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Leveling the Playing Field, Drone Data and More - Five Takeaways from AUVSI XPONENTIAL 2024
Commercial UAV News | 05/03/2024
The drone industry is defined by people who are committed to the technology and unlocking the value it can create for individuals and society as a whole,
Advanced Air Mobility and Unmanned Systems Sector Soaring to New Heights
Oklahoma Dept of Commerce | 04/29/2024
Key assets and test sites across the state are setting the stage for research and development, manufacturing and more.
Drone Maker Swarm Aero Selects Northwest Arkansas for Advanced Manufacturing
sUAS News | 03/04/2024
Swarm Aero, developer of large uncrewed aerial vehicle (UAV) swarms, has selected Northwest Arkansas as the site for its advanced, high-volume manufacturing of uncrewed aircraft.
Drone Programs in Construction Update: Who's Doing What?
Commercial UAV News | 02/13/2024
Drones have become increasingly impactful in the construction industry, offering a range of benefits that improve efficiency, safety, and cost-effectiveness.
Industrializing additive manufacturing in the defense/aerospace sector
Composites World | 02/05/2024
Over the last 13 years, General Atomics Aeronautical Systems Inc. (GA-ASI) has explored the use of polymer/composite and metal additive manufacturing (AM) as a cost- and time-saving alternative to conventional manufacturing,
The Drone Industry’s Journey Through 2023
Drone Industry Insights | 01/23/2024
The drone industry in 2023 experienced transformative changes, highlighted by significant regulatory shifts, technological advancements, and a growing global market. Much has already been written about the drone industry's achievement in 2023. For a recap of the top stories by category, or a closer look at the 11 biggest news, feel free to check out the respective articles from our partners.
Native American tribes are making a big economic impact in Tulsa
American City and Country | 01/22/2024
Native American tribes in Oklahoma have poured more than $15.6 billion into the state, while generating billions more from companies that support the tribes' business operations, according to the most recent Oklahoma Native Impact report (fiscal year 2019). The report illustrates how Oklahoma's 38 federally recognized tribes have made an unprecedented impact on the Sooner State's economy through a diverse portfolio of businesses including gaming and hospitality, manufacturing, real estate, retail and professional services, UAS/AAM, among others.
AAM Prepared: Pioneering the Future of Air Transportation
dronelife | 12/06/2023
AUVSI and Industry Leaders Launch Unprecedented Campaign to Propel Advanced Air Mobility
Skydio, Trimble Partner to Bring Centimeter Level Accuracy to the X10
dronelife | 11/09/2023
Skydio and Trimble Collaborate on New Integration for Utilities, Construction and State Transportation Agencies
Aerospace Innovations: Materials, Systems, and Technologies
Thomas | 10/11/2023
In the ever-evolving realm of aerospace, where the boundaries of human ingenuity seem to stretch infinitely, groundbreaking innovations are continually reshaping the landscape of flight. From cutting-edge materials to disruptive technologies, the aerospace industry is experiencing a revolution marked by unprecedented advancements in various domains.
Democratizing Manufacturing Tech and Developing the Workforce for the Factory of the Future
SME | 10/04/2023
Launched at the beginning of 2019 and currently employing more than 120 research engineers and student technicians, the Advanced Technologies Lab for Aerospace Systems (ATLAS) at Wichita State University's National Institute for Aviation Research (NIAR) is a makerspace for industry-scale automated manufacturing research.
AI’s Role in Predictive Flight Path Monitoring for Aerial Mobility
Transport Up | 09/18/2023
Innovation is soaring to new heights in aerial mobility, and recent advances in artificial intelligence (AI) are challenging the ways traditional methods of flight path monitoring.
Skyports and Equinor Partner to Improve Offshore Logistics with Electric Drone Deliveries
Transport Up | 09/17/2023
In a new collaboration, Skyports Drone Services, a drone logistics, survey, and monitoring operations company, has teamed up with Norwegian energy company Equinor to lead a new project in the aerial mobility sector. This partnership aims to improve cargo logistics for offshore oil installations in the North Sea, setting a new standard for efficiency, safety, and sustainability.
Oklahoma Is Reaching New Heights
Newswires | 09/05/2023
The Oklahoma business climate is vibrant with growth of traditional industries invigorated with other sectors in more nascent stages. Economic development projects announced in 2022 and led by the Oklahoma Department of Commerce are expected to bring more than 7,000 new jobs and $3.7 billion in new private investment.
