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AUVSI Xponential: The Keynote on Cybersecurity for Drones
dronelife | 05/09/2023
AUVSI Xponential is taking place in Denver this week.  This morning, the keynote sessions kicked off, including a conversation on cybersecurity issues with AUVSI's Chief Advocacy Officer Michael Robbins and Tobias Whitney, VP of Strategy and Policy at Fortress Information Security
What is a “Commercial” Drone?
Commercial UAV News | 04/13/2023
If you work in the drone industry, you probably know what a "commercial" drone is. It's a drone used for business, a drone used to make money.
Confronting Drone Threats: Why New Technology Requires Action
Newsweek | 01/31/2023
If the FBI thinks drones are a threat, why doesn't congress?
DJI Achieves Encryption Recognition from U.S Department of Commerce
sUAS News | 11/28/2022
DJI, the world's leader in civilian drones and aerial imaging technology, today reinforces its commitment to customer data and privacy with the validation of the DJI Core Crypto Engine.
Advanced Aircraft Company Awarded AFWERX SBIR Phase II Contract To Continue Development of Next Generation Tactical UAS
sUAS News | 11/09/2022
Advanced Aircraft Company (AAC), a developer and manufacturer of distributed electric propulsion tilt-wing and multi-rotor uncrewed aircraft systems for defense applications, today announced it has been selected by AFWERX for an SBIR Phase II contract focused on the further development to investigate its potential to fill capability gaps in the Department of the Air Force (DAF).  This contract will enable AAC to continue the development of its highly versatile Hybrid Advanced Multi-Rotor (HAMR) Uncrewed Aerial System (UAS) for the United States Air Force. 
Unauthorized Drones Bring Football Games to a Halt: New cUAS Technology Could Solve the Problem
dronelife | 09/29/2022
Twice this week, football games in the U.S. were abruptly halted while stadium security teams attempted to deal with rogue drones over the field.
Oklahoma State Counter UAS Center of Excellence Will Support Homeland Security
drone life | 09/26/2022
OSU Launches Counter-UAS Center of Excellence, Forms Partnership Agreement to Support Department of Homeland Security
DroneShield Announces First Deployment of DroneSentry Counter Drone Tech at U.S. Airport
dronelife | 08/29/2022
In a company first, DroneShield has announced the sale and deployment of the DroneSentry counterdrone system at a U.S. international airport.
Ohio Leading The Way With New Aircraft Tracking System
Union County | 08/23/2022
As the number of drones grow, so do concerns about how to keep airspace safe for both crewed and uncrewed aircraft. Ohio is pioneering technology to do just that.
Black Sage Technologies selected to provide counter-unmanned aircraft systems for a major international airport
Newswires | 08/22/2022
Black Sage Technologies has won a contract to provide counter-unmanned aircraft systems (C-UAS) and services at an undisclosed international airport.
UAVOS demonstrates the opportunity of autonomous technology in forestry
sUAS News | 08/05/2022
UAVOS, a developer and manufacturer of security and commercial solutions based on advanced Unmanned Systems, has completed a drone-based forest inspection project to assess the general timber environment. Combining digital data and UAVOS's customized software has provided innovative analysis of forestry data. UAVOS's methodology is an advance for forestry, allowing foresters not only to optimize and improve the way data is collected and analyzed on a daily basis but also helping to reduce environmental risks and to generate economic wealth in the sector. The project has been carried out under partnership with a forestry and land management company. 
NASA and Zipline Sign Space Act Agreement to Pursue m:N Drone Operations
drone life | 08/02/2022
NASA recently signed a Space Act Agreement with San Francisco-based Zipline "to pursue a future vision of U.S. aviation that includes delivery drones and air taxis," says the NASA announcement.
Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) for Ports, Warehouses, and Logistics
Commercial UAV News | 08/01/2022
"The logistics industry is the leader of the pack when it comes to using drones."
That's according to a recent article in the American Journal of Transportation. The article describes how uncrewed technology has been embraced by companies involved in warehousing, port management, transportation, and other logistics-focused operations.
AUDROS cUAS System: Capturing Intruding Drones in a Net
drone life | 07/29/2022
The AUDROS system, a drone solution that captures foreign drones in a net, has completed successfully testing in the Czech Republic.
Protecting the FIFA World Cup from Rogue Drones
drone life | 07/21/2022
Today, airspace security leader Fortem Technologies announced a significant milestone in its efforts to combat the growing global threat of rogue UAVs.
