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Sensing Climate, Reducing the Weather Tax
inside unmanned systems | 01/04/2023
Better weather sensing could reduce 'weather tax' in the form of delays and cancellations.
How Much Electricity Will Electric Airplanes Need, & How Much Will It Cost?
Clean Technica | 12/07/2022
Over the past few years I've been assessing the decarbonization of aviation, in large part because it's a hard target of high economic merit, and to a certain degree because there is so much overhyped nonsense in the space. Tens of billions of dollars of venture capital and retail investor money has been funneled through SPACs into electric vertical takeoff (EVTOL) and landing aircraft and urban air mobility (UAM) schemes that claim to be electrifying aviation, as an obvious example.
Here are four drone market trends about which every business leader and entrepreneur should be aware.
sUAS News | 12/03/2022
The Air Mobility Ecosystem Consortium (AMEC) is aiming to demonstrate the commercial and operational viability of Advance Aerial Mobility (AAM) in the UK.
Rain Industries launch Rain 2 firefighting drone
sUAS News | 11/08/2022
Rain Industries, a leader in rapid initial wildfire suppression, has announced their next-generation autonomous firefighting demonstrator aircraft: the Rain MK2. The MK2 is an uncrewed aircraft system (UAS) based on a proven helicopter airframe. In conjunction with Rain's fire agency launch customers, the MK2 will be used to demonstrate rapid initial wildfire response and containment.
Using small drones to measure wind speeds in the polar regions
Tech Xplore | 10/27/2022
Drones and similar small unmanned aerial vehicles (sUAVs) have seen a massive surge in popularity over the past few years due to their innovative applications, such as crop monitoring, search and rescue operations, and coast profiling. The potential of sUAVs in atmospheric science and meteorology has not gone unnoticed either as drones offer an efficient way to place various kinds of sensors up above in the lower atmosphere.
Agras Drones: Spraying Drones are Bringing Opportunity to Rural American
dronelife | 10/13/2022
Drones are a major tool for agriculture, recognized by the World Bank and advocacy organizations around the world as a way of securing the global food supply.  In Asian countries and elsewhere, spraying drones are widely used to apply fertilizer, pesticides and other products for more efficient farming.  How are spraying drones bringing new opportunities to rural America?
Drones for Hurricane Ian Recovery: Airborne Response Completes More than 500 Flights
dronelife | 10/02/2022
Airborne Response a leading provider of mission-critical aerial intelligence using small uncrewed aircraft systems (sUAS), has completed more than 500 drone flights in Florida on behalf of enterprise customers supporting response, relief, and recovery efforts in the aftermath of Category 4 Hurricane Ian.
What drones are and their valuable service to society
Telefonica | 09/14/2022
Basically, a drone can be defined as an unmanned vehicle that's capable of autonomously maintaining a controlled and sustained level of flight.
Ericsson and National Science Foundation’s AERPAW collaborate on 5G drone research to support smart agriculture
sUAS News | 09/13/2022
Ericsson (NASDAQ: ERIC) and the Aerial Experimentation and Research Platform for Advanced Wireless (AERPAW), funded by the National Science Foundation and a consortium of industry partners, have announced a collaboration on advancing the use of 5G for drone operations in support of smart agriculture.
TruWeather Solutions Prototypes Urban Weather Sensing Infrastructure
News wires | 09/07/2022
TruWeather Solutions (TWS), a Northern Virginia based company, has been awarded and is at the inception of a NASA funded Phase II (750,000) SBIR (Small Business Innovation Research) contract for Urban Weather Sensing Infrastructure Testbed in Hampton, Virginia.
Planting Trees with Drones: AirSeed Delivers Seed Pods for Drone Reforestation Initiative
dronelife | 08/26/2022
CAL International Partners with AirSeed Technologies for Drone Reforestation Initiative, planting trees with drones.
Autonomous Drones May Be the Only Way to Monitor Floating Solar Farms
dronelife | 08/17/2022
Today, leading autonomous inspection and monitoring solution provider Percepto revealed that it has successfully concluded a proof-of-concept (POC) for the observation of a 250 acre floating solar farm alongside the Electric Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT).
