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Volume 164
June 24, 2024
Welcome to the UAS Cluster Initiative VERT BRIEF
This updated newsletter will include the same content as before but in an improved format. Note that above the headers of "UPCOMING EVENTS," "POLICY," "RESEARCH," and "INDUSTRY" are links that will navigate you to that section of the newsletter. We hope you enjoy this new format.
UAS Cluster Initiative's Vertical Marketplace
At the UAS Cluster Initiative, we're continuously working to serve the membership of the emerging aerospace industry more effectively. In 2023, that meant launching two new products, Rethink Vertical podcast, and Charting the Course: Workforce Dynamics in Oklahoma's Emerging Aerospace Industry.

This year, we are building on the development of those products and working to make access to our vast array of resources more intuitively accessible.

That means, starting later this month, all resources and products will live within the Vertical Marketplace on the website, enabling a one–stop, instinctual space for all things emerging aerospace.

Soon, you will receive an invitation to create a login to access Vertical Marketplace. You'll still be able to access this content free of charge, but by creating this login feature we'll be able to continue to work to create a more community-based environment that will continue to grow with us and the industry.

You'll receive a few more reminders and helpful tips before things go live. Please let us know if you have any questions along the way. Our hope is that these changes will continue to enhance your experience.

Craig Mahaney
Executive Director, UAS Cluster Initiative
Rethink Vertical Podcast with Doug Wood of the Oklahoma Department of Aerospace and Aeronautics.
This month's episode of Rethink Vertical Podcast features Doug Wood, State Manager for Advanced Air Mobility at Oklahoma Aerospace & Aeronautics. Host Craig Mahaney talks with Doug about his unique path to the industry, their shared experiences in the ecosystem, and why Oklahoma is uniquely positioned to lead in the emerging aerospace industry.

Oklahoma Department of Aerospace and Aerospace:

Watch this and previous Rethink Vertical Podcasts at .

Upcoming Events
Sept. 9 - Sept. 12, 2024 First Advanced Air Mobility Symposium (AAM 2024)
Montréal, Canada
Droneport Headlines
Infrastructure is the Essential Foundation that Supports and Connects the Entire eVTOL Network
Market Scale | 06/11/2024
The development of infrastructure is crucial to support the operational capabilities of these cutting-edge vehicles, enabling them to become a viable mode of transportation.
NDAA Passed the House: What That Means for the Countering CCP Drones Act, and What Comes Next
dronelife | 06/15/2024
NDAA FY25 Passed House Friday, June 14 by Narrow Margin: What's Happening with the Countering CCP Drones Act Now?
Lawmakers Call for Declassification of National Security Risks Posed by Chinese-Made Drones
dronelife | 06/24/2024
Chairs of Homeland Security and Energy and Commerce Committees Urge DHS and DOE to Release Information on Potential Threats
FAA Data Shows Law Enforcement Drone Programs Rely Upon Chinese Drones
dronelife | 06/21/2024
While the author examined data for the state of Texas, the data reflects trends found throughout the country.
FAA and EASA Pledge Strong Cooperation to Address Aviation Challenges of the Next Decade
FAA | 06/13/2024
The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) have pledged to work together to meet the challenges of a fast-changing and evolving aviation industry and the increasing speed of development of future...
First Responders Oppose Inclusion of Countering CCP Drones Act in NDAA
dronelife | 06/12/2024
Letter to Senate Armed Services Committee highlights severe impact on public safety operations
Congress Introduces New Counter-UAS Legislation
dronelife | 06/18/2024
A bill introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives would extend the authority of the DHS and the DOJ to mitigate threats from errant unmanned aerial systems, while also granting the FAA additional counter-UAS power.
Air Force mobility fleet seeks on-board defenses against small drones
Breaking Defense | 06/21/2024
The US Air Force is asking industry for help for potentially carrying defensive systems aboard mobility aircraft that can fend off small drones.
DJI Ban – Back to the future DIYDrones
sUAS Neews | 06/24/2024
"I'd like to see more mom/pop/boutique drone shops. Akin to a custom luthier/guitar shop. Not everything needs to be rigged for the masses".
Hot Cars & LiPo Batteries: A Risky Combination for UAS Operators
droneelife | 06/18/2024
As the temperature rises, this post is a timely reminder that LiPo Batteries require special handling in hot temperatures: and provides a detailed explanation of how best to minimize risk.
The NDAA Took My Drone Away
sUAS News | 06/24/2024
Opion piece on DJI drone legislation
Scott AFB hosts AMC-wide small-UAS summit
Air Mobility Command | 06/14/2024
The summit, themed "Level the Playing Field – Raise the Bar," aimed to foster a collaborative environment where participants from various bases could share knowledge, experiences, and innovation with industry experts in the field to enhance sUAS...
DJI Ban: Boon or Bane for the Drone Industry?
sUAS News | 06/12/2024
It is also important to remember that he market we are talking about, multirotors for inspection and survey is only a small part of the overall RPAS world. Fixed wing SLT platforms are coming to do bigger jobs.
Enabling Data-driven Asset Reliability - Best practices for starting and scaling aerial robot fleets
Commeercial UAV News | 06/11/2024
The use cases for leveraging aerial robots for asset inspections are rapidly expanding. We recently covered how drone-based site security can create efficiencies, but the benefits of the technology go beyond security.
Public Safety UAS: A Conversation with the FAA
dronelife | 06/11/2024
From the Energy Drone and Robotics Summit in Houston and the DRONERESPONDERS co-located event, FAA experts were on hand to discuss the current environment in public safety, and what's coming for first responder drone programs.


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