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Future air mobility: Major developments in 2022 and significant milestones ahead
McKinsey & Company | 01/19/2023
The future air mobility industry made steady progress in 2022, but stakeholders must maintain the momentum to help the industry gain scale and meet certification timelines.
Advanced Air Mobility: Expert Predictions For What You Can Expect In 2023
AIN online | 01/18/2023
Advanced Air Mobility continues to be one of the most dynamic sectors in aviation.
European company intends to develop a Caribbean passenger drone network
Skn Vibes | 01/17/2023
URBAN V will be the first company to explore and plan the development of a system and network of Vertiports to enable the wide use of drones carrying passengers in the Caribbean.
Drone Boats: Inside the U.S. Navy’s Latest Unmanned AI Tech
Wall Sreet Journal | 01/16/2023
These drone boats are the latest unmanned technology being tested by the U.S. Navy. WSJ's Shelby Holliday traveled to Bahrain to get a rare look at how the U.S. is pairing unmanned surface vessels with artificial intelligence to see "from seabed to space." Illustration: Adele Morgan
Preventing Mid-Air collisions earns drone team prestigious award 
sUAS News | 01/05/2023
MITRE and our partners created and tested a new airborne collision avoidance system, advancing critical innovation to further the development of uncrewed aircraft systems and earning a prestigious R&D100 innovation award.
DRONELIFE Enters Our 10th Year! Our Top 3 Predictions for the Drone Industry in 2023
dronelife | 01/02/2023
It may be hard for newer entrants to the sector to realize that just 10 years ago, the commercial use of drones was actually illegal in the United States, according to a Section 333.  From 2014 – 2016, companies who wished to operate drones commercially had to receive a Section 333 exemption from the FAA.  It wasn't until the introduction of Part 107 in 2016 that there was a clear and standardized legal path for commercial drone use.
DronePort Network joins Tulsa’s drone and AAM development plan
DroneDJ | 12/22/2022
Aerial strategy and infrastructure specialist DronePort Network has formed a partnership with Osage LLC to develop and manage the large, multi-purpose Skyway 36 aviation facility, whose use by fixed-wing planes, drones, and next-generation passenger craft will be the cornerstone of the Tulsa Regional Advanced Mobility project (TRAM).
DronePort Network to Manage Skyway 36
sUAS News | 12/21/2022
Oklahoma City based DronePort Network (DPN) has entered into a contract with Osage LLC to develop and manage Skyway 36.
NAA plans cross-country air race for electric aircraft
Transport UP | 12/08/2022
The first Pulitzer Electric Aircraft Race, planned for May 2023, will be a four day, 1,000 nm cross-country event beginning in Omaha, NE and ending near Kitty Hawk, NC.
AFWERX: How the Air Force and DoD are Supporting Innovation in the Drone Industry – and Vice Versa
dronelife | 10/30/2022
The AUVSI NE UAS and AAM Summit, held at the Northeastern University Innovation Campus, took place last week with an impressive lineup. Among the speakers offering a rare opportunity for an open discussion was Lt. Col. Thomas F. Meagher, Division Chief, AFWERX Prime, Department of the Air Force.  AFWERX is one of the military agencies most actively supporting and investing in new unmanned technology companies, helping startups reach commercial viability and scale through investment, testing, and other services.
NASA holds design challenge for firefighting air tanker
Fire Aviation | 10/05/2022
Another student competition for designing an air tanker has concluded.
Students at Bentonville high schools can take drone pilot classes
5 News Online | 09/29/2022
Drones are becoming more and more a part of our lives. We see them everywhere. It's also the wave of the future when it comes to careers. 
SkyDrop Releases “The Kitty Hawk Moment”, episode one of the documentary series
sUAS News | 09/25/2022
SkyDrop (formerly Flirtey) has released episode one of a documentary series "The SkyDrop Story", to tell the historical story of the first FAA-approved drone delivery on US soil.
Pitch the Press from the Floor of Commercial UAV Expo: The 3 Winners
dronelife | 09/08/2022
Air6, Consortiq, Wonder Robotics win "Pitch the Press" at Commercial UAV Expo 2022
The ROI of Commercial Drone Programs: Skydio’s Adam Bry at Commercial UAV Expo
dronelife | 09/07/2022
At this morning's Commercial UAV Expo Keynotes,  Commercial UAV Expo Editor Jeremiah Karpowitz and Skydio Co-Founder and CEO Adam Bry discussed how the concept of automation and reliability inform the ROI of commercial drones.
