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Berry Aviation, Inc. New Hire Announcement - Vice President of Unmanned Aerial Systems Division
Cision | 01/12/2023
Berry Aviation, Inc. is pleased to announce the expansion of their executive leadership team by welcoming Tom Ballenger as Vice President of its Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) group.
EASA – A drone for Christmas?
sUAS News | 12/12/2022
Maybe you are considering giving someone a drone for Christmas? EASA is happy to see growing numbers of responsible drone pilots. So we thought we would offer a few hints.
Looking at Buying – or Giving – a Drone for the Holidays? Check Out These FAA Drone Resources!
dronelife | 11/21/2022
If you haven't visited the website in a while, it's time for a return visit.   The agency has developed a whole library of FAA drone resources for drone pilots new and old – and it's easier to find things, too.
Interview: Fashion brand Anatomie and pioneering Urban-Air Port get set for joint take-off
MoodieDavitt Report | 03/28/2022
Electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft infrastructure pioneer Urban-Air Port recently announced a series of new partnerships with high-profile retail and food & beverage brands. Together, they aim to deliver "the travel retail experience of the future" at the world's first hub for flying taxis and delivery drones – the vertiport Air One – which will open in the UK city of Coventry next month.
The Moodie Davitt Report Senior Business Editor Mark Lane caught up with Kate Boyer,  CEO of one of those partners, Anatomie, to discover why she sees a connection with the urban air mobility industry as a perfect fit for her fast-growing fashion brand.
ALTERNATE ENERGY: Electric Aircraft, Part 1
Finger Lakes Times | 02/26/2022
Billions of dollars are finding their way into the numerous startup companies that are now jamming the personal aircraft, air taxis or emergency flight for first responders markets. NASA, to my amazement, is working to take this industry to the next level. They are working with the most prospective products with industry leaders and merging that with public acceptance, which is a major paradigm shift.
FAA Video for New Drone Pilots: Watch This Before Flying Your Holiday Drone!
drone life | 12/13/2021
For the last several years, drones have been among the most popular holiday gifts.  This causes a lot of concern for regulators, who fear that December 26 will see thousands of brand new pilots taking flight.  The FAA has upped it's communications game, however: they're working to ensure that drone owners understand that there are rules to follow – and those rules need to be taken seriously.
Why drones won’t deliver your holiday gifts this year
Fortune | 12/04/2021
Behind its store in tiny Pea Ridge, Ark., Walmart is experimenting with the future. There's a mini airport in that location's back parking lot, where a fleet of five drones will take off and land, ferrying prescription pills, vitamins, and COVID-19 tests to customers up to 50 miles away. 
DRONEDEK helping Helium expand broadband reach via “Mailboxes of the Future”
sUAS News | 11/22/2021
DRONEDEK, creator of the "mailbox of the future," announced today that it has strategically chosen Helium, The People's Network, for greater expansion of the world's first, peer-to-peer wireless network.
Zipline Delivers for Walmart: Drone Delivery Launches in Pea Ridge, Arkansas
drone life | 11/20/2021
Today, Walmart and Zipline announced the launch of their new instant delivery service in Pea Ridge, Arkansas, where the service will make on-demand deliveries of select health and wellness and consumable items from the Walmart Neighborhood Market.
Personal eVTOL Vehicles: AIR CEO Believes in the Flying Cars of the Future
drone life | 11/15/2021
From George Jetson to Prof. Brown in the Back to the Future movies, the dream of owning one's own flying car has captured the public imagination.
However, in recent years, planners envisioning urban air mobility solutions have focused largely on the creation of fleets of air taxis. Challenging this conventional wisdom is the CEO of an Israeli start-up company that has developed an electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) vehicle, who believes that small personal flying machines will be the wave of the future.
Oracle partners with India's Airtel in boost for cloud business Read more at: | 11/10/2021
Cloud service provider Oracle on Wednesday said it was partnering with Indian telecoms group Bharti Airtel's data centre unit in an expansion push that will widen the U.S. company's customer access in one of it's fastest-growing markets.
Verizon, UPS, and Skyward announce connected drone delivery at CES 2021
Verizon | 01/11/2021
Skyward, A Verizon company, and UPS Flight Forward today announced collaborative efforts to deliver retail products with drones connected to Verizon 4G LTE, as well as 5G testing and integration for delivery. The companies aim to deliver retail products via connected drones at The Villages in Florida.
HEISHA Launches User-friendly Drone-in-the-box Solution
UAS | 01/10/2021
HEISHA, the leading provider of autonomous drone charging stations in the world, as launched DNEST—its newest and smallest charging station—together with a global call for exclusive partners.
DRONAMICS announces world’s first cargo droneport network
STAT Trade Times | 11/30/2020
DRONAMICS, the middle-mile cargo drone developer and operator, today has unveiled the first five airports in its European network of cargo droneports.
Flirtey partners with Vault Health for drone delivery of COVID-19 test kits
Intelligent Aerospace | 11/25/2020
Vault Health distributes a COVID-19 saliva test kit that can be used at home under supervision from a health professional through video call.
