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Pitsco’s Echo Drone: Specifically Designed for Career and Technical Education
Commercial UAV News | 03/08/2024
Education professionals are discovering that drones are ideal platforms for teaching problem solving, critical thinking, and a variety of technical skills. Aimed at learners in grades 6 – 12+, as well as at participants in clubs and competitions, the UAV offers features that make it adaptable to a number of educational applications. 
SkyeBrowse To Offer Free 3D Modeling
sUAS News | 10/25/2022
SkyeBrowse, the fastest and easiest drone reality capture platform, announced it will now offer a free version of its app with limited features.
Skydio – Electric Infrastructure Inspection with Drones
sUAS News | 07/01/2022
Utility inspections are absolutely critical for ensuring uptime and safety of our power grid, but these inspections often pose serious safety risks to the inspector. Inspectors must often fly low over power plants, transmission towers, and distribution poles by helicopter, or climb to high altitudes in high-voltage environments. In some cases, safety requires so much of the inspector's attention that the data quality of the inspection suffers.
This New Co-Ed ESport Shoots for Big Goals: U.S. Drone Soccer Leagues Launched Today
dronelife | 01/19/2022
U.S. Drone Soccer Leagues Launch today with a kickstarted campaign to fund aviation education in Colorado, New York, and Ohio.
What makes the Force1 Scoot the best selling drone on Amazon?
DroneDJ | 12/02/2018
Right now the best selling drone on Amazon costs $50 and fits in the palm of your hand. It flies autonomously and doesn't use a remote. It is a tiny drone called the Force1 Scoot. After seeing it first hand I thought for sure it wouldn't be any good. I was wrong.
Drone Ambulances to the Rescue
Next Avenue | 10/16/2018
A Mississippi-based team of doctors is working on a telemedicine technology that could get emergency care to rural areas faster. It's an aerial ambulance named HiRO, which stands for Health Integrated Rescue Operations.
Interview with DJI’s Michael Perry at AUVSI Xponential 2018
Drone DJ | 05/02/2018
Yesterday, we had the chance to talk to DJI's Managing Director of North America, Michael Perry at the AUVSI Xponential 2018 in Denver, Colorado. Michael spoke to us about the new Zenmuse XT2 dual-sensor thermal camera as well as the payload SDK and DJI's push into the commercial drone market. We also spoke about how drones can help save people lives around the world and of course we asked him about what else consumers can expect from DJI this year.
Can We Prevent a Drone Terror Attack?
The Crime Report | 03/20/2018
The uncontrolled market in toy or hobbyist drones makes their future use in a domestic terrorist attack "likely," says a researcher and lecturer on drone warfare.
But it will still require sophisticated technical skills to deploy them effectively.
Black Friday Promotions from DJI, FLIR, and FireCam
dronelife | 11/20/2017
It's that time of year – to grab a deal. Here is a round up of deals that might appeal to both commercial drone operators and enthusiasts.
Use of agricultural drones on rise as farms seek ways to improve production and crop quality
Omaha World-Herald | 04/07/2017
Steve Kyes owns roughly 2,800 acres of farmland north of here, mostly corn and soybean fields. With the help of his stepson, Andrew Luebbe, and a hired employee, Kyes, 44, and his crew have focused on increasing their profits. Inside Kyes' farm office sits an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) — commonly known as a drone — with the potential to make his operation more efficient and, maybe someday, more profitable. Across the country, farmers like Kyes are taking to the sky in hopes of improving production and quality on the ground. As always, there's a cost-benefit equation: The bill for a drone and accessories can fly past $1,500, not counting specialized cameras or other gear.

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