'Pie in the sky', no longer!
new electronics | 08/25/2022
The market for drones has been growing rapidly as new use cases emerge, but with their deployment comes the issue of a suitable supporting infrastructure.
Large-scale research effort on drone traffic management will answer a critical need in a growing industry
sUAS News | 08/19/2022
Virginia Tech has won its sixth major federal contract to lead research on an increasingly urgent question: How to safely manage drone traffic.
Commercial Drone Alliance uses old-school lobbying in next-generation AAM sector
Drone DJ | 08/18/2022
Rebounding off its participation in the August 3 White House summit on advanced air mobility (AAM), sector lobbying organization Commercial Drone Alliance has gone on the offensive with praise of the Biden administration's initiative in support of next-generation aerial activities, but with criticism of regulatory constrictions it says stifles increased UAV services in the US.
Assuring Autonomy BlogWhite House Advanced Air Mobility Summit: Takeaways for Industry
AUVSI | 08/10/2022
On August 3rd, the White House hosted a Summit on Advanced Air Mobility (AAM). While AAM was the focus of the Summit, discussions also centered around more traditional Uncrewed Aircraft Systems (UAS) issues, in addition to Counter-UAS issues in light of the Administration's Counter-UAS Action Plan. AUVSI was honored to be able to attend this historic event and thanks the Biden Administration, and specifically the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP), for organizing this Summit and inviting key industry stakeholders to share their views. Below are AUVSI's top takeaways from the Summit
Top Tips to Implement an Enterprise Drone Program: From the Experts at DroneNerds
drone life | 07/25/2022
DroneNerds is a top drone reseller, offering a wide variety of services and support.  They've helped enterprise clients from many different verticals – and they've published a new ebook based on their experience supporting clients to help new entrants implement a successful enterprise drone program.  The following is a DroneNerds guest post by Senior Marketing Manager, Ana Coronel.  The full eBook, 8 Tips for UAV Program Implementation Success, can be downloaded here.
Pratt & Whitney and Collins launch hybrid-electric programme
Aerospce Manufacturing | 07/20/2022
Pratt & Whitney and Collins Aerospace, both Raytheon Technologies businesses, have launched a new hybrid-electric technology demonstrator programme applicable to future advanced air mobility vehicles.
UAS In Firefighting: How Unmanned Systems Can Help To Keep The Environment Safe
sUAS News | 07/13/2022
Firefighting services worldwide are constantly innovating, and the recent trend toward using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) is no exception. Climate change has been a key factor in increasing the risk and extent of wildfires.
NASA's Advanced Air Mobility Mission Researches Noise | 06/27/2022
NASA's Advanced Air Mobility mission is developing design tools that manufacturers can use to reduce noise impacts. The Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) project and Revolutionary Vertical Lift Technology project work together to conduct testing with industry partners. The data NASA collects and analyzes from these tests with electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft (eVTOLs) will ensure that the agency's aircraft design tools correctly predict noise levels for these types of vehicles.
Event 38 Fuel Cell Powered Fixed Wing Drone: Extended Flight Time, Reduced Noise | 06/24/2022
Mapping drone manufacturer Event 38 Unmanned Systems completed a successful demo flight of a drone powered by a hydrogen fuel cell, at the Kent State University airport. The flight was the culmination of a multi-year project, initiated in 2020 with sponsorship by the Ohio Federal Research Network (OFRN), a program managed by Parallax Advanced Research. Event 38 partnered with experts at Kent State University, Case Western Reserve University, the University of Dayton, and Wright State University to investigate the potential of fuel cells as a power source for drones.
Will a Lack of Hangar Space Hamper Innovation?
Flying | 06/10/2022
Easy access to airports is essential for the development of next-generation aircraft.
Compact long-range eplanes could be the future of mobility
Your Story | 05/08/2022
In an interview with YourStory, professor Satyanarayanan Chakravarthy, co-founder of The ePlane Company talks about electric planes, drone regulations affecting the sector, his journey from professor to entrepreneur and more
The Cysero Fund invests in FlyingBasket, an innovative startup in the UAS field
UAS | 03/20/2022
New series A investment for the fund Cysero from AVM Gestioni SGR S.p.a., manager of EuVECA Benefit
corporation promoted jointly with Kilometro Rosso, the science and technology park of Bergamo to invest in startups and innovative SMEs to develop a true Italian center of cybersecurity and humanoid robotics.