D-Fend Drone Incident Tracker: Just How Big is the Rogue Drone Problem? | 06/28/2022
Seeking to maintain a comprehensive record of drone incursions on an international basis, Israel-based counter-drone technology provider D-Fend Solutions has launched the Drone Attack & Incident Tracker on its website. The database, which uses publicly available resources to track drone incursion incidents, includes the incident description, date, sector affected and the source of the information.
Asylon Scores BVLOS Waiver for Automated Security Drone System
dronelife | 06/15/2022
This week, leading air and ground robotic security company Asylon, Inc. revealed that it has been granted three beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) waivers from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).
Asylon Scores BVLOS Waiver for Automated Security Drone System
dronelife | 06/15/2022
This week, leading air and ground robotic security company Asylon, Inc. revealed that it has been granted three beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) waivers from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).
Beyond flights of fantasy: Disassembling the complexities of AAM
evtol | 06/03/2022
Big figures surrounding the advanced air mobility (AAM) industry have increasingly dominated headlines over the last year, painting a picture that is bound to impress. Yet many complexities regarding the reality of getting AAM off the ground have yet to be solved for Australia.
Airspace Security is a Process, Not a Technology Webinar Series
sUAS News | 03/22/2022
An increase in drones flown by clueless, careless, and criminal pilots requires organizations across industries to look beyond their typical physical security controls and evaluate drone detection technology to protect people and property.
Drones with AI: Incorporating Intuitive UAVs into the Workflow
Commercial UAV News | 03/22/2022
Drones are increasingly being incorporated into workflows to help gather high-quality data about assets. Over time, developers have needed to push drone technology to meet end users' demands for more intuitive and responsive flight, data collection, processing, and analysis. In the "Drones and AI: Improving Workflows" webinar, Commercial UAV News connected with Yariv Geller from vHive, Toomas Välja from Hepta Airborne, Kabe Termes from Skydio, and Eric Wittner from Intel Geospatial, to discuss how AI and ML improve workflows from data collection, processing, and analysis to the final deliverable.
Dedrone and Carahsoft Partner to Make Dedrone’s CUAS Tech Available to Public Sector
dronelife | 02/16/2022
Today, smart airspace security market leader Dedrone and Carahsoft Technology Corp., The Trusted Government IT Solutions Provider®, announced a strategic partnership that will bring the anti-drone security solution to the Public Sector. This new agreement will see Carahsoft serve as Dedrone's Master Government Aggregator®, making Dedrone's smart airspace technology available through Carahsoft's Illinois Learning Technology Purchase Program (ILTPP) and NJSBA Technology & Cybersecurity contract, as well as its network of reseller partners.
2022 UAS BVLOS (Beyond-Visual-Line-of-Sight) & AAM (Advanced Air Mobility) System Safety and Performance Conference!
sUAS News | 02/15/2022
Come learn the latest cutting edge weather-related tools, techniques, and tradecraft stemming from government and industry that will highlight awareness and maximize your flight operations and mission success:
Illegal Drones at Sporting Events: Hidden Level Combines Rooftop Sensors and Sophisticated Software
dronelife | 02/07/2022
Hidden Level teams with local police to guard Texas stadiums from illegal drones at sporting events
AAM Ecosystems of the Future Rely on a Merging of Drone Technology Today
Commercial UAV News | 01/26/2022
For the past few years, we have been talking about two distinct industries when it comes to small and large drones. The reasons behind that are varied, but the way in which unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and air taxis that define advanced air mobility (AAM) ecosystems can and will operate in the same airspace have been positioned as distinct. But is it right to stay focused on these differences rather than their similarities?  
Analyzing Drone Industry Hardware Shakeups, Consolidation Strategies, Robotic Integration and More
Commercial UAV News | 01/24/2022
While some reports have gotten caught up with the potential of the drone market, the team at Drone Analyst has always been committed to sorting out the hype versus the reality. Their fifth annual market report provides our most comprehensive look at drone buyers, service providers, business and public agency users, and software services.
Drone Guards – Drone Pilot & Drone Pilot Assistant
sUAS News | 11/17/2021
We're hiring drone pilots and drone pilot assistants for contract and full-time positions.
