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Wing Demonstrates Drone Delivery Anywhere – Delivering Beer and Peanuts to Coors Field
dronelife | 05/23/2023
Ever been stuck in the middle of a row on the bleachers?  Drone delivery might be a real "game changer." Wing Delivers Beer and Peanuts to Coors Field in Colorado
Amazon Says Prime Air Has Completed Just 100 Drone Deliveries
Flying | 05/22/2023
Last week, the e-commerce giant told CNBC that its Prime Air drone delivery service—which currently serves a smattering of households in Lockeford, California, and College Station, Texas—has completed just 100 deliveries since launching in late December. Per internal company projections, the firm in January was targeting 10,000 deliveries by the end of 2023.
Walmart delivery partner DroneUp cuts jobs
Yahoo finance | 05/18/2023
DroneUp, the company powering drone delivery for the largest retailer in the world, has trimmed its head count.
Industry Trends Observed at 2023 XPONENTIAL Show
inside unmanned systems | 05/17/2023
AUVSI wrapped its 2023 XPONENTIAL convention in Denver last week, bringing together thousands of attendees and hundreds of companies to discuss a path toward autonomy.
Flying vehicles over Texas? The state is getting ready
The Dallas Morning News | 05/17/2023
Imagine shorter commutes, easier package deliveries, quicker disaster responses and transportation of medical supplies and injured passengers.
Military Interest Could Speed AAM Development
inside unmanned systems | 05/09/2023
Advanced air mobility is of increasing interest to the U.S. military, which hopes to reap the same benefits as the commercial world from having all-electric, lightweight, autonomous aircraft for shuttling cargo and people.
Galaxy Unmanned Systems LLC Occupies New HQ
sUAS News | 05/08/2023
With their business rapidly expanding and their staff increasing, GUS principals realized they needed a larger, more modern facility to accommodate their growth.
Towing Electric Planes To Increase Range? I’m Not Convinced, But It’s Interesting
CleanTechnica | 05/07/2023
Magpie's solution is one of what is now a toolkit of solutions for decarbonizing aviation.
The future of drone and robot delivery: Opportunities and challenges
Logistic | 04/22/2023
Last-mile delivery is undergoing perhaps the biggest transformation in its history, especially with robots and drones emerging as potential game-changers in the rapidly evolving segment.
Sharing Airspace Between Future Air Taxis & Current Airliners: The Challenges & Solutions
Simple Flying | 04/11/2023
An Unmanned Traffic Management system will facilitate the safe integration of existing commuter aircraft and future air taxis and delivery drones.
House drone delivery bill flies through final committee stop
Florida Politics | 04/10/2023
A bill clearing the way for easier construction of drone ports throughout Florida is on its way to the House floor after zooming through its final committee stop.
Manna Drone Delivery Announces Strategic Investment by Coca-Cola HBC and first US Trial in Texas
sUAS News | 03/17/2023
Following successful trials in Galway and Dublin, Coca-Cola HBC, strategic bottling partner of The Coca-Cola Company, has announced a partnership and investment in Manna Drone Delivery.
Bill preempting local governments on delivery drone restrictions zips through first Senate stop
Florida Politics | 03/13/2023
Legislation that would ease construction of drone ports and limit local governmental oversight and restriction flew through the first of three Senate stops
Airhub – A reality check: The road ahead for the drone industry
sUAS News | 03/12/2023
With the entry into force of the U-space regulation last month, a big step has been taken in the rapidly developing drone industry. But is U-space the one-size-fits-all solution that this industry needs? For me, the short-term answer is "No." There are still many challenges that need to be addressed before we can deploy drones at scale and reap the associated economic and social benefits. Let me highlight a few.
Drone Industry Visionaries Interview: NUAIR defines the future of the technology by “already doing it”
Commercial UAV News | 02/13/2023
There are seven FAA designated UAS Test Sites across the United States but only one features a 50-mile uncrewed aircraft systems corridor, where various tests can be performed to determine the operational and economic viability of a given drone operation in the short and long term. Managed by the Northeast UAS Airspace Integration Research Alliance (NUAIR) at the Griffiss International Airport in Rome, New York, operators can fly 50 miles without visual observers. This setup enables drone testing of all different types, which is further augmented by all of the existing infrastructure within the corridor.
When the government is the customer (some things to keep in mind)
Tech Crunch | 02/04/2023
Five years ago, Google backed away from a Pentagon government contract because thousands of employees protested that its tech might be used for lethal drone targeting. Today, however, Silicon Valley has far fewer qualms about developing tech for the U.S. Department of Defense.
Ohio University receives a grant to study using unmanned aircraft to move packages and people around
WOUB Public Media | 02/02/2023
Ohio University has been awarded a grant to investigate using unmanned aircraft in Appalachian Ohio for applications such as delivering packages to homes and transporting patients to hospitals and travelers to airports.
