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uAvionix Combines Command and Control, Detect and Avoid for BVLOS Flight at Choctaw Nation Emerging Aviation Technology Center
dronelife | 08/29/2023
uAvionix, operating at the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma (CNO) Emerging Aviation Technology Center, has completed the first true Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) flight in non-segregated airspace using aviation protected C-Band in the United States.
Flying Cars Meet Quantum Computing
IOT World Today | 08/24/2023
Flying cars and quantum computers have long been shorthand for "technologies of the future," but they are both here and are now and on the verge of revolutionizing the world of transportation.
NASA Armstrong Supports Wind Study
sUAS News | 08/23/2023
Wind affects all aircraft, particularly during takeoff and landing. It's especially critical for new types of transportation. A new NASA flight campaign studying wind aims to gather information to enhance air taxi safety.
Oklahomans have much to celebrate Aug. 19 with Oklahoma Aviation and Aerospace Day; Duncan airport to participate
Woodward News | 08/18/2023
The summer of 2023 marks several aviation centennials with significant ties to Oklahoma's aeronautical history.
Skydio to Sunset Consumer Drone Offerings
sUAS News | 08/10/2023
Four years after its launch, Skydio 2's follow-and-film capability and autonomous cinematography features like KeyFrame are still in a class all on their own.
SkyBound Rescuer Trial a New Automated Drone Service for an Enhanced Transport Experience Across the West Midlands
sUAS News | 08/07/2023
Leading public safety drone company, SkyBound Rescuer ( are trialling a new fully automated drone service for Transport for West Midlands (TfWM) to identify and resolve transport issues faster. SkyBound Rescuer has installed an automated drone station in Walsall so that the public can have an enhanced transport experience across bus, train, road, and tram networks.
Texas Is Getting a Pioneering Air Taxi Showroom and Dealership
Autoevolution | 08/03/2023
If we're going to get flying cars, we'll need showrooms and dealerships.
Pyka Secures FAA Authorization for Commercial Operation of Largest Ever Highly-Automated Electric Drone in the United States
sUAS News | 08/01/2023
 Pyka, manufacturer of large-scale highly-automated electric aircraft for crop protection and cargo transport, is delighted to announce that it has received approval from the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to operate its zero-emission highly-automated Pelican Spray aircraft for crop protection commercially nationwide.
From Ground to Sky: The Integration of Unmanned Traffic Management into Smart City Infrastructure
Fagen Wasanni Technologies | 07/29/2023
The integration of Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) into smart city infrastructure is a revolutionary development that is set to redefine urban mobility from the ground to the sky.
FAA releases advanced air mobility plan Strategy includes a piloted-first approach
AOPA | 07/20/2023
The FAA released its plan for implementation of advanced air mobility (AAM) into the national airspace system over the next five years through the Innovate28 (I28) initiative.
AAM More Than A Curiosity
Aviation Week Network | 07/11/2023
Just as Superman flies into a scene and makes a big entrance and impact, AAM did the same at the air show—but AAM also demonstrated that it's not fiction, for anyone who had doubts.
3 Challenges to Solve Before We Can Commute by Air Taxi
IEEE Spectrum | 07/08/2023
The success of urban air mobility will hinge on the ability to build and operate multiple vertiports within and near cities. These would be places where passengers would embark and disembark, aircraft would be recharged, and communications facilities would send command-and-control data to the aircraft to guide them in a congested airspace.
Is Regional Air Mobility on the Verge of a Resurgence?
Future Flights | 07/05/2023
In recent years, much of the mainstream buzz surrounding advanced air mobility (AAM) has focused on small, futuristic aircraft concepts like electric air taxis and so-called "flying cars" that affluent urbanites might use to bypass traffic jams in crowded cities. While the thought of whizzing around cities like characters in The Jetsons may captivate the public's imagination, there's another revolution brewing in the aviation industry that is far more likely to affect the lives of ordinary people: a resurgence of regional air mobility. 
San Francisco Bracing for the Most Highly-Anticipated eVTOL Event This Year
Autoevolution | 07/03/2023
The upcoming AIRTAXI World Congress in San Francisco is finally breaking the ice with what promises to be a show that will go down in history.
Saudi Arabia’s First Air Taxi Takes Off
IOT World Today | 06/30/2023
Saudi Arabia is driving forward its efforts to introduce commercial operations of eVTOL (electric vertical take-off and landing) craft
Q&A with Daniel Sloat, JD/MBA
The University of Oklahoma | 06/29/2023
Dan Sloat embodies the essence of a modern-day Renaissance Man. From a young age, an entrepreneurial spirit has been an intrinsic part of his character. As a prior United States Air Force Captain, drone pilot, novice sommelier, stand-up comedian, English teacher, filmmaker, oil painter, horse wrangler, day sailor and humanitarian, Sloat embraces new challenges and champions multi-disciplinary innovations. 
