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Double Box Tail Drone for Stability and Control: DBT Aero Flies 3D Printed Swyft [VIDEO]
dronelife | 06/01/2023
Emerging aircraft leader DBT Aero has demonstrated its Double Box Tail (DBT) technology through the successful test flight of a 3D printed Group 1 UAS. This is the company's third successful subscale demonstrator of their manned prototype, having previously designed and test flown Group 2 and Group 3 scale UAS.
What is digital airspace? Explore the opportunities of a new horizon
Ericsson | 06/01/2023
Did you know that extending cellular connectivity to the skies can save lives? Or enable sustainable transport for the future – and safe drone deliveries to your door? Join us as we explore digital airspace and all the opportunities this exciting new frontier of connectivity has to offer.
Using air taxis as ferry alternatives in Seattle
Electronics360 | 05/26/2023
Lyte Aviation is working with the Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) Institute in a new proposed project to test how electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft could be used to transport commuters in Seattle, Washington, instead of traditional water-based ferries.
Industry Trends Observed at 2023 XPONENTIAL Show
inside unmanned systems | 05/17/2023
AUVSI wrapped its 2023 XPONENTIAL convention in Denver last week, bringing together thousands of attendees and hundreds of companies to discuss a path toward autonomy.
The advanced air mobility market isn’t far from realisation
Automotive World | 05/17/2023
If current trends continue, seamless urban 3D transport and the Advanced Air Mobility market could soon materialise
Dawn of new era in urban mobility
Airport World | 05/15/2023
The revolution in Urban Air Mobility is gathering momentum globally with a new model of sustainable transport set to become reality within a few years. Electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft (eVTOLs) will transform the way we travel within and between cities.
Revolution in the air
Royal Aeronautical Society | 05/12/2023
The recent Revolution.Aero conference offered a refreshingly realistic view of the future of Urban Air Mobility. STEPHEN BRIDGEWATER reports from Dublin.
Women and Drones Global Awards, Now at the Smithsonian! Nominations Open
dronelife | 05/12/2023
Women and Drones will once again bring the UAS/AAM community together to celebrate the preeminent women in business, government, and education.
From the Floor of Xponential 2023: Making Aviation Profitable
dronelife | 05/09/2023
Today in Denver at Xponential 2023, a panel of experts discussed a topic on the minds of everyone in the industry: how do we make aviation profitable?
Amazon, Beta Air, U.S. Navy Published Patents Last Month
Flying | 05/02/2023
We break down the biggest drone, unmanned aircraft systems, and advanced air mobility-related patents from April 2023.
The total impracticality of electric aviation
sUAS News | 04/28/2023
Continually I am told that the age of electric-powered aircraft is nigh.
“The adoption of UAVs will enhance safety – completing tasks that are often hazardous for humans.” – Mark ter Hove, Inmarsat Velaris
Wire19 | 04/27/2023
The drone industry in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region has been experiencing tremendous growth over the past few years. With advancements in technology and increasing demand for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), the industry is poised for even greater expansion in the future. To shed some light on the future of drones in the APAC region, we had the opportunity to interview Mr. Mark ter Hove, Senior Manager of Advanced Air Mobility – Market Development at Inmarsat Velaris.
Liquid Neural Networks Empower Drones to Explore Uncharted Territory
UAS | 04/24/2023
In the vast, expansive skies where birds once ruled supreme, a new crop of aviators is taking flight. These pioneers of the air are not living creatures, but rather a product of deliberate innovation: drones.
Bell Textron win $279 million from DJI in Texas
sUAS News | 04/24/2023
Bell Textron have taken DJI to court for patent infringement and won.
The future of drone and robot delivery: Opportunities and challenges
Logistic | 04/22/2023
Last-mile delivery is undergoing perhaps the biggest transformation in its history, especially with robots and drones emerging as potential game-changers in the rapidly evolving segment.
The High-Stakes Race for the World’s First Air Taxi Service
Business Traveler | 04/20/2023
More than 200 companies have raised billions of dollars to develop wildly different prototypes
WindShape Expands Global Reach with State-of-the-Art Drone Testing Laboratories in Tulsa, Oklahoma
Yahoo Finance | 04/20/2023
WindShape, a trailblazing Swiss company established in 2016, has been revolutionizing the drone industry through research, development, testing, inspection, certification, and validation. In an ambitious effort to extend its global presence, WindShape is announcing a strategic partnership with the Osage tribal nation, to open a cutting-edge indoor drone testing and validation facility at the Skyway36 Droneport and Technology Innovation Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
Drone Demo to Cover Emerging Technologies and Applications
University of Arkansas | 04/18/2023
To help current and prospective students discover the benefits of drone technology, the University of Arkansas is hosting a drone demonstration near the Agricultural Park off Garland Avenue, just north of the university, on Wednesday, April 26.
