispectral sensors moving forward, notwithstanding any further unforeseen delays. 
The Virginia Unmanned Systems Center at VIPC sponsors the Nations First UAS Integrated FLY-In During Winchester’s 95th Apple Blossom Festival Virginia
Street | 04/30/2022
The Virginia Unmanned Systems Center at VIPC, and a coalition of public and private sector leaders from DroneUp, ATA, Ecodyne, and the City of Winchester conducted a demonstration "Fly-In" during the 95th annual Apple Blossom Festival. 
The Virginia Unmanned Systems Center at VIPC sponsors the Nations First UAS Integrated FLY-In During Winchester’s 95th Apple Blossom Festival Virginia
Finance | 04/30/2022
The Virginia Unmanned Systems Center at VIPC, and a coalition of public and private sector leaders from DroneUp, ATA, Ecodyne, and the City of Winchester conducted a demonstration "Fly-In" during the 95th annual Apple Blossom Festival.
Pierce Aerospace Partners with Vigilant Aerospace
UAS Magazine | 04/19/2022
Pierce Aerospace announced a partnership with Vigilant Aerospace Systems today to integrate Pierce Aerospace's Flight Portal Remote ID technologies into Vigilant's FlightHorizon airspace management and flight safety products.
Remote ID Meets Airspace Management
inside unmanned systems | 04/19/2022
Pierce Aerospace, of Indianapolis, announced a partnership with Vigilant Aerospace Systems today to integrate Pierce Aerospace's Flight Portal Remote ID technologies into Vigilant's FlightHorizon airspace management and flight safety products.
NASA Armstrong, Researcher and Vigilant Aerospace Win NASA’s Commercial Invention of the Year Award
Vigilant Aerospace Systems | 04/01/2022
NASA has announced this week that the technology licensed to Vigilant Aerospace and used in the company's FlightHorizon detect-and-avoid and airspace management product has won NASA's Commercial Invention of the Year 2021 award.
Using Dual Thermal Imaging with Drones to Improve Flat Roof Inspections
Commercial UAV News | 03/24/2022
For years, roofing professionals have been forced to spend hours on hot and dirty surfaces to do initial inspections of large, flat commercial and industrial roofs. The process is time-consuming, expensive—and potentially dangerous.
Using drones, however, can make inspections faster, safer, and more cost-efficient. And, when drones are equipped with thermal imaging cameras, inspections become even quicker, as well as less risky and more accurate.
Advanced Air Mobility Looks Ahead to Automation
NASA | 03/23/2022
Using software to handle tasks to assist people is not a new concept – look at our computers, cell phones or electric cars.
Advanced Air Mobility, or AAM, aircraft intend to apply that same idea with new software algorithms and hardware such as sensors and radars. Technology like this could enable vehicles to operate without a pilot, or if a pilot is in the loop, increase the safety. Use cases include helping the vehicle avoid bad weather, other aircraft, and safely take off and land.
Drones in the Agriculture Sector: Five Ways Intelligent UAS are Helping Growers Meet Demand
dronelife | 03/16/2022
Zena Drone has helped revolutionize the burgeoning hemp industry.  In this guest post, Leah Jacobe outlines five ways that intelligent drones in the agriculture sector are helping growers to meet the demands of global food production.
Multi-Sensor Gimbals for Commercial UAV Operations
Unmanned Systems Technology | 03/07/2022
HD Air Studio designed and manufactured a custom gimbal equipped with three different sensors as part of an aerial solution designed to aid marine search and rescue operations
Artificial Intelligence Guides Drones to Navigate Oceans
Tech Briefs | 02/28/2022
Engineers at Caltech, ETH Zurich, and Harvard are developing artificial intelligence (AI) that will allow autonomous drones to use ocean currents to aid their navigation, rather than fighting their way through them.
Intelesence Develops Air Humidity & Temperature Sensors for Drone Weather Monitoring
Unmanned Systems Technology | 02/25/2022
Intelesence, a leading provider of technical services encompassing UAS (unmanned aerial systems), drone and aerospace design and systems engineering, has partnered with Unmanned Systems Technology ("UST") to demonstrate their expertise in this field. The 'Silver' profile highlights the company's Bluetooth Temperature and Humidity Sensor, developed in conjunction with SMRC (Systems Research and Manufacturing Corporation), which allows users to easily turn a drone into an aerial weather monitoring station.
Building Future Air Taxis to See Through the Fog
NASA | 12/17/2021
While the sun beat down on the New Mexico desert, inside, a dense fog hung in the air. In a special facility outside Albuquerque, a team of NASA researchers was working with the kind of fog that's so thick you can't see three feet in front of you.
The ability to perceive things through the fog was the reason for their visit – but not our human ability. Rather, the engineers were testing sensors likely to be used on future air vehicles such as urban air taxis. There won't be a human pilot on board these small aircraft, and they'll need new ways of seeing and sensing the environment to help them take off, fly, and land safely.
Smart Rooftop or Ground Vertiports: TruWeather and Drone Industry Systems Corp
dronelife | 10/07/2021
Two companies, TruWeather Solutions and Drone Industry Systems Corporation (DISC), have teamed up to provide a holistic infrastructure solution for the unmanned aircraft system (UAS) and advanced air mobility (AAM) industry.