Qarbon Aerospace Partners with Georgia Tech for NASA’s University Leadership Initiative (ULI) to Address Barriers in the Development of Civilian Vertical Lift Vehicles
businesswire | 03/14/2022
Qarbon Aerospace, Inc. (Qarbon Aerospace) has partnered with Georgia Tech to participate in NASA's University Leadership Initiative (ULI), focused on the development of Advanced Structures for Civil Vertical Lift Vehicles.
U Nevada, Reno; SNC named to NASA ULI
Aerospace Manudacturing and Design | 03/04/2022
Four teams of university and industry partners are selected to program that supports NASA's aeronautical goals and involves students in aeronautic research and testing.
Whitepaper: A Perfect Autopilot For Package Drone Delivery
sUAS News | 03/03/2022
COVID-19 pandemic has been one of the hardest setbacks the aviation industry has suffered in history. The reduction of people's movement significantly impacted global air traffic. In 2021, there have been green shoots as the number of flights has increased to figures close to pre-pandemic figures.
Unmanned Aerial Vehicle is Based on da Vinci Aerial Screw Design
Tech Briefs | 02/28/2022
In the fifteenth century, artist and engineer Leonardo da Vinci envisioned a craft that flew using a single helix-shaped propeller — the aerial screw — viewed by many as the first vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) machine ever designed.
In 2020, the Vertical Flight Society's (VFS) 37th Annual Student Design Competition challenged students from across the world to reimagine da Vinci's design. Using modern-day analytical and design tools, students were tasked to design and demonstrate a feasible modern-day VTOL vehicle based on the aerial screw concept and demonstrate the consistency of its physics.
NCDOT Launches National First with Tethered Drones on IMAP Trucks
sUAS News | 02/22/2022
Two N.C. Department of Transportation programs combined to be the first in the nation to launch an innovative technology pilot with their safety service patrol that should improve safety on North Carolina roadways.
Transformative Vertical Flight 2022: Opening Words from NASA, FAA, and USAF
Aviation Today | 01/27/2022
This week, the Transformative Vertical Flight 2022 event is taking place for in-person attendees in San Jose, California, as well as for virtual attendees. The 9th annual eVTOL Symposium includes presentations from researchers, government agencies, and industry leaders. The opening session of TVF2022 featured Davis Hackenberg and Jaako Karras from NASA; Col. Jay Hopkins, US Army, Chief of Staff, FVL CFT; Col. Nathan Diller, USAF, Director of AFWERX; and Steve Bradford from the FAA.
AAM Ecosystems of the Future Rely on a Merging of Drone Technology Today
Commercial UAV News | 01/26/2022
For the past few years, we have been talking about two distinct industries when it comes to small and large drones. The reasons behind that are varied, but the way in which unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and air taxis that define advanced air mobility (AAM) ecosystems can and will operate in the same airspace have been positioned as distinct. But is it right to stay focused on these differences rather than their similarities?  
Kittyhawk – Head of People Ops
sUAS News | 01/20/2022
Here at Kittyhawk in Palo Alto, we are developing ground breaking all-electric Vertical Take off and Landing (VTOL) aircraft.  They are designed to be fast, small, and exceedingly quiet, taking advantage of new possibilities to free people from traffic. 
Overview of NASA’s Extensible Traffic Management (xTM) Research
sUAS News | 01/20/2022
NASA's Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Traffic Management (UTM) project introduced a new Air Traffic Management (ATM) architecture that utilizes industry's ability to supply industry-developed, third-party services that work complementarily with the FAA-provided Air Traffic Service (ATS) to exchange relevant air vehicle information among the UAS operations and between the UTM and the conventional ATM system.
4D Avionic Systems Awarded Competitive Grant from the National Science Foundation
UAS | 01/19/2022
4D Avionic Systems has been awarded a National Science Foundation (NSF) Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grant for $255,994 to conduct research and development (R&D) work on a 4D Flightpath-Based Autonomous Separation Assurance Systems (ASAS).
UTA working with DFW aerospace companies to enable autonomous flight systems
EurekAlert | 01/14/2022
A University of Texas at Arlington aerospace engineer is teaming with industry partners to develop control systems for autonomous aerial vehicles that will increase their safety and detect structural issues.