NBAA, Stakeholders Caution AAM Working Group: Competition is “Fierce and Rapidly Advancing”
dronelife | 08/16/2023
In a recent statement, the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) has addressed two crucial initiatives aimed at facilitating the safe and seamless integration of advanced air mobility (AAM) into the U.S. National Airspace System (NAS).
How will the aerospace industry attract the skilled employees it needs?
Aerospace Manufacturing & Design | 08/07/2023
Five pitches to persuade young talent with valuable technical skills to join the A&D sector.
Tulsa Is Reinventing Itself
Site Selection | 07/26/2023
Tulsa, whose existing manufacturing base in energy and aviation has experienced erosion, is one of scores of communities leveraging federal grants under the $1.9 trillion Build Back Better American Rescue Plan, approved in 2021. Tulsa will use the money it's been awarded to help reset and reposition its backbone industries.
These tiny electric fans are powerful enough to propel drones and jets
Popular Science | 07/12/2023
The jet engines on commercial airplanes can be absolutely huge. Technically known as turbofans, these machines have massive spinning fans in the front that create thrust by sending air out the back. One specific engine model has a fan that measures about 11 feet across. The engines burn jet fuel, create huge amounts of thrust, and are very loud. 
But what if you could point a ray gun at them and shrink them way down, make them electric, and better yet, very quiet? That's the goal of a company called Whisper Aero, which was founded in 2021.
Creating Hydrogen from Seawater Could Be a Game Changer for the Aerospace Industry
dronelife | 07/07/2023
New Research on Producing Hydrogen from Seawater Could Help Boost Hydrogen Drone Tech
San Francisco Bracing for the Most Highly-Anticipated eVTOL Event This Year
Autoevolution | 07/03/2023
The upcoming AIRTAXI World Congress in San Francisco is finally breaking the ice with what promises to be a show that will go down in history.
Engineer looks to transform manufacturing of UAVs
Aerospace Manufacturing and Design | 06/27/2023
Increased automation would be gamechanger for manufacturing of unmanned aerial vehicles and urban air mobility.
The First Ever High-Volume eVTOL Aircraft Manufacturing is Moving Full Speed Ahead for Production in 2024
dronelife | 06/26/2023
During the 2023 Paris Air Show, Archer Aviation Inc. and Stellantis announced progress in their strategic manufacturing partnership. Construction is currently ongoing on the world's first high-volume eVTOL aircraft manufacturing facility located on a roughly 100-acre Covington, Georgia-based campus. Recently, Stellantis raised its strategic shareholding by way of a series of purchases of Archer stock in the open market.
Virginia Tech students use 3D printing to make working drones
suas News | 05/18/2023
3D printing typically involves a single machine creating an object. But a team of undergraduate researchers has taken that paradigm far outside its box in the Design, Research, and Education for Additive Manufacturing (DREAMS) Lab, led by L.S. Randolph Professor Chris Williams.
AUVSI Xponential: The Keynote on Cybersecurity for Drones
dronelife | 05/09/2023
AUVSI Xponential is taking place in Denver this week.  This morning, the keynote sessions kicked off, including a conversation on cybersecurity issues with AUVSI's Chief Advocacy Officer Michael Robbins and Tobias Whitney, VP of Strategy and Policy at Fortress Information Security
From the Floor of Xponential 2023: Making Aviation Profitable
dronelife | 05/09/2023
Today in Denver at Xponential 2023, a panel of experts discussed a topic on the minds of everyone in the industry: how do we make aviation profitable?
WindShape expands global reach with drone testing labs in Tulsa
UAS Magazine | 04/18/2023
WindShape, a trailblazing Swiss company established in 2016, has been revolutionizing the drone industry through research, development, testing, inspection, certification, and validation. In an ambitious effort to extend its global presence, WindShape is announcing a strategic partnership with the Osage tribal nation, to open a cutting-edge indoor drone testing and validation facility at the Skyway36 Droneport and Technology Innovation Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
Majority of manufacturers lack end-to-end supply chain planning solution - Rockwell Automation global survey
Zawya | 03/15/2023
Cybersecurity risks is the highest ranked obstacle addressed via smart manufacturing initiatives
How Fast is the Open Source Drone Ecosystem Growing? Dronecode Publishes Year in Review
dronelife | 03/01/2023
As the drone industry grows and new manufacturers enter the market, is the use of open source drone platforms growing?  The Dronecode Foundation, the organizing force behind the PX4 open source drone ecosystem, has published their Year in Review report for 2022: and the metrics tell an interesting story.