Austin PD Drones: Department to Launch Robotics Unit
dronelife | 09/27/2021
The police department in the city of Austin, Texas plans to create a new Robotics Unit to oversee the operations of its drone fleet.
Within the next several months, the Austin Police Department is expected to request that the City Council approve funding for the creation of the unit, Assistant Chief Scott Perry said in an interview.
Tethered Drones for Security: Elistair Orion 2 Flies Over Guns N’ Roses Concert
drone life | 09/22/2021
Police responsible for safety at a Guns N' Roses concert that drew 14,000 fans used Elistair Orion 2 tethered drones for security – here's why customers including the French defense agency and CNN Air are using tethered drones to secure large events.
Fortem Technologies Conducts Counter Drone Test For Department Of Defense Customer
Cision | 09/14/2021
 Fortem Technologies, leaders in airspace security and defense for detecting and defeating dangerous drones, announced successful performance in detecting small UAS (unmanned aircraft systems) before a team of U.S. Government evaluators based on an Irregular Warfare Technical Support Directorate (IWTSD) requirement in May 2021.
Drones and National Security: The Regulatory Landscape
JDSUPRA | 09/07/2021
In our podcast installment of the Emerging Threats in National Security series, Wiley's Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) and Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) Co-Chair Josh Turner and National Security Co-Chair Hon. Nazak Nikakhtar discuss how the government is approaching legal and regulatory actions to address national security risks posed by UAS, areas that may require regulatory action, and the future of the UAS industry.
State Farm Arena Enlists Cutting-Edge Lucid Drone Tech As Part Of Expanded Safety Protocols | 03/05/2021
State Farm Arena, home of the Atlanta Hawks, has implemented the latest in drone technology as a part of the venue's cleaning and disinfecting protocols. The award-winning arena has enlisted Lucid Drone Technologies, a cutting-edge drone company based out of Charlotte, NC and its D1 Disinfecting Drone (D1) to help in sanitizing the 17,500 seat venue between events, a first for any NBA arena.
Drone Experts at K-State Clarify New FAA Rules
For Construction Pros | 02/25/2021
Drone experts at Kansas State Polytechnic hosted its "UAS FAA Regulation Update" webinar on Feb. 25, which provided clarification on upcoming drone rule changes. Spencer Schrader, an Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) flight instructor at the school, hosted the webinar. Kansas State Polytechnic has been a leader in drone flight and research since its UAS program started in 2007.
Thales and H3 Dynamics trial new autonomous drone monitoring system
Commercial Drone Professional | 01/31/2021
H3 Dynamics and Thales have jointly trialled a real-time autonomous drone flight monitoring system in an urban environment in Singapore.
New Capability Now Available for Drones
iHLS | 01/30/2021
The Identification Friend or Foe (IFF) concept enables the warfighter — and/or another aircraft — to instantly determine if an entity encountered is friendly or hostile. With aircraft, the specific technology employed is an IFF transponder, that listens for an interrogation signal and then sends a response that identifies the broadcaster. 
Africa’s drone industry is taking off
the africa report | 01/12/2021
For a long time, drones were almost exclusively used by countries in matters of public safety. However, they are now being bought by and used for a diverse range of reasons across the African continent.
Things are looking up for the commercialization of drones
Security Magazine | 01/12/2021
For years, there has been optimistic talk that drones – the popular name for UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) – would become ubiquitous and used for security purposes. Instead, drones have been popular among hobbyists but much less so in the commercial sector, undermined by strict federal government restrictions.
It's changing. The drone-industry is becoming an increasingly promising technology-intensive industry, one that will employ far more workers than it does today while enhancing the efficiency and security of a variety of businesses.
GSA to Remove Almost All Drones from Contract Offerings Over China Concerns
Nextgov | 01/12/2021
The General Services Administration—the federal government's central buyer—will no longer include drones in its suite of offerings, except those previously approved by a small innovation unit inside the Defense Department.
DOD’s New Counter-Drone Strategy Pushes for Collaboration
Air Force Magazine | 01/08/2021
The Defense Department is moving out with its first strategy to coordinate and plan for future threats posed by small drones at home and abroad. The Jan. 7 strategy comes after the military has contended with years-long proliferation of quadcopters and other cheap, widely available aircraft that can easily ferry a weapon or spy on Americans.