AUVSI Announces Advocacy Department Expansion
Homeland Security Today | 01/12/2022
AUVSI's investment in building its advocacy capacity will allow the association to expand its work on critical issues across domains and sectors.
UAS Cluster Initiative and DronePort Network announce new Executive Director
UAS Cluster Initiative | 01/07/2022
The Unmanned Aerial Systems Cluster Initiative (UAS Cluster Initiative) and DronePort Network are pleased to announce that Phillip "Craig" Mahaney was recently named as Executive Director.
5 Fast Facts about Air Mobility Corridor Development in Michigan and Ontario
Aviation Pros | 01/05/2022
Gov. Gretchen Whitmer announced Wednesday that Michigan and Ontario are collaborating on an initiative involving unmanned aerial systems (UAS), more commonly known as drones.   
Build Back Better grants would better position Battle Creek for the future
Battle Creek Enquirer | 12/25/2021
Our Battle Creek region in Southwest Michigan has been hit especially hard by the coronavirus pandemic, and the federal Build Back Better Regional Challenge absolutely would help our 52,000 neighbors.
Ernest Huffman on Dawn of Drones This Week! North Texas Council of Governments
dronelife | 12/15/2021
Don't miss Ernest Huffman on Dawn of Drones This Week! Ernest Huffman is the Aviation Planning and Education Program Manager for the North Central Texas Council of Governments (NCTCOG): tune in below on Wednesday, December 15 at 11:00 am EST!
Tulsa-area proposal among 60 finalists for millions in federal funding for economic development
Tulsa World | 12/14/2021
Planning organization INCOG is among 60 finalists for a U.S. Economic Development Administration grant that could award the Tulsa region up to roughly $70 million for economic development, local representatives say.
The Director of AFWERX, US Air Force announced to speak at the UAV Technology USA 2022 Conference
Robotics Tomorrow | 12/02/2021
SMi Group reports: Colonel Nathan P. Diller from the US Air Force will be giving an update on the AFWERX program at the UAV Technology USA Conference, taking place in Arlington, VA, in February 2022.
Vantis RFP: Multiple UAVS Vendors Needed to Support BVLOS Testing
dronelife | 12/02/2021
North Dakota's Statewide UAS Network, Vantis, has released a Request for Proposals (RFP) seeking multiple unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) to support operational testing of beyond-visual-line-of-sight flights (BVLOS) on the network. Proposals are due by December 31, 2021, at 2:00 p.m. CT.
Paris tests flying taxi tech ahead of 2024 Olympics
PlaceTech | 11/29/2021
The French capital is developing Europe's first 'vertiport' for electric vertical take-off and landing (eVOTL) aircraft, such as air taxis.
CAE to debut VTOL desktop simulator for unmanned systems
Trade Arabia | 11/10/2021
CAE will demonstrate a new Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) desktop simulator based on the company's Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) Mission Trainer at the Dubai Airshow from November 14 to 18, 2021. 
Increasing advanced air mobility (AAM) and UAS operations over the next decade will create a surge in demand for pilots, which by some estimates could be close to 60,000 pilots needed by 2028. However, training solutions geared specifically towards VTOL operations are currently limited.
What Is Drone and Its Specifications?
TechBulliom | 11/10/2021
Currently, the word "drone" is used to describe a flying electronic device, which can be directed by remote control (or even a cell phone) and, mainly in common sense, makes us think of a small toy "helicopter" that we can use for the most diverse functions.
The correct terminology to refer to "drones" is Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV). Within the UAV category, we have the Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA), which are the ones that usually come to mind when we think about drones, and the Autonomous Aircraft, whose use is completely prohibited in Brazil. The drones that are sold in stores and appear on sale here on Promobit, therefore, are in the RPA category and that's what we'll discuss throughout this article.
A Veteran’s Day Salute: Inclusive UAS – One Man’s Mission to Bring Drone Flight to People with Disabilities
drone life | 11/10/2021
As soon as he impacted the ground, he knew something was seriously wrong. In December 2016, a freak fall while snowboarding left U.S. Air Force veteran Rob Corbett, a decorated non-commissioned officer and Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI) agent with more than a decade of active duty service to the nation, paralyzed from the neck down.
Ever since, he's dedicated his life to bringing inclusion into the drone community by advocating for and training others with disabilities, including veterans and their families.

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