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Drones Saving Island Ecosystems: An Interview with Island Conservation
dronelife | 02/07/2024
An international non-governmental organization is using drone technology to help eradicate invasive species, reinvigorate reef systems, reduce coastal erosion and reintroduce native species whose populations have dwindled.
5 Opportunities to Build Drone Pilot Success
Commercial UAV News | 02/07/2024
As the demand for skilled drone pilots continues to soar, opportunities for success continue to expand, and, in this article, we'll explore five key opportunities to build drone pilot success. However, before we dive into those opportunities, there are a few topics that need discussion.
ANRA Technologies Empowers NASA High Density Vertiplex Operations Center with ATM Solution
UAS | 08/01/2023
NASA Langley Research Center's Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) High Density Vertiplex (HDV) sub-project recently hosted a live flight test event for guests that successfully showcased scalable autonomous operations.
uAvionix and the Choctaw Nation Commence First-Ever FCC-Authorized Operational C-Band BVLOS Operations
sUAS News | 06/19/2023
uAvionix, a leading provider of command, navigation, and surveillance technologies for crewed and uncrewed aircraft, announced today that it has received FCC approval, coordinated with the FAA, to operate its SkyLink C-Band Command and Control (C2) radios for Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) operations at the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma Emerging Technology test site. 
The Tech Behind BVLOS
inside unmanned systems | 05/15/2023
Flying BVLOS is still an exception, but enabling technologies are paving the way for routine BVLOS operations. The number of Part 107 BVLOS waivers issued by the FAA more than doubled in 2022 and increased 17% from January to March of this year.
Can Drones Test AI Designed for Spacecraft? Space Park Leicester’s Drone Lab
dronelife | 03/22/2023
Space Park Leicester has announced the successful launch of a drone making use of revolutionary AI equipment for use in spacecraft.
First, in the Nation – Pearland PD expands DFR operations to include BVLOS without Visual Observers
sUAS News | 03/14/2023
Pearland Police Department has been awarded a certificate of authorization (COA) to operate its drone as first responder (DFR) program beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) operation, eliminating the need for human visual observers (VOs). This was achieved using Iris Automation's Casia G ground-based air surveillance system. 
Welcome to Chula Vista, where police drones respond to 911 calls
MIT Technology Review | 02/27/2023
The technology is already out in force in some cities, but the true debate on privacy and policies is lagging behind.
Drone Reality Show Goes Inside a Survey of the Pearl River
dronelife | 01/31/2023
Drone Reality Show Follows Surveying of the Pearl River by Land, Water, and Air
Aurora Flight Sciences Announces New Fixed-Wing eVTOL Small UAS
sUAS News | 11/01/2022
SKIRON-X is a Group 2 sUAS that combines simple operation with flight endurance and payload flexibility.
Aurora Flight Sciences, a Boeing Company, has released its latest small UAS product, the Skiron
Expeditionary sUAS, or SKIRON-X. This Group 2 unmanned aircraft system (UAS) combines the simple
operation of an electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) configuration with the longer range and
endurance of a fixed-wing design. SKIRON-X is a flexible solution for effective deployment across a wide
variety of environments.
Drone Mapping: Global Mapper Mobile New Features Mean Higher Accuracy Data Collection
drone life | 07/27/2022
Global Mapper Pro is a powerful geospatial data analysis program that contains tools for everything from raster image processing to photogrammetric point cloud creation with the Pixels to Points tool. Designed to work alongside Global Mapper Pro, the free iOS and Android Global Mapper Mobile app makes it easy for users to bring GIS data into the field for reference and GNSS data collection.
Air Force seeks industry information on small air-launched drones
Inside Defense | 07/18/2022
The Air Force Research Laboratory requested information from businesses for small unmanned aerial systems to be used for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance and supplement kinetic strike, according to an online posting Monday.
Overhead Intelligence partners with Iris Automation for Large-Scale Magnetometer Survey
sUAS News | 06/29/2022
Working with safety innovator Iris Automation, Florida-based Overhead Intelligence has commenced its first major EVLOS (extended visual line of sight) plus BVLOS flight (with 50/50 split) operation using Casia I for the entire province of Newfoundland and Labrador. The mission is for UAV magnetometer surveys in partnership with GroundTruth Exploration.
