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Booz Allen Hamilton Identifies Non-Kinetic C-UAS as a Key Emerging Technology
dronelife | 06/10/2024
Booz Allen Hamilton's recent research report, "Top 10 Emerging Technologies For DoD and National Security," highlights Non-Kinetic Counter-Unmanned Aircraft Systems (C-UAS) as a crucial technology for defense and intelligence sectors.
What Would a ‘Drone Wall’ Look Like?
dronelife | 05/29/2024
NATO Nations Unite to Create a High-Tech Border Defense System
AUVSI announces new partnership to expand cybersecurity certification for commercial drones
EIN Presswire | 04/23/2024
The Association for Uncrewed Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI) and Fortress Information Security (Fortress) today announced a groundbreaking partnership with Oklahoma State University, The University of Tulsa, and Tulsa Innovation Labs to enhance cybersecurity programs for commercial drones by expanding the accessibility of the Green UAS program.
AUVSI and DIU Sign MOU on Drone Cybersecurity
dronelife | 04/23/2024
The agreement sets a framework for drone component manufacturers holding Green UAS certification to share their data directly with DIU.
DJI Publishes Security White Paper
dronelife | 04/22/2024
Company Provides Details of DJI's Security Enhancements and Certifications in Response to Global Data Safety Concern
Rising Surveillance: The Challenge of UAS Incursions at the U.S.-Mexico Border
dronelife | 03/29/2024
The Increasing Unmanned Aircraft Activities at the Border, and the Efforts to Enhance National Security Measures
Operation Skyhawk: Drones Used in Georgia’s Largest Prison Smuggling Case
dronelife | 03/29/2024
Authorities in Georgia have dismantled what is believed to be the largest smuggling operation within the state's correctional system.
How Do You Evaluate Your Real Risk from Rogue Drones? DL Exclusive from Drone Detection Experts AeroDefense
dronelife | 03/28/2024
Companies and agencies from all sectors are evaluating their risk: and deciding on the appropriate response.  Current regulations around the authorized use of counter drone technology may additionally complicate the situation.
Clarifying Cybersecurity Guidelines for Drones: the DETECT Act
dronelife | 03/27/2024
The Drone Evaluation to Eliminate Cyber Threats Act of 2024 (DETECT Act) directs the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) to develop a framework of cybersecurity principles.
Top 5 Trends in Public Safety Drone Operations
Commercial UAV news | 03/21/2024
This year, over 600 public safety and related industry professionals convened at the second annual National Public Safety UAS Conference, in Williamsburg, Virginia. These are the top 5 key takeaways from the event.
Area of Interest (AoI): Blue UAS Framework: Communication in an Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) environment: (DOD opportunity)
sUAS News | 03/18/2024
The DoD is seeking commercial solutions that allow Group 1 and 2 sUAS (as well as other UxS) to communicate in electromagnetic spectrum contested environments, including, but not limited to, jamming, interference, and spoofing. 
Counter UAS Update, From the Floor of National Public Safety UAS Conference
dronelife | 03/13/2024
Use of counter UAS technologies to keep unauthorized drones out of sensitive airspace, including the space over prisons where incursions are becoming more frequent.
Former DOI Director on the Impact of the American Drone Security Act: From the Floor of the National Public Safety UAS Conference
dronelife | 03/12/2024
Mark Bathrick, former U.S. Department of the Interior's Director of the Office of Aviation Services (OAS) spoke about the practical impact that the American Drone Security Act and proposed bans on Chinese made drone technology.
Exclusive Interview: DJI Officials Defend Data Security Policies Amid Chinese Drone Ban Concerns
dronelife | 03/04/2024
DJI official defends company's data security policies
Drone Adoption in Law Enforcement Continues to Rise
Commercial UAS News | 02/08/2024
News reports from across the US and around the world point to an increase in the use of drones and related systems in public safety and law enforcement. In large cities and small towns alike, uncrewed systems are being put to work in countless ways that make citizens safer and supply more and better tools for law enforcement officials. 
FAA designates Las Vegas Area a ‘No Drone Zone’ for Super Bowl LVIII
FAA | 02/02/2024
llegiant Stadium in Las Vegas is a 'No Drone Zone' for Super Bowl LVIII. Drones also are prohibited around several additional locations during the days leading up to the event. Drones will be restricted during the following times and days:
Beyond the Hype: Reassessing the Drone Narrative for Security and Sanctions
sUAS News | 01/16/2024
It's high time we address a glaring issue in the drone industry – the disproportionate influence of 'drone evangelists' funded by companies like DJI (aka "surfer drone dudes").
U.S. tech companies prepare for potential drone attacks as international strikes spark concern
NBC News | 01/14/2024
U.S. tech companies and government agencies are racing to develop defenses against potential terrorist drone attacks, a threat that has security experts increasingly concerned as they've watched the rise of drone warfare in Israel, Ukraine and Yemen.
