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UAV-based magnetometer comparison: utilities detection test
sUAS News | 04/29/2024
This report shows the results of a test survey aimed at comparing four different UAV-based (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) magnetometers and their capabilities to detect various infrastructure utilities.
Use Case Roundup: Drone & Robotic Deployments in Energy
Innovate Energy | 04/08/2024
From enhancing safety to optimizing operational efficiency, drones and robotics are reshaping traditional practices in the energy industry and opening up new horizons for exploration and production. 
Drone Programs in Construction Update: Who's Doing What?
Commercial UAV News | 02/13/2024
Drones have become increasingly impactful in the construction industry, offering a range of benefits that improve efficiency, safety, and cost-effectiveness.
Native American tribes are making a big economic impact in Tulsa
American City and Country | 01/22/2024
Native American tribes in Oklahoma have poured more than $15.6 billion into the state, while generating billions more from companies that support the tribes' business operations, according to the most recent Oklahoma Native Impact report (fiscal year 2019). The report illustrates how Oklahoma's 38 federally recognized tribes have made an unprecedented impact on the Sooner State's economy through a diverse portfolio of businesses including gaming and hospitality, manufacturing, real estate, retail and professional services, UAS/AAM, among others.
Hi Rise Window Washing and More: Lucid Spraying Drones Solve an Age-Old Problem
dronelife | 09/05/2022
Innovative entrepreneurs continue to come up with new ways in which drones can be used to perform a wide range of jobs that had previously required human workers, more efficiently, at a lower cost and more safely, than was previously possible.
North Carolina Grants AeroX $5 Million for Advanced Air Mobility Development
dronelife | 12/04/2021
AeroX, a nonprofit organization focused on promoting the safe and efficient commercialization of UAS technologies in Forsyth County, has been awarded a $5 million dollar grant from the North Carolina General Assembly for the design and development of an urban advanced air mobility system in Winston-Salem and Forsyth County, North Carolina.
Radiometric Thermal Zoom is Game-Changing New Technology. November 2, Find Out Why
drone life | 10/25/2021
In this immersive webinar from Teledyne FLIR, product manager Kelly Brodbeck will explain how the combination of optical thermal zoom and radiometry enable more efficient search and surveillance, safer inspection, and better reporting for drone pilots.
WiBotic’s Commander will autonomously charge drone fleets
DroneDJ | 02/11/2021
Autonomous charging solutions company WiBotic has launched its Commander drone and robot fleet energy management software for companies with large fleets. The software package allows the charging state of all drones in the fleet to be managed and monitored.
Drone startup opens Northern Ontario office to service mining industry
Timmins Today | 01/29/2021
A U.S. drone survey startup has opened an office in Sudbury to better serve mining operations in Northern Ontario and across Canada.
Pendleton UAS industry continues growth despite pandemic
East Oregonian | 01/04/2021
While it has had devastating effects on other business sectors, Pendleton's unmanned aerial systems industry wasn't grounded.
Darryl Abling, the city's range manager, said operations never really slowed down during the pandemic as social distancing didn't really prevent UAS companies from running test flights.
Malaysian drone tech takes to the skies
The Star | 11/30/2020
"THE drone revolution is happening right now, " declared Poladrone founder and chief executive officer Cheong Jin Xi.
"Many industries are realising that modern drones, which excel at precision automation and efficient data collection, are able to simplify many dirty, dangerous and difficult tasks."
Kenco's Chattanooga innovation lab saves $5 million in its first year
Chattanooga Times Free Press | 11/28/2020
Within part of a former Quaker Oats milling facility on Amnicola Highway, one of the nation's biggest logistics companies is testing out futuristic ways to ship, store and distribute all manner of goods.
VP Racing Fuels leverages specialty fuel technology experience to keep UAVs up and running
AUVSI News | 08/24/2020
VP Racing Fuels, a company that has been fueling champions in virtually every form of motorsport on land, sea, and air with its fuel technology since 1975, has for more than 10 years now been indirectly working with UAVs
UAS help industry adapt to ‘new normal’
BIC Magazine | 08/17/2020
As industry and society in general come back on line after months of interruption due to the threat of COVID- 19, Garrett Scott, UAS coordinator for Duke Energy, said he believes "a lot of the things we're seeing right now, whether because of social distancing or the financial [aspect], are going to be around for quite a while after we move out of this mandated period."
Soldering Tools Keep UAVs Flying High
Assembly Magazine | 07/22/2020
A German-based drone manufacturer purchased several soldering systems recently to help its workers manually assemble electronic modules for the company's quadrocopter, providing a reliable connection for varying individual payloads.
What the UAS Industry Can Learn from COVID–19
Droneblog | 06/29/2020
The unmanned industry, like nearly every sector, suffered from the economic and operational effects of the social distancing and a global shutdown from the pandemic. But like in many innovative industries, some UAS companies quickly adapted to the new situation and succeeded in turning the situation around and leverage it
Swarms of autonomous insect robots could prove key to future planetary exploration
TechCrunch | 06/08/2020
While we're preparing to launch a six-wheeled robotic rover roughly the size of a car to explore Mars, future planetary exploration and science missions could employ much smaller hardware — including, potentially, swarms of robots the size of insects designed to act in concert with one another autonomously.
