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GAO – Actions Needed to Better Support Remote Identification in the National Airspace
sUAS Neews | 06/06/2024
We recommended, among other things, that FAA help tribal, state, and local law enforcement understand how to use Remote ID to help with drone investigations.
AUVSI and DIU publish secure drone procurement guidance for government agencies, public safety and industry
AUVSI | 06/03/2024
the Association for Uncrewed Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI) announced the publication of a memo, with validation from the Defense Innovation Unit (DIU), with procurement guidance and recommendations for federal government agencies; state, local, and tribal government agencies; public safety agencies; and private industry conducting sensitive missions using drones
Too fast for the FAA? Companies moving forward to develop flying cars and electric planes, but Florida airspace is just not ready
Sun-Sentinel | 05/24/2024
Florida, state and private sector actors have been pressing hard since 2021 to develop a system of "vertiports" for takeoffs and landings
FAA Reauthorization Act Extends ASSURE UAS Program and Establishes ASSUREd Safe
dronelife | 05/23/2024
A key component of the act is the extension of the Alliance for System Safety of UAS through Research Excellence (ASSURE), FAA's Center of Excellence for UAS programs, which promotes innovation and collaboration within the UAS industry.
House GOP Urges DOJ Probe into Lobbying Scheme by Chinese Drone Company
National Review | 05/22/2024
Representatives ) are asking Attorney General Merrick Garland to investigate a drone-industry advocacy group that they say is actually run by DJI, a Pentagon-designated Chinese military company,
FAA Reauthorization Bill Paves the Way for eVTOL Flight Integration and Advanced Air MobilityPosted By: Miriam McNabb
dronelife | 05/22/2024
The bill directs the FAA to work with eVTOL manufacturers, prospective operators and other relevant stakeholders to encourage the growth of an AAM system and enable the safe entry of these next-generation aircraft into the national airspace system
How the New FAA Reauthorization Bill Facilitates UAS Integration into U.S. Airspace
dronelife | 05/21/2024
Bill paves the way for integrating UAS into U.S. airspace system
North Carolina Drone Operator to Seek Further Review in First Amendment Lawsuit
dronelife | 05/21/2024
Appeals Court Upholds Ban on Aerial Mapping by Non-Surveyors
FAA Directed to Devise Final Rule for BVLOS Flights Within 20 Months
dronelife | 05/17/2024
FAA Reauthorization Bill Mandates Final Rule for Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) Drone Flights to Boost Industry Growth
Why the FAA Reauthorization Bill Wins Praise from Drone Industry
dronelife | 05/16/2024
The bill, which has garnered praise from advocates representing virtually all segments of the drone and advanced aviation industries,
U.S. House of Representatives Passes FAA Reauthorization Act of 2024
dronelife | 05/15/2024
Industry Perspectives on the FAA Reauthorization Act of 2024
The FAR Part 5 Final Rule: A New Era for Drone Safety and Compliance
dronelife | 05/12/2024
Exploring the FAR Part 5 Final Rule: Enhancing Drone Safety and Compliance
Michigan Supreme Court Allows Drone Surveillance Evidence in Civil Case
dronelife | 05/08/2024
the Michigan Supreme Court had ruled that drone footage of a couple's private property should not be excluded as evidence in a civil action against them.
2024 FAA Drone and Advanced Air Mobility Symposium
atc-network | 05/01/2024
This year's FAA Drone and Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) Symposium will focus on how the FAA continues to safely integrate these aircraft while creating a framework to accelerate advanced operations.
Advanced Air Mobility and Unmanned Systems Sector Soaring to New Heights
Oklahoma Dept of Commerce | 04/29/2024
Key assets and test sites across the state are setting the stage for research and development, manufacturing and more.
New Legislation Balances National Security Concerns with Support for U.S. Drone Industry: “Drones for First Responders Act”
dronelife | 04/21/2024
New legislative proposal in the U.S. Congress, known as the Drones for First Responders (DFR) Act, is poised to strike a careful balance between enhancing national security and supporting domestic drone manufacturing.
How Are Unmanned Traffic Management Systems Being Implemented Around the World?
dronelife | 04/17/2024
UTM is not a single system: it's a complex structure of regulations, technologies, and relationships working together to provide new levels of airspace awareness to all participants.
FAA, ICAO Tout Progress on Air Mobility: From the Floor of Amsterdam Drone Week
dronelife | 04/16/2024
keynote addresses brought aviation leadership from Europe and the US together to discuss what progress has been made on developing a regulatory and infrastructure framework for air mobility,
FAA Approves Waiver for Nevada’s Unmanned Aircraft Systems Test Site
dronelife | 04/15/2024
Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has recently granted a crucial waiver under Title 49 of the United States Code for the operation of civil Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) at the Nevada Autonomous Test Site.
