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North Carolina’s Civil Air Patrol Invests in 10 New Drones for Emergency Management
dronelife | 05/20/2023
The North Carolina Wing has been at the forefront of the Civil Air Patrol small Unmanned Aerial Systems (sUAS) program that culminated in the first locate and save within CAP in August of 2021. On May 6th, the program introduced an increase in training and equipment at the NCWG headquarters.
What is a “Commercial” Drone?
Commercial UAV News | 04/13/2023
If you work in the drone industry, you probably know what a "commercial" drone is. It's a drone used for business, a drone used to make money.
Drone Training in Texas: The Texas Drone Workshop, February 18-19
dronelife | 02/07/2023
If you are looking for the best value drone training in Texas, it's here.  Drone professionals at every level have the opportunity to expand their skills, learn from leading industry figures, and network with other businesses during the two day Texas Drone Workshop, sponsored by AUVSI Lone Star.
The Law-Tech Connect Workshop is Back at Xponential 2023!
dronelife | 01/17/2023
P3 Tech Consulting Presents 2nd Annual Law-Tech Connect™ Workshop for UAS/AAM Industry at AUVSI XPONENTIAL '23!
Book Launch: “The Ultimate Drone Professional Guide” Explores How to Break into the Commercial Drone Industry
Directions Magazine | 12/12/2022
Drone industry evangelist and author, Brian Pitre, has just launched a new e-book entitled, "The Ultimate Drone Professional Guide." Pitre was an early adopter of commercial drone technology in the industry's nascent years and, as the CEO of SkyOp, LLC, has designed one of the first comprehensive drone education platforms in the market.
Lessons Learned from the 737 Max: Can We Prevent a Tragedy in the Drone Industry? From the Floor of AUVSI NE UAS and AAM Summit 2022
dronelife | 10/26/2022
It's one of the conundrums of the drone industry: autonomy is necessary to maximize the benefits of uncrewed systems.  Anyone who has watched a science fiction movie or read the news, however, understands that a high level of autonomy comes with a level of risk: risk that the decisions made by a computer may, someday, be incorrect.
That was the topic of a session at the AUVSI NE UAS and AAM Summit October 26.
Rising Aviation High School to Host Ribbon-Cutting and Open House
sUAS News | 04/15/2022
Rising Aviation High School will host a Ribbon Cutting and Open House at their Addison campus on Thursday, April 21st, 2022, from 11AM-2PM. A first of its kind, aviation and aerospace centric high school in North Texas, Rising Aviation's mission is to educate the next generation of aviation and aerospace professionals in a real-world environment right on the tarmac.
Disaster Response Training Offered for Women Drone Pilots
Newswires | 03/08/2022
The Center for Robot-Assisted Search and Rescue (CRASAR), the world leader in robotics for disasters, is partnering with Women and Drones for 3.5 days of drone pilot training. The purpose is to introduce female pilots to the missions, skills, and regulations applicable to different types of disasters and enable them to work with local agencies. The training will take place during the highly realistic Public Safety Interoperability Institute (Interop 22) exercise with Texas emergency management agencies, Texas National Guard, and other groups at Disaster City® and surrounding facilities.
Drone Training for Public Safety Agencies: BRINC Drones Platinum Sponsor of Texas Public Safety Robotics Summit
dronelife | 01/27/2022
BRINC Drones to Sponsor Leading Robotics Summit offering critical drone training for public safety personnel.
CAE to debut VTOL desktop simulator for unmanned systems
Trade Arabia | 11/10/2021
CAE will demonstrate a new Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) desktop simulator based on the company's Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) Mission Trainer at the Dubai Airshow from November 14 to 18, 2021. 
Increasing advanced air mobility (AAM) and UAS operations over the next decade will create a surge in demand for pilots, which by some estimates could be close to 60,000 pilots needed by 2028. However, training solutions geared specifically towards VTOL operations are currently limited.
