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Area of Interest (AoI): Blue UAS Framework: Communication in an Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) environment: (DOD opportunity)
sUAS News | 03/18/2024
The DoD is seeking commercial solutions that allow Group 1 and 2 sUAS (as well as other UxS) to communicate in electromagnetic spectrum contested environments, including, but not limited to, jamming, interference, and spoofing. 
Commission sets out measures to tackle potential threats from civilian drones
sUAS News | 10/31/2023
The European Commission is adopting today a Communication on countering threats posed by unlawful and dangerous use of drones that are designed for civil use.
What if You Could Tell a Drone to “Find the Red Truck?” Avianna Software on Natural Language Processing for Drones
dronelife | 09/21/2023
Start-up's mission software uses plain English commands to control drones
DARPA Seeks Tech Solutions to Create Autonomous Capabilities for Commercial Drones
sUAS News | 09/13/2023
Commercial drone technology is advancing rapidly, providing cost-effective and robust capabilities for a variety of civil and military missions.
Civil Air Patrol and uAvionix Unveil Low Altitude ADS-B Network
Transport UP | 08/23/2023
In a collaboration that merges ADS-B aviation technology with advances in public service through aviation, the Civil Air Patrol (CAP) and uAvionix Corporation have entered a partnership that brings a dual band Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) receiver network to the National Radar (NRAT) mission. This initiative aims to dramatically reduce response times in search and rescue operations, potentially saving lives in critical situations.
Choctaw Nation Utilizes Botlink’s XRD2 for BVLOS Drone Ops Over Cell Network
sUAS News | 08/18/2023
Choctaw utilized the XRD2 as the cellular component for FAA sanctioned, BVLOS operations
DroneShield Launches Area-Specific Satellite Denial Systems
sUAS News | 08/02/2023
DroneShield Ltd (ASX:DRO) (DroneShield or the Company) is pleased to announce launch and initial order from a Defence customer for its target area-specific Satellite Denial Systems.
uAvionix and the Choctaw Nation Commence First-Ever FCC-Authorized Operational C-Band BVLOS Operations
sUAS News | 06/19/2023
uAvionix, a leading provider of command, navigation, and surveillance technologies for crewed and uncrewed aircraft, announced today that it has received FCC approval, coordinated with the FAA, to operate its SkyLink C-Band Command and Control (C2) radios for Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) operations at the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma Emerging Technology test site. 
The Tech Behind BVLOS
inside unmanned systems | 05/15/2023
Flying BVLOS is still an exception, but enabling technologies are paving the way for routine BVLOS operations. The number of Part 107 BVLOS waivers issued by the FAA more than doubled in 2022 and increased 17% from January to March of this year.
“The adoption of UAVs will enhance safety – completing tasks that are often hazardous for humans.” – Mark ter Hove, Inmarsat Velaris
Wire19 | 04/27/2023
The drone industry in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region has been experiencing tremendous growth over the past few years. With advancements in technology and increasing demand for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), the industry is poised for even greater expansion in the future. To shed some light on the future of drones in the APAC region, we had the opportunity to interview Mr. Mark ter Hove, Senior Manager of Advanced Air Mobility – Market Development at Inmarsat Velaris.
MIT Researchers Develop New Algorithm to Prevent Drone Collisions
dronelife | 04/02/2023
In 2020, MIT researchers presented MADDER, a system designed to prevent crashes between drones occupying the same airspace.
Drones and telecom - observations from MWC23
Air Traffic Management | 03/14/2023
ATM Magazine had the opportunity to attend Mobile World Congress 2023 and the amount of discussion around this topic was more than could have been imagined before the event. The topic of drones and urban air mobility (UAM) is crossing many segments of the telecom industry. High altitude solutions are also foreseen to play a key role in telecommunications in the future.