FAA Over People – FAA approves AVSS’s Means of Compliance
sUAS News | 04/05/2024
The FAA has approved the AVSS Means of Compliance (MOC) for Category 2 and Category 3 flight over people operations.
FAA Annual Drone Safety Day is Saturday, April 27, 2024
FAA | 04/01/2024
Drone Safety Day (DSD) is an annual campaign designed to educate  drone users of the importance of flying safely, inspiring fun drone activities and connecting a community of enthusiast.
How Do You Evaluate Your Real Risk from Rogue Drones? DL Exclusive from Drone Detection Experts AeroDefense
dronelife | 03/28/2024
Companies and agencies from all sectors are evaluating their risk: and deciding on the appropriate response.  Current regulations around the authorized use of counter drone technology may additionally complicate the situation.
Clarifying Cybersecurity Guidelines for Drones: the DETECT Act
dronelife | 03/27/2024
The Drone Evaluation to Eliminate Cyber Threats Act of 2024 (DETECT Act) directs the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) to develop a framework of cybersecurity principles.
Commercial Drone Alliance and AUVSI Release Guidance on the FAA UAS Remote Identification Rule
Commercial UAV News | 03/20/2024
The Commercial Drone Alliance (CDA) and the Association for Uncrewed Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI) have released a reference document providing guidance to the commercial drone industry on staying compliant with the Federal Aviation Administration's (FAA) UAS Remote Identification (RID) Rule.
FAA Ends Discretionary Enforcement Policy on Drone Remote Identification
FAA | 03/15/2024
n September 2023, the FAA issued a policy for exercising discretion in determining whether to take enforcement action for drone operators who were not able to comply with the Remote ID rule. That policy ends on March 16, 2024. Operators who do not comply after that date could face fines and suspension or revocation of their drone pilot certificates.
U.S. Congress Set to Mandate FAA Establish UAV BVLOS Final Rule
Commercial UAS News | 03/13/2024
Both the U.S. House of Representatives and the Senate versions of FAA reauthorization bills direct the agency to develop a UAV BLVOS notice of proposed rulemaking (NPRM) within 4-6 months of the legislation's passage, setting a path to adoption of a final rule within two years.
FAA Updates and Open Questions: From the Floor of the National Public Safety UAS Conference
dronelife | 03/13/2024
A panel of FAA representative provide updates and insights for public safety and law enforcement drone community with updates on the B4UFly app, remote ID, and  along with fielded questions from the audience.
FAA’s Jeffrey Vincent: What’s Next in Drone Regulations (and When Can We Expect that BVLOS NPRM?)
dronelife | 03/12/2024
At the DRONERESPONDERS National Public Safety UAS Conference, Jeffrey Vincent, the Executive Director of the FAA's UAS Integration Office, spoke what is next for drone regulations – including a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) for BVLOS flight by the end of this year.
Former DOI Director on the Impact of the American Drone Security Act: From the Floor of the National Public Safety UAS Conference
dronelife | 03/12/2024
Mark Bathrick, former U.S. Department of the Interior's Director of the Office of Aviation Services (OAS) spoke about the practical impact that the American Drone Security Act and proposed bans on Chinese made drone technology.
Drone Swarms for Farming Approved by FAA
IoT World Today | 03/06/2024
Approval to deploy up to three drones weighing more than 55 pounds simultaneously with a single pilot and without visual observers, which also allows for nighttime operations.
The Impact of the Drone Industry on Flight Schools
Commercial UAV News | 02/28/2024
At the beginning it was a trickle of enthusiasts curious about this new uncrewed industry but as the years passed, we have seen an evolution in which the number of Part 107 pilots now exceeds holders of traditional commercial and ATP (Airline Transport Pilot) combined.
Texas Police Secure Drone Data, Aim to Preserve Fleets Despite Ban Attempts
droneliife | 02/27/2024
As both state and federal officials try to limit, if not outright ban, the use of Chinese-made drones by public service agencies, police departments and sheriff's offices in Texas have taken steps to ensure that those UAVs in their fleets do not present the security threat that ban advocates fear.
San Francisco’s Prop E Could Ease the Way for Police Drone Use: But Highlights the Need for More Education
dronelife | 02/26/2024
Prop E would ease the way for police drone use.  The discussion in San Francisco's media, however, has highlighted the drone industry's imperative to educate community leaders and lawmakers about what drones are good at – the de-escalation and better outcomes that most communities hope for.
What's Happening with FAA Commercial Drone Regulation - Winter 2024
Commercial UAV News | 02/22/2024
As we delve into the winter of 2024, we would like to highlight pivotal developments, challenges, and implications shaping the landscape of commercial drone regulation from the FAA
FAA Reauthorization Act Enhances Recreational Drone Operations: Key Amendments and Impacts for Flyers and Educators
dronelife | 02/21/2024
The recent passage of the FAA Reauthorization Act through the US Senate Committee included some big news for recreational drone operators including greater access for recreational drone operators to controlled airspace, allowing flight beyond fixed flying sites, and a new process to request flights into controlled airspace from uncontrolled airspace. 