Brownsville: VTOL Company to Transform City Transportation with Vertiports and Microgrids
Virtual Builders Exchange | 10/05/2021
In the three months since Paragon VTOL Aerospace announced its move from California to Brownsville, the company has assembled a new management team, scouted sites at the local airport for the testing of vertical takeoff autonomous aircraft, begun talks with the community college on workforce training, and set course with plans to build a massive redundant microgrid energy network.
FAA Grants $2.8 Million to Five Universities for Drone Research
Flying Magazine | 09/29/2021
Five universities will share $2.8 million in funding for drone research from the FAA, the agency announced Tuesday.
The universities that will share the funding are:
Mississippi State University
Wichita State University
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
University of Kansas
University of North Dakota
The money will be used for research, education, and training. The focus will be on:
Advanced material
Right-of-way rules
Flight data recorder requirements
WSU receives funding to improve unmanned aerial systems
Informer | 01/28/2021
Wichita State University will receive $684,000 from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for three programs aimed at increasing safety measures for the use of unmanned aerial systems (UAS).
Malaysian drone tech takes to the skies
The Star | 11/30/2020
"THE drone revolution is happening right now, " declared Poladrone founder and chief executive officer Cheong Jin Xi.
"Many industries are realising that modern drones, which excel at precision automation and efficient data collection, are able to simplify many dirty, dangerous and difficult tasks."
UW Students Learn How to Operate Drones in New Online Course
University of Wyoming News | 10/26/2020
To meet the growing demand for drone use in business, the University of Wyoming Board of Trustees this past summer approved the launch of geospatial information science and technology programs. New programs, which began this fall, are offered in the areas of geographic information system, remote sensing and UAS, better known as drones.
Oklahoma college takes COVID-19 fight to the air with use of drones for disinfectant spray
The Oklahoman | 09/30/2020
Rose State College in Midwest City, Okla., in collaboration with Total Defense Resource Strategies, recently demonstrated the use of a drone to disperse a COVID-19 disinfectant at the newly constructed student union that opened last month.
K-State Poly joins FAA’s collegiate unmanned aircraft systems training initiative
Salina Journal | 09/19/2020
The unmanned aircraft systems flight and operations program at Kansas State University Polytechnic has been selected for the Federal Aviation Administration's Unmanned Aircraft Systems-Collegiate Training Initiative.
GCSC gets $7 million for drone program; to tackle lessons learned after Hurricane Michael
Panama City News Herald | 09/01/2020
Gulf Coast State College plans to use a new $7 million grant to expand its drone program and address lessons learned in the aftermath of Hurricane Michael.
HSU foundation, Lone Star to transform unmanned aircraft systems in Northwest Florida
Crestview News Bulletin | 08/28/2020
Visitors from the Lone Star UAS Center of Excellence & Innovation at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi and HSU Educational Foundation are forming a master research partnership to develop the HSU Unmanned Aircraft System Center of Excellence in Okaloosa County, Florida.
Airline pilots are worried about their jobs. So some are learning to fly drones
WICZ FOX-40 | 08/23/2020
With mass layoffs at US air carriers expected this fall, airline pilots like Michelle Bishop are anticipating the unwelcome reality that pilots like herself may soon be left without stable work. One opportunity piqued her interest: Piloting drones.
FAA Continues Drone Integration Initiatives
Aviation Pros | 08/18/2020
The Federal Aviation Administration announced 26 schools from 20 different states have been selected so far to participate in the Unmanned Aircraft Systems Collegiate Training Initiative.
Nationwide BVLOS waiver granted to K-State Polytechnic Campus
sUAS News | 08/13/2020
 Kansas State University Polytechnic Campus's Applied Aviation Research Center has received a new waiver from the FAA that permits K-State Polytechnic to fly unmanned aircraft beyond visual line of sight in all Class G airspace nationwide
New police drone has thermal imaging to track missing people | 08/13/2020
If you are lost in a rural area or simply attempting to hide from police, the Moose Jaw Police Service now has new technology to find you either way.
