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Post-processing Lidar data is no longer the norm
GIM International | 03/23/2023
The Dutch startup Aerial Precision recently demonstrated its two first sensors with integrated artificial intelligence software.
Drones for Wind Turbine Inspection: ONYX Insight and Nearthlab Partner on Predictive Maintenance
dronelife | 03/23/2023
Predictive maintenance solutions (PdM) provider ONYX Insight has announced a partnership with autonomous drone solution company Nearthlab to provide wind farm operators with a whole turbine predictive maintenance solution.
Adobe Sponsors National Public Safety Drone Donation Program
dronelife | 03/06/2023
Adobe Becomes Corporate Sponsor of the National Public Safety Drone Donation Program
Pierce Aerospace and DroneShield Partner for C-UAS Technology
UAS Magazine | 02/15/2023
Pierce Aerospace announced a partnership with C-UAS (Counter-UAS or Counterdrone) industry leader DroneShield, to integrate Pierce Aerospace's Flight Portal ID, Remote ID technologies into DroneShield's C-UAS and Command and Control systems, including DroneSentry-C2. DroneShield, with offices in the United States and Australia, and presence in over 100 countries globally, is a leader in C-UAS technology with a recent recommendation from the U.S. DOD's Joint C-sUAS Office (JCO) and numerous systems deployed worldwide.
FlytBase and Iris Automation Integrate Ground-Based Detect and Avoid with FlytNow Software for Automated, Remote Drone Ops
dronelife | 11/15/2022
Enterprise drone autonomy platform provider FlytBase has announced a partnership with safety avionics technology leader Iris Automation that will see the integration of FlytBase's FlytNow with Iris Automation's Casia G ground-based detect and alert system, allowing for safe BVLOS flights.
Drone Flights to Be Guided by Quantum Computers
IOT World Today | 10/11/2022
Quantum computers are being tapped to help unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) find the safest, most efficient route between destinations.
Reveal Technology and Teal Drones Demonstrate Multi-Drone Mapping to US Military
sUAS News | 08/18/2022
Military tactical teams' ability to quickly produce accurate maps of areas targeted for military operations can mean the difference between mission success or failure. Meeting this need, Reveal Technology has teamed with Teal Drones – a division of Red Cat Holdings (NASDAQ: RCAT) – to enhance Reveal's "Farsight" mapping software by automatically combining imagery from multiple unmanned aerial systems (UAS) to produce high-fidelity 3D maps. By dramatically increasing the speed of collection, users receive Farsight maps and analytics faster than ever. The groundbreaking technology was recently successfully demonstrated to U.S. Army Special Operations Command near Fort Bragg.
Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) for Ports, Warehouses, and Logistics
Commercial UAV News | 08/01/2022
"The logistics industry is the leader of the pack when it comes to using drones."
That's according to a recent article in the American Journal of Transportation. The article describes how uncrewed technology has been embraced by companies involved in warehousing, port management, transportation, and other logistics-focused operations.
ZeroEyes Receives Second United States Air Force AFWERX Direct-to-Phase II SBIR Grant
sUAS News | 07/26/2022
ZeroEyes, creators of the only A.I.-based gun detection video analytics platform that holds the US Department of Homeland Security SAFETY Act Designation, today announced it has received a Direct-to-Phase II SBIR (Small Business Innovation Research) grant from the U.S. Air Force AFWERX for the research and development of unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) automated threat detection. The company has received $1,200,000 in funding to integrate ZeroEyes A.I. gun detection with UGVs at Minot Air Force base, home of the Minuteman III Nuclear Missile Forces and the B-52 Bomber.
Multi-Drone Operating System FlightOps Delivers Medical Lab Tests by Drone
drone life | 07/21/2022
Last week, leading provider of multi-drone operating system FlightOps employed its software for the delivery of medical laboratory tests via drones, which maintained the quality of the transported samples while traveling between hospitals.
Embraer’s Eve air taxi unit racks up UAM deals at Farnborough airshow
Drone DJ | 07/20/2022
Aircraft manufacturing group Embraer's air taxi unit, Eve, has announced a pair of deals related to future urban air mobility (UAM) activities, including supplying its air traffic management software to aerial travel services provider Halo Aviation.
