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Techconnect World | 05/01/2024
Learn how to compete for funding, while networking with global industry scouts, investors, and key federal leadership representing the nation's largest seed fund
Advanced Air Mobility and Unmanned Systems Sector Soaring to New Heights
Oklahoma Dept of Commerce | 04/29/2024
Key assets and test sites across the state are setting the stage for research and development, manufacturing and more.
Oklahoma City Soars to New Heights During Oklahoma’s First Aerospace Week
OKC Innovation District | 04/12/2024
Aerospace Week 2024 was a resounding success, uniting industry leaders, educators and enthusiasts of all ages to share a collective vision for the future of aerospace in Oklahoma.
Utah could expand drones and air taxis for the ‘34 Olympics
Deseret News | 04/07/2024
In Utah, dozens of 47G companies are already pioneering advanced, cutting-edge technologies that will be part of the state's future air mobility ecosystem.
Wind tunnel testing: pushing the boundaries of traditional aerodynamic design
sUAS News | 04/03/2024
In the dynamic realm of aerospace engineering, the wind tunnel serves as a crucible of truth, where the fate of aircraft programs hangs in the balance.
The State of Oklahoma’s Aerospace Industry: Grayson Ardies and Carly Collins Discuss Workforce
OKC Innovation District | 04/03/2024
Join Grayson Ardies, Oklahoma's Aerospace and Aeronautics Director, and Carly Collins from the OKCID as they discuss Oklahoma's First Aerospace Week, AeroOklahoma, workforce challenges, and industry initiatives.
The Drone Racing League and the United States Air Force Announce Groundbreaking Initiative to Elevate Women in Sports and Technology
sUAS News | 03/28/2024
DRL unveils "Women Taking Flight" to recruit women pilots and spotlight women pursuing underrepresented career paths
Vertiports: what the aircraft developers want
Airports International | 03/22/2024
From the AAM developer's point of view, what is the most important element of vertiport design?
The Uncrewed Aviation Industry is Still in its Infancy. (And like any other infant, it wants to grow fast!)
Commercial UAV News | 03/22/2024
It's time to reflect on the past 11 years of an industry that's making great strides towards maturity but, in reality, it's still in its infancy.
NTSB Confirms Propeller Failure Caused Crash of Joby's eVTOL Prototype
FutureFliight | 02/10/2024
The U.S. National Transportation Safety Board has confirmed component failure resulting in the separation of a propeller as the probable cause of the February 16, 2022, accident in which one of Joby Aviation's eVTOL prototypes crashed during testing in a rural area of California.
New Research Could Improve Prospects for Hydrogen Powered Drones
dronelife | 02/08/2024
Hydrogen powered drones offer many significant benefits for the industry, including longer flight times and zero emissions.  Hydrogen drones solve some of the challenges that batteries present, but hydrogen fuel cells have some challenges of their own: such as durability, performance degradation over time, and limited operating temperatures.
Industrializing additive manufacturing in the defense/aerospace sector
Composites World | 02/05/2024
Over the last 13 years, General Atomics Aeronautical Systems Inc. (GA-ASI) has explored the use of polymer/composite and metal additive manufacturing (AM) as a cost- and time-saving alternative to conventional manufacturing,
NASA Releases STEM Toolkit for Advanced Air Mobility
Space Daily | 02/01/2024
NASA Aeronautics has released a new STEM toolkit focusing on Advanced Air Mobility for educators and students of all ages. The toolkit, comprised of numerous educational activities, is a free resource for anyone who is interested in learning more about the Advanced Air Mobility mission's goal of enabling the use of drones and other new aircraft in our skies.
CAA launches consultation on vertiports at existing aerodromes
Pilot | 01/30/2024
The UK Civil Aviation Authority has launched a consultation on design proposals for vertiports at existing aerodromes, ahead of the anticipated entry of vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) craft into service.
Drones Take to the Trees: Scientists Develop New Tool for Rainforest Research
sUAS News | 01/22/2024
A drone capable of collecting data on rainforest biodiversity. Such a design requires special features, such as a claw-like mechanism, wings and a sense of touch. Physical additions cannot be done without AI, says Associate Professor Salua Hamaza.
U.S. tech companies prepare for potential drone attacks as international strikes spark concern
NBC News | 01/14/2024
U.S. tech companies and government agencies are racing to develop defenses against potential terrorist drone attacks, a threat that has security experts increasingly concerned as they've watched the rise of drone warfare in Israel, Ukraine and Yemen.
Skyfire Consulting’s Matt Sloane on the State of the Drone Industry: and His Predictions for 2024
dronelife | 12/31/2023
As a prominent figure in the drone industry, Matt brings a wealth of expertise and firsthand experience to the table. In this reflective piece, he shares valuable observations on the state of the drone industry in 2023 and offers his predictions for the transformative year ahead, 2024.