TruWeather Solutions’ Weather Sensor Network Blankets the Nation
AUVSI | 04/18/2023
Weather can bring flight times to a standstill. To TruWeather Solutions, that downtime is called the "weather tax". As uncrewed aircraft systems (UAS) and advanced air mobility (AAM) operations scale, and schedules become tighter, this "weather tax" - can quickly add up. And time equals money.
How airports are seizing the opportunity to incorporate drones and unmanned vehicles into their ecosystem
International Airport Review | 04/17/2023
Thanks to a quick recovery of passenger traffic, the industry's focus can now shift to yet another transformative challenge ─ Advanced Air Mobility (AAM).
Commercial UAV Expo is Stacking Up to Be Big! More than 135 Exhibitors Already Committed
dronelife | 04/12/2023
There are very few drone shows in the U.S., and Commercial UAV Expo is the award-winning, vertical-based show you won't want to miss.
Swiss-Based WindShape Establishes Tulsa, Oklahoma, Drone Testing-Validation Center
Area Development | 04/10/2023
WindShape, a Swiss-based company operating in the drone industry, will open an indoor drone testing and validation operation at the Skyway36 Droneport and Technology Innovation Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
Air taxi, please! Can urban air mobility get off the ground?
Raconteur | 04/06/2023
Several EVTOL providers are poised to offer emission-free urban air travel, but they have some significant infrastructure challenges to overcome before they can realise this electric dream
Port Authority announces partnership with NASA to explore next generation of flight in urban environments
Port News | 04/06/2023
The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey has entered into a Space Act agreement with the federal space agency to collaborate on initiatives to plan the next generation of flight within the complex airspace of the Port District, according to the company's release.
NASA explores the future of an airspace filled with flying taxis
Federal News Network | 04/03/2023
Aviation is changing thanks to the emergence of new types of manned and unmanned aircraft. NASA's Advanced Air Mobility Mission seeks, in its words, to help emerging aviation markets operate safely. The program pulls in many public and private partners. Joining the Federal Drive with a flyover view, NASA research and test pilot Gerrit Everson.
MIT Researchers Develop New Algorithm to Prevent Drone Collisions
dronelife | 04/02/2023
In 2020, MIT researchers presented MADDER, a system designed to prevent crashes between drones occupying the same airspace.
A ‘Perfect’ Aircraft Faces a Steep Climb to Success
Business Jet Traveler | 03/31/2023
Joby has designed a brilliant electric vertical takeoff and landing vehicle. But will its business model fly?
Wing’s CEO Testifies Before Congress: Make Drone Regulations “Predictable and Pragmatic”
dronelife | 03/30/2023
Wing CEO Adam Woodworth testified before Congress on the need for drone regulations that support commercial operations – and American leadership in the industry.
*Oklahomans taking lead in drone technology and advanced air mobility
Cherokee Phoenix | 03/29/2023
Oklahoma aerospace engineers told members of a U.S. House high tech committee that they are using drone technology and advanced air mobility to leverage aerospace programs within the state's Native American tribes.
Could Drones Come Jump Start Your Car When You’re Stranded? Ford’s New Patent
dronelife | 03/29/2023
A patent originally filed on April 12th, 2017 by Ford Motor Company for multiple drones which could be used to jump start future Ford vehicles has been published and assigned serial number 11614063, as reported by Ford Authority.
Oklahomans taking lead in drone technology and advanced air mobility
Stillwater News Press | 03/28/2023
Oklahoma aerospace engineers told members of a U.S. House high tech committee that they are using drone technology and advanced air mobility to leverage aerospace programs within the state's Native American tribes.
Pontifications: Technical challenges for UAMs, et al, only part of the problems
Leeham News and Analysis | 03/28/2023
Technical challenges for alternative energy aircraft are daunting. Urban Air Mobility, Advanced Air Mobility, eVTOLs, batteries, hydrogen, hybrids—this list goes on.
Can Drones Test AI Designed for Spacecraft? Space Park Leicester’s Drone Lab
dronelife | 03/22/2023
Space Park Leicester has announced the successful launch of a drone making use of revolutionary AI equipment for use in spacecraft.
San Francisco Is the Official Location for The Largest Vertical Airshow This Year
autoevolution | 03/21/2023
Whether you're already a fan of all kinds of eVTOLs (electric vertical take-off and landing) or just curious to find out more about the so-called air taxis, San Francisco is the place to be, this year.