The Drones Are Coming To One Of 78 Million Backyards Near You | 07/29/2020
Drones helicoptering down and with gifts is another sort of sci-fi scenario that's been reified and seems poised to grow into big business over the next few years. Flytrex is a pioneer in the field, having achieved a series of firsts in pursuit of urban package delivery via drone.
Drones are still a new technology, but the research is spreading its wings | 07/27/2020
Drone consumers include both avid and casual fans whose understanding of their new toy varies widely. With this varied knowledge, coupled with evolving laws and technology and increasing demand, the challenges surrounding Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) are likely to increase. Transportation Resource Board's new Standing Committee on New Users of Shared Airspace will offer guidance on the topic, helping research stay ahead of the curve.
For Northrop Grumman, it’s clear skies ahead at Grand Sky
Grand Forks Herald | 07/26/2020
New drones, new staff and continued partnerships are helping further Northrop Grumman's role in the North Dakota UAS ecosystem.
Therapy Drones: Could sUAS Be the Adaptive Therapy Tool of the Future?
DroneLife | 07/22/2020
Here's a new category for the drone industry: therapy drones.  Could learning to pilot a sUAS be a new and effective form of adaptive therapy?
Alliance for Drone Innovation Launches Drone Operator Insight Series | 07/22/2020
The Alliance for Drone Innovation, in coordination with the Drone Operators Federation, is launching the "Drone Operator Insight Series" to highlight America's growing small business drone economy.
“Flight to the Future” Offers Career Relaunch in a Post-COVID World | 07/19/2020
Amid the adversity of COVID-19, but just in time for the holidays, Aquiline Drones – America's fastest-growing drone technology company- launches its new and exciting jobs initiative dubbed Flight to the Future.
OSU, drone contractor launch internship program
The Oklahoman | 07/02/2020
Navatek, an aerospace and defense contractor that performs research and development services for the Department of Defense, NASA and other government agencies, awarded a $25,000 research grant to support up to 12 Oklahoma State University student internships that will run through Aug. 15.
ANSI publishes version 2.0 of UAS standardization roadmap
WINGS Magazine | 06/30/2020
The American National Standards Institute announced this week the publication of the Standardization Roadmap for Unmanned Aircraft Systems (Version 2.0). The roadmap was developed by the Institute's Unmanned Aircraft Systems Standardization Collaborative.
This New Drone Training Program Could Re-Tool Your Career
Forbes | 06/30/2020
Aquiline Drones, the first black US-based drone and cloud technology company, offers a new drone training program, Flight to the Future, which they hope will help Americans who have lost their jobs due to Covid-19.
What the UAS Industry Can Learn from COVID–19
Droneblog | 06/29/2020
The unmanned industry, like nearly every sector, suffered from the economic and operational effects of the social distancing and a global shutdown from the pandemic. But like in many innovative industries, some UAS companies quickly adapted to the new situation and succeeded in turning the situation around and leverage it
Air Force doesn’t have enough drone pilots or sensor operators, GAO says
Air Force Times | 06/27/2020
The Air Force is facing an alarming shortage of pilots and sensor operators needed to fly its remotely piloted aircraft, the Government Accountability Office said in a recent report .
UAS flight and operations degree option at K-State Polytechnic now led by Kurt Carraway
sUAS News | 06/26/2020
Kurt Carraway has been named department head of the unmanned aircraft systems flight and operations program at Kansas State University Polytechnic Campus.
College of Aeronautics and Engineering purchasing new air traffic control simulator
Kent Wired | 06/25/2020
The College of Aeronautics and Engineering at Kent State is procuring a new Air Traffic Control (ATC) simulator for fall 2020 from UFA Inc., a world-leading provider of cloud-based, advanced ATC simulation.