UAVOS demonstrates the opportunity of autonomous technology in forestry
sUAS News | 08/05/2022
UAVOS, a developer and manufacturer of security and commercial solutions based on advanced Unmanned Systems, has completed a drone-based forest inspection project to assess the general timber environment. Combining digital data and UAVOS's customized software has provided innovative analysis of forestry data. UAVOS's methodology is an advance for forestry, allowing foresters not only to optimize and improve the way data is collected and analyzed on a daily basis but also helping to reduce environmental risks and to generate economic wealth in the sector. The project has been carried out under partnership with a forestry and land management company. 
NASA Researchers Field-Test New Technology to Aid Drone Pilots in Fighting Fires
Aviation Today | 07/20/2022
NASA's STEReO (Scalable Traffic Management for Emergency Response Operations) project, led by the Ames Research Center, has developed a prototype of a drone pilot's kit intended to help scale up the use of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) for disaster response applications.
NREL Addresses Energy Challenges for Sustainable Aviation
NREL | 07/15/2022
From Sustainable Fuels to Airport Infrastructure Analysis to Next-Gen Aircraft, NREL Offers Solutions for Lowering Emissions in a Sector That Is Among the Most Difficult To Decarbonize
Rolls-Royce unveils new turbogenerator to advance hybrid-electric flight
Inceptive Mind | 07/14/2022
Rolls-Royce has unveiled the turbogenerator technology, which includes a new small engine aimed at advancing hybrid-electric aircraft.
UAS In Firefighting: How Unmanned Systems Can Help To Keep The Environment Safe
sUAS News | 07/13/2022
Firefighting services worldwide are constantly innovating, and the recent trend toward using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) is no exception. Climate change has been a key factor in increasing the risk and extent of wildfires.
Animal Dynamics – Advanced simulation software brings aerial autonomy within sight
sUAS News | 07/12/2022
Animal Dynamics today announces a collaboration with the University of Manchester to improve the realism of its simulated environment and accelerate the commercial rollout of its Uncrewed Aircraft System, Stork STM.  
Drones and High Resolution Lenses Protect Wildlife Around the World: Quantum Systems and Wilderness International in Peru
dronelife | 06/08/2022
Drones equipped with high resolution lenses are a powerful tool in the fight to protect wildlife around the world.
Infrastructure considerations for the future of urban air mobility
evtol | 05/18/2022
Infrastructure considerations for the future of urban air mobility
By David Ziegler
Wednesday May 18, 2022
If the emerging urban air mobility (UAM) industry falters, it won't be because the technology isn't ready or that regulators aren't building a framework to ensure that eVTOL aircraft in development won't meet the highest safety standards. The future of UAM will depend on having the right infrastructure to support operations.
FAA: Unmanned Aircraft Systems beyond Visual Line of Sight Aviation Rulemaking Committee Final Report
sUAS News | 05/14/2022
This action announces a public meeting of the UAS Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) Aviation Rulemaking Committee (ARC) Final Report.
Seed-firing drones are now reversing deforestation
thred | 05/05/2022
An Australian start up is using artificial intelligence, specially designed seed pods, and autonomous drones to reverse forest loss at record speed.
New Drones Could Spot Wildfires Earlier, Even Help Snuff Them Out
Scientific American | 05/05/2022
Right now, 12 wildfires are burning through nearly 280,000 acres in five states. Many more will burn in the months ahead, thanks to a changing climate that is resulting in widespread dryness across the U.S.
Grand Farm Announces Site Selection for Future Innovation Facility
sUAS News | 05/04/2022
Grand Farm and Casselton Economic Development jointly announced the future site of Grand Farm's Innovation Facility. 
The Virginia Unmanned Systems Center at VIPC sponsors the Nations First UAS Integrated FLY-In During Winchester’s 95th Apple Blossom Festival Virginia
Finance | 04/30/2022
The Virginia Unmanned Systems Center at VIPC, and a coalition of public and private sector leaders from DroneUp, ATA, Ecodyne, and the City of Winchester conducted a demonstration "Fly-In" during the 95th annual Apple Blossom Festival.
North Dakota Utilizes UAS Network to Assist in Disaster Recovery
UAS Magazine | 04/27/2022
After another round of severe weather brought blizzard conditions, heavy snow and ice to western North Dakota this past weekend, the state has enlisted unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) technologies to help restore services to residents and assist recovery efforts, Gov. Doug Burgum announced today in a joint release with the Northern Plains UAS Test Site (NPUASTS).
Tagging Whales From Above: How Drones are Transforming Marine Research (Again)
sUAS News | 04/22/2022
Picture a scene that's synonymous with the climate crisis. 