Here’s What USAF’s Science Board Is Studying Now
Air & Space Forces | 03/03/2023
The Air Force Scientific Advisory Board aims to complete four studies in 2023, with two focused on a couple of Secretary Frank Kendall's operational imperatives. 
Assuring Autonomy Blog2023 State Legislative Sessions: February Recap
AUVSI | 03/02/2023
The second month of the legislative session has come to an end, with every state meeting for their regular legislative session in February except for Louisiana and Florida. On February 26th, Virginia became the first state to adjourn, with Wyoming and Utah shortly to follow on March 3rd. 
Making Sense in Low Altitude
AFCEA | 03/01/2023
Companies offer emerging technology solutions for the urban air mobility market.
The Future of Aerospace: Advancements and Innovations
The Geopolitics | 02/28/2023
Today, aerospace technology plays a crucial role in modern society, from enabling global trade and travel to advancing scientific research and exploration. In recent years, advancements in technology have made aerospace more efficient, safe, and accessible than ever before. Innovations like urban air mobility and space tourism are quickly becoming a reality, and the industry's potential for growth and progress is seemingly limitless.
No Pilot, No Problem? Here’s How Soon Self-Flying Planes Will Take Off
Forbes | 02/26/2023
The aircraft are already here. Pilot unions are preparing for battle. And the FAA is playing it cool. Autonomous flight is coming to civil aviation sooner than anyone thinks, and it may prove to be a surprising boon for flyover country.
Urban air mobility gaining traction
Military Aerospace Electronics | 02/23/2023
The city soundscape soon may be abuzz with a variety of electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft ferrying passengers and cargo across dense urban centers high above the crowded streets below.
A milestone year for the eVTOL sector
Vertical Magazine | 02/21/2023
The next 12 months will be a crucial year for eVTOL developers and infrastructure companies.
UAM Global Legal Forum to be held in Paris, France, in June
Verticle Magazine | 02/21/2023
This year's Worldwide Airport Lawyer's Association (WALA) Conference will take place in Paris, France, at Charles De Gaulle Airport.
Advanced Air Mobility: Expert Predictions For What You Can Expect In 2023
AIN online | 01/18/2023
Advanced Air Mobility continues to be one of the most dynamic sectors in aviation.
Over 750 eVTOL Concepts Have Been Registered to This Day Worldwide
autoevolution | 01/11/2023
To say that the development of electric aircraft that can take off and land vertically (eVTOLs) has exploded over the past years wouldn't be an exaggeration. Thanks to the Vertical Flight Society (VFS) we have the numbers to back that up. And they're truly remarkable.
eVTOL Evolution: The Past, Present & Future of Air Mobility
Metropolitan Airport News | 01/10/2023
The Past, Present & Future of Air Mobility
UAS Cluster Initiative Announces New Program Manager
UAS Magazine | 01/10/2023
The Unmanned Aerial Systems Cluster Initiative (UASCI) is pleased to announce Emily Bell has joined our team as Program Manager.
Preventing Mid-Air collisions earns drone team prestigious award 
sUAS News | 01/05/2023
MITRE and our partners created and tested a new airborne collision avoidance system, advancing critical innovation to further the development of uncrewed aircraft systems and earning a prestigious R&D100 innovation award.
DRONELIFE Enters Our 10th Year! Our Top 3 Predictions for the Drone Industry in 2023
dronelife | 01/02/2023
It may be hard for newer entrants to the sector to realize that just 10 years ago, the commercial use of drones was actually illegal in the United States, according to a Section 333.  From 2014 – 2016, companies who wished to operate drones commercially had to receive a Section 333 exemption from the FAA.  It wasn't until the introduction of Part 107 in 2016 that there was a clear and standardized legal path for commercial drone use.
Electric air taxis: NASA's tabletop exercises for safer national airspace
Devdiscourse | 12/29/2022
Throughout 2022, NASA's held a series of tabletop discussions to determine how electric air taxis could be safely integrated into the national airspace, paving the way for passengers to eventually be able to travel quickly between cities via aerial highways.
The Top 9 Drone Innovations and Updates of 2022
Commercial UAV News | 12/23/2022
This past year, Commercial UAV News covered the products and services, technological advances, regulatory changes, and innovative ideas that are defining the drone industry. Our articles, reports, and webinars addressed the wide range of topics that are impacting the way we do business today and how we will improve our operations in the future.
As 2022 comes to an end, we looked back at the past year and created a round-up of some of the most popular pieces that we published over the past 12 months:

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