AUVSI Launches Multi-State "AAM Prepared" Advocacy Campaign to help states prepare for future of Advanced Aviation
AUVSI | 12/06/2023
Today, the Association for Uncrewed Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI) announced the launch of "AAM Prepared," a multi-state initiative supported by Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) industry leaders and manufacturers to help states and localities prepare for the future of advanced air transportation. 
AAM Prepared: Pioneering the Future of Air Transportation
dronelife | 12/06/2023
AUVSI and Industry Leaders Launch Unprecedented Campaign to Propel Advanced Air Mobility
Oregon will use up to 126 Jump eVTOL aircraft for emergency response
Transport Up | 12/03/2023
Jump Aero, a California-based aircraft manufacturer, has partnered with the Oregon Department of Aviation to explore the integration of their JA1 Pulse Aircraft into the fabric of Oregon's emergency response ecosystem. The recently inked Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) marks a collaborative effort to redefine emergency medical services in rural Oregon, harnessing the speed and sustainability of the JA1 Pulse Aircraft.
Flying taxis in UAE: How much a ride could cost, when the cabs will take off
Khaleej Times | 12/02/2023
The UAE's Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) initiatives and expected certification advancements in the upcoming year will now help people bypass traffic, allowing them to travel across the Emirates in nearly half the time compared to current travel durations.
DFW Airport and Overair to explore EVTOL operations
Passenger Terminal Today | 11/30/2023
Dallas Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) in Texas and Overair have signed a memorandum of understanding to cooperatively explore the future of vertiport development and eVTOL aircraft operations within the DFW Metroplex.
Flying Vehicles for Medical First Responders Sought in Oregon
IOT World Today | 11/29/2023
Jump Aero and the Oregon Department of Aviation are looking to determine how to bring the emergency response aircraft to the rural population
Officials meet to support the future of advanced air mobility
UAS Magazine | 11/27/2023
Representatives from aviation and aerospace organizations in eight states have launched the "Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) Multistate Collaborative" to exchange views and methods to enable public infrastructure and services supporting the new generation of aircraft based on emerging technologies that are providing high levels of safety, efficiency and environmental sustainability.
Watch: Would you like to ride in my beautiful air taxi? Joby, Archer, Lilium, Eve, Bell Nexus, eHang and other eVTOL makers
Gulf News | 11/21/2023
Electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft makers soar to next level of aviation
AAM Multistate Collaborative Takes Flight to Support the Future of Advanced Air Mobility
Newswires | 11/21/2023
State aviation and aerospace officials begin exchanging views on policies and innovation for safe and sustainable AAM operations and economic development.
Are drones aviation?
Air Traffic Management | 11/20/2023
This was a big question during the recent DroneTalks Aerial Cities conference. Although a discussion along these lines is not surprising, some of the answers were!
The Art and Science of Low-Light Drone Operations: LiDAR or Camera? A DRONELIFE Exclusive from Immervision
dronelife | 11/20/2023
Immervision is a leading provider of "Deep Seeing Technology": wide-angle optics, processing, and sensor fusion for next generation technology.  Here, Immervision AVP Ludimila Centano gives a deep dive on the sensor options available for safe, low-light drone operations.
Oklahoma has sky-high hopes for aerospace, aviation
Journal Record | 11/17/2023
Legislators and agency leaders believe aerospace and aviation could become the top industry in the state.
Arlington hopes to have air taxis flying into entertainment district by 2026 World Cup
NBC DFW | 11/17/2023
The city expects to have the first vertiport in a future regional system moving people around the Metroplex by air
Overair Partners with DFW Airport and City of Arlington to Bring Air Taxis to Texas
Flying | 11/16/2023
The company will bring aircraft, vertiport infrastructure, and electric charging stations to the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area in a bid to launch regional AAM services.
NASA Selects Awardees for New Aviation Maintenance Challenge
NASA | 11/16/2023
NASA has selected three university-led teams for the first round of a new technical challenge pursuing innovative aviation maintenance practices.
Advanced Air Mobility Testing RoundUp 2023
Aerospace Testing International | 11/14/2023
The Advanced Air Mobility sector had an important year during 2023, with the top players on both sides of the Atlantic preparing for the final sprint towards Type Certification in 2024.
What advanced air mobility operations might look like at state level
Freight Waves | 11/03/2023
Utah report provides guidance but no rules or regulations
Personal Flying Vehicle Converted for Farming
IOT World Today | 11/03/2023
Ryse Aero Technology devised a way to modify its electric flying vehicle to be used to fertilize farmland
Volocopter Soars Under the Blue Skies of Tampa 
sUAS News | 11/03/2023
Tampa International Airport (TPA), ranked the #1 Large Airport in J.D. Power's North America Airport Satisfaction Study, and Volocopter, the pioneer of urban air mobility (UAM), have successfully kicked off a multilayered flight test campaign with a crewed Volocopter 2X. This marks the first-ever flight test of an electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft in an operational and large international airport in the U.S., and the first eVTOL test in the state of Florida.  