Unmanned Systems Enable Shift Toward a Green Economy
inside unmanned systems | 01/30/2023
From scientific research, firefighting and rainmaking to energy-saving airborne deliveries, more sustainable agriculture and renewable energy, unmanned systems are enabling the shift to a green economy.
What is ‘advanced air mobility,’ and why is the Utah Legislature looking to regulate it?
Salt Lake Tribune | 01/23/2023
Welcome to the world of "advanced air mobility." The notion of people and goods gliding across low altitudes is no longer future fantasy. Drone deliveries have already launched in Utah, and the FAA is expected to start certifying air taxis by 2024.
Amazon Drone Delivery Layoffs: Prime Air Hit Among 18,000 Job Cuts
dronelife | 01/22/2023
Amazon plans the largest headcount reduction in its history, slashing 18,000 jobs to improve financials.
Supply chain innovation: drone corridor unlocks pilotless future
Tech HQ | 01/10/2023
Drone corridor plans overcome biggest challenge in UAV sector, enabling stakeholders to scale up tech solutions to business problems.
Where Are the Drones? Not In the Sky & Here's Why
iot for all | 01/09/2023
In 2013, Jeff Bezos revealed plans for Prime Air – Amazon's drone delivery service. 2014 saw announcements of major logistics companies partnering with emerging drone startups. By 2017, there was radio silence. The hype largely fizzled out and drone delivery never really materialized beyond basic proof of concept tests. Only a few companies were the exception, such as Zipline, which thrived on highly-specific use cases.
Drones take to the sky, potentially disrupting last-mile delivery
McKinsey & Company | 01/03/2023
As the technology matures, regulation evolves, and business models emerge, drones could become as cost-effective for package delivery as traditional transport modes
Walmart Drone Delivery Now Available from 11 New Stores in Texas
dronelife | 12/19/2022
Walmart's drone delivery may give new meaning to the phrase "last minute shopping." Just in time for Christmas, the drone delivery service is now available from 11 new stores in the Dallas area.
Delivery Drones enable remote medical triage for Search and Rescue Operations
sUAS News | 12/08/2022
Researchers at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT) have demonstrated the value of drone delivery platforms to assist in search and rescue operations, by providing remote guided medical triage for simulated injured hikers. Leveraging remote medical triage will help buy rescuers invaluable time to reach victims and extract them to a trauma centre.
The Top Drone Service Providers in the Industry: DRONEII’s Picks for 2022
dronelife | 11/15/2022
Drone Industry Insights (DRONEII) has named this year's top drone service providers.
ANRA Technologies Wins FAA Contract for Broadcast Remote ID Collection, Correlation, and Network Dissemination
sUAS News | 11/15/2022
ANRA Technologies, a leader in integrated airspace, mission management and delivery systems for uncrewed aircraft, today announced it has won a contract to demonstrate the ability to collect, aggregate and retransmit Broadcast Remote ID (B-RID) messages.
Dronamics and Cranfield Aerospace Solutions to develop hydrogen-fuel technology for cargo drones
sUAS News | 11/09/2022
Dronamics, the leading middle-mile cargo drone developer and operator, and Cranfield Aerospace Solutions (CAeS), a leading innovator in the development of zero emissions solutions for aerospace, announced that they will be combining their expertise to integrate hydrogen fuel-cell technology into the Black Swan, the long-range cargo drone developed by Dronamics.
Drones in cities are a bad idea
Tech Crunch | 10/26/2022
It's year five, or maybe 10, of "drones are going to revolutionize transport," and so far we've got very little to show for it. Maybe it's time to put these foolish ambitions to rest and focus on where this technology could actually do some good, rather than pad out a billionaire's bottom line or let the rich skip traffic.
DroneUp partners with the Utah department of transportation, division of aeronautics for air mobility & urban planning
sUAS News | 10/25/2022
Drones Deliver Defibrillators – What’s Next? Everdrone Honored as Top Innovator [VIDEO]
dronelife | 10/24/2022
For the third time, autonomous drone technology leader Everdrone has made the list of Ny Teknik's Top 33 Most Promising Tech Companies in Sweden.
Dubai Police Introduce Drone-in-a-Box for Faster Response to Community
dronelife | 10/17/2022
The first World Drone Prix took place in Dubai in 2016.  Dubai was the first place in the world to showcase a drone taxi, implementing a fixed route back in 2017.
SkyDrop Releases “The Kitty Hawk Moment”, episode one of the documentary series
sUAS News | 09/25/2022
SkyDrop (formerly Flirtey) has released episode one of a documentary series "The SkyDrop Story", to tell the historical story of the first FAA-approved drone delivery on US soil.