The ways Drone Technology is having a positive impact on Society
silicon india | 01/08/2021
The rising accessibility of Drones has made many dangerous labor-intensive jobs within a spectrum of industrial sectors ripe for displacement. Drones are not only safe to operate, but they are cost-effective solutions that deliver a range of added utilities such as in-depth data collection – which otherwise done manually would cost countless man-hours risking human lives. The emerging Drone market is valued to be around 127 Billion USD, according to PwC. Government Agencies, Specific Industries such as Oil & Gas, Mining and Power industry, to name a few, have been heavily utilizing Drone Technology for the great deal of benefits it brings to the table. Today, Drones are tackling several issues ranging from monitoring disease, border petrol to even delivering Pizza!
Here is a more in-depth segmented view of some of the great positive impact Drone Technology can offer to the human society:
FAA Releases New Drone Regs, RC Model Guidance
Flying | 01/07/2021
On December 28, the FAA announced the release of final rules covering unpiloted aircraft or drones in the National Airspace System in the US. Not surprisingly, the new rules call for the remote identification of drones (known as Remote ID), allowing operators of small drones to fly over people and at night time under given conditions. At this time, drones account for the fastest-growing transportation sector, with more than 1.7 million aircraft registrations and roughly 203,000 FAA-certificated remote pilots.
Airports Council CEO Kevin Burke Criticizes Decision to Exclude Airports from Federal Drone Advisory Panel
Aviation Pros | 01/07/2021
Kevin M. Burke, president and CEO of Airports Council International – North America (ACI-NA), criticized the decision to exclude airport executives from the Federal Aviation Administration's (FAA) Drone Advisory Committee (DAC), the panel tasked with advising federal regulators on new policies around unmanned aircraft systems (UAS). Burke called on the FAA and the Department of Transportation to appoint airport representatives to the committee seats allocated to airports since the DAC's creation in 2016.
"This was an egregious oversight that raises serious questions about the committee's ability to address significant safety, security and operational issues associated with the use of unmanned aircraft systems and urban air mobility systems in the airport environment," Burke said. "Airport operators must be represented on the committee as we work to integrate drones into our National Airspace System safely, securely and effectively. We will work with the incoming Biden administration to address the outgoing Trump administration's ill-advised and inappropriate exclusion of airports from the Committee."
What Will Implementing Drones into Airport Operations Look Like?
Market Scale | 01/06/2021
Drones in America host Grant Guillot has discussed the future of drone delivery throughout 2020 but, this week, he takes a a look at how real estate once thought not to have much value – rooftops – can now serve as "droneports."
Terra Drone completes the investment in Slovenia’s aerospace solutions provider C-Astral
UAS | 11/25/2020
Terra Drone Corporation (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Toru Tokushige, hereinafter called "Terra Drone"), the world's leading provider of industrial drone solutions, has completed their investment on Slovenia-based drone manufacturer and integrator, C-Astral Aerospace (hereinafter called "C-Astral").
Section 2209 Isn’t Familiar to Most Drone Operators – but Advocates Urge the FAA to Comply with it
DroneLife | 10/23/2020
Section 2209 of the FAA Extension, Safety and Security Act of 2016 hasn't been implemented yet.  But a group of drone industry advocates urge the FAA to act quickly, in a letter sent to the FAA.
No Department of Justice Funds for DJI Drones: DOJ Makes the Ban Official, but Some Federal Agencies May Suffer
DroneLife | 10/09/2020
The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) has made the ban official: no agency may use DOJ funds for any unmanned aircraft manufactured by a "Covered Foreign Entity: … any entity that is determined or designated, within the Department of Justice, to be subject to or vulnerable to extrajudicial direction from a foreign government," which includes drones by the world's leading manufacturer, DJI.
Industry to DOT: “Hold Fast” to Date for Release of Remote ID Rule
DroneLife | 09/29/2020
A group of drone industry stakeholders has signed a letter asking the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) to "hold fast" to the intended December 2020 release of the rulemaking on Remote Identification  for unmanned aerial systems.
Small unmanned aircraft give agents best possible vantage point on the border
Border Report | 09/26/2020
Small unmanned aircraft systems are helping agents track more undocumented immigrants, a division chief with the U.S. Border Patrol's Rio Grande Valley Sector said recently.
FAA Moving Slowly On Drone Certification
AVweb | 09/20/2020
The People's Republic of China is one of 66 individuals and organizations commenting on an FAA Federal Register Notice on the certification of some drones.

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