AUVSI launch green UAS scheme for America
sUAS News | 02/23/2023
Not enough American companies managing to comply with the Blue sUAS program perhaps? It will be interesting to see how this pans out.
Improving trust in autonomous technology
MT Technology Review | 02/22/2023
The combined power of AI and robotics is revolutionizing mobility and manufacturing. Automated vehicles, airplanes, people movers, and warehouse robots are improving in their range, flexibility, situational awareness, and intelligence, while better technology, a hunger for increased productivity and efficiency, and the pressures of covid-19 lockdowns have fueled investment in autonomous systems. In 2020 and 2021, market debuts for self-driving vehicles alone boasted a collective initial valuation of over $50 billion.
Air taxi supply shortage may slow eVTOL adoption, Archer Aviation exec says at CES
Smart Cities Dive | 01/12/2023
It might take a while for air taxis to take off as manufacturers ramp up production and public officials figure out how to regulate and plan for them, panelists said during a Friday discussion at the CES trade show in Las Vegas.
Electric Charging for eVTOL Aircraft Is Different From Cars
AINonline | 01/02/2023
If you think you can model eVTOL aircraft charging based on the same systems used for electric cars, think again.
That is the message from Josh Portlock, the CTO of Electro, an Australia-based company that manufactures electric aircraft charging products. Portlock delivered his pitch at the recent Vertical Aviation Safety Team (VAST) conference.
Dallas’ Jaunt Air Mobility Signs Letter of Intent to Sell Air Taxis in Québec and South Korea
Dallas Innovates | 12/20/2022
Jaunt, a maker of electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft has signed a letter of intent with Québec-based Vertiko Mobility for an intended initial purchase of 71 Jaunt Journey eVTOLs. It also signed an LOI with Mint Air of South Korea for 40 aircraft to serve the Korean air taxi market.
DronePort Network partners with Osage LLC to develop Skyway 36
UAS Magazine | 11/29/2022
Oklahoma City based DronePort Network (DPN) has entered into a contract with Osage LLC to develop and manage Skyway 36.
Advancing eVTOL with additive manufacturing
Aerospace Manufaturing | 11/18/2022
Ed Hill talks to Erik de Seeuw, market manager manufacturing at additive manufacturing experts Materialise and Balazs Kerulo, chief engineer at LIFT Aircraft, about the development of the HEXA eVTOL, a single-seat, semi-autonomous personal aerial vehicle.
Why we need advances in avionics for eVTOLs
Aerospace Testing International | 11/02/2022
Aviation is one of the most innovative industries in the world. It is underpinned by some of the world's brightest minds, captivating startups, and multi-billion dollar organizations that invest colossal sums in highly advanced R&D programs it is a sector that continues to evolve and progress at supersonic speed, with a track record of achieving the impossible.
St. Louis company introduces powerful drone tech in a small package
Flyover Future | 10/19/2022
Our goal at Flyover Future is to highlight the innovation and entrepreneurship going on in the heartland of the U.S. This week, we touch down in St. Louis, a city becoming known for its work in geospatial intelligence, to speak with the co-founders of WingXpand, an aerospace startup that manufactures aviation and aerospace components. James Barbieri is co-founder and CEO of WingXpand and Michelle Madaras is its co-founder and chief customer officer. We spoke to them from Los Angeles where they are participating in the TechStars program.
TOPODRONE advances airborne bathymetric surveying with AQUAMAPPER launch at INTERGEO 2022
sUAS News | 10/18/2022
TOPODRONE, a Swiss based designer and manufacturer of high-precision LiDAR equipment for installation on drones, vehicles and backpacks, launches AQUAMAPPER, a UAV-based solution for bathymetric surveying and marine construction. The new multitasking data collecting device and TOPODRONE LiDAR ULTRA equipment have been successfully used together for airborne surveying at a highway construction project in Romania, EU to deliver a full digital twin of a studied area. 