Reno Partnership Aims to Equip Fire Department with Drones to Conduct Life-Saving River Search and Rescue Operations
sUAS News | 10/24/2020
Under the FAA's Unmanned Aircraft Systems Integration Pilot Program earlier this week, Iris Automation conducted a live drone flight demonstration for the City of Reno Fire Department of its Casia onboard Detect-and-Avoid collision avoidance system, which enables safe beyond visual line of sight drone operations.
Deep Science: Alzheimer’s screening, forest-mapping drones, machine learning in space, more
TechCrunch | 10/23/2020
This column aims to collect the most relevant recent discoveries and papers — particularly in but not limited to artificial intelligence — and explain why they matter, including a startup that's using UAV drones for mapping forests.
FAA presses on anti-UAS testing | 10/15/2020
The Federal Aviation Administration is looking for four airports to help it test drone detection systems, as well as a contractor to facilitate those tests and other capabilities.
U. Illinois-Chicago partners with Army on drone recharging research
EdScoop | 10/14/2020
Researchers at University of Illinois at Chicago, through a partnership with the U.S. Army, are developing a new power supply system that will allow drones to recharge wirelessly from vehicles on the ground.
General Atomics Test-Flies UAS Launch & Recovery Demonstrator
ExecutiveBiz | 09/28/2020
General Atomics' aeronautical systems business has demonstrated a small unmanned aircraft system during a captive carry test with an MQ-9 Reaper remotely piloted aircraft.
Skyward Granted Waiver to Conduct Drone Inspections Near Big Hollow Wildfire in Washington
AUVSI News | 09/24/2020
Skyward, a Verizon company, has been awarded a temporary waiver from the FAA that allows its pilots to fly the Percepto Sparrow drone from their homes to inspect critical communications infrastructure near the Big Hollow wildfire in Washington.
The Incredible Shrinking LiDAR
Forbes | 09/11/2020
The evolution of LiDAR, is similar to other technologies that often surprise the layman: as early as 2018, some observers predicted improved LIDAR performance at lower prices that sounded like the stuff of science fiction, but in early 2020, leading player Velodyne put a LiDAR sensor on the market for $100.
North Dakota is Building a Statewide BVLOS Network for Drones
DroneLife | 09/10/2020
North Dakota and the Northern Plains UAs test Site are working together to build out their commercial drone infrastructure by creating a statewide BVLOS network.
'Drone Express' Takes to the Skies Above Springfield
Aviation Pros | 09/09/2020
Can retail orders be delivered via drone? A recent test in Springfield was a step toward answering that question for a New Jersey communications company that is now looking to establish a presence in Ohio. 
Aerial survey gives Dyer a detailed look at what's going on in town
Northwest Indiana Times | 08/26/2020
When you hear about people looking at "the big picture" before making a decision, it might mean looking at 21,200 pictures in Dyer, Indiana. That's how many images are compiled using unmanned aerial vehicle technology to give town officials a single clear picture of the lay of the land.
Army Researchers Develop Breakthrough Sensors For Small Drones
UASweekly | 08/25/2020
At the U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command's Army Research Laboratory, researchers developed a novel sensor and software application to detect and avoid energized power lines in the vicinity of unmanned aerial system, or UAS.
Censys Technologies Closes $2 million Seed Funding Round
West Orlando News | 08/23/2020
Censys Technologies, a Daytona Beach company mostly of young Embry-Riddle graduates, announced that it has closed its most recent round of Series Seed funding which will provide growth capital to serve more enterprise customers, UAS service providers and government organizations with innovations in remote sensing solutions.
Drones used for deliveries, agriculture and claims inspections after Cedar Rapids derecho storm
The Gazette | 08/21/2020
Whether it's for examining high-voltage power lines and natural gas pipelines, or seeding and spraying crops in a field, drones are getting a lot of attention, in Iowa and elsewhere.
Iris Automation selected as DAA provider for Avidrone Aerospace
sUAS News | 08/20/2020
Iris Automation recently announced it has been selected as the exclusive airborne detect-and-avoid provider to Avidrone Aerospace, a leading OEM of long-range, cargo delivery and sensor payload aircraft and autopilot systems.
Nationwide BVLOS waiver granted to K-State Polytechnic Campus
sUAS News | 08/13/2020
 Kansas State University Polytechnic Campus's Applied Aviation Research Center has received a new waiver from the FAA that permits K-State Polytechnic to fly unmanned aircraft beyond visual line of sight in all Class G airspace nationwide
PrecisionHawk awarded two patents for its UTM technologies
AUVSI News | 08/11/2020
PrecisionHawk has been awarded two patents for technologies it has developed for UAS traffic management (UTM).
PrecisionHawk Says It’s Patented Unmanned Air Traffic Control. That’s Par For Course In The Drone Industry.
Forbes | 08/11/2020
PrecisionHawk trumpeted it's patented unmanned air traffic management syttem. In other sectors this might be news akin to former Vice President Al Gore's assertion that he "took the initiative in creating the Internet." But in the drone industry, it's par for the course.

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