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Vertiports and sustainability
Airports International | 03/22/2024
To achieve the necessary public acceptance for vertiports to become a mainstay within the aviation ecosystem, safety and environmental impact concerns must be addressed.
Vertiports: electrical and digital infrastructure
Airports International | 03/21/2024
Unless vertiports have the necessary electrical and digital infrastructure, they are unlikely to fulfil the promise of the new urban air mobility (UAM) revolution.
What’s Driving Growth in the Crop Spraying Drone Market?
Commercial UAS News | 02/05/2024
Farming operations are turning to uncrewed systems because of their ability to produce "remarkable improvements in production, efficiency, and revenue within the agricultural cycle.
Match Made in Heaven: Drones and AI
innovate energy | 01/21/2024
In recent years, the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) with drone technology has ushered in a new era of innovation across diverse industries. This powerful combination is reshaping traditional practices and opening up new possibilities for sectors from energy and utilities to surveillance and weather forecasting and beyond.
Skyfront Perimeter 8 Receives First Green UAS Certification from AUVSI
dronelife | 09/26/2023
The Department of Defense Defense Innovation Unit (DIU) developed the Blue sUAS program in 2020, with a list of 5 "trusted" platforms.  The program has since been adopted by the US government procurement office and other federal agencies, as well as some states, as the standard for cybersecurity.
Trends: Scaling Up for Drone Delivery
inside unmanned systems | 08/30/2023
Delivery drones are making an impact, safely transporting critical medical supplies to remote areas, hot lunches and goods to people's homes, blood samples to hospitals, and spare parts and other materials to workers on jobsites. But delivery areas are limited and the focus is now on expanding operations to unlock the true value delivery drones can provide. 
How Fast is the Open Source Drone Ecosystem Growing? Dronecode Publishes Year in Review
dronelife | 03/01/2023
As the drone industry grows and new manufacturers enter the market, is the use of open source drone platforms growing?  The Dronecode Foundation, the organizing force behind the PX4 open source drone ecosystem, has published their Year in Review report for 2022: and the metrics tell an interesting story.
Delivery Drones enable remote medical triage for Search and Rescue Operations
sUAS News | 12/08/2022
Researchers at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT) have demonstrated the value of drone delivery platforms to assist in search and rescue operations, by providing remote guided medical triage for simulated injured hikers. Leveraging remote medical triage will help buy rescuers invaluable time to reach victims and extract them to a trauma centre.
UVID: Heven Drones will be presenting its ACS Drone platform, an Autonomous Container System for end-to-end autonomous logistics missions
sUAS News | 11/08/2022
Heven Drones, a leader in the development and commercialization of actionable drone platforms with heavy-lift capabilities, will be presenting its Autonomous Container System: a unique system that allows a complete autonomous logistics mission, at the Israeli UVID conference in Tel Aviv.
DroneUp partners with the Utah department of transportation, division of aeronautics for air mobility & urban planning
sUAS News | 10/25/2022
SkyeBrowse To Offer Free 3D Modeling
sUAS News | 10/25/2022
SkyeBrowse, the fastest and easiest drone reality capture platform, announced it will now offer a free version of its app with limited features.
uAvionix demonstrates SkyLine C2 management platform at Choctaw Nation UAS Test Site
sUAS News | 10/07/2022
uAvionix recently completed a complex demonstration of its SkyLine Command and Control (C2) management service in which multiple Uncrewed Aircraft Systems (UAS) were being controlled from the cloud-based C2 platform, while each of the aircraft was connected to SkyLine by multiple simultaneous links to multiple terrestrial radios.  The demonstration was conducted in coordination with the Chocktaw Nation of Oklahoma (CNO) UAS Test Center, an FAA Beyond lead participant.
COPTRZ – World-leading AI drone learning platform launched with free access
sUAS News | 09/30/2022
COPTRZ Ltd, have launched their new drone learning experience platform (LXP) platform COPTRZ ACADEMY. COPTRZ claim that this is the leading platform of its type anywhere in the World.
How PIX4Dinspect is helping Motorola Solutions move faster
sUAS News | 09/20/2022
Creating digital twins with aerial inspections, PIX4Dscan and PIX4Dinspect are streamlining operations for major telecom operators.
