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Aircraft Electrification Market Size - Forecasts to 2027
Open PR | 04/01/2022
According to a new market research report published by Global Market Estimates, the Global Aircraft Electrification Market is projected to grow at a CAGR value of 14.5% from 2022 to 2027.
Drone Surveying Augments Traditional Surveyors’ Toolbox
sUAS News | 03/01/2022
The owner of Allen Geomatics, P.C., in Advance, North Carolina, Allen was curious about
whether drone surveying methods could enhance the practices of his land surveying services and consulting firm. The company prides itself on paying attention to details in order to provide accurate data and avoid expensive mistakes.
Scenic Consulting Group Tests using UAS for Bat Exit Surveys
UAS Magazine | 08/28/2020
 A pair of environmental consulting firms located in North Carolina and Kentucky conducted bat surveys using Unmanned Aerial Systems.
Help from above
Verizon Communications | 05/07/2020
Fortunately, in the current battle against COVID-19, we have a new high tech weapon: Drones. Skyward, a Verizon company, is a key part of that effort, providing drone software, training and services to commercial businesses.
Public Benefits of Drone Technology
Robotics Tomorrow | 03/18/2020
Drones have become a familiar aspect of our contemporary world. Over the past decade, they've graduated from expensive toys of the rich to affordable items that many of us have the opportunity to experience. They are used in photography and deliveries, and have even become the subject of their own racing events. But drones also have a vital part to play in the public sector. 
States now forming agreements with UAS service firms
UAS Magazine | 01/02/2020
Throughout the U.S., partnerships between UAS service providers and state agencies continue to grow, including Huntsville, AL-based UAS company Avion Unmanned has agreed to work with the state of Connecticut.
Teens' drone business taking flight
Norwalk Reflector | 08/24/2018

A Christmas present turned into a business for two teens in Vermillion.
Expanding rural infrastructure for drones
GCN | 05/31/2018
Drones can provide significant benefits for residents and business in rural areas: delivering medical supplies, collecting data on the status of crops, aiding in search and rescue efforts. Unfortunately, these areas also tend also have very little in the way of communications infrastructure that unmanned aerial systems can leverage, according to James Grimsley, the president and CEO of  autonomous systems developer Design Intelligence Inc. DII has been working as a consultant to the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma on its drone programs.
Running a Drone Business Was a Massive Cash Cow. Then the Drones Arrived
Fortune | 05/14/2018
Three years after federal regulators began allowing commercial drone flights, the fever to cash in has turned into a pitched battle for business. Prices for collecting airborne data have plummeted amid a flood of competition equipped with cheap, hi-tech aircraft that practically fly themselves. That's pressuring operators, while handing customers new opportunities for affordable drone inspections, pictures and other services.
Entrepreneur: Sky’s the limit for drone technology
Grand Junction (CO) Business Times | 02/15/2018
Mike Nevins has worked on the cutting edge of technology before — he began his career at the beginning of the revolution in personal computing, in fact. Nonetheless, Nevins admits he has no idea where the growing use of unmanned aerial vehicles will lead or what the future holds for an industry for which the sky is literally the limit. For now, Nevins prefers to focus on what he does know, and that's the varied services his UAV and his business, MountainSky Aerial, offers.
AeroVironment’s cell phone-size drone is helping US military forces
Pasadena Star-News | 05/22/2017
AeroVironment Inc., a Monrovia-based maker of unmanned aircraft systems, recently unveiled the Snipe Nano Quad. The miniature drone is about the size of a cell phone. AV got a contract from the U.S. Department of Defense to deliver 30 Snipe systems.
Thrasher Group Uses Drones to Make Work Faster, Easier, Safer
The Exponent Telegram | 04/10/2017
Civil engineering firm Thrasher Group has been taking advantage of the developing technology of unmanned aerial systems, commonly referred to as drones, to offer clients real-time images and status reports on architecture and engineering projects, as well as to create detailed 3D models of areas for volumetric measurements, land measurements and more.
Town of Paradise Valley enlists drone as inspector
Town of Paradise Valley Independent | 03/22/2017
One of the most dangerous parts of an inspector's duties is performing a roof nail inspection. Walking on a sloped surface often covered in saw dust can result in slips and falls. The classical solution used by fat guys and old guys was to poke at the roof sheathing with a 2" x 4" from below. Now there is a technological solution and that is an unmanned aerial vehicle or drone.
3 Steps to Getting a Job in the Drone Industry | 03/15/2017
Since Part 107 was implemented, it's easier than ever to get a commercial drone license.  Getting a good job in the drone industry, however, can prove more difficult.  If you're a student trying to break in to the industry or a seasoned professional looking for a career change, start planning to be the right candidate for a job from the beginning.

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