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Drone Successfully Demonstrates Lifeboat Deployment in Italian Coast Guard Search and Rescue Exercise
dronelifee | 02/02/2024
The AR5 drone, equipped with optical and infrared cameras, a maritime radar, an AIS receiver, and an emergency position-indicating radio beacon antenna, showcased its ability to deploy a lifeboat for up to eight people with high precision.
The Drone Industry’s Journey Through 2023
Drone Industry Insights | 01/23/2024
The drone industry in 2023 experienced transformative changes, highlighted by significant regulatory shifts, technological advancements, and a growing global market. Much has already been written about the drone industry's achievement in 2023. For a recap of the top stories by category, or a closer look at the 11 biggest news, feel free to check out the respective articles from our partners.
Expanding Horizons: Choctaw Nation’s BEYOND Program Receives Expanded BVLOS Authorization
dronelife | 01/18/2024
The Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma BEYOND program recently announced that it had received an expanded beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) use authorization from the FAA, expanding the original waiver to include an approximately 43-mile long area encompassing CNO medical clinics, the Emerging Aviation Technology Center test site, and various other facilities. This waiver is the largest of its kind in the United States, covering a total area of over 377 sq. miles, and was originally approved in January of last year.
New Commercial UAV News Guide: Building Your Drone Program
Commercial UAV News | 01/18/2024
The new Commercial UAV News guide, "Building Your Drone Program: Defining Your Scope, Choosing the Right Systems, Workforce Development, and More," can help.
Drones in Disaster Response: Harnessing the Potential of Unmanned Aerial Systems
dronelife | 01/16/2024
The Role of Drone Technology in Crisis Management and its Impact on Communities
Wing and Walmart continue to expand service to millions of customers in Dallas-Fort Worth, amid new Dallas-wide FAA approvals
sUAS News | 01/10/2024
Wing and Walmart are expanding service to millions of customers, leveraging Wing's airspace approvals that facilitate service across the Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) community.
FlyRoute Empowers Entrepreneurs with Service Partner Program, Paving the Way for National Expansion and Innovation in Drone Services
dronelife | 01/03/2024
FlyRoute, a leading drone service provider for athletics, has announced the launch of its Service Partner Program. This initiative will empower entrepreneurs by offering them the opportunity to own a FlyRoute service territory, marking the company's first steps towards national expansion.
Drone Delivery in 2024: A Balanced Perspective
dronelife | 01/03/2024
The drone delivery sector has been the subject of numerous articles in recent months, with a variety of news outlets discussing its potential. A report from Future Market Insights projects significant growth for the industry, estimating that the global drone delivery service market could reach up to US$ 7,217.4 million by 2033, from a valuation of US$ 426.1 million in 2023.
The Future of Commercial Maritime Resupply
sUAS News | 12/21/2023
Air taxis and package deliveries dominate the headlines when it comes to unmanned aerial systems (UAS). However, the latest advances in automated vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) UAS technology are set to disrupt a key part of the global economy: maritime logistics and resupply. 
Advancing Access: The Impact of Drone Delivery on Healthcare and Beyond
dronelife | 12/20/2023
Drone Delivery Revolutionizes Healthcare: Researchers Showcase Significant Benefits
Watch: Would you like to ride in my beautiful air taxi? Joby, Archer, Lilium, Eve, Bell Nexus, eHang and other eVTOL makers
Gulf News | 11/21/2023
Electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft makers soar to next level of aviation
Arlington hopes to have air taxis flying into entertainment district by 2026 World Cup
NBC DFW | 11/17/2023
The city expects to have the first vertiport in a future regional system moving people around the Metroplex by air
Overair Partners with DFW Airport and City of Arlington to Bring Air Taxis to Texas
Flying | 11/16/2023
The company will bring aircraft, vertiport infrastructure, and electric charging stations to the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area in a bid to launch regional AAM services.
UNT Exploring Drone Delivery Corridor from North Texas to Oklahoma
WBAP News Talk | 11/10/2023
The University of North Texas is taking a huge leap into the future. An advanced new technology has found a home at UNT which is intended to bring an entirely new line of future jobs to North Texas.
What advanced air mobility operations might look like at state level
Freight Waves | 11/03/2023
Utah report provides guidance but no rules or regulations
DRONEII Names the Top Drone Service Providers, Drone Delivery Players 2023
dronelife | 10/26/2023
DRONEII's annual report ranking the top service providers and drone delivery players is out!
Amazon Adds Texas Prescription Drone Delivery, Announces International Expansion
Flying | 10/18/2023
The e-commerce giant launched drone delivery of prescriptions for residents of College Station in a bid to compete with industry titans such as Zipline.
Making aviation history, the FAA enables drone delivery at scale
sUAS News | 09/19/2023
Drones in the U.S. are now allowed to make long-range deliveries without someone watching from the ground. This is a landmark step towards bringing people universal, on-demand access to the products they need.