Tulsa wins "Tech Hub" designation from US Economic Development Administration
Fox 23 | 10/23/2023
Tulsa has been officially designated as a "Tech Hub" by the U.S. Economic Development Administration.
Would You Use a Drone to Secure Your Home?
dronelife | 07/24/2023
In a recent study by smart home security firm Vivint, homeowners were asked for their perceptions and opinions about AI-enhanced security features.
Keeping Drones Out of Prison Airspace: a DRONELIFE Exclusive from Drone Forensics Experts at SkySafe
dronelife | 06/15/2023
Keeping drones out of prison airspace has become a critical challenge.  Here, experts at airspace security and drone forensics firm SkySafe discuss how stakeholders can protect correctional facilities.
AUVSI Xponential: The Keynote on Cybersecurity for Drones
dronelife | 05/09/2023
AUVSI Xponential is taking place in Denver this week.  This morning, the keynote sessions kicked off, including a conversation on cybersecurity issues with AUVSI's Chief Advocacy Officer Michael Robbins and Tobias Whitney, VP of Strategy and Policy at Fortress Information Security
What is a “Commercial” Drone?
Commercial UAV News | 04/13/2023
If you work in the drone industry, you probably know what a "commercial" drone is. It's a drone used for business, a drone used to make money.
Confronting Drone Threats: Why New Technology Requires Action
Newsweek | 01/31/2023
If the FBI thinks drones are a threat, why doesn't congress?
DJI Achieves Encryption Recognition from U.S Department of Commerce
sUAS News | 11/28/2022
DJI, the world's leader in civilian drones and aerial imaging technology, today reinforces its commitment to customer data and privacy with the validation of the DJI Core Crypto Engine.
Advanced Aircraft Company Awarded AFWERX SBIR Phase II Contract To Continue Development of Next Generation Tactical UAS
sUAS News | 11/09/2022
Advanced Aircraft Company (AAC), a developer and manufacturer of distributed electric propulsion tilt-wing and multi-rotor uncrewed aircraft systems for defense applications, today announced it has been selected by AFWERX for an SBIR Phase II contract focused on the further development to investigate its potential to fill capability gaps in the Department of the Air Force (DAF).  This contract will enable AAC to continue the development of its highly versatile Hybrid Advanced Multi-Rotor (HAMR) Uncrewed Aerial System (UAS) for the United States Air Force. 
Unauthorized Drones Bring Football Games to a Halt: New cUAS Technology Could Solve the Problem
dronelife | 09/29/2022
Twice this week, football games in the U.S. were abruptly halted while stadium security teams attempted to deal with rogue drones over the field.
Oklahoma State Counter UAS Center of Excellence Will Support Homeland Security
drone life | 09/26/2022
OSU Launches Counter-UAS Center of Excellence, Forms Partnership Agreement to Support Department of Homeland Security
DroneShield Announces First Deployment of DroneSentry Counter Drone Tech at U.S. Airport
dronelife | 08/29/2022
In a company first, DroneShield has announced the sale and deployment of the DroneSentry counterdrone system at a U.S. international airport.
Ohio Leading The Way With New Aircraft Tracking System
Union County | 08/23/2022
As the number of drones grow, so do concerns about how to keep airspace safe for both crewed and uncrewed aircraft. Ohio is pioneering technology to do just that.
Black Sage Technologies selected to provide counter-unmanned aircraft systems for a major international airport
Newswires | 08/22/2022
Black Sage Technologies has won a contract to provide counter-unmanned aircraft systems (C-UAS) and services at an undisclosed international airport.
UAVOS demonstrates the opportunity of autonomous technology in forestry
sUAS News | 08/05/2022
UAVOS, a developer and manufacturer of security and commercial solutions based on advanced Unmanned Systems, has completed a drone-based forest inspection project to assess the general timber environment. Combining digital data and UAVOS's customized software has provided innovative analysis of forestry data. UAVOS's methodology is an advance for forestry, allowing foresters not only to optimize and improve the way data is collected and analyzed on a daily basis but also helping to reduce environmental risks and to generate economic wealth in the sector. The project has been carried out under partnership with a forestry and land management company. 
NASA and Zipline Sign Space Act Agreement to Pursue m:N Drone Operations
drone life | 08/02/2022
NASA recently signed a Space Act Agreement with San Francisco-based Zipline "to pursue a future vision of U.S. aviation that includes delivery drones and air taxis," says the NASA announcement.
Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) for Ports, Warehouses, and Logistics
Commercial UAV News | 08/01/2022
"The logistics industry is the leader of the pack when it comes to using drones."
That's according to a recent article in the American Journal of Transportation. The article describes how uncrewed technology has been embraced by companies involved in warehousing, port management, transportation, and other logistics-focused operations.