Berry Aviation awarded R&D contract to develop next generation UAS platform for America's Special Operators
Cision | 08/30/2022
The United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM), Science and Technology Directorate recently awarded Berry Aviation, Inc. a $1.45M contract to design and develop a new Group 1 Unmanned Autonomous System (UAS) for Special Operations Forces (SOF).
K-State Salina again selected to support national UAS prize competition
sUAS News | 05/31/2022
Following its successful coordination of the recent First Responder Unmanned Aircraft System Triple Challenge, Kansas State University Salina Aerospace and Technology Campus has again been selected to lead an unmanned aircraft systems competition that will award prize money to winners.
Blade to Acquire Three Urban Air Mobility Companies Creating Largest Helicopter Passenger Service in Europe
Yahoo Finance | 05/19/2022
Blade Air Mobility, Inc. (Nasdaq: BLDE, "Blade") a technology-powered global air mobility platform, today announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement (the "Agreement") through its wholly-owned European subsidiaries to acquire the asset-light commercial passenger transport activities of three urban air mobility operators in Europe: Monacair SAM, Héli Sécurité and another leading helicopter operator in the South of France.
Drones Are Turning Into Personal Flying Machines
Wired | 05/17/2022
We were promised jetpacks that never arrived. But you know what's finally here? Big, honking drones you can ride on.
An Open Source Drone Platform is More Relevant than Ever: Auterion’s Romeo Durscher
drone life | 05/02/2022
Romeo Durscher, VP of Public Safety at open source drone platform Auterion is a drone industry hero, paving the way for drone use in emergency response and public safety.  In a DRONELIFE Exclusive interview from the floor of AUVSI's Xponential 2022, Durscher says that an open source drone platform like Auterion's is all about giving manufacturers the opportunity to innovate, giving customers the widest range of choice, and ultimately improving the entire workflow of commercial drone use.
The Virginia Unmanned Systems Center at VIPC sponsors the Nations First UAS Integrated FLY-In During Winchester’s 95th Apple Blossom Festival Virginia
Street | 04/30/2022
The Virginia Unmanned Systems Center at VIPC, and a coalition of public and private sector leaders from DroneUp, ATA, Ecodyne, and the City of Winchester conducted a demonstration "Fly-In" during the 95th annual Apple Blossom Festival. 
The Virginia Unmanned Systems Center at VIPC sponsors the Nations First UAS Integrated FLY-In During Winchester’s 95th Apple Blossom Festival Virginia
Finance | 04/30/2022
The Virginia Unmanned Systems Center at VIPC, and a coalition of public and private sector leaders from DroneUp, ATA, Ecodyne, and the City of Winchester conducted a demonstration "Fly-In" during the 95th annual Apple Blossom Festival.
Gremsy Gimbals and Auterion Drones: Deeply Integrated Gimbal Solution Announced
dronelife | 04/10/2022
Today, leading drone camera stabilizer manufacturer Gremsy has announced the formation of a partnership with autonomous mobility platform Auterion. The partners have teamed up for the development of a deeply integrated gimbal solution for Auterion powered and MAVLink compatible drone platforms. Gremsy PE, a new introductory lineup, provides users with the ability to utilize open drone ecosystems with a range of camera payload options.
Aerostructures Market by Material, Component, End-user, Platform & Region - Global Forecast to 2026
Globe Newswire | 04/07/2022
The "Global Aerostructures Market by Material(Composites, Alloys & Superalloys and Metals), Component, End User (OEM, Aftermarket), Platform (Fixed Wing, Rotary Wing, UAVs, Advanced Air Mobility) & Region (North America, Europe, APAC, RoW) - Forecast to 2026" report has been added to's offering.
vHive Raises $25 Million in Series B: Digital Twins and Critical Insights
dronelife | 04/06/2022
Drone ecosystem funding: leading Digital Twin platform vHive Raises $25 Million in Series B Led by PSG
US Drone Maker Applied Aeronautics announces NDAA compliant Albatross UAV is now available 
sUAS News | 02/24/2022
Applied Aeronautics, a leading U.S manufacturer of affordable long-range drones, today announced its flagship Albatross UAV is now available in an NDAA-compliant variant. Applied Aeronautics has released this latest upgrade for their popular Albatross platform in response to a growing demand for robust, low-cost solutions from the defence community. 