What’s an Ion Propulsion Drone? Undefined Technologies Demonstrates Viability of Silent Drone Tech [VIDEO]
dronelife | 09/22/2022
Florida-based startup Undefined Technologies has announced that its Silent Ventus ion propulsion eVTOL drone has cleared an essential test flight.
What drones are and their valuable service to society
Telefonica | 09/14/2022
Basically, a drone can be defined as an unmanned vehicle that's capable of autonomously maintaining a controlled and sustained level of flight.
One state maps out its drone-enabled future
GCN | 08/31/2022
The Ohio Department of Transportation is testing its uncrewed traffic management system that would allow drones to operate at low altitudes beyond the operator's line of sight.
Large-scale research effort on drone traffic management will answer a critical need in a growing industry
sUAS News | 08/19/2022
Virginia Tech has won its sixth major federal contract to lead research on an increasingly urgent question: How to safely manage drone traffic.
Commercial Drone Alliance uses old-school lobbying in next-generation AAM sector
Drone DJ | 08/18/2022
Rebounding off its participation in the August 3 White House summit on advanced air mobility (AAM), sector lobbying organization Commercial Drone Alliance has gone on the offensive with praise of the Biden administration's initiative in support of next-generation aerial activities, but with criticism of regulatory constrictions it says stifles increased UAV services in the US.
The Race For Last Mile Drones
Forbes | 08/16/2022
The Race For Last Mile Drones
Steve Banker
I cover logistics and supply chain management.
Aug 16, 2022,08:57am EDT
A pie from the sky: The future of drone deliveries is suburban
the next web | 08/16/2022
Picture it. Using an app, you order a new mobile phone on Amazon or a burger from your favorite restaurant. A mere 20 minutes later, you get an alert on your phone and head out to the backyard to see a drone descending from the sky holding your package. Your package gently drops to the ground, and the drone flies off. And it's being led by retail behemoths Amazon, Walmart, and a slew of food delivery companies.
Drone future: Why your next package may be delivered from above
North Bay Nusiness Journal | 08/11/2022
Before the COVID pandemic, a trickle of homeowners and apartment tenants had delivery trucks combing their streets dropping off internet-purchased packages.
The pandemic has accelerated the trickle to a flood, not only the delivering but the need for safe, secure storage upon drop-off.
Amazon Drone Delivery Video Reveals Delivery Mode and More
dronelife | 08/10/2022
The newly release Amazon drone delivery video, embedded below, shows off Amazon's latest aircraft model – and reveals their proposed mode of delivery.  Amazon's delivery program is set to begin in California and Texas later this year.
A2Z Drone Delivery New Winch Can Deliver Any Box Up to 22 Pounds [VIDEO]
dronelife | 08/09/2022
Commercial drone delivery solutions developer A2Z Drone Delivery is launching its second generation Rapid Delivery System, the RDS2.
NASA and Zipline Sign Space Act Agreement to Pursue m:N Drone Operations
drone life | 08/02/2022
NASA recently signed a Space Act Agreement with San Francisco-based Zipline "to pursue a future vision of U.S. aviation that includes delivery drones and air taxis," says the NASA announcement.
Traffic Jam at 400 Feet
Bloomberg | 07/21/2022
NASA and the FAA are working to revolutionize air traffic control for the drone era.
Multi-Drone Operating System FlightOps Delivers Medical Lab Tests by Drone
drone life | 07/21/2022
Last week, leading provider of multi-drone operating system FlightOps employed its software for the delivery of medical laboratory tests via drones, which maintained the quality of the transported samples while traveling between hospitals.
Alphabet’s Wing Reveals New Drone Prototype: Increasing Capacity for More Drone Deliveries
dronelife | 07/20/2022
In a blog post, Wing CEO Adam Woodworth wrote that Wing is developing an "aircraft library" – a "variety of different vehicles tailored for specific use cases."  Having proven the viability of commercial drone delivery, Wing is now working to address supply chain issues througout the ecosystem – from the delivery of one small bottle of medicine to the delivery of larger objects.
As Companies Expand Drone Deliveries, Most Consumers Have Trust Issues Over the Idea
Morning Consult | 07/19/2022
57% said they have little or no trust in drones to safely deliver products to homes and businesses, according to a Morning Consult survey
Building the Infrastructure for Advanced Air Mobility
NASA | 07/18/2022
Small drones delivering packages, air taxis carrying passengers, or air ambulance providing lifesaving transportation – these are just some of the concepts NASA's Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) mission is helping get into our skies. For these aircraft to safely operate, cities, suburbs, and rural areas will need new or enhanced infrastructure.
Building the Drone Infrastructure Necessary for Scale
Food on Demand | 07/07/2022
Before drones are flying around our burritos, prescriptions and maybe giving us a quote on roof repair, we're going to need some infrastructure to enable this transformation.

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