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Michigan Supreme Court Allows Drone Surveillance Evidence in Civil Case
dronelife | 05/08/2024
the Michigan Supreme Court had ruled that drone footage of a couple's private property should not be excluded as evidence in a civil action against them.
Drone Mapping of Vineyards Will Support New VISTA Project
dronelife | 11/06/2023
While flying and alcohol don't usually go together, new open standards supporting further data integration in the world of wine has the potential to modernize and streamline the operation of vineyards both in the UK and across the world.
The FAA Authorizes UPS Flight Forward and uAvionix to Operate Drones Beyond Visual Line of Sight
Federal Aviation Administration | 09/06/2023
The FAA authorized two more companies to operate drones beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS). UPS Flight Forward with its Matternet M2 can conduct small package delivery and uAvionix with its Rapace can use the Vantis Network to test its detect and avoid technology.
The Growing Market for Autonomous Drones: Investment Opportunities and Trends
City Life | 06/15/2023
The growing market for autonomous drones presents a plethora of investment opportunities and trends that are poised to revolutionize various industries.
Drone Surveillance Case Goes to Michigan Supreme Court
dronelife | 05/24/2023
Warrantless Drone Surveillance Case Will Be Heard at Michigan Supreme Court
Welcome to Chula Vista, where police drones respond to 911 calls
MIT Technology Review | 02/27/2023
The technology is already out in force in some cities, but the true debate on privacy and policies is lagging behind.
Networx3 UAV is helping business owners beat the energy crisis using its latest thermal imaging drone
sUAS News | 12/21/2022
The Matrice DJI M30T is the latest addition to the fleet but is already pulling its weight for clients who want to get to grips with sky-high energy costs.
Spectacular Drone Show Lights up the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta
sUAS News | 11/11/2022
A festival celebrating the earliest form of aviation was complemented by the very latest in aviation technology, when drone show specialist Verge Aero flew a series of spectacular light shows for the 50th anniversary Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta (AIBF) in New Mexico.
A Drone and Wearable Sensor Solution Locates Firefighters in a Burning Building: Research from George Mason University
dronelife | 10/25/2022
Drones are widely recognized as an indispensible tool in firefighting.  Now, researchers from George Mason University are working on a drone and wearable sensor solution that can locate each firefighter working in a burning building – and notify their team if they're in trouble.
What Drones Do US Border Patrol Use? Teal Drones Wins $1 M Contract for Golden Eagle
dronelife | 10/21/2022
Red Cat Holdings Subsidiary Teal Drones Awarded $1M+ Contract from U.S. Border Patrol
Navigate Data Vault: Leveraging Crowd-Sourced Aerial Data for a Constantly Refreshing Map Application
dronelife | 09/21/2022
Data contribution and app creation platform Navigate has opened its first Data Vault, providing a global audience of drone users with the ability to upload their drone data and gain rewards in the form of Navigate's native utility token, NVG8.
Picterra pioneers first-of-its-kind data curation & exploration technology for geospatial imagery
sUAS News | 09/12/2022
Picterra, the leading provider of geospatial machine learning software, today announced powerful new data curation and exploration technology that allows users to get a better understanding of their datasets and improve model accuracy. This industry-first innovation enables organizations and AI teams to get automated insights into their dataset and build more robust models with lower annotation costs.
Undergrades Use Drones to Map Ancient American Cities, Capture First-Ever Imagery of Rock Carvings
sUAS News | 08/30/2022
A group of 14 Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University students took a service-learning trip to New Mexico and Arizona this summer to work with archeologists in mapping ancient cities.
DJI Mavic 3 launched from the summit of the world’s highest mountain
sUAS News | 08/23/2022
New Everest short film reveals unprecedented aerial images
Overhead Intelligence partners with Iris Automation for Large-Scale Magnetometer Survey
sUAS News | 06/29/2022
Working with safety innovator Iris Automation, Florida-based Overhead Intelligence has commenced its first major EVLOS (extended visual line of sight) plus BVLOS flight (with 50/50 split) operation using Casia I for the entire province of Newfoundland and Labrador. The mission is for UAV magnetometer surveys in partnership with GroundTruth Exploration.
RTK and Drone Mapping: Do You Need It? Is It Worth It?
drone life | 03/20/2022
Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) is a buzz term in the UA industry, one many pilots may not understand, even though they may be "mapping" with an uncrewed aircraft (drone).   When it comes to RTK and drone mapping, how necessary is the technology to a drone services provider?  Will it earn a services provider more money?
The following is a guest post by drone industry veteran Douglas Spotted Eagle, Production and Education Director at Sundance Media Group.  DRONELIFE neither accepts nor makes payment for guest posts.
Drones in the Agriculture Sector: Five Ways Intelligent UAS are Helping Growers Meet Demand
dronelife | 03/16/2022
Zena Drone has helped revolutionize the burgeoning hemp industry.  In this guest post, Leah Jacobe outlines five ways that intelligent drones in the agriculture sector are helping growers to meet the demands of global food production.