Futuristic air taxis look to take to Mid-West skies for Ryder Cup
Limerick | 06/28/2023
A GROUNDBREAKING development in transport is poised to reshape the way people navigate, with 'air taxis' expected to be in use in Limerick as early as 2027 for the Ryder Cup in Adare.
AAM Challenges & Opportunities (podcast)
ReedSmith | 06/16/2023
I'm delighted to have been featured in this month's UAS podcast, hosted by Craig Mahaney, the CEO of DronePort Network.  In our discussion, we talk about the challenges and opportunities in advanced air mobility and what industry and regulators are doing to move the adoption of this technology forward.
NASA to help improve autonomous air freight transport
Logisticsinsider | 06/08/2023
With the kind of leaps that the world is taking in the field of technology, the day isn't far when autonomous vehicles and aircraft will take over in day to day transportation of passengers and cargo.
Lyte Aviation and AAM Institute Develop Business Case for Seattle-area VTOL Shuttle Flights
FutureFlight | 05/26/2023
Lyte Aviation is exploring the basis for hybrid-electric VTOL flights to replace ferries to connect island communities in the Seattle area with its planned 40-seat SkyBus LA-44 aircraft. The European start-up unveiled plans for the tandem tilt-wing design in March and is working toward projected type certification and service entry in 2030.
Industry Trends Observed at 2023 XPONENTIAL Show
inside unmanned systems | 05/17/2023
AUVSI wrapped its 2023 XPONENTIAL convention in Denver last week, bringing together thousands of attendees and hundreds of companies to discuss a path toward autonomy.
The advanced air mobility market isn’t far from realisation
Automotive World | 05/17/2023
If current trends continue, seamless urban 3D transport and the Advanced Air Mobility market could soon materialise
Military Interest Could Speed AAM Development
inside unmanned systems | 05/09/2023
Advanced air mobility is of increasing interest to the U.S. military, which hopes to reap the same benefits as the commercial world from having all-electric, lightweight, autonomous aircraft for shuttling cargo and people.
What can we learn from the history of flying taxis – are they futuristic transport options or castles in the sky?
Cosmos | 04/20/2023
The age of aerial taxis is here", proclaimed the Wall Street Journal. In 1951.
Today the promise of hailing a flying cab still hovers over the horizon.
There's been a recent uplift in air taxi announcements – proposals for a flying rideshare service in Melbourne from Uber Air, then Eve and Microflite and a partnership between Wisk Aero and Queensland mayors to deliver air taxis in time for the 2032 Olympics.
Governments and industry alike promote the idea as "transformative" even "revolutionary".
But the decades-old dream of the air taxi has flown before.
The flying taxi that’s about to hit the skies
The Times | 03/29/2023
No one knows what your first trip in an air taxi will look like. But here is one possible scenario.
You'll Soon Be Able to Take An ‘Air Taxi' From Chicago to O'Hare Airport
NBC Chicago | 03/24/2023
According to a Thursday announcement, Chicago-based United Airlines has partnered up with Archer Aviation to launch the "first air taxi route in Chicago," between O'Hare Airport and Vertiport Chicago, a helicopter facility located on the near west side.
Archer, United Plan eVTOL Air Taxi Route in Chicago
Flying | 03/23/2023
When service begins in 2025, passengers will be able to travel between O'Hare International and Vertiport Chicago in about 10 minutes, the companies said.
San Francisco Is the Official Location for The Largest Vertical Airshow This Year
autoevolution | 03/21/2023
Whether you're already a fan of all kinds of eVTOLs (electric vertical take-off and landing) or just curious to find out more about the so-called air taxis, San Francisco is the place to be, this year.
Electric air taxis being developed for Paris Olympics in 2024
The Guardian | 03/21/2023
Aircraft will take off and land vertically, and carry a single passenger between transport hubs, says capital's airports operator
5 Cutting-Edge eVTOLs Set to Revolutionize Urban Air Transport
Make Use Of | 03/21/2023
Electric vertical take-off and landing vehicles have the potential to completely change the way we travel around cities.
White House tables priorities for AAM services, like enterprise drones and eVTOL air taxis
Drone DJ | 03/20/2023
The Biden White House has released a policy report on its priorities for developing new aviation technologies, like electric vertical takeoff and landing planes (eVTOL), autonomous drone services, air taxis, and other forms of advanced air mobility (AAM) to preserve what it says is US leadership in the aeronautical sector, "made possible by American ingenuity and bolstered by the federal government."
Phoenix is Honeywell's hub for urban air research
AXIOS Phoenix | 03/16/2023
In just a few years, you may be able to hop in an air taxi that'll take you 100 miles in under an hour, and the Valley is positioned to be at the forefront of this possible revolution in urban air travel.