Technologies for the future of vertical flight in the new issue of POLARIS
Leonardo | 10/26/2023
The latest issue of "POLARIS Innovation Journal" illustrates Leonardo's most recent technologies in the rotary wing sector, projected towards the new frontier of Advanced Air Mobility, the set of innovative transport systems capable of improving the accessibility and mobility of cities, metropolitan areas and territories, as well as the quality of the environment, life, and safety of citizens.
Advanced Air Mobility: What Needs to Go Right for AAM to Fly? From the Floor of NBAA’s BACE
dronelife | 10/23/2023
This year, the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) showcased advanced air mobility (AAM) at its annual Business Aviation Conference and Expo (BACE).
Berkeley Space Center at NASA Ames to become innovation hub for new aviation, space technology
University of California | 10/19/2023
The University of California, Berkeley, is teaming up with NASA's Ames Research Center and developer SKS Partners to create research space for companies interested in collaborating with UC Berkeley and NASA scientists and engineers to generate futuristic innovations in aviation, space exploration and how we live and work in space.
Inside Oklahoma’s Innovation Rush
Stanford Social Innovation Review | 10/12/2023
When you think about pioneering hubs of technological innovation, Oklahoma may not be the first place that comes to mind. But thanks to nearly $75 million in federal funding, Oklahoma City and Tulsa are building emerging tech clusters that promise to catalyze inclusive growth and strengthen American competitiveness.
Aerospace Innovations: Materials, Systems, and Technologies
Thomas | 10/11/2023
In the ever-evolving realm of aerospace, where the boundaries of human ingenuity seem to stretch infinitely, groundbreaking innovations are continually reshaping the landscape of flight. From cutting-edge materials to disruptive technologies, the aerospace industry is experiencing a revolution marked by unprecedented advancements in various domains.
Turbulence Ahead: The Challenges of Electric Aviation
sUAS News | 10/09/2023
Through the fledgling eVTOL (Electric Vertical Take-off and Landing) aircraft industry, the electric aviation sector has gained significant attention in recent years, with promising new horizons of sustainability, affordability, and accessibility.
NATA, Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma Partner to Move Advanced Air Mobility Forward
dronelife | 10/04/2023
The National Air Transportation Association (NATA) and The Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma (CNO) have announced a partnership for advancing the development of the Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) and Urban Air Mobility (UAM) ecosystem.
3 Businesses that Rely Upon Complex UAS Operations Explain Why BVLOS Drone Flight is Critical for the Industry to Succeed
dronelife | 10/04/2023
At the AUVSI New England UAS and AAM Summit this morning, a panel representing three drone industry players that rely upon complex UAS operations explained why flight beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) is critical to the success of the drone industry.
Democratizing Manufacturing Tech and Developing the Workforce for the Factory of the Future
SME | 10/04/2023
Launched at the beginning of 2019 and currently employing more than 120 research engineers and student technicians, the Advanced Technologies Lab for Aerospace Systems (ATLAS) at Wichita State University's National Institute for Aviation Research (NIAR) is a makerspace for industry-scale automated manufacturing research.
This Waterfront Vertiport Concept is Set to Become a Game-Changer
AutoEvolution | 10/03/2023
The most highly-anticipated AAM (Advanced Air Mobility) event is finally here – the Airtaxi World Congress is unfolding in San Francisco throughout the week.
Charting the Course: Workforce Dynamics in Oklahoma's Emerging Aerospace Industry
UAS Cluster Initiative | 09/29/2023
This report provides an overview of the workforce dynamics in the UAS/AAM industry in Oklahoma. It highlights several key challenges and opportunities in this emerging sector, with a focus on addressing the workforce gaps and opportunities.
Flying Car Company Partners to Create 700 Landing Facilities
IOT World Today | 09/27/2023
Flying car company Ace VTOL and Volatus Infrastructure and Energy Solutions, which develops takeoff and landing facilities for flying cars, have entered into a joint venture to create an advanced air mobility ecosystem in the Oceania region.
National AAM Center of Excellence officially opens
Composites World | 09/21/2023
The Springfield, Ohio-based project seeks to make the state a hub for advanced air mobility R&D activity.
Event Review: SMART Airports & Regions
Airport World | 09/18/2023
Nearly 400 delegates and 37 exhibitors made the smart choice by attending the recent SMART Airports & Regions Conference and Exhibition in Edmonton, writes Joe Bates.

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