USAF SBIR Accelerates VerdeGo Aero Hybrid-Electric Powerplant Development
Transport Up | 10/06/2022
The $1.2 million Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) contract will provide funding for VerdeGo to perform advanced risk reduction on the VH-3-185 hybrid powerplant, which has applications to both military and commercial high-performance electric aircraft.
Luftcar Announces Plans to Develop HYDROB, a Hydrogen Fuel Cell – Battery Hybrid Propulsion System for The Advanced Air Mobility Market
Hydrogen Central | 09/26/2022
LuftCar announces plans to develop HYDROB, a hydrogen fuel cell – battery hybrid propulsion system for the Advanced Air Mobility market.
ANRA SIAOP Combines the Best of Counter Drone Technologies and UTM
dronelife | 09/19/2022
Counter drone systems (cUAS) are designed to detect, identify and mitigate unauthorized drones.  Unmanned traffic management   (UTM) solutions are a framework of regulations and technology products that work to provide a system providing stakeholders with a view of airspace traffic that allows commercial operators to avoid collisions and cooperate in shared airspace.
Ohio breaks ground on National Advanced Air Mobility Center of Excellence
Aerospace Manufacturing and Design | 08/26/2022
The NAAMCE will feature a two-story, 30,000ft2 office building to house administrative, laboratory, meeting, and collaboration space, with 25,000ft2 of aircraft hangar space available for use by the U.S. Air Force and private industry. The center will support the expanding work of manufacturers and operators of electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft and unmanned aerial systems (UAS) for advanced air mobility (AAM).
Governors Stitt, Hutchinson Partner to Create Super Region for Advanced Mobility in the Heartland
PR Newswire | 08/18/2022
Governors Kevin Stitt and Asa Hutchinson joined together to position the Oklahoma-Arkansas region as a national hub for advanced mobility (AM) with the support of partners Tulsa Innovation Labs and Runway Group. The collaborative effort to support the growth of the AM industry, including drones, electric and autonomous vehicles, battery manufacturing, and transportation and logistics solutions, will create new research and testing space, support local AM startups, attract new companies, and convene industry corporations to test and scale new technologies. 
Edge Autonomy acquires Adaptive Energy, a leader in solid oxide fuel technology
sUAS News | 08/15/2022
Edge Autonomy, a leader in unmanned and autonomous technology, announced today that it has acquired Adaptive Energy (or "the Company"), a globally recognized designer and manufacturer of solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC) for backup, off grid and UAV power. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.
Mayman Aerospace debuts Speeder Air Utility Vehicle (AUV) at Draper Venture CEO Summit
Transport UP | 07/28/2022
Mayman Aerospace, developer of an optionally-piloted, single-seat, high-powered VTOL utility aircraft, recently unveiled a prototype of its 'Speeder' at the 2022 Draper Venture Network CEO Summit in Northern California.
NREL Addresses Energy Challenges for Sustainable Aviation
NREL | 07/15/2022
From Sustainable Fuels to Airport Infrastructure Analysis to Next-Gen Aircraft, NREL Offers Solutions for Lowering Emissions in a Sector That Is Among the Most Difficult To Decarbonize
Three ways drones are supporting pharma supply chains
Pharma Logistics IQ | 06/22/2022
Drones have emerged as an important tool in the delivery of medicines around the world. Here are three main ways these unmanned vehicles are transforming the supply chain
Axle Box Innovations uses Essentium AM platform for 3D Printed fire-fighting drones
sUAS News | 06/10/2022
Essentium, Inc., a leading innovator of industrial additive manufacturing (AM) solutions, today announced Axle Box Innovations, a public safety technology developer, is using Essentium AM technology to support the development of US-made 3D printed drones for fire management and protection.
Axle Box Innovations uses Essentium AM platform for 3D Printed fire-fighting drones
sUAS News | 06/10/2022
Essentium, Inc., a leading innovator of industrial additive manufacturing (AM) solutions, today announced Axle Box Innovations, a public safety technology developer, is using Essentium AM technology to support the development of US-made 3D printed drones for fire management and protection.
eVTOL company Eve taps Porsche Consulting to address UAM scalability
Military Aerospace Electronics | 06/07/2022
The study will address scalability and distributed production as the urban air mobility (UAM) market evolves to meet projected demand.

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