Advanced training and teamwork in the field of air navigation with MITRE, an elite research center in the field in the United States, by Ineco
PR Newswire | 07/14/2022
The President of Ineco, Sergio Vázquez Torrón, formalized at the Center for Advanced Aviation System Development (CAASD) of MITRE, a United States organization, the development of seminars that are going to be offered to the four best young aeronautical engineers of the public engineering company. Ineco has had a solid relationship with MITRE for close to two decades in tasks relating to research and development of new airspace design methodologies, implementation of advanced air traffic control concepts, and use and assessment of software tools utilized to evaluate air navigation
AgEagle reports backlogged sales of $2 Million fueled by growing global demand for MicaSense drone sensors
sUAS News | 06/30/2022
AgEagle Aerial Systems Inc. (NYSE American: UAVS) ("AgEagle" or the "Company"), an industry-leading provider of full-stack drone, sensor and software solutions for commercial and government/defense use, today reported that steps taken to increase supply due to significant demand for its new MicaSense Altum-PT and RedEdge-P sensors, and its legacy RedEdge-MX sensors, will enable the Company to ship  more than $2 million in backlogged purchase orders in the third quarter, ending September 30, 2022. In addition, AgEagle expects to meet ongoing global market demand for its multispectral sensors moving forward, notwithstanding any further unforeseen delays. 
Tulsa VC launches angel investing program | Wizest closes on $1.7M
Flyover Future | 06/22/2022
Venture capital firm Atento Capital has launched an angel investing program called 412 Angels. Its goal is to help educate new investors and increase the number of early-stage startups in the U.S. Highway 412 corridor connecting Tulsa and Northwest Arkansas. Partnering on the effort is the Northwest Arkansas Council, the George Kaiser Family Foundation in Tulsa, and the Walton Family Foundation in Bentonville.
Red Cat Holdings becomes first commercial enterprise to bring multi-drone system to market
sUAS News | 06/02/2022
Red Cat Holdings, Inc. (Nasdaq: RCAT), a hardware-enabled software provider to the drone industry, announced today that it has completed research, development and production for a four-drone, multi-vehicle system for defense, government, and public safety markets.
Cloud-Based Flight Management Systems for Next Generation Aircraft
Connected Aviation Intelligence | 06/01/2022
GE Aviation, SmartSky Networks, and Mosaic ATM have been working together since January to connect cloud-based flight management systems (FMS) with airborne FMS. At the Connected Aviation Intelligence Summit last week, representatives from each company revealed the progress made through this collaboration and what they expect to achieve in the coming months.
American Robotics and Railway Inspection: Leveraging Their Automated Drone Platform and Advanced Analytics Software
drone life | 05/11/2022
American Robotics looks to get into the railway inspection business, with new Ondas acquisition of AI-Powered software company Ardenna
Why testing embedded systems is crucial to the future usefulness of drones
Aerospace Testing International | 04/26/2022
Software for drones is rapidly evolving to include the use artificial intelligence (AI), autonomy and cybersecurity to help realize potential future applications.
Autonomous Drones use AI for infrastructure inspection with technologies from Auterion and Spleenlab
sUAS News | 04/20/2022
Auterion, the company building an open and software-defined future for enterprise drone fleets, is excited today to welcome Spleenlab to the growing Auterion ecosystem. Spleenlab's VISIONAIRY® technology delivers AI-based safe perception software for drones to complete fully autonomous infrastructure detection, inspection, and collision avoidance. 
Gremsy Gimbals and Auterion Drones: Deeply Integrated Gimbal Solution Announced
dronelife | 04/10/2022
Today, leading drone camera stabilizer manufacturer Gremsy has announced the formation of a partnership with autonomous mobility platform Auterion. The partners have teamed up for the development of a deeply integrated gimbal solution for Auterion powered and MAVLink compatible drone platforms. Gremsy PE, a new introductory lineup, provides users with the ability to utilize open drone ecosystems with a range of camera payload options.
vHive Raises $25 Million in Series B: Digital Twins and Critical Insights
dronelife | 04/06/2022
Drone ecosystem funding: leading Digital Twin platform vHive Raises $25 Million in Series B Led by PSG
Vigilant Aerospace Detect and Avoid Drone Safety System Wins NASA’s Commercial Invention of the Year
dronelife | 04/06/2022
Vigilant Aerospace Detect and Avoid Drone Safety System Wins NASA's Commercial Invention of the Year Award
NASA Armstrong, Researcher and Vigilant Aerospace Win NASA’s Commercial Invention of the Year Award
Vigilant Aerospace Systems | 04/01/2022
NASA has announced this week that the technology licensed to Vigilant Aerospace and used in the company's FlightHorizon detect-and-avoid and airspace management product has won NASA's Commercial Invention of the Year 2021 award.