Horizon Aircraft poll of financiers ranks air taxis fourth in expected early eVTOL operation
Drone DJ | 03/10/2023
Maker of both hybrid and entirely electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) airplanes, Horizon Aircraft has revealed research on what backers of new craft development expect in the early phases of operation, which ranks much-anticipated air taxi services surprisingly low on that list.
How customer experience will make or break advanced air mobility
McKinsey & Company | 03/07/2023
Flying can reduce travel times for urban and regional trips by over 50 percent, but customer "hassle factors" will ultimately determine whether people fly or drive.
Making Sense in Low Altitude
AFCEA | 03/01/2023
Companies offer emerging technology solutions for the urban air mobility market.
Urban air mobility gaining traction
Military Aerospace Electronics | 02/23/2023
The city soundscape soon may be abuzz with a variety of electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft ferrying passengers and cargo across dense urban centers high above the crowded streets below.
The World’s Fastest eVTOL Aircraft Now Takes Pilots Onboard: the Airspeeder Mk4 Flying Racing Car
dronelife | 02/22/2023
Alauda Aeronautics has unveiled the Airspeeder Mk4 – the first crewed version of its flying racing car.
EHang EH216: First Autonomous Passenger Carrying Flight in Japan
dronelife | 02/21/2023
EHang's EH216 AAV Completes Japan's First Passenger Carrying Flight Demonstration
Drone Industry Visionaries Interview: NUAIR defines the future of the technology by “already doing it”
Commercial UAV News | 02/13/2023
There are seven FAA designated UAS Test Sites across the United States but only one features a 50-mile uncrewed aircraft systems corridor, where various tests can be performed to determine the operational and economic viability of a given drone operation in the short and long term. Managed by the Northeast UAS Airspace Integration Research Alliance (NUAIR) at the Griffiss International Airport in Rome, New York, operators can fly 50 miles without visual observers. This setup enables drone testing of all different types, which is further augmented by all of the existing infrastructure within the corridor.
Ohio University receives a grant to study using unmanned aircraft to move packages and people around
WOUB Public Media | 02/02/2023
Ohio University has been awarded a grant to investigate using unmanned aircraft in Appalachian Ohio for applications such as delivering packages to homes and transporting patients to hospitals and travelers to airports.
What A Three-Month Air-Taxi Service In LA Uncovered About The Future Of Safe Flight For All
Forbes | 01/25/2023
There's plenty of discussion about the electric vehicle infrastructure, new public transportation systems and micro-mobility. Along with that, McKinsey analysts have found broad consumer interest in air taxis worldwide, with business travel and time savings being the strongest reasons people would move to the skies.
Air Taxis and Vertiports – A Growing Trend In 2023
SRI LANKA Guardian | 01/24/2023
Known as flying cars by some, air taxis (or flying taxis)   are technically known as EVTOL (electric, vertical take off and landing) aircraft. 
Pontifications: Do you really want the Jetsons zipping around?
Leeham News | 01/24/2023
"For those of you old enough to remember, this is the Jetsons. This is the dream. This is what everybody would love to do."
This cartoon is what former Boeing CEO Phil Condit used to segway into the hot topic of Urban Air Mobility vehicles (UAM). A cartoon is an apt illustration of UAMs.
RedBird Capital Increases Blade Urban Mobility Stake To 5%
Forbes | 01/19/2023
Blade Urban Mobility, best known for its ridesharing helicopter service, is getting a lift from RedBird Capital Partners.
Air taxi supply shortage may slow eVTOL adoption, Archer Aviation exec says at CES
Smart Cities Dive | 01/12/2023
It might take a while for air taxis to take off as manufacturers ramp up production and public officials figure out how to regulate and plan for them, panelists said during a Friday discussion at the CES trade show in Las Vegas.
Are Autonomous Drones and Robots the Workforce of the Future? WiBotic’s VP of Engineering Brian Crowley
dronelife | 01/12/2023
The last few years have brought labor shortages, supply chain issues, and geopolitical turmoil.  These shifts necessitate major changes in the way that industry thinks about operations: and even the most traditional industries are adopting new technology solutions to become more efficient and more effective.
These U.S Startups Are Partnering Up To Build A Completely New, Unique Aircraft
Wonderful Engineering | 01/12/2023
Two is better than one, and these US startups are combining the best of both worlds to build an entirely new, one-of-a-kind airplane that will revolutionize the industry.
Over 750 eVTOL Concepts Have Been Registered to This Day Worldwide
autoevolution | 01/11/2023
To say that the development of electric aircraft that can take off and land vertically (eVTOLs) has exploded over the past years wouldn't be an exaggeration. Thanks to the Vertical Flight Society (VFS) we have the numbers to back that up. And they're truly remarkable.
NASA Crash Tests eVTOL Concept
sUAS New | 01/03/2023
NASA researchers recently completed a full-scale crash test of an electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) concept vehicle at the Landing and Impact Research (LandIR) facility at NASA's Langley Research Center in Hampton, Virginia.

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