A Snapshot of Drone Education Programs in the United States | 06/24/2020
To estimate the impact that collegiate training initiatives will have on the nation's UAS educational community, this government-funded study researched and mapped educational institutions that currently offer certificate and degree programs in UAS, and classified them by their institutional characteristics (2-year vs. 4-year) and area(s) of focus.
FAA selects MSU’s Raspet Flight Research Lab to lead UAS safety efforts
Mississippi State Newsroom | 06/23/2020
Mississippi State University's Raspet Flight Research Laboratory was recently designated as the FAA's UAS Safety Research Facility, placing the research center as the helm of studying and developing safety and certification standards as UAS become increasingly integrated in the U.S. airspace.
Holm Auto Good News: K-State Poly offers drone academy for teens
Salina Journal | 05/27/2020
Kansas State Polytechnic is offering a one-week unmanned aircraft systems program called UAS Virtual Academy, an online, hands-on introduction to the world of drones. It will run from June 22-26 and will explore multiple facets of a growing industry.
Adaptive Recreational Therapy utilizing sUAS
sUAS News | 05/25/2020
Wounded Eagle UAS Founder and Director Joseph Dorando opines how small UAVs can provide therapy for people with physical and mental disabilities.
FAA Drone Training Initiative Announced: Providing the Skills the Industry Needs
Drone Life (blog) | 05/04/2020
A new FAA drone training initiative will certify institutions offering UAS programs and provide opportunities for collaboration with the agency.
One of the world’s top standardization groups wants to establish a common benchmark for the drone industry.
DroneLife (blog) | 04/11/2020
One of the world's top standardization groups wants to establish a common benchmark for the drone industry.
Sheriff’s office receives drones for coronavirus response | 04/10/2020
Maryland's Calvert County Sheriff's office reported last weekend that a major drone manufacturer is providing the local law enforcement agency with additional drones. The action is being taken to help deputies to better respond to the ongoing coronavirus crisis.
First Responders Assess Drones for Search and Rescue Missions
Homeland Security Today | 04/02/2020
In November 2019, S&T's National Urban Security Technology Laboratory assessed small, commercially available drones for priority needs of first responders through its First Responder Robotic Operations System Test  program. The feedback will be documented in a final assessment report and shared nationally with the first responder community.
Legally operating a drone in the agriculture industry
Aberdeen News | 03/20/2020
Drone activity in agriculture continues to increase, and the aerial imagery generated can provide unique insight throughout the crop production season. Over the past decade the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has continued to evolve the requirements for the operation of small unmanned aerial systems (sUAS, UAS, UAV or drones) to create a reasonable legal pathway for use in agriculture.
Make the Most of Quarantine: 3 Ways to Become a Better Drone Pilot Over the Next Month
UAV Coach | 03/20/2020
There's no avoiding it. Right now is a very trying time for people all across the world. While it may be difficult for many drone pilots to find work at the moment, there are still many great things that you can do to pass the time, get outside of the house a little bit, and hone your drone skills.
KDOT Certifies Employees as Drone Operators
State Aviation Journal | 02/17/2020
Kansas Department of Transportation employees across the state are being certified as Federal Aviation Administration commercial drone operators.
App uses drones to deliver across campus
Yale Daily News | 02/17/2020
Hungry students at Yale university now have a new way of receiving snacks and sundries: drone-based package drops across campus without a delivery fee.
Arizona schools prepare to meet rising demand in aviation
Chamber Business News | 02/06/2020
As the aviation industry in the United States faces growing worker shortages, schools across Arizona are preparing to feed the demand with certified and skilled labor.
Drones causing few problems in Boulder County skies, but proliferation has feds eyeing new regs
Boulder Daily Camera | 02/01/2020
The mystery of drones flying grid patterns at night over northeastern Colorado, a near-hit reported by a flight-for-life helicopter pilot in Morgan County and growing use of both commercial and hobby unmanned aerial vehicles likely will result in new regulation.

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