Volansi Launches Commercial Drone Delivery Program To Deliver Cold Chain Medicines In Rural North Carolina | 10/20/2020
Volansi Inc., a leading drone delivery provider, is piloting the delivery of cold chain medicines from Merck's Wilson, N.C. manufacturing site to Vidant Healthplex-Wilson, a Vidant Health clinic.
Amazon Needs This Wireless In-Flight Drone Recharging Tech For Prime Air
Forbes | 10/18/2020
Portland-based Global Energy Transmission has demonstrated fast wireless charging for drones that gives delivery, inspection, or surveillance drones essentially unlimited range.
Need a Covid test? Cheektowaga Walmart will deliver one by drone starting today
Buffalo News | 10/13/2020
As if 2020 couldn't get any weirder, Walmart is now flying Covid-19 test kits to people's houses by drone. The company is testing the drone-delivery system to gather data and decide whether to roll the program out to more stores elsewhere.
Challenges with imprecision of UAS pesticide applications
NebraskaFarmer | 10/02/2020
The potential uses for drones or unmanned aircraft systems in agriculture have been discussed extensively in the past 10 years. One of the potential uses that hasn't been fully fleshed out in the U.S. is pesticide applications.
Industry to DOT: “Hold Fast” to Date for Release of Remote ID Rule
DroneLife | 09/29/2020
A group of drone industry stakeholders has signed a letter asking the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) to "hold fast" to the intended December 2020 release of the rulemaking on Remote Identification  for unmanned aerial systems.
Japan Airlines sees future for drones
American Shipper | 09/26/2020
Japan Airlines may fly some of the largest aircraft in the world, but the carrier is also taking a closer look at how small unmanned aerial vehicles, or drones, could one day become part of its fleet.
Game Of Drones: The Unmanned Future Of the Industry
Entrepreneur | 09/26/2020
Some of the most exciting potential applications come from the use of drones in the delivery of essential, healthcare and medical deliveries at customers' doorsteps.
Walmart Piloting Drone Delivery of At-Home COVID-19 Self-Collection Kits
AUVSI News | 09/24/2020
Walmart announced recently that it will pilot drone delivery of at-home COVID-19 self-collection kits, which is a new way to provide additional, and contactless, testing options.
Offshore deliveries, carrying people are new UAV developments
GPS World | 09/16/2020
A new offshore service opportunity for an already proven mini-helicopter UAV, a possible alternative to flying cars, and bulking up UAVs to carry cargo – just a few of this month's new developments in unmanned aircraft.
Walmart, Zipline Partner to Launch 'First-of-Its-Kind' Drone Delovery Service in the U.
AUVSI News | 09/14/2020
Walmart has partnered with Zipline to launch what's being described as a "first-of-its-kind" drone delivery operation in the U.S., making on-demand deliveries of select health and wellness products with the potential to expand to general merchandise.
The Incredible Shrinking LiDAR
Forbes | 09/11/2020
The evolution of LiDAR, is similar to other technologies that often surprise the layman: as early as 2018, some observers predicted improved LIDAR performance at lower prices that sounded like the stuff of science fiction, but in early 2020, leading player Velodyne put a LiDAR sensor on the market for $100.
Walmart testing deliveries by drone.
Northwest Arkansas Democrat Gazette | 09/10/2020
Walmart Inc. is testing drone delivery of groceries and household essentials, the company announced recently
'Drone Express' Takes to the Skies Above Springfield
Aviation Pros | 09/09/2020
Can retail orders be delivered via drone? A recent test in Springfield was a step toward answering that question for a New Jersey communications company that is now looking to establish a presence in Ohio. 
Advancing Drone Technology Innovation in Government
FedTech | 09/08/2020
For decades, government led the way on the development and use of new technologies. Today, there is a similar emphasis on government "spinning in" commercial technologies to improve its own operations. However, the transformational benefits of new technologies may not come solely from either a spin-in or spin-off alone. Rather, "spinning on" may be the key.
After Years of Sky-High Hype, Where are All the Drones?
TechGenix | 09/04/2020
Drones were a hot topic from analysts in 2014. Predictions included the concept of drones taking over the military, the extinction of helicopters due to obscurity, and small unmanned flying drones replacing food and mail delivery services. With all of the planning and even some government approvals, it makes one wonder, where are all the drones?
Amazon Delivery-Drone Fleet Gets Preliminary FAA Clearance
Forbes | 08/31/2020
The Federal Aviation Administration recently cleared Amazon's Prime Air drone delivery fleet as an official air carrier, marking the next step in the tech and online-retail giant's effort to deliver packages via drones.
Will Drones Transform Urban Living?
BRINK | 08/20/2020
BRINK spoke with Paul Cureton, Senior Lecturer at Lancaster University and the author of Drone Futures, and began by asking where we are currently in the development of drones. 
