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Vertiport Simulations seeks advanced air mobility partners
verticalmag | 05/06/2024
Vertiport Simulations is looking to partner with AAM aircraft manufacturers to place their aircraft designs in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 and 2024 for the purpose of test-driving vertiport designs in Abu Dhabi and Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.
The Drone Racing League and the United States Air Force Announce Groundbreaking Initiative to Elevate Women in Sports and Technology
sUAS News | 03/28/2024
DRL unveils "Women Taking Flight" to recruit women pilots and spotlight women pursuing underrepresented career paths
Native American tribes are making a big economic impact in Tulsa
American City and Country | 01/22/2024
Native American tribes in Oklahoma have poured more than $15.6 billion into the state, while generating billions more from companies that support the tribes' business operations, according to the most recent Oklahoma Native Impact report (fiscal year 2019). The report illustrates how Oklahoma's 38 federally recognized tribes have made an unprecedented impact on the Sooner State's economy through a diverse portfolio of businesses including gaming and hospitality, manufacturing, real estate, retail and professional services, UAS/AAM, among others.
U.S. Air Force and Drone Racing League Partner to Celebrate 75th Anniversary – and Accelerate Drone Pilot Skills
dronelife | 05/18/2022
The U.S. Air Force and Drone Racing League (DRL) share a passionate interest in showcasing drone pilot skills and encouraging new entrants into the drone industry.
This New Co-Ed ESport Shoots for Big Goals: U.S. Drone Soccer Leagues Launched Today
dronelife | 01/19/2022
U.S. Drone Soccer Leagues Launch today with a kickstarted campaign to fund aviation education in Colorado, New York, and Ohio.
Federal Aviation Administration accredits the Drone Racing League as first UAS event organizer
sUAS News | 12/13/2021
The Drone Racing League (DRL), the world's premier, professional drone racing property, today announced it has been accredited by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) as the first unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) event organizer. A leader in drone-event safety, DRL also announced its participation in FAA's Partnership for Safety Plan (PSP) Program to establish a standardized set of safety protocols for individuals and organizations seeking to conduct unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) demonstrations, air shows, exhibitions and events in front of live audiences.
Ambulance Drones Might Be Coming to Skies of New York
Bestgaming pro | 01/12/2021
Picture the scene. A person has collapsed outside. Paramedics have arrived and they're helping a doctor assess their patient. Suddenly there's a buzzing sound from the sky and, as they look upward, a futuristic, drone-like flying ambulance bursts through the low cloud cover and begins to descend to the streets below.
Drone racers take to the sky at Wichita park: ‘You can feel like you are flying’
The Wichita (KS) Eagle | 09/03/2019
On a humid afternoon in August, pilots are racing drones they built themselves at McAdams Park in central Wichita. The racers are part of ICT FPV (short for first-person view), a local chapter of MultiGP, the largest drone-racing league in the world.
DJI Plans to Expand FPV Drone Racing Product Lineup
UAV Coach | 07/30/2019
DJI has filed three equipment authorizations with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), signaling that they're about to launch some new products.
New York State Forms Partnership with Israeli Companies to Build a Drone Industry Center of Excellence
DroneLife (blog) | 07/11/2019
New York Governer Andrew Cuomo recently visited Israel – and came back home having formed partnerships and agreements that will support the state in developing new industries, including drones.  New York's Empire State Development, the state's economic development agency, will offer a $250,000 planning grant to establish a new Unmanned Aerial Systems Research and Testing Center of Excellence.
Temporarily grounded? Recreational drone operators face new FAA requirements
Yahoo Finance | 05/17/2019
Are you planning to take your drone out for a spin this weekend? First, you'd better check the map, and a new list of requirements from the Federal Aviation Administration.
USF Holding Race with Brain-Controlled Drones
This Saturday, the University of South Florida (USF) is holding an event during which teams will race drones using their brains.
Elevation – a documentary examining the many profound ways drones are changing our world
We Talk UAV | 05/23/2018
Drones may potentially be as disruptive to society as the advent of the internet.

That's one of the claims made in a new short documentary about drones called Elevation (link to film on second page). The film is produced by Dezeen, a popular design and architecture website and magazine. Coming in at just under 18 minutes, the doco interviews futurists, architects and other experts about positive and negative implications that UAVs are having on society today.
MIT Researchers Are Using Virtual Reality to Prevent Drone Collisions
The Drive | 05/18/2018
IT researchers have developed a virtual reality-based system that lets drones navigate rooms while avoiding virtual obstacles. 
The "Flight Goggles" system, developed by MIT's Laboratory for Information and Decision Systems along with its Computer Science and Artifical Intelligence Laboratory, reportedly allows the unmanned aerial vehicle to "see" a complete virtual environment and navigate around intangible objects.
DRL Announces 2018 Season Partners, Race Locations & Pilots
dronelife | 05/02/2018
The Drone Racing League (DRL), has formally announced the launch of the 2018 DRL Allianz World Championship Season. The big reveal includes a smattering of new global partners, fresh pilots competing and several new race locations around the world.
Drone Events Now Covered by International Drone Racing Association (IDRA)’s Worldwide Insurance
The Drone News | 11/12/2017
The International Drone Racing Association (IDRA) has announced that drone events are now eligible to apply for event liability insurance. After using IDRA's semi-professional series, 2017 Challengers Cup, as an opportunity to test the liability insurance with partnered event organizers, the company is motivated and excited to expand the coverage to other drone related events around the globe. IDRA is confident that the service will have a positive impact in helping drone events find applicable and affordable coverage to protect their businesses, pilots, and spectators.
7 Key Facts You Need to Know Before Investing In Drone Technology
Forbes | 03/24/2017
More and more companies are putting drones to work, including tech giants, manufacturers, utilities, and news organizations. With a broad range of practical applications and rapidly evolving technology, drones offer huge untapped potential, but not every market offers equal opportunities for growth. Forbes contributor Ken Long provides his seven facts and forecasts to know before investing.

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