Skyports selects Westcott Space Cluster as centre of excellence for drone operations
sUAS News | 06/08/2022
Drone capabilities are set to expand at Westcott Space Cluster as leading drone services provider Skyports selects the south of England site as its European headquarters and centre of excellence.
Advances in Drone Docking Systems
Commercial UAV News | 05/13/2022
Discussions around UAV technology tend to focus on the drones themselves and the accessories and software that enable them to make a difference in industries such as construction, public safety, and package delivery. But there's another critical element of the drone ecosystem that deserves attention: drone ports and docking systems.
Iris Automation adds TruWeather tech to Casia G system
DJ Drone | 04/19/2022
Safety avionics specialist Iris Automation has made a meteorological enhancement to its Casia G ground-based surveillance system with the integration of TruWeather Solutions sensors and services – a move aiming to add climate security to the company's aerial detect-and-avoid protection.
Prince Charles Talks Drones and Agricultural Innovation with GeoAerospace
dronelife | 03/31/2022
On March 24th, His Royal Highness, Prince Charles traveled to Ireland, where he met with experts in agricultural innovation, with representatives from Teagasc, Glanbia PLC, Bord Bia & GeoAerospace.
Drones with AI: Incorporating Intuitive UAVs into the Workflow
Commercial UAV News | 03/22/2022
Drones are increasingly being incorporated into workflows to help gather high-quality data about assets. Over time, developers have needed to push drone technology to meet end users' demands for more intuitive and responsive flight, data collection, processing, and analysis. In the "Drones and AI: Improving Workflows" webinar, Commercial UAV News connected with Yariv Geller from vHive, Toomas Välja from Hepta Airborne, Kabe Termes from Skydio, and Eric Wittner from Intel Geospatial, to discuss how AI and ML improve workflows from data collection, processing, and analysis to the final deliverable.
RTK and Drone Mapping: Do You Need It? Is It Worth It?
drone life | 03/20/2022
Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) is a buzz term in the UA industry, one many pilots may not understand, even though they may be "mapping" with an uncrewed aircraft (drone).   When it comes to RTK and drone mapping, how necessary is the technology to a drone services provider?  Will it earn a services provider more money?
The following is a guest post by drone industry veteran Douglas Spotted Eagle, Production and Education Director at Sundance Media Group.  DRONELIFE neither accepts nor makes payment for guest posts.
Drones in the Agriculture Sector: Five Ways Intelligent UAS are Helping Growers Meet Demand
dronelife | 03/16/2022
Zena Drone has helped revolutionize the burgeoning hemp industry.  In this guest post, Leah Jacobe outlines five ways that intelligent drones in the agriculture sector are helping growers to meet the demands of global food production.
Drone Surveying Augments Traditional Surveyors’ Toolbox
sUAS News | 03/01/2022
The owner of Allen Geomatics, P.C., in Advance, North Carolina, Allen was curious about
whether drone surveying methods could enhance the practices of his land surveying services and consulting firm. The company prides itself on paying attention to details in order to provide accurate data and avoid expensive mistakes.
FREE Digital Edition of the Drone Surveying Equipment and Technology Journal: Field-Tested Proven
sUAS News | 02/24/2022
Microdrones is pleased to announce the publication of the 2021 Field-Tested Field Proven Journal and the digital edition is now available to download for FREE.
This is the 3rd edition of our Annual Drone Surveying Equipment and Technology Journal where surveying and geospatial professionals can read about drone surveying case studies and user applications. The Journal also explores new drone surveying equipment from Microdrones along with their features and capabilities.
3D Models from Drone Data Support Disaster Efforts and Define City Mapping Possibilities
Commervial UAV News | 02/21/2022
The entire country of Lebanon was changed forever when a large amount of ammonium nitrate stored at the Port of Beirut exploded on August 4th, 2020. The $15 billion in property destruction that it caused was the least of that damage, as the hundreds dead, over 7,000 injured and the estimated 300,000 people that were rendered homeless signify the true catastrophic nature of the event.
3D Models from Drone Data Support Disaster Efforts and Define City Mapping Possibilities | 02/21/2022
The entire country of Lebanon was changed forever when a large amount of ammonium nitrate stored at the Port of Beirut exploded on August 4th, 2020. The $15 billion in property destruction that it caused was the least of that damage, as the hundreds dead, over 7,000 injured and the estimated 300,000 people that were rendered homeless signify the true catastrophic nature of the event.