AeroVironment Introduces Battery, Launcher Options for Small Tactical UAS Product Line
ExecutiveBiz | 08/19/2020
AeroVironment has unveiled two optional features for its portfolio of small tactical unmanned aircraft systems that are equipped with electro-optical/infrared imaging and plug-and-play components.
Interagency Advisory Provides Guidance on Drone Detection and Mitigation Technology
JD Supra | 08/18/2020
The Department of Justice, Federal Aviation Administration, Department of Homeland Security, and Federal Communications Commission recently released a joint advisory on the acquisition and use of counter-drone equipment by non-federal public and private entities.
Chinese Drone Maker DJI Makes Sweeping Cuts In ‘Long March’ Reforms | 08/18/2020
Chinese drone giant SZ DJI Technology has been making sweeping cuts to its global sales and marketing teams as it faces coronavirus headwinds and mounting political pressure in key markets, current and former staff told Reuters.
UAS help industry adapt to ‘new normal’
BIC Magazine | 08/17/2020
As industry and society in general come back on line after months of interruption due to the threat of COVID- 19, Garrett Scott, UAS coordinator for Duke Energy, said he believes "a lot of the things we're seeing right now, whether because of social distancing or the financial [aspect], are going to be around for quite a while after we move out of this mandated period."
PrecisionHawk Says It’s Patented Unmanned Air Traffic Control. That’s Par For Course In The Drone Industry.
Forbes | 08/11/2020
PrecisionHawk trumpeted it's patented unmanned air traffic management syttem. In other sectors this might be news akin to former Vice President Al Gore's assertion that he "took the initiative in creating the Internet." But in the drone industry, it's par for the course.
A holographic drone control system has appeared
Free News | 08/08/2020
Scientists from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology have presented a new interface for controlling drones. It uses holographic augmented reality hardware to create 3D terrain maps in real-time.
The Drones Are Coming To One Of 78 Million Backyards Near You | 07/29/2020
Drones helicoptering down and with gifts is another sort of sci-fi scenario that's been reified and seems poised to grow into big business over the next few years. Flytrex is a pioneer in the field, having achieved a series of firsts in pursuit of urban package delivery via drone.
If You Like Drone Tech, Check Out AgEagle Aerial Systems
InvestorPlace | 07/28/2020
Prior to 2020, AgEagle Aerial Systems was mostly known as an agricultural intelligence company. To be completely honest, UAVS stock wasn't too exciting and the price action was underwhelming. That was then, and this is now as AgEagle has rebranded itself as a company that can do more than provide farming intelligence solutions.
Audi implements drone vehicle location system at German facility
Commercial Drone Professional | 07/28/2020
German car manufacturer Audi is utilizing a drone vehicle location system at one of its manufacturing facilities, the company revealed.
Diagnosing single trees from above | 07/27/2020
Models based on images from unmanned aerial vehicles and satellites can help farmers to monitor the health of individual trees.
Drones are still a new technology, but the research is spreading its wings | 07/27/2020
Drone consumers include both avid and casual fans whose understanding of their new toy varies widely. With this varied knowledge, coupled with evolving laws and technology and increasing demand, the challenges surrounding Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) are likely to increase. Transportation Resource Board's new Standing Committee on New Users of Shared Airspace will offer guidance on the topic, helping research stay ahead of the curve.
Alliance for Drone Innovation Launches Drone Operator Insight Series | 07/22/2020
The Alliance for Drone Innovation, in coordination with the Drone Operators Federation, is launching the "Drone Operator Insight Series" to highlight America's growing small business drone economy.
Ready for Takeoff: The Promise and Challenges of Restaurant Drone Delivery
Modern Restaurant Management | 07/15/2020
Restaurants seeking an alternative to partnering with third party delivery applications such as UberEats and GrubHub are presented with novel technology that could transform food delivery in the 21st Century while decreasing restaurants' overhead-namely drone delivery.
Up Close With AiRXOS
Inside Unmanned Systems | 07/14/2020
AiRXOS CEO Ken Stewart, who has more than 25 year of leadership in the tech space, recently sat down virtually with Inside Unmanned Systems to discuss the evolution of next-generation unmanned traffic management and drone certification.
Drone-based health care delivery ‘no longer a theoretical idea’
Wayne State University School of Medicine | 07/14/2020
Wayne State University student Matthew Tukel's fascination with drones has led to yet another milestone in his pursuit of designing and implementing a drone-based health care delivery system in urban and rural settings.
7 Drone Stocks to Consider as the Technology Soars
WTOP News | 07/14/2020
There may not be many pure-play drone stocks at the moment but the list is growing. There are other promising investment opportunities to consider. Here are seven drone stocks to watch.
Drone on the farm: As rainfall becomes scarce, farmers irrigate crops via unmanned aerial vehicles
Tennessee Tribune | 07/10/2020
Nathan Zecks Mazvazva, a 25-year-old farmer in Zimbabwe, owns nearly 500 acres, growing green beans to green peppers. Simply put, technology—more specifically, drones—is making his livelihood more cost efficient.

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