FAA Aviation Rulemaking Committee Issues Final Recommendations for UAS Detection and Mitigation
dronelife | 02/08/2024
The FAA recently received the final recommendations from the UAS Detection and Mitigation Systems Aviation Rulemaking Committee (ARC). This milestone follows the directive outlined in the FAA Reauthorization Act of 2018 to address the safe integration of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) into the National Air Space (NAS).
Drone Industry Visionaries Interview: Exploring the importance of transparency and situational awareness for public safety agencies with Vern Sallee
Commercial UAV News | 02/06/2024
While we've explored what it means to build a drone program, success with doing so always depends on the approach and industry. Those distinctions are especially evident in the public safety sector, where success isn't just about a given task or project, but also about policy, process and the general public.
FAA designates Las Vegas Area a ‘No Drone Zone’ for Super Bowl LVIII
FAA | 02/02/2024
llegiant Stadium in Las Vegas is a 'No Drone Zone' for Super Bowl LVIII. Drones also are prohibited around several additional locations during the days leading up to the event. Drones will be restricted during the following times and days:
P3 Tech Consulting Announces 3rd Annual Law-Tech Connect™ at XPONENTIAL 2024
dronelife | 01/25/2024
Colorado-based P3 Tech Consulting LLC is set to host the 3rd Annual Law-Tech Connect™ in collaboration with the Association for Uncrewed Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI) at the AUVSI XPO24 event. The co-located one-day immersive educational event will take place on Monday, April 22, at the San Diego Convention Center.
The Importance of Risk Assessment in Flights Beyond the Visual Range of the Operator
Commercial UAV News | 01/24/2024
In the next few months, we should be hearing from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) about the potential regulation that would allow uncrewed aircraft, or drones, to fly beyond the visual range of the operator in what is known as BVLOS (Beyond Visual Line of Sight).
FAA gives its B4UFLY drone app a post-Aloft upgrade, and new life
Drone DJ | 01/23/2024
Though initially considered destined for the ash heap of history when its principal tech partner left the project, the essential drone pilot's situational awareness and airspace restriction reference tool, B4UFLY, is getting new life from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) through an updated version of the app set for release next month.
Beyond the Hype: Reassessing the Drone Narrative for Security and Sanctions
sUAS News | 01/16/2024
It's high time we address a glaring issue in the drone industry – the disproportionate influence of 'drone evangelists' funded by companies like DJI (aka "surfer drone dudes").
Court Ruling on Police Drone Footage: A Shift in Public Record Norms
dronelife | 01/09/2024
California Appellate Court's Decision Impacts Public Access to Police Drone Footage
Navigating the Skies: FAA and NASA Unveil Top 3 Breakthroughs in UAS and AAM for 2023
dronelife | 12/26/2023
2023 has been an important year for Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) and Advanced Air Mobility (AAM), in terms of significant progress. In this exclusive year-in-review with industry experts Kevin Morris, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)'s "Drone Guy" and Huy Tran, the Director of Aeronautics at the Ames Research Center for National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), the two dive into the Top 3 developments in both UAS and AAM from their perspectives.
FAA’s proposed MOSAIC rule for Light Sport Aircraft could slash electric aircraft development costs
Aviation Today | 12/05/2023
A proposed rule modification from the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) could benefit electric aircraft developers as it would allow new types of aircraft to fly without costing hundreds of millions of dollars for certification.
PG&E Revolutionizing Utility Operations Through Cutting-Edge Drone Technology: Beyond Inspections
dronelife | 12/05/2023
PG&E Explores Cutting-Edge Drone Technology to Elevate Utility Operations
FAA Launches 2023 Holiday “12 Days of Drones” Safety Campaign
Federal Aviation Administration | 12/04/2023
If you are considering a drone as a holiday gift, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) wants you and your loved ones to understand how to fly it safely. 
eVTOL Companies Want to Change the Future of Commuting. Can They Do It? And When?
dronelife | 11/30/2023
Doroni Aerospace wants to change the future of commuting.  As the Doroni H1 eVTOL receives an FAA Special Airworthiness Certificate, the company moves a step closer to realizing that goal.
High Stakes in the Sky: Michigan Legal Battle Redefining Drone Law and Privacy Rights
dronelife | 11/22/2023
An obscure legal case involving a zoning dispute in rural Michigan could have significant national impact on the rights that government regulators have to use drones to pursue enforcement actions.
AAM Multistate Collaborative Takes Flight to Support the Future of Advanced Air Mobility
Newswires | 11/21/2023
State aviation and aerospace officials begin exchanging views on policies and innovation for safe and sustainable AAM operations and economic development.

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