Samsung secure 5G tech for direct communication between smartphones, satellites
Newsroom Odisha | 02/23/2023
Samsung Electronics on Thursday announced that it has secured standardised 5G non-terrestrial networks (NTN) modem technology for direct communication between smartphones and satellites, especially in remote areas.
UNT and COMSovereign to Collaborate on 5G Edge-Centric Research Platform for Advanced Air Mobility and More
Dallas Innovates | 02/21/2023
Funded in part by a grant from the North Central Texas Council of Governments, the infrastructure test platform will support research projects in mobility technologies including unmanned aerial vehicles, autonomous ground vehicles, mobile edge computing, public safety communications, and more.
Grand Forks, North Dakota: Profound Lessons for America’s National Security
Town hall | 02/14/2023
A great under-reported story of our present troubled time in America is how a small group of patriotic citizens in North Dakota stood up to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and utterly defeated them.
All SIM Cards Are Not the Same: The Risks of Using Consumer SIM Cards for Drone Operations
dronelife | 01/16/2023
A recent report by Verizon and the FAA indicates that mobile connectivity is a valid and desirable form of control over drones and UAVs. A paper by Ericsson from 2019 explores the topic and addresses the requirements needed to support drone operations.  Drone connectivity experts Elsight agree,
Where Will The Drone Industry Be In 2023
Forbes | 12/20/2022
Next Generation Aviation, both the passenger-less uncrewed aircraft systems (UAS) and passenger-carrying Advanced Air Mobility (AAM), had a banner year in 2022 with announcements, approvals, certifications, new deployments, amazing statistics, and engagement from government stakeholders. Industry highlights included the Federal Aviation Administration's (FAA) Beyond Visual Line of Sight Aviation Rule-making Committee (ARC) Report that focused on the necessity and opportunity for advanced operations at scale, the first airworthiness certifications in the United States, the expansion of drone delivery around the world, the adoption of Performance Based Regulations (PBR) in new countries, and, rumor has it, the recognition of new risk assessment methods for UAS by international regulators in SARPS out for review. So, it's that time of year once again to ask, "What's in store for next year?"
How FCC-Licensed Aviation Spectrum Enables BVLOS Drone Flight: AURA Networks
dronelife | 11/14/2022
AURA Network Systems (AURA)  has closed a $30.9 million Series A funding round. "It is the latest milestone for the company, which operates the nation's only coast- to-coast network designed to solve one of aviation's most pressing problems: How to enable the commercial viability of the Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) market by providing secure and reliable voice and data communications," says the funding announcement.
Pitch the Press from the Floor of Commercial UAV Expo: The 3 Winners
dronelife | 09/08/2022
Air6, Consortiq, Wonder Robotics win "Pitch the Press" at Commercial UAV Expo 2022
Now is the Right Time for BVLOS Operations – Elsight on the Enabling Power of Mobile Networks | 06/27/2022
Drone connectivity experts Elsight on flight beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS), and how drones and mobile networks make BVLOS feasible and safe, right now.
AT&T’s Flying COW® Drones: The Mobile 5G Hotspot
dronelife | 06/06/2022
This past April, the AT&T drone team took to a field in rural Missouri to test its new Flying COW® (Cell on Wings), marking the first time AT&T has transmitted its 5G network from a drone.
Galaxy Unmanned Systems Takes the Lead in AAM Integration Research in Dallas-Fort Worth
sUAS News | 04/25/2022
Galaxy Unmanned System LLC Awarded AFWERX D2P2 SBIR to help usher in Advanced Air
Mobility (AAM). Galaxy Unmanned Systems and subcontractors Waterlines AeroDesign LLC,
COMSovereign, Unmanned Experts, and the University of North Texas will be working together to understand existing AAM environments.