Skydio 3D Tower Capture: Optimized for Vertical Structures
dronelife | 02/24/2022
Skydio has announced its upcoming 3D Tower Capture, the newest autonomous capture mode for its Skydio 3D Scan software. 3D Tower Capture is optimized for vertical structures, starting with telecommunications towers.
Drones for Animal Rescue: Doug Thron Flies Around the World, Saving Pets and Wildlife After Natural Disasters
drone life | 01/23/2022
Drone Pilot and Photographer Douglas Thron travels the world following natural disasters, using drones for animal rescue.
Microdrones – Using Drone Lidar for As-Built Surveys
sUAS News | 01/20/2022
Traditionally, the documentation of As-Built construction surveys relied on conventional methods such as total stations and digital photogrammetry. However, the team at Spatial Data Consultants (SDC), an expert geospatial consulting firm in High Point, North Carolina, is using drone LiDAR technology to more efficiently create accurate and precise As-Built Surveys.
Drone Industry 2021 in a Word: We Asked Our Partners to Describe This Year in Drones
dronelife | 12/30/2021
Teledyne FLIR Unveils Radiometric Vue TZ20-R Thermal Zoom Drone Payload. The high-resolution radiometric gimbaled thermal drone payload for the DJI V2 Matrice 200 Series and Matrice 300 offers pixel-by-pixel temperature measurement with up to 20 times digital zoom.
Drones for Residential Solar: Sunrun and DroneDeploy Find a Safer, More Efficient Way to Measure Rooftops
dronelife | 12/17/2021
Using drones for residential solar: DroneDeploy software allows Sunrun to conduct roof inspection without risk to workers
Engineers stitch together thousands of drone-captured images to create 3D model of BYU’s campus
sUAS News | 12/13/2021
BYU's main campus is 560 acres in size and includes roughly 100 large academic buildings. There are some 6,000 trees (900 species), miles of sidewalks and, according to most students, far too many stairs.
Grad student Bryce Berrett and his faculty mentors have virtually mapped every last inch of it. Using more than 80,000 drone-captured and ground images, and applying GPS systems for accuracy, the civil engineering student has stitched together a comprehensive 3D model of the entire BYU campus.
Sony Electronics’ Airpeak S1 Professional Drone Now Available to Order
sUAS News | 12/01/2021
Sony Electronics Inc. today announced the availability timing of the company's first-ever professional drone, "Airpeak S1." The introductory model in the new Airpeak line, the S1 is the world's smallest drone that can be equipped with a full-size mirrorless interchangeable-lens Alpha camera, opening up a new world of creative possibilities for cinematographers and other visual storytelling professionalsi. Pre-sale opens today, December 1, 2021, with an expected customer ship date of December 24, 2021.
DOCOMO’s Blade-Free, Blimp Drone [VIDEO]
drone life | 11/18/2021
NTT DOCOMO, INC, Japan's leading mobile operator with more than 83 million subscribers, has announced its development of a blade-free, blimp-type drone.
XAG Launches V40 and P40 Agricultural Drone Globally to Benefit More Farmers
sUAS News | 11/11/2021
XAG, the trailblazers of agriculture robotics and AI, has geared up to launch its V40 and P40 Agricultural Drone globally, bringing digital agriculture into more rural areas with aging populations and weak infrastructure. The XAG V40 and P40 are fully autonomous drones that can conduct mapping, spraying, and broadcast on farm. They are designed in supporting farmers' transition to climate-smart practices, driving greater growth with lower carbon footprints and less agrochemical.
FAA – Drones, a key piece in fighting wildfires
sUAS News | 10/29/2021
The use of drones for fighting wildfires is a "hot" topic, with more than 6 million acres of forest burned this year. When they are used by emergency responders they have proven to help suppress and contain massive blazes, and save lives on the ground and in the air.
Drones count koalas faster and cheaper than manual spotting methods: study
ABC Science | 01/10/2021
For an animal that's culturally ubiquitous, koalas are remarkably hard to spot in the wild.
As a result, it's difficult for scientists and conservationists to know just how many koalas are out there.
In New South Wales the population could be around 36,000, but last year's NSW parliamentary inquiry heard those figures are "outdated and unreliable" and the real number could be half that.
The same inquiry recommended exploring the use of drones to gain a more accurate head-count.
Happily, researchers from the University of Newcastle were already testing drones in collaboration with the NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment.
Drone-mounted cameras keep vigil on Betla National Park
The Telegraph online | 12/01/2020
Betla National Park under the Palamau Tiger Reserve is using drones with an aim to keep poachers and hunters away from the park. The drone is being flown mostly before the sunset. This operation is overseen by N Kumar, a 2018 batch Indian Forests Service officer, who is on his probation here.
Drones revolutionise search-and-rescue operations | 12/01/2020
Drones are widely used to take amazing aerial photos, or to inspect infrastructure and crops. But in the future it is hoped they can increasingly be deployed to help firefighters or search and rescue operations in emergency situations.
City tax collectors seek flying drone army to assess your home
Brooklyn Daily Eagle | 11/24/2020
City tax collectors are looking to the sky for more revenue — proposing the use of flying drones to do property assessments with an eye on setting up their own pilot certification program.