The Road to Automated Metropolitan Flight: Automated flight systems will heavily influence the success of UAM strategies
sUAS News | 03/03/2022
The German Air Traffic Management startup Skyroads today presented its second comprehensive white paper on flight systems in Urban Air Mobility (UAM). Written by industry experts Ralph Schuppenhauer (Lead Ground Systems Skyroads) and Corvin Huber (CEO Skyroads) it not only presents an overview of the status quo of the discussion and development of Urban Flight, but also shows the requirements and benefits of associated Management Systems. Skyroads presents a clear roadmap of how the development of traffic management and vehicle guidance systems can enhance and speed up the implementation of UAM in global metropolitan and urban regions by bringing safety to urban flight already at an early date. Open, automated and interoperable flight systems will allow urban air traffic to scale flight numbers and thus dramatically improve revenue models.
Cambridge Pixel Releases New 3D Radar Tracker
Unmanned Systems Technology | 03/02/2022
Cambridge Pixel has launched a new software-based radar tracker designed for manufacturers and integrators of deployed E-scan (electronic scan) radars. E-scan radars can be steered electronically and do not require a mechanically rotating antenna, thus reducing the radar cross-section and infrared signature of an installation and making it more ergonomic and robust for deployment in ground-based security surveillance applications or in air defence.
Artificial Intelligence Guides Drones to Navigate Oceans
Tech Briefs | 02/28/2022
Engineers at Caltech, ETH Zurich, and Harvard are developing artificial intelligence (AI) that will allow autonomous drones to use ocean currents to aid their navigation, rather than fighting their way through them.
Skydio 3D Tower Capture: Optimized for Vertical Structures
dronelife | 02/24/2022
Skydio has announced its upcoming 3D Tower Capture, the newest autonomous capture mode for its Skydio 3D Scan software. 3D Tower Capture is optimized for vertical structures, starting with telecommunications towers.
AI-based powerline inspection software levels up to support utilities in navigating impact of climate change
sUAS News | 02/07/2022
Sharper Shape, a pioneer in powerline inspection solutions for the utility industry, has announced the new iteration of its cutting-edge utility digital twin technology that incorporates a new, fourth dimension of time to what has traditionally been a 3D industry model, creating a Living Digital Twin (LDT), that specifically answers utility needs in terms of safety, efficiency accuracy and cost-saving.
DroneDeploy Joins Women and Drones as Corporate Partner
MENAFN | 02/03/2022
Joint initiative will focus on education for underrepresented groups in drone industry
Drones for Wastewater Inspection: Flyability and WinCan Partner [VIDEO]
dronelife | 02/03/2022
Indoor drone provider Flyability has formed a partnership with sewer inspection software provider WinCan in order to make sewer inspections safer, quicker, and more cost effective.
What Does Urban Air Mobility Need to Thrive? Vertiport Automation – An Op Ed by ANRA Technologies’ Brent Klavon
dronelife | 02/01/2022
The news is filled with stories about flying taxis and how these pilotless aircraft are ushering in a new era of aviation. A recent study commissioned by NASA defines this concept as "…the future of aviation includes Urban Air Mobility (UAM) — a concept involving aircraft, air traffic management, and new infrastructure."
UTA working with DFW aerospace companies to enable autonomous flight systems
EurekAlert | 01/14/2022
A University of Texas at Arlington aerospace engineer is teaming with industry partners to develop control systems for autonomous aerial vehicles that will increase their safety and detect structural issues.
Drones for Residential Solar: Sunrun and DroneDeploy Find a Safer, More Efficient Way to Measure Rooftops
dronelife | 12/17/2021
Using drones for residential solar: DroneDeploy software allows Sunrun to conduct roof inspection without risk to workers
Unleash live and Elon Musk’s Starlink: Enabling Remote Drone Flights
dronelife | 12/14/2021
Unleash live, an Australia-based creator of video data analytics platforms, has teamed up with Elon Musk's SpaceX Starlink to connect with and navigate drones in real-time via a satellite hookup.
What Is Drone and Its Specifications?
TechBulliom | 11/10/2021
Currently, the word "drone" is used to describe a flying electronic device, which can be directed by remote control (or even a cell phone) and, mainly in common sense, makes us think of a small toy "helicopter" that we can use for the most diverse functions.
The correct terminology to refer to "drones" is Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV). Within the UAV category, we have the Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA), which are the ones that usually come to mind when we think about drones, and the Autonomous Aircraft, whose use is completely prohibited in Brazil. The drones that are sold in stores and appear on sale here on Promobit, therefore, are in the RPA category and that's what we'll discuss throughout this article.