The Air-One is the First Fully Functioning Vertiport for Advanced Air Operations
dronelife | 04/24/2022
The Air-One, first fully functioning vertiport opens in Coventry, UK: a prototype for advanced air mobility
TruWeather Solutions Forges Partnership with Iris Automation for UAS Weather-enhanced Ground-based Surveillance
Cision PR Newswire | 04/18/2022
Micro weather data and analytics firm TruWeather Solutions has joined forces with safety avionics pioneer Iris Automation to integrate TruWeather's micro weather services and cost-effective weather sensors into Iris Automation's Casia G ground-based surveillance system (GBSS).
Introducing Telelift
Spooky Action | 01/13/2022
Telelift is a revolutionary drone-based cell tower, designed to provide network coverage to a large area quickly. Telelift can lift an EnodeB to an altitude of 100-400 feet AGL and is programmable for up to six weeks of continuous flight.
Unleash live and Elon Musk’s Starlink: Enabling Remote Drone Flights
dronelife | 12/14/2021
Unleash live, an Australia-based creator of video data analytics platforms, has teamed up with Elon Musk's SpaceX Starlink to connect with and navigate drones in real-time via a satellite hookup.
Canvas Envision to Power 3D CAD-based Visual Communications for Zipline
sUAS News | 11/22/2021
Visual communications solutions provider Canvas GFX, Inc, today announced that Zipline, the global leader in instant logistics, has selected Canvas Envision to optimize visual documentation processes across the organization.
FAA Memo Specifies “Associated Elements” for UAS Operations
sUAS News | 10/22/2021
Associated Elements provided by physical and digital infrastructure will support advanced UAS ecosystems. New FAA guidance addressing requirements for these elements present a path forward to scalability and highlights associated challenges.
Top Drone Service Providers 2021: Drone Industry Insights’ Newest Report
dronelife | 09/29/2021
The latest report from Drone Industry Insights (DRONEII) ranks drone companies around the world to produce the 2021 list of top drone service providers.   DRONEII researcher Lukas Schroth writes that the new report "ranks the top drone service providers in the world using company size & development, market shares, and public attention as key parameters."
FAA Could Strengthen Its Implementation of a Drone Traffic Management System by Improving Communication and Measuring Performance
sUAS News | 01/30/2021
The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is working with industry and public stakeholders to develop a traffic management system for unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), also known as drones. The UAS traffic management ecosystem (referred to as UTM) involves developing a framework of interconnected systems for managing multiple UAS operations. Under UTM, FAA would first establish rules for operating UAS, and UAS-industry service providers and operators would then coordinate the execution of flights.
New Capability Now Available for Drones
iHLS | 01/30/2021
The Identification Friend or Foe (IFF) concept enables the warfighter — and/or another aircraft — to instantly determine if an entity encountered is friendly or hostile. With aircraft, the specific technology employed is an IFF transponder, that listens for an interrogation signal and then sends a response that identifies the broadcaster. 
Verizon, UPS, and Skyward announce connected drone delivery at CES 2021
Verizon | 01/11/2021
Skyward, A Verizon company, and UPS Flight Forward today announced collaborative efforts to deliver retail products with drones connected to Verizon 4G LTE, as well as 5G testing and integration for delivery. The companies aim to deliver retail products via connected drones at The Villages in Florida.
Public Comment Needed on Drone Policy
KNSI | 11/25/2020
The Stearns County Sheriff's Office is asking for public comment on a new statute for its UAV or "Unmanned Aerial Vehicle" program. The department has used UAVs or drones for several years in various ways, but a change in Minnesota State Statute shows that the department now needs to accept public comment on the policy outlining how drones will be used.
Reno Partnership Aims to Equip Fire Department with Drones to Conduct Life-Saving River Search and Rescue Operations
sUAS News | 10/24/2020
Under the FAA's Unmanned Aircraft Systems Integration Pilot Program earlier this week, Iris Automation conducted a live drone flight demonstration for the City of Reno Fire Department of its Casia onboard Detect-and-Avoid collision avoidance system, which enables safe beyond visual line of sight drone operations.