Chattanooga company using innovative technology to help farms
WRCB-TV | 10/26/2020
A Chattanooga-based company is using satellite technology to help farmers in the Sequatchie Valley.
Reno Partnership Aims to Equip Fire Department with Drones to Conduct Life-Saving River Search and Rescue Operations
sUAS News | 10/24/2020
Under the FAA's Unmanned Aircraft Systems Integration Pilot Program earlier this week, Iris Automation conducted a live drone flight demonstration for the City of Reno Fire Department of its Casia onboard Detect-and-Avoid collision avoidance system, which enables safe beyond visual line of sight drone operations.
Deep Science: Alzheimer’s screening, forest-mapping drones, machine learning in space, more
TechCrunch | 10/23/2020
This column aims to collect the most relevant recent discoveries and papers — particularly in but not limited to artificial intelligence — and explain why they matter, including a startup that's using UAV drones for mapping forests.
NCDOT awarded first-ever waiver for drone bridge inspections
Carteret County News-Times | 10/18/2020
The Federal Aviation Administration approved a waiver Oct. 2 that allows the North Carolina Department of Transportation to operate UAS beyond visual line of sight while conducting bridge inspections.
Drone warns surfer of very close encounter with 5-foot shark in Australia
Live Science | 10/12/2020
A drone camera caught a close encounter between a surfer and a white shark off the coast of New South Wales, Australia,recently. The drone is operated by Surf Life Saving NSW,a program that is part of the $8 million NSW Government Shark Management Strategy. The goal is to prevent shark attacks by getting people out of the water when large sharks are present.
Multi-agency Drone Task Force Deploys in the Aftermath of California Wildfires
sUAS News | 10/06/2020
A multi-agency task force of public safety drone teams has been supporting local agencies and residents impacted by California wildfires with high-resolution aerial imagery of damaged areas.
Skydio partners with EagleView for autonomous residential roof inspections via drone
TechCrunch | 09/28/2020
Skydio recently announced that it will work with EagleView to deploy automated residential roof inspections using Skydio drones.
Small unmanned aircraft give agents best possible vantage point on the border
Border Report | 09/26/2020
Small unmanned aircraft systems are helping agents track more undocumented immigrants, a division chief with the U.S. Border Patrol's Rio Grande Valley Sector said recently.
Drone Imaging Reveals Pre-Hispanic ‘Great Settlement’ Beneath Kansas Ranch | 09/16/2020
Archaeologists using new drone-sensing technology have found evidence of an enormous, horseshoe-shaped trench hidden beneath a Kansas ranch. The rounded earthwork, which may be part of the largest pre-Hispanic settlement north of Mexico, appears to be what's known as a council circle.
How Firefighters Are Effectively Utilizing UAVs To Combat Wildfires
Forbes | 09/10/2020
Somewhere around the world firefighters are gearing up to tackle a wildfire. To manage the rapid, unpredictable and destructive spread, firefighters are opting for sophisticated resources and innovative technology -- Drones
Embry-Riddle, Verizon Partner to Use Drones for Marine Mammal Rescue
ERAU News | 09/04/2020
In an effort to safely and humanely rescue marine mammals, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University has partnered with marine biologists and a Verizon drone-management platform to monitor animals in distress using unmanned aircraft systems. 
New hybrid quad-rotor UAS is being used on fires this summer
Fire Aviation | 09/03/2020
Bridger Aerospace has been operating an unmanned aerial system (UAS) on wildfires this year that first went into production in 2019 built by L3 Latitude Engineering.
UAV company expands footprint in Wichita
High Plains Journal | 08/28/2020
AgEagle Aerial Systems Inc., a provider of UAVs and advanced aerial imagery, data collection and analytics solutions, will locate and expand its manufacturing operations in Wichita, Kansas.
Drones dropping “Dragon Eggs” are Colorado’s latest aerial assault weapon for wildfires
The Colorado Sun | 08/28/2020
Aerial ignition to fight wildfires used to be done by helicopters. Now, as part of an increasingly progressive firefighting strategy honed by the Bureau of Land Management and adopted by the Forest Service and National Interagency Fire Center, drones are handling airborne firebombing and more.
Scenic Consulting Group Tests using UAS for Bat Exit Surveys
UAS Magazine | 08/28/2020
 A pair of environmental consulting firms located in North Carolina and Kentucky conducted bat surveys using Unmanned Aerial Systems.
Aerial survey gives Dyer a detailed look at what's going on in town
Northwest Indiana Times | 08/26/2020
When you hear about people looking at "the big picture" before making a decision, it might mean looking at 21,200 pictures in Dyer, Indiana. That's how many images are compiled using unmanned aerial vehicle technology to give town officials a single clear picture of the lay of the land.
Drone technology provides air support
Snohomish County Tribune | 08/19/2020
In hopes of being on the cutting edge of technology, the city of Monroe, Wash., is now operating an Unmanned Aerial System program. The drones are available for a wide variety of uses in the city.

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