AUDROS cUAS System: Capturing Intruding Drones in a Net
drone life | 07/29/2022
The AUDROS system, a drone solution that captures foreign drones in a net, has completed successfully testing in the Czech Republic.
Protecting the FIFA World Cup from Rogue Drones
drone life | 07/21/2022
Today, airspace security leader Fortem Technologies announced a significant milestone in its efforts to combat the growing global threat of rogue UAVs.
D-Fend Drone Incident Tracker: Just How Big is the Rogue Drone Problem? | 06/28/2022
Seeking to maintain a comprehensive record of drone incursions on an international basis, Israel-based counter-drone technology provider D-Fend Solutions has launched the Drone Attack & Incident Tracker on its website. The database, which uses publicly available resources to track drone incursion incidents, includes the incident description, date, sector affected and the source of the information.
Asylon Scores BVLOS Waiver for Automated Security Drone System
dronelife | 06/15/2022
This week, leading air and ground robotic security company Asylon, Inc. revealed that it has been granted three beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) waivers from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).
Asylon Scores BVLOS Waiver for Automated Security Drone System
dronelife | 06/15/2022
This week, leading air and ground robotic security company Asylon, Inc. revealed that it has been granted three beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) waivers from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).
Beyond flights of fantasy: Disassembling the complexities of AAM
evtol | 06/03/2022
Big figures surrounding the advanced air mobility (AAM) industry have increasingly dominated headlines over the last year, painting a picture that is bound to impress. Yet many complexities regarding the reality of getting AAM off the ground have yet to be solved for Australia.
Airspace Security is a Process, Not a Technology Webinar Series
sUAS News | 03/22/2022
An increase in drones flown by clueless, careless, and criminal pilots requires organizations across industries to look beyond their typical physical security controls and evaluate drone detection technology to protect people and property.
Drones with AI: Incorporating Intuitive UAVs into the Workflow
Commercial UAV News | 03/22/2022
Drones are increasingly being incorporated into workflows to help gather high-quality data about assets. Over time, developers have needed to push drone technology to meet end users' demands for more intuitive and responsive flight, data collection, processing, and analysis. In the "Drones and AI: Improving Workflows" webinar, Commercial UAV News connected with Yariv Geller from vHive, Toomas Välja from Hepta Airborne, Kabe Termes from Skydio, and Eric Wittner from Intel Geospatial, to discuss how AI and ML improve workflows from data collection, processing, and analysis to the final deliverable.
Dedrone and Carahsoft Partner to Make Dedrone’s CUAS Tech Available to Public Sector
dronelife | 02/16/2022
Today, smart airspace security market leader Dedrone and Carahsoft Technology Corp., The Trusted Government IT Solutions Provider®, announced a strategic partnership that will bring the anti-drone security solution to the Public Sector. This new agreement will see Carahsoft serve as Dedrone's Master Government Aggregator®, making Dedrone's smart airspace technology available through Carahsoft's Illinois Learning Technology Purchase Program (ILTPP) and NJSBA Technology & Cybersecurity contract, as well as its network of reseller partners.
2022 UAS BVLOS (Beyond-Visual-Line-of-Sight) & AAM (Advanced Air Mobility) System Safety and Performance Conference!
sUAS News | 02/15/2022
Come learn the latest cutting edge weather-related tools, techniques, and tradecraft stemming from government and industry that will highlight awareness and maximize your flight operations and mission success:
Illegal Drones at Sporting Events: Hidden Level Combines Rooftop Sensors and Sophisticated Software
dronelife | 02/07/2022
Hidden Level teams with local police to guard Texas stadiums from illegal drones at sporting events
AAM Ecosystems of the Future Rely on a Merging of Drone Technology Today
Commercial UAV News | 01/26/2022
For the past few years, we have been talking about two distinct industries when it comes to small and large drones. The reasons behind that are varied, but the way in which unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and air taxis that define advanced air mobility (AAM) ecosystems can and will operate in the same airspace have been positioned as distinct. But is it right to stay focused on these differences rather than their similarities?  
Analyzing Drone Industry Hardware Shakeups, Consolidation Strategies, Robotic Integration and More
Commercial UAV News | 01/24/2022
While some reports have gotten caught up with the potential of the drone market, the team at Drone Analyst has always been committed to sorting out the hype versus the reality. Their fifth annual market report provides our most comprehensive look at drone buyers, service providers, business and public agency users, and software services.
Drone Guards – Drone Pilot & Drone Pilot Assistant
sUAS News | 11/17/2021
We're hiring drone pilots and drone pilot assistants for contract and full-time positions.
Austin PD Drones: Department to Launch Robotics Unit
dronelife | 09/27/2021
The police department in the city of Austin, Texas plans to create a new Robotics Unit to oversee the operations of its drone fleet.
Within the next several months, the Austin Police Department is expected to request that the City Council approve funding for the creation of the unit, Assistant Chief Scott Perry said in an interview.

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