In the midst of this tragedy, experts from a handful of companies came together to use data captured by drones to create a 3D map of the area most affected by the explosion. Developed on a "Pro Bono" basis that have made these assets available to anyone, these 3D models of the area allowed first responders to take decisive action and literally save lives. The detailed and accurate open-access map of the blast area and surrounding damage to the city bolstered rescue and recovery efforts on multiple levels.
Built-in Intelligence Comes to Small, Pilotless Fixed-wing Planes
UAS | 02/15/2022
Most small autonomous fixed-wing aircraft are guided by a commercial controller, which works well for simple paths. But high winds, for instance, can cause a pilotless aircraft to go off course and crash. Demanding paths for demanding applications require new innovations for suitable performance to expand uses of such drones.
Analyzing Drone Industry Hardware Shakeups, Consolidation Strategies, Robotic Integration and More
Commercial UAV News | 01/24/2022
While some reports have gotten caught up with the potential of the drone market, the team at Drone Analyst has always been committed to sorting out the hype versus the reality. Their fifth annual market report provides our most comprehensive look at drone buyers, service providers, business and public agency users, and software services.
Microdrones – Using Drone Lidar for As-Built Surveys
sUAS News | 01/20/2022
Traditionally, the documentation of As-Built construction surveys relied on conventional methods such as total stations and digital photogrammetry. However, the team at Spatial Data Consultants (SDC), an expert geospatial consulting firm in High Point, North Carolina, is using drone LiDAR technology to more efficiently create accurate and precise As-Built Surveys.
VTOL Platform for Large Scale Surveys
HG Robotics | 01/13/2022
VETAL The new generation of VTOL drone for your survey business
Boots on the Ground or Drones in the Air?
sUAS News | 10/25/2021
Allen Geomatics helps compare the differences between traditional and Drone LiDAR surveying methods
Residential Solar Surveys with Drones: Why You Should Always Include Oblique Imagery
drone life | 10/25/2021
Residential solar surveys are a great opportunity for commercial drone service providers.  Here, an expert gives advice on getting the very best output.
Experts: Unmanned Air Travel Is Close to Becoming a Reality
government technology | 10/08/2021
The Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International and Longbow Group hosted an event to showcase how drone technology — such as air taxis and other unmanned cargo transport — can be incorporated into society.
7 Drone Stocks to Watch as the Technology Soars
wtop news | 09/21/2021
Delivery of goods by drone could take off if the U.S. relaxes rules
5 finalists chosen in $3M Genius NY business competition in Syracuse | 08/18/2021
Five startups in the unmanned systems industry have been chosen from among more than 600 applicants to compete for $3 million in investments in the state-funded Genius NY business accelerator program.
New Capability Now Available for Drones
iHLS | 01/30/2021
The Identification Friend or Foe (IFF) concept enables the warfighter — and/or another aircraft — to instantly determine if an entity encountered is friendly or hostile. With aircraft, the specific technology employed is an IFF transponder, that listens for an interrogation signal and then sends a response that identifies the broadcaster. 
Drone startup opens Northern Ontario office to service mining industry
Timmins Today | 01/29/2021
A U.S. drone survey startup has opened an office in Sudbury to better serve mining operations in Northern Ontario and across Canada.
The ways Drone Technology is having a positive impact on Society
silicon india | 01/08/2021
The rising accessibility of Drones has made many dangerous labor-intensive jobs within a spectrum of industrial sectors ripe for displacement. Drones are not only safe to operate, but they are cost-effective solutions that deliver a range of added utilities such as in-depth data collection – which otherwise done manually would cost countless man-hours risking human lives. The emerging Drone market is valued to be around 127 Billion USD, according to PwC. Government Agencies, Specific Industries such as Oil & Gas, Mining and Power industry, to name a few, have been heavily utilizing Drone Technology for the great deal of benefits it brings to the table. Today, Drones are tackling several issues ranging from monitoring disease, border petrol to even delivering Pizza!
Here is a more in-depth segmented view of some of the great positive impact Drone Technology can offer to the human society:
State ramps up detection of abandoned oil, gas wells
The Post Star | 01/02/2021
A partnered state effort announced earlier this month is leveraging new drone technology and magnetic surveillance to spot abandoned oil and gas wells statewide.