Drones in the Power Industry: The Case for Resiliency
dronelife | 05/18/2020
The power industry was an early adopter of drone technology, but in this insider piece Andre Louis-Ferdinand says that the sector continues to find new applications and new uses for drones – especially in these challenging times.
First Responders Assess Drones for Search and Rescue Missions
Homeland Security Today | 04/02/2020
In November 2019, S&T's National Urban Security Technology Laboratory assessed small, commercially available drones for priority needs of first responders through its First Responder Robotic Operations System Test  program. The feedback will be documented in a final assessment report and shared nationally with the first responder community.
DRONELIFE Exclusive: How Drones Will Change Power Line Stringing Forever
dronelife | 03/19/2020
Drones have been used in the power industry for a few years now, but in the U.S., power line stringing is a relatively new application.
Your virtual crow’s nest: Drones in commercial fishing
National Fisherman | 03/05/2020
Fishermen have always relied on the understanding of the elements to guide them: the water current, its temperature, the direction of the wind and its humidity are important information used to locate fish. Now, drones are bringing some fishfinding technology back above the water.
DRONELIFE Exclusive Op-Ed: Commercial Drone Alliance on Remote ID - DRONELIFE
drone life | 02/27/2020
Remote ID has been a charged topic in the industry.  While some stakeholders feel that the proposed rule must be completely reworked, others have taken the more hopeful view that the rule is a good start towards a workable solution.
Black Swift Technologies unveils American-made UAS for automated industrial and structural inspections
AUVSI News | 02/14/2020
Black Swift Technologies (BST) has introduced its American-made, advanced UAS called the Black Swift E2, which is designed for automated industrial and structural inspections.
How drones can help improve security and process efficiency at your plant
Plant Services | 01/02/2020
Beyond their surveillance capabilities, drones can support inspection and asset management inside the manufacturing plant.
Flirtey Begins Drone Delivery Demonstrations In The Largest Industrial Center In The US | 12/20/2019
Flirtey announced today it has begun routine drone delivery demonstrations in a designated area inside the Tahoe-Reno Industrial Center (TRI Center), located in Nevada. The demonstrations are in preparation for routine food delivery trials to designated points on the TRI Center park.
Here are the world's largest drone companies and manufacturers to watch and stocks to invest in 2020
Business Insider Nordic | 12/20/2019
Drone stocks are massive opportunities for companies and investors alike. Companies across the US have rushed to deploy drones to cut costs, boost operational efficiency, and open up new streams of revenue. 
Aftermath: How Hurricane Maria Became a Mother of UAS Invention
inside unmanned systems | 11/04/2019
On-the-fly solutions by Duke Energy and Southern Company helped repair storm-damaged transmission lines, spurring innovation and expansion at two major power companies.
Kansas Researcher to Measure Greenland Ice Sheets with Next-Generation Radar Flown Aboard an Unmanned Helicopter
Inside Unmanned Systems | 09/11/2019
A University of Kansas aerospace engineer has earned the National Science Foundation's most prestigious award for young faculty to design, build and fly a radar suite and integrate it on a helicopter-based unmanned aerial system to gather data on some of the world's most critical glaciers.
Xcel uses drones to inspect 485 miles of Wisconsin transmission lines
La Crosse Tribune | 07/26/2019
It's a bird! It's a plane! It's a helicopter-shaped drone cruising over miles of Xcel Energy transmission lines.
New York State Forms Partnership with Israeli Companies to Build a Drone Industry Center of Excellence
DroneLife (blog) | 07/11/2019
New York Governer Andrew Cuomo recently visited Israel – and came back home having formed partnerships and agreements that will support the state in developing new industries, including drones.  New York's Empire State Development, the state's economic development agency, will offer a $250,000 planning grant to establish a new Unmanned Aerial Systems Research and Testing Center of Excellence.
Microsoft TechSpark grants $100K to North Dakota’s Airtonomy drone startup
Geek Wire | 04/23/2019
Microsoft has awarded a $100,000 TechSpark grant to support Airtonomy, a startup that's partnering with the University of North Dakota Aerospace Foundation to blaze a trail for drone applications in North Dakota's "Silidrone Valley."
Drones Begin To Deliver On Their Potential For The Oil And Gas Sector
Forbes | 12/28/2018
The use of drones, in the oil and gas industry, is growing and the technology is ready to take off in a big way. It offers benefits to oil and gas operations in a numerous ways— safe and efficient maintenance and inspections among them—but the data that UAS technology provides is transforming the industry.
New group aims to help Utah drone industry soar
Deseret News | 10/21/2018
A new Utah group is hoping to clear a path for the state to become a leader in the wave of drone innovations that some believe will render other remarkable advancements like self-driving cars a moot point while turning the near-overhead airspace into a much busier place.