Maybe your mind jumped to the Amazon rainforest or the polar ice caps, where deforestation and rapid melting have long been rallying points for conservation efforts. 
But the latest research suggests it's oceans that are key to tempering climate change. In fact, a microorganism you've probably never heard of captures 40 percent of Earth's carbon emissions and produces oxygen for two out of every three breaths you take. These microscopic algae are called phytoplankton. It's both the cornerstone of the marine ecosystem and a highly effective carbon capture system. 
Iris Automation adds TruWeather tech to Casia G system
DJ Drone | 04/19/2022
Safety avionics specialist Iris Automation has made a meteorological enhancement to its Casia G ground-based surveillance system with the integration of TruWeather Solutions sensors and services – a move aiming to add climate security to the company's aerial detect-and-avoid protection.
TruWeather Solutions Forges Partnership with Iris Automation for UAS Weather-enhanced Ground-based Surveillance
Cision PR Newswire | 04/18/2022
Micro weather data and analytics firm TruWeather Solutions has joined forces with safety avionics pioneer Iris Automation to integrate TruWeather's micro weather services and cost-effective weather sensors into Iris Automation's Casia G ground-based surveillance system (GBSS).
Drones for Water Management: Black Swift Technologies Launches UAS with Soil Moisture Sensor
dronelife | 04/14/2022
On April 4th, Boulder, Colorado-based Black Swift Technologies (BST) initiated the commercial launch of an uncrewed aircraft system (UAS) equipped with a novel soil moisture sensor that will change the game for water management in agriculture and emergency response.
Electric Planes Taking Off
Semiconductor Engineering | 04/07/2022
Prototypes and tests of zero-emission planes show the industry is on the cusp of clean air travel and goods delivery.
Drones in Forestry: TreeSwift Raises $4.8 M
dronelife | 04/04/2022
TreeSwift Raises $4.8M for Drone-Based Forest Monitoring System
Lord of the Trees Raises $1.25 Million Pre-Seed Round Led by Draper Associates
sUAS News | 04/04/2022
Lord of the Trees, a full ecosystem restoration company that uses precision drone planting technology to restore degraded landscapes, today announced a $1.25 million Pre-Seed funding round led by Draper Associates, a global venture capital firm investing in industry transforming companies.
Prince Charles Talks Drones and Agricultural Innovation with GeoAerospace
dronelife | 03/31/2022
On March 24th, His Royal Highness, Prince Charles traveled to Ireland, where he met with experts in agricultural innovation, with representatives from Teagasc, Glanbia PLC, Bord Bia & GeoAerospace.
Drones in the Agriculture Sector: Five Ways Intelligent UAS are Helping Growers Meet Demand
dronelife | 03/16/2022
Zena Drone has helped revolutionize the burgeoning hemp industry.  In this guest post, Leah Jacobe outlines five ways that intelligent drones in the agriculture sector are helping growers to meet the demands of global food production.
North Dakota Department of Commerce Awards Grand Farm $10 Million Matching Grant to Advance Autonomous Agriculture Technology
sUAS News | 02/17/2022
The North Dakota Department of Commerce announced today it has selected Grand Farm as a recipient of the department's Autonomous Agriculture Technology Matching Grant. 
2022 UAS BVLOS (Beyond-Visual-Line-of-Sight) & AAM (Advanced Air Mobility) System Safety and Performance Conference!
sUAS News | 02/15/2022
Come learn the latest cutting edge weather-related tools, techniques, and tradecraft stemming from government and industry that will highlight awareness and maximize your flight operations and mission success:
New commercial BVLOS 12-mile milestone – longest distance allowed by FAA for Censys Technologies and Soaring Eagle Technologies
sUAS News | 02/09/2022
Censys Technologies and Soaring Eagle Technologies, the leading commercial Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) service provider in the US, have secured their third BVLOS waiver, resulting in more efficient tech-enabled data acquisition. The waiver covers a 12-mile distance – the longest distance ever approved by the FAA.
A milestone year for future air mobility
McKinsey & Company | 02/08/2022
The future air mobility (FAM) industry had a record year in 2021. Building on recent trends, such as technological advances, increased focus on environmental sustainability, and growing vehicle traffic congestion, this was the year that put FAM on the map. Now, the industry will mature and evolve—and as it does, new opportunities, as well as significant challenges, are likely to emerge.