Amazon Needs This Wireless In-Flight Drone Recharging Tech For Prime Air
Forbes | 10/18/2020
Portland-based Global Energy Transmission has demonstrated fast wireless charging for drones that gives delivery, inspection, or surveillance drones essentially unlimited range.
Bell Flies Cargo Drone for NASA’s Commercial UAS Demo Program
ExecutiveBiz | 10/01/2020
An unmanned aircraft system developed by Textron's Bell subsidiary for cargo delivery has flown beyond visual line of sight in an urban area as part of a NASA project to showcase commercial UAS missions with industry partners.
Skyward Granted Waiver to Conduct Drone Inspections Near Big Hollow Wildfire in Washington
AUVSI News | 09/24/2020
Skyward, a Verizon company, has been awarded a temporary waiver from the FAA that allows its pilots to fly the Percepto Sparrow drone from their homes to inspect critical communications infrastructure near the Big Hollow wildfire in Washington.
Self-flying drone offers faster 911 response. Manatee program would be nation’s first
Bradenton Herald | 09/19/2020
Manatee County officials are partnering with a private drone company to become one of the first government agencies in the nation to use autonomous drones as part of a 911 emergency response.
GCSC gets $7 million for drone program; to tackle lessons learned after Hurricane Michael
Panama City News Herald | 09/01/2020
Gulf Coast State College plans to use a new $7 million grant to expand its drone program and address lessons learned in the aftermath of Hurricane Michael.
FCC Study Supports Using 5 GHz Band for Drone Operations
Aviation Today | 09/01/2020
A report submitted to Congress by the Federal Communications Commission's Wireless Telecommunications Bureau on spectrum allocation for unmanned aircraft recommended proceeding with rulemaking to enable the use of the 5030-5091 MHz band in collaboration with the Federal Aviation Administration and the National Telecommunications and Information Administration.
Drone technology provides air support
Snohomish County Tribune | 08/19/2020
In hopes of being on the cutting edge of technology, the city of Monroe, Wash., is now operating an Unmanned Aerial System program. The drones are available for a wide variety of uses in the city.
Verizon pairing Real Time Kinematics with 5G for precise location services, road safety, and IoT
Tech Republic | 08/17/2020
Verizon announced a slate of new GPS-related services thanks to the development of Real Time Kinematics, which when paired with 5G will be able to support location accuracy for drones, Internet of Things devices, and more.
Virginia launches drone information exchange service
Aerospace Testing International | 08/17/2020
The Virginia Department of Transportation is one of the key stakeholders in a new project to enable sharing of information about unmanned aerial systems, to address key safety and policy concerns while keeping the airspace open, secure, and integrated within Federal Aviation Administration control.
New police drone has thermal imaging to track missing people | 08/13/2020
If you are lost in a rural area or simply attempting to hide from police, the Moose Jaw Police Service now has new technology to find you either way.
Israeli drones help Florida power plant spot storm damage
ISRAEL21c | 08/11/2020
As the annual hurricane season hits Florida, Israeli-made autonomous drones are helping the state's major power utility keep customers connected.
PrecisionHawk Says It’s Patented Unmanned Air Traffic Control. That’s Par For Course In The Drone Industry.
Forbes | 08/11/2020
PrecisionHawk trumpeted it's patented unmanned air traffic management syttem. In other sectors this might be news akin to former Vice President Al Gore's assertion that he "took the initiative in creating the Internet." But in the drone industry, it's par for the course.
With this new sensor, Blackjack drones can monitor an entire city at once
C4ISRNet | 08/03/2020
A new wide-area motion imagery sensor could make the R1-21A Blackjack an even more powerful tool for the war fighter, allowing the small UAV to simultaneously monitor 5 square miles.
Drones for this Hurricane Season: Getting States Ready
DRONELIFE | 07/31/2020
In a recent webinar hosted by AUVSI NC, a panel of experts gave their best advice to state agencies preparing to use UAV for hurricane response.

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