AirData and Skydio Announce Technology Partnership
dronelife | 02/07/2022
Flight data management leader AirData UAV announced today a new technology partnership with Skydio, the leader in drone manufacturing and autonomous flight. This new partnership will enable the integration of Skydio Cloud into AirData's robust fleet management platform, offering customers a complete fleet management solution.
AI-based powerline inspection software levels up to support utilities in navigating impact of climate change
sUAS News | 02/07/2022
Sharper Shape, a pioneer in powerline inspection solutions for the utility industry, has announced the new iteration of its cutting-edge utility digital twin technology that incorporates a new, fourth dimension of time to what has traditionally been a 3D industry model, creating a Living Digital Twin (LDT), that specifically answers utility needs in terms of safety, efficiency accuracy and cost-saving.
DroneDeploy Joins Women and Drones as Corporate Partner
MENAFN | 02/03/2022
Joint initiative will focus on education for underrepresented groups in drone industry
Airspace Link Partners with the City of Arlington, Texas
UAS Magazine | 12/07/2021
Airspace Link, Inc., a leading Detroit-based provider of drone mapping and solution software, announced it will be partnering with the City of Arlington, Texas, to pilot its new FlySafe Program, powered by the AirHub™ platform.
CAL Analytics partners with FAA test site to evaluate airspace management platform
sUASNews | 11/19/2021
CAL Analytics is testing their Contingency Management Platform (CMP) with the Virginia Tech Mid-Atlantic Aviation Partnership (MAAP), a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) designated Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) test site.
Grand Farm applauds Legislature and Governor’s work to invest in North Dakota entrepreneurship, innovation, and technology
sUAS News | 11/17/2021
Grand Farm, led by Emerging Prairie, applauds the work of the North Dakota Legislature and Governor Burgum to invest federal American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds into the state in ways that will support and bolster entrepreneurship, innovation, and technology through the passage and signing of State Senate Bill 2345.
Lotte joins U.S. and South Korean business alliance to demonstrate UAM test flights
Aju Business Daily | 11/16/2021
Lotte, a conglomerate based in South Korea, joined a business alliance involving U.S. companies to promote demonstration flights for urban air mobility in a project led by the western port city of Incheon to open an air taxi service. Urban air mobility (UAM) is an ecosystem covering personal air vehicles and infrastructure such as a new navigation system, take-off and landing fields and charging technologies.
Smart Rooftop or Ground Vertiports: TruWeather and Drone Industry Systems Corp
dronelife | 10/07/2021
Two companies, TruWeather Solutions and Drone Industry Systems Corporation (DISC), have teamed up to provide a holistic infrastructure solution for the unmanned aircraft system (UAS) and advanced air mobility (AAM) industry.
Ascent’s Coaxial Drones, Now with Exyn’s LiDAR-Enabled Mapping Software
dronelife | 09/23/2021
A partnership, which marries Ascent AeroSystems' coaxial unmanned aerial system technology with Exyn Technologies' LiDAR-enabled mapping software, is expected to provide a new solution for customers seeking to operate drone systems in confined spaces and in GPS-denied environments.
The Billion Dollar Club: Archer and Joby Go Public | Commercial UAV News
Commercial UAV News | 08/30/2021
A few months ago, we published an article about SPACs (special purpose acquisition companies) and the strong influence they were having in the growing advanced air mobility (AAM) industry. Now that influence is materializing in the form of millions poured into research & development (R&D) of these non-traditional aerial platforms. On August 21st Archer aviation announced that it is confirming the proposed business combination with Atlas Crest Investment Corp. (NYSE: ACIC) ("Atlas Crest"), a SPAC. This business combination was first announced in February as a potential Q2 2021 deal, and even though it took one more quarter to materialize, in a few short weeks, Archer will be a public company.
HALE Platforms Provide Vigilance for a Changing World
Shephard | 03/03/2021
As the US and its allies focus on the growing threat from peer competitors, unmanned aerial systems (UAS) could provide 'deterrence by detection', according to a recent report from the US Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments (CSBA).