Skyway and TruWeather Announce Strategic Partnership
UAS | 02/01/2022
Skyway Technologies Corp. is excited to announce TruWeather Solutions as their newest strategic partner. Together, these companies will combine their high-tech traffic navigation systems and weather risk management products. This partnership will work to provide a standardized protocol by which autonomous aircraft within the urban air space can operate safely and more efficiently. 
NOTAM Name Change: FAA Making Strides to Include All Pilots and All Aircraft
dronelife | 12/07/2021
The FAA has announced a NOTAM name change effective December 2: the former "Notice to Airmen" will now be "Notice to Air Missions."
Airobotics have signed an agreement to develop a new drone for solar panel cleaning
sUAS News | 12/07/2021
Airobotics (TASE: AIRO), an Israeli manufacturer of autonomous Unmanned Aircraft (drones) and Aerial Data Platforms, and Solar Drone, an Israeli company specializing in solar farms services, have signed a binding agreement under which Airobotics will develop and supply to Solar Drone a unique solar panel cleaning drone system. The fully automated system will include a drone docking station for automatic battery replacement and cleaning fluid replenishment, enabling the system to operate continuously.
Drones Combat Coastline Pollution: DJI Teams Up with Boat Owners
drone life | 11/28/2021
DJI has partnered with AnimaMundi Ocean Data Solutions and Lagoon to build the world's first comprehensive database of plastic waste on coastlines using drones. The project starts with drones piloted by sailors taking place in the Atlantic Rally for Cruisers (ARC), which begins on Las Palmas in the Canary Islands on November 21st.
OSU Researchers Launch Autonomous Drones to Study Wildfires
drone life | 11/26/2021
Researchers with The Ohio State University are using autonomous drones to help prevent and mitigate wildfires.
Networx3 UAV has unveiled their super-drone the latest addition to its fleet.
sUAS News | 11/19/2021
SwellPro invented and designed the world's only 100% waterproof drone and it's SplashDrone 4 is a gamechanger for Networx3 UAV allowing it to take on jobs on or near water which would have been impossible up until now.
Grand Farm applauds Legislature and Governor’s work to invest in North Dakota entrepreneurship, innovation, and technology
sUAS News | 11/17/2021
Grand Farm, led by Emerging Prairie, applauds the work of the North Dakota Legislature and Governor Burgum to invest federal American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds into the state in ways that will support and bolster entrepreneurship, innovation, and technology through the passage and signing of State Senate Bill 2345.
UMD Guest Post: Human Factors in UAS
AUVIS | 11/15/2021
IMSAFE, check! This acronym is what a normal pilot would talk through with themselves before a flight to ensure that they are personally ready to fly. IMSAFE: illness, medications, stress, alcohol, fatigue, and eating. Simple enough, right? Though these are great considerations to ensure a base-level of risk mitigation, the truth is that human factors (in all aspects of aviation) are much more complex and more important than many UAS pilots probably realize. If we look to manned aviation, somewhere between 60-80% of aviation accidents are due to or related to human factors (Shappell, 2006). This is a staggering number of accidents that could presumably be mitigated by autonomy or a higher level of risk understanding and management. We need to explore the human aspect of UAS and how we can deeply analyze ourselves and our organizations to be safer operators through the FAA's HFACS system (Shappell, 2006) and the SHELL model (Moriarty, 2015).
Atmospheric Boundary Layer Measurement with Multirotor sUAS
Unmanned Systems News | 11/15/2021
Small unmanned aerial systems (sUAS) are increasingly being used to conduct atmospheric research. Because of the dynamic nature and inhomogeneity of the atmospheric boundary layer (ABL), the ability of instrumented sUAS to make on-demand 3-dimensional high-resolution spatial measurements of atmospheric parameters makes them particularly suited to ABL investigations.
Drone-Based Monitoring of Pacific Salmon
Unmanned Systems News | 11/12/2021
FIXAR has released a case study detailing how the company's fully autonomous fixed-wing VTOL FIXAR 007 drone has been used to create a solution for the video monitoring of the Pacific salmon and its spawning grounds in the Chukotka Region of Russia.
Crop Spraying Drones: This Small U.S. Manufacturer is Taking on the Global Market
drone life | 11/02/2021
Small manufacturer of crop spraying drones takes on big competition

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