Gorilla Netting Completes Construction of Massive Netted Drone Enclosure at University at Buffalo
Cision | 12/01/2020
University at Buffalo consultants first approached Gorilla Netting in early 2019. For over a year, the team at Gorilla Netting worked with consultants and representatives of SUNY, University at Buffalo (UB), to design, engineer, and install a large netted drone enclosure system for unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) testing and research.
Drone-mounted cameras keep vigil on Betla National Park
The Telegraph online | 12/01/2020
Betla National Park under the Palamau Tiger Reserve is using drones with an aim to keep poachers and hunters away from the park. The drone is being flown mostly before the sunset. This operation is overseen by N Kumar, a 2018 batch Indian Forests Service officer, who is on his probation here.
Modernize farming thru drone seeding
Panay News | 11/30/2020
RICE farming in the country has started to be revolutionized following the introduction of "drone seeding" through the use of an artificial intelligence-driven drone made by Bayer Crop Science (BCS) in Paniqui, Tarlac, which eliminates costly and time-consuming labor in rice planting.
Aerodyne Group Makes Strategic Investment in Leading Australian Drone Inspection Company
UAS | 11/30/2020
Aerodyne Group, a Malaysia-headquartered international DT3 (Drone Tech, Data Tech, and Digital Transformation) solutions provider has signed an agreement to acquire a principal stake in Australia-based drone surveying and advanced asset inspection company, Sensorem Pty Ltd ("Sensorem").
Eesti Energia using drones to measure mines | 11/29/2020
National energy company Eesti Energia is relying on drones to help map and measure its mines with the aim of saving time and creating safer working conditions for staff.
The Fire Weather Research Laboratory Is Using Drones to Conduct Meteorological Profiling of Wildfires
Commercial UAV News | 11/26/2020
Using drones to help in the detection, containment, and extinguishing of fires is rapidly becoming a widely adopted solution by first responders. While many find drones to be a helpful tool to keep overwatch of teams on the ground for improved situational awareness, or to put out fires, the Fire Weather Research Laboratory (FWRL) at San Jose State University is looking into a subject most people neglect: the vertical profile in the wind.
Multi-agency Drone Task Force Deploys in the Aftermath of California Wildfires
sUAS News | 10/06/2020
A multi-agency task force of public safety drone teams has been supporting local agencies and residents impacted by California wildfires with high-resolution aerial imagery of damaged areas.
Challenges with imprecision of UAS pesticide applications
NebraskaFarmer | 10/02/2020
The potential uses for drones or unmanned aircraft systems in agriculture have been discussed extensively in the past 10 years. One of the potential uses that hasn't been fully fleshed out in the U.S. is pesticide applications.
Scenic Consulting Group Tests using UAS for Bat Exit Surveys
UAS Magazine | 08/28/2020
 A pair of environmental consulting firms located in North Carolina and Kentucky conducted bat surveys using Unmanned Aerial Systems.
Drones used for deliveries, agriculture and claims inspections after Cedar Rapids derecho storm
The Gazette | 08/21/2020
Whether it's for examining high-voltage power lines and natural gas pipelines, or seeding and spraying crops in a field, drones are getting a lot of attention, in Iowa and elsewhere.
UAS help industry adapt to ‘new normal’
BIC Magazine | 08/17/2020
As industry and society in general come back on line after months of interruption due to the threat of COVID- 19, Garrett Scott, UAS coordinator for Duke Energy, said he believes "a lot of the things we're seeing right now, whether because of social distancing or the financial [aspect], are going to be around for quite a while after we move out of this mandated period."
JB San Antonio environmental program takes off with UAS technology
Edwards Air Force Base | 07/15/2020
What began as a project to improve land surveying, floodplain mapping, vegetation classification and endangered species management at Joint Base San Antonio-Camp Bullis has become a revolutionary innovation that could save the Air Force millions of dollars and countless hours of labor.
Up Close With AiRXOS
Inside Unmanned Systems | 07/14/2020
AiRXOS CEO Ken Stewart, who has more than 25 year of leadership in the tech space, recently sat down virtually with Inside Unmanned Systems to discuss the evolution of next-generation unmanned traffic management and drone certification.

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