WFP boosts global co-operation on humanitarian drone use
reliefweb | 02/04/2021
The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) with support from the UK Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) is stepping up global co-operation on the use of humanitarian drones, which are a game-changer for fast, accurate, disaster impact assessment and response. With growing threats from famine and climate change, it is hoped a new online platform will help respond to the challenges ahead, as currently being demonstrated in the response to tropical storm Eloise in Mozambique.
New anechoic chamber lets MSU drone research fly under the radar
The Reflector | 01/26/2021
Mississippi State University's Raspet Flight Lab II is making use of a quiet room for their research, and it is not the library. The lab specializes in research on unmanned aerial systems (UAS) and has been focused on research related to drones, both commercial and military, and how to reduce propeller noise while maintaining efficiency and performance.
Swoop Aero – Australian Flight Operations Manager
sUAS News | 01/12/2021
Swoop Aero was founded to transform how the world moves essential supplies by making access to the skies seamless. We were the first company to deliver a vaccine using a drone under a commercial contract. Since then, we've expanded globally, transforming the health supply chain with drone logistics operations in four countries.  
HEISHA Launches User-friendly Drone-in-the-box Solution
UAS | 01/10/2021
HEISHA, the leading provider of autonomous drone charging stations in the world, as launched DNEST—its newest and smallest charging station—together with a global call for exclusive partners.
No Department of Justice Funds for DJI Drones: DOJ Makes the Ban Official, but Some Federal Agencies May Suffer
DroneLife | 10/09/2020
The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) has made the ban official: no agency may use DOJ funds for any unmanned aircraft manufactured by a "Covered Foreign Entity: … any entity that is determined or designated, within the Department of Justice, to be subject to or vulnerable to extrajudicial direction from a foreign government," which includes drones by the world's leading manufacturer, DJI.
Bell Flies Cargo Drone for NASA’s Commercial UAS Demo Program
ExecutiveBiz | 10/01/2020
An unmanned aircraft system developed by Textron's Bell subsidiary for cargo delivery has flown beyond visual line of sight in an urban area as part of a NASA project to showcase commercial UAS missions with industry partners.
OSU students design and build innovative engine for drones
The Oklahoman | 09/22/2020
A team from Oklahoma State University designed and built a turbo-electric drone engine as part of a program sponsored by the U.S. Army.
Kratos grows OKC drone production as it competes for massive Air Force contract
The Oklahoman | 09/18/2020
Kratos Defense, a manufacturer of military tactical and training drones, has expanded its footprint in Oklahoma City, increasing the size of its operation there by 50 percent.
Volansi raises $50 million for high-speed delivery drones
VentureBeat | 09/15/2020
Volansi (formerly Volans-i), which provides vertical takeoff and landing drone delivery services for commercial and defense customers, recently announced a $50 million round. The company plans to use the funds to accelerate its go-to-market efforts as it expands into new territories globally.
How Firefighters Are Effectively Utilizing UAVs To Combat Wildfires
Forbes | 09/10/2020
Somewhere around the world firefighters are gearing up to tackle a wildfire. To manage the rapid, unpredictable and destructive spread, firefighters are opting for sophisticated resources and innovative technology -- Drones
After Years of Sky-High Hype, Where are All the Drones?
TechGenix | 09/04/2020
Drones were a hot topic from analysts in 2014. Predictions included the concept of drones taking over the military, the extinction of helicopters due to obscurity, and small unmanned flying drones replacing food and mail delivery services. With all of the planning and even some government approvals, it makes one wonder, where are all the drones?
Embry-Riddle, Verizon Partner to Use Drones for Marine Mammal Rescue
ERAU News | 09/04/2020
In an effort to safely and humanely rescue marine mammals, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University has partnered with marine biologists and a Verizon drone-management platform to monitor animals in distress using unmanned aircraft systems. 
Aerial survey gives Dyer a detailed look at what's going on in town
Northwest Indiana Times | 08/26/2020
When you hear about people looking at "the big picture" before making a decision, it might mean looking at 21,200 pictures in Dyer, Indiana. That's how many images are compiled using unmanned aerial vehicle technology to give town officials a single clear picture of the lay of the land.

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