Crop Spraying Drones: This Small U.S. Manufacturer is Taking on the Global Market
drone life | 11/02/2021
Small manufacturer of crop spraying drones takes on big competition
Red Cat Holdings Subsidiary Skypersonic Receives NASA Contract
sUAS News | 09/28/2021
Red Cat Holdings, Inc. (Nasdaq: RCAT) ("Red Cat" or the "Company"), a hardware-enabled software provider to the drone industry, today announces its subsidiary, Skypersonic, Inc., a leader in Confined Space drone technology, has been awarded a five-year contract with NASA to provide drone and rover software, hardware and support for its Simulated Mars mission.
Ascent’s Coaxial Drones, Now with Exyn’s LiDAR-Enabled Mapping Software
dronelife | 09/23/2021
A partnership, which marries Ascent AeroSystems' coaxial unmanned aerial system technology with Exyn Technologies' LiDAR-enabled mapping software, is expected to provide a new solution for customers seeking to operate drone systems in confined spaces and in GPS-denied environments.
5 finalists chosen in $3M Genius NY business competition in Syracuse | 08/18/2021
Five startups in the unmanned systems industry have been chosen from among more than 600 applicants to compete for $3 million in investments in the state-funded Genius NY business accelerator program.
Skydweller Aero Inc. Validates Initial Flight Hardware and Autopilot Software
PR Newswire | 04/19/2021
Flight Test Enables Critical Data Collection for Broadened Autonomous Software Development
Raven-X: world’s largest drone ready, will launch satellite
FLA News | 01/30/2021
The use of unmanned drones is increasing in various fields. Now the American company has created the world's largest drone. The drone is named Raven-X and can also be used for satellite launch.
Red Cat partners with Skypersonic Completes Long Distance Drone Flight Remotely
sUAS News | 01/12/2021
Red Cat Holdings, Inc. (OTCQB: RCAT) ("Red Cat" or the "Company"), a leading brand in the drone industry, announced that Fat Shark, a wholly-owned subsidiary, had partnered with Skypersonic, the manufacturer of the Skycopter UAV, to complete a long-distance drone flight remotely.
Where are the Drone Companies? The Drone Capitals of the World
DroneLife | 11/29/2020
If you are looking for a job, or hoping to get into the business, you may want to know where the most drone companies are located.
No Department of Justice Funds for DJI Drones: DOJ Makes the Ban Official, but Some Federal Agencies May Suffer
DroneLife | 10/09/2020
The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) has made the ban official: no agency may use DOJ funds for any unmanned aircraft manufactured by a "Covered Foreign Entity: … any entity that is determined or designated, within the Department of Justice, to be subject to or vulnerable to extrajudicial direction from a foreign government," which includes drones by the world's leading manufacturer, DJI.
Bell Flies Cargo Drone for NASA’s Commercial UAS Demo Program
ExecutiveBiz | 10/01/2020
An unmanned aircraft system developed by Textron's Bell subsidiary for cargo delivery has flown beyond visual line of sight in an urban area as part of a NASA project to showcase commercial UAS missions with industry partners.
North Dakota is Building a Statewide BVLOS Network for Drones
DroneLife | 09/10/2020
North Dakota and the Northern Plains UAs test Site are working together to build out their commercial drone infrastructure by creating a statewide BVLOS network.
'Drone Express' Takes to the Skies Above Springfield
Aviation Pros | 09/09/2020
Can retail orders be delivered via drone? A recent test in Springfield was a step toward answering that question for a New Jersey communications company that is now looking to establish a presence in Ohio. 
Aerial survey gives Dyer a detailed look at what's going on in town
Northwest Indiana Times | 08/26/2020
When you hear about people looking at "the big picture" before making a decision, it might mean looking at 21,200 pictures in Dyer, Indiana. That's how many images are compiled using unmanned aerial vehicle technology to give town officials a single clear picture of the lay of the land.
Army Researchers Develop Breakthrough Sensors For Small Drones
UASweekly | 08/25/2020
At the U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command's Army Research Laboratory, researchers developed a novel sensor and software application to detect and avoid energized power lines in the vicinity of unmanned aerial system, or UAS.
Censys Technologies Closes $2 million Seed Funding Round
West Orlando News | 08/23/2020
Censys Technologies, a Daytona Beach company mostly of young Embry-Riddle graduates, announced that it has closed its most recent round of Series Seed funding which will provide growth capital to serve more enterprise customers, UAS service providers and government organizations with innovations in remote sensing solutions.

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