Ship to Shore Drone Delivery: Connect Robotics in “World’s Largest Robotics Exercise”
dronelife | 09/19/2023
Connect Robotics recently took part in what has been described as the "World's Largest Robotics Exercise." They utilized UAVs to deliver emergency medical kits over the ocean in the Robotic Experimentation and Prototyping Augmented by Maritime Unmanned Systems or REPMUS exercise.
Skyports and Equinor Partner to Improve Offshore Logistics with Electric Drone Deliveries
Transport Up | 09/17/2023
In a new collaboration, Skyports Drone Services, a drone logistics, survey, and monitoring operations company, has teamed up with Norwegian energy company Equinor to lead a new project in the aerial mobility sector. This partnership aims to improve cargo logistics for offshore oil installations in the North Sea, setting a new standard for efficiency, safety, and sustainability.
Trends: Scaling Up for Drone Delivery
inside unmanned systems | 08/30/2023
Delivery drones are making an impact, safely transporting critical medical supplies to remote areas, hot lunches and goods to people's homes, blood samples to hospitals, and spare parts and other materials to workers on jobsites. But delivery areas are limited and the focus is now on expanding operations to unlock the true value delivery drones can provide. 
uAvionix Combines Command and Control, Detect and Avoid for BVLOS Flight at Choctaw Nation Emerging Aviation Technology Center
dronelife | 08/29/2023
uAvionix, operating at the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma (CNO) Emerging Aviation Technology Center, has completed the first true Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) flight in non-segregated airspace using aviation protected C-Band in the United States.
Walmart Parters with Wing on Drone Delivery in Dallas Fort Worth
dronelife | 08/24/2023
Walmart and Wing Join Forces to Expand Drone Delivery Services in Dallas Metro Area
Navy Demonstrating Programs for Drone Delivery at Sea
inside unmanned systems | 08/24/2023
Making deliveries from shore and at sea could make operations more efficient for the Navy at sea and Marine Corps Warfighters on land.
NASA Armstrong Supports Wind Study
sUAS News | 08/23/2023
Wind affects all aircraft, particularly during takeoff and landing. It's especially critical for new types of transportation. A new NASA flight campaign studying wind aims to gather information to enhance air taxi safety.
84 Year Old Couple Have Set the World Record for Drone Delivery [VIDEO]
dronelife | 08/14/2023
This is what drone delivery is supposed to do: help people get the things they need, quickly and easily.  
Scaling Up Drone Services Will Help Win Public Acceptance, Drone Event Speakers Say
inside unmanned systems | 08/03/2023
Many unmanned systems companies are planning to scale up drone deliveries and create a new, Jetsons-style world of advanced air mobility (AAM), but how will they win the trust and confidence of the public?
From Ground to Sky: The Integration of Unmanned Traffic Management into Smart City Infrastructure
Fagen Wasanni Technologies | 07/29/2023
The integration of Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) into smart city infrastructure is a revolutionary development that is set to redefine urban mobility from the ground to the sky.
Is Your State Ready for Drone Commerce? The 2023 State-by-State Scorecard
Mercatus Center | 07/18/2023
Commercial drone companies are testing and creating agriculture, medical, and home delivery services in countries around the world. Yet progress in the United States has been slow, in part because of a lack of clarity about federal and state roles in drone and airspace management.
Q&A with Daniel Sloat, JD/MBA
The University of Oklahoma | 06/29/2023
Dan Sloat embodies the essence of a modern-day Renaissance Man. From a young age, an entrepreneurial spirit has been an intrinsic part of his character. As a prior United States Air Force Captain, drone pilot, novice sommelier, stand-up comedian, English teacher, filmmaker, oil painter, horse wrangler, day sailor and humanitarian, Sloat embraces new challenges and champions multi-disciplinary innovations. 
Flying taxis are almost ready for takeoff, but cities are completely unprepared | 06/23/2023
Flying taxis, drones that can transport people, may soon be a common sight in the skies above our cities. Major players in the aerospace and automobile industries, including Boeing, Hyundai, Airbus, and Toyota, are developing fleets of these innovative vehicles.
Can Drones Improve Healthcare? Carilion Clinic, DroneUp Partner on Research Project
dronelife | 06/12/2023
Carilion Clinic has partnered with drone delivery leader DroneUp to explore potential drone applications to improve health care delivery in the Commonwealth of Virginia. The two companies are conducting a three-week proof-of-concept study to test the efficacy of delivering essential medical supplies using drone technology. The study will examine the use of drones in lowering delivery times and expenses while allowing caregivers more time with their patients.