UAS Data Becomes Increasingly Valuable for Worksite Monitoring
LIDAR Magazine | 09/24/2018
The spectrum of commercial UAS applications today is broad, ranging from product delivery and media coverage to precision mapping and worksite monitoring. The tool is ideal to monitor the status of construction progress or agriculture yield, explore and document remote or hazardous sites, provide accurate information in support of asset management systems, and verify safety issues and concerns at any location.
AUVSI’s McMahon, ISR Idea’s Poss To Bring Keynotes at UAS Tech Forum | 08/02/2018
Attendees at this year's Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) Technology Forum in Broken Arrow, Okla., can expect to hear a wide-range of quality speakers, including a couple of nationally known and respected industry professionals.
Forget Package Delivery Drones – Here Come Autonomous Containers | 06/13/2018
Amazon, UPS and others are exploring using drones to deliver packages to people's doorsteps, but some companies are thinking bigger — autonomous cargo drones the size of small airplanes.
AI-powered autonomous drone could bring new capabilities to agriculture, logistics, more
TechRepublic | 05/16/2018
Scientists have created the first nano drone capable of flying itself without a human operator, breaking ground on new ways to miniaturize artificial intelligence (AI) and limit processing power.
Kansas is celebrating Aviation Day
Wings Journal | 03/05/2018
The state of Kansas is celebrating its Fourth Annual Aviation Day Event in Wichita. The annual event seeks to educate the public on the impact of the aviation industry while lobbying state officials for more favorable legislation to help expand the industry.
Kratos Receives $3.2 Million in Unmanned Aerial Drone and Other System Orders
Markets Insider | 01/04/2018
Kratos Defense & Security Solutions, Inc. (Nasdaq:KTOS), a leading National Security Solutions provider, announced today that it has recently received approximately $3.2 million in unmanned aerial drone and other system product orders.
A Bird’s-Eye View: Drones in the Power Sector
Power magazine | 01/03/2018
Unmanned aerial systems—drones—have quickly found their place in the power sector. But as the industry moves out of test cases and experiments, and into full implementation of drones, it is facing a whole new set of challenges and opportunities. 
Underground Surveys and Inspections with Drones
Commercial UAV News | 11/02/2017
Flying a drone in confined locations isn't an easy task. It requires piloting skills, and previous knowledge of the surroundings. But what happens if you need to fly a drone where there is no GPS, no light, and humans can't go? A new drone certification program from Flyability will help provide Elios drone owners with a way to assess their piloting skills in these kinds of situations, but that's just the first step for organizations looking to adopt the technology.
FlightWave, Intelligent Energy introduce fuel cell-powered drone
UAS Magazine | 09/13/2017
California startup company FlightWave Aerospace Inc. has introduced its second unmanned aircraft system in less than a month—the fuel cell-powered Jupiter-H2.
The UAS features heavy-lifting capability and greater endurance because it uses a fuel cell rather than a battery to provide electric power.
Congress Introduces Bipartisan Drone Innovation Act
Flying Magazine | 06/20/2017
Republican Congressman Jason Lewis (R-MN-02) led the legislation for the Drone Innovation Act, which looks to define operations of civil UAS under 200 feet and within state, local, or tribal jurisdictions.
When drones flyWhat do safety professionals need to know about this evolving technology?
Safety and Health Magazine | 05/28/2017
Employers in all 50 states use drones for more than 40 business applications, according to research from AUVSI. Aerial photography is most common on a list that also includes construction; infrastructure; emergency management; and mining, oil and gas. And some safety experts have taken stock. New York-based Skanska first explored using drones – more formally known as unmanned aircraft systems, or UAS – several years ago, starting slowly as the technology developed. Before long, the organization had pinpointed numerous practical and cost-effective uses that also promoted worker safety.
Use of agricultural drones on rise as farms seek ways to improve production and crop quality
Omaha World-Herald | 04/07/2017
Steve Kyes owns roughly 2,800 acres of farmland north of here, mostly corn and soybean fields. With the help of his stepson, Andrew Luebbe, and a hired employee, Kyes, 44, and his crew have focused on increasing their profits. Inside Kyes' farm office sits an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) — commonly known as a drone — with the potential to make his operation more efficient and, maybe someday, more profitable. Across the country, farmers like Kyes are taking to the sky in hopes of improving production and quality on the ground. As always, there's a cost-benefit equation: The bill for a drone and accessories can fly past $1,500, not counting specialized cameras or other gear.
SeekOps Incorporated Licenses NASA Sensor Technology | 04/05/2017
A new venture company, SeekOps Inc., has executed a license agreement with the California Institute of Technology for miniature gas sensor technology developed over the last 5 years at NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory. The miniature form factor of this NASA gas sensor enables it to be used as a handheld tool or deployed on small unmanned aerial systems (UAS), commonly known as drones. This technology provides far greater sensitivity than current field-deployable measurement devices, allowing field crews to locate small leaks from infrastructure before they become a safety concern.

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