Wing Demonstrates Drone Delivery Anywhere – Delivering Beer and Peanuts to Coors Field
dronelife | 05/23/2023
Ever been stuck in the middle of a row on the bleachers?  Drone delivery might be a real "game changer." Wing Delivers Beer and Peanuts to Coors Field in Colorado
Amazon Says Prime Air Has Completed Just 100 Drone Deliveries
Flying | 05/22/2023
Last week, the e-commerce giant told CNBC that its Prime Air drone delivery service—which currently serves a smattering of households in Lockeford, California, and College Station, Texas—has completed just 100 deliveries since launching in late December. Per internal company projections, the firm in January was targeting 10,000 deliveries by the end of 2023.
Walmart delivery partner DroneUp cuts jobs
Yahoo finance | 05/18/2023
DroneUp, the company powering drone delivery for the largest retailer in the world, has trimmed its head count.
Industry Trends Observed at 2023 XPONENTIAL Show
inside unmanned systems | 05/17/2023
AUVSI wrapped its 2023 XPONENTIAL convention in Denver last week, bringing together thousands of attendees and hundreds of companies to discuss a path toward autonomy.
Flying vehicles over Texas? The state is getting ready
The Dallas Morning News | 05/17/2023
Imagine shorter commutes, easier package deliveries, quicker disaster responses and transportation of medical supplies and injured passengers.
Military Interest Could Speed AAM Development
inside unmanned systems | 05/09/2023
Advanced air mobility is of increasing interest to the U.S. military, which hopes to reap the same benefits as the commercial world from having all-electric, lightweight, autonomous aircraft for shuttling cargo and people.
Galaxy Unmanned Systems LLC Occupies New HQ
sUAS News | 05/08/2023
With their business rapidly expanding and their staff increasing, GUS principals realized they needed a larger, more modern facility to accommodate their growth.
Towing Electric Planes To Increase Range? I’m Not Convinced, But It’s Interesting
CleanTechnica | 05/07/2023
Magpie's solution is one of what is now a toolkit of solutions for decarbonizing aviation.
The future of drone and robot delivery: Opportunities and challenges
Logistic | 04/22/2023
Last-mile delivery is undergoing perhaps the biggest transformation in its history, especially with robots and drones emerging as potential game-changers in the rapidly evolving segment.
Sharing Airspace Between Future Air Taxis & Current Airliners: The Challenges & Solutions
Simple Flying | 04/11/2023
An Unmanned Traffic Management system will facilitate the safe integration of existing commuter aircraft and future air taxis and delivery drones.
House drone delivery bill flies through final committee stop
Florida Politics | 04/10/2023
A bill clearing the way for easier construction of drone ports throughout Florida is on its way to the House floor after zooming through its final committee stop.
Manna Drone Delivery Announces Strategic Investment by Coca-Cola HBC and first US Trial in Texas
sUAS News | 03/17/2023
Following successful trials in Galway and Dublin, Coca-Cola HBC, strategic bottling partner of The Coca-Cola Company, has announced a partnership and investment in Manna Drone Delivery.
Bill preempting local governments on delivery drone restrictions zips through first Senate stop
Florida Politics | 03/13/2023
Legislation that would ease construction of drone ports and limit local governmental oversight and restriction flew through the first of three Senate stops
Airhub – A reality check: The road ahead for the drone industry
sUAS News | 03/12/2023
With the entry into force of the U-space regulation last month, a big step has been taken in the rapidly developing drone industry. But is U-space the one-size-fits-all solution that this industry needs? For me, the short-term answer is "No." There are still many challenges that need to be addressed before we can deploy drones at scale and reap the associated economic and social benefits. Let me highlight a few.
Drone Industry Visionaries Interview: NUAIR defines the future of the technology by “already doing it”
Commercial UAV News | 02/13/2023
There are seven FAA designated UAS Test Sites across the United States but only one features a 50-mile uncrewed aircraft systems corridor, where various tests can be performed to determine the operational and economic viability of a given drone operation in the short and long term. Managed by the Northeast UAS Airspace Integration Research Alliance (NUAIR) at the Griffiss International Airport in Rome, New York, operators can fly 50 miles without visual observers. This setup enables drone testing of all different types, which is further augmented by all of the existing infrastructure within the corridor.
When the government is the customer (some things to keep in mind)
Tech Crunch | 02/04/2023
Five years ago, Google backed away from a Pentagon government contract because thousands of employees protested that its tech might be used for lethal drone targeting. Today, however, Silicon Valley has far fewer qualms about developing tech for the U.S. Department of Defense.
Ohio University receives a grant to study using unmanned aircraft to move packages and people around
WOUB Public Media | 02/02/2023
Ohio University has been awarded a grant to investigate using unmanned aircraft in Appalachian Ohio for applications such as delivering packages to homes and transporting patients to hospitals and travelers to airports.
Unmanned Systems Enable Shift Toward a Green Economy
inside unmanned systems | 01/30/2023
From scientific research, firefighting and rainmaking to energy-saving airborne deliveries, more sustainable agriculture and renewable energy, unmanned systems are enabling the shift to a green economy.

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