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UAS Cluster Initiative Newsletter
March 22, 2019  

Compete for your Quick Pitch Spot at the UAS Tech Forum
As part of the UAS Tech Forum August 21-22 in Salina, Kansas, entrepreneurs, startups, universities, and federal labs will have an opportunity to present their emerging and leading-edge UAS technologies to an audience comprised of potential strategic partners and licensees during the extremely popular Pitch Session.

Perhaps you are a technology transfer officer, entrepreneur, researcher, or startup that possesses a UAS technology that you think would resonate with the investment community. Why not give it a shot and apply for the Pitch Session and see where it takes you? Applications are currently being accepted now through April 12 by visiting, Compete to Pitch. Your funding deal could be just a click away!

UAS in the News
Drone Paid For Itself "10 To 20 Times Over" On Indiana Farm
Wind and hail took a big yield bite out of one of Mason Lantrip's cornfields last summer. When the insurance adjuster showed up to verify the claim the two men enlisted help to assess the damage in the tall, tasseled corn, from Lantrip's unmanned...

AirMap and Honeywell to develop new drone tracking solution
Global airspace management platform AirMap and Honeywell are set to develop a new tracking solution for unmanned aerial systems (UAS) or drones.

White House FAA Budget Request Focuses on UAS, NextGen
The White House is seeking $17.1 billion for the FAA in Fiscal Year 2020 in a budget request released yesterday that would include a nearly $300 million increase in facilities and equipment (F&E) funding as the Administration emphasizes NextGen...

NASA Is About to Test a Giant Solar Drone That Broadcasts 5G
Japanese tech giant SoftBank partnered with NASA and U.S. aerospace company AeroVironment to build a massive solar-powered drone that can beam 5G connectivity down to practically anywhere in the world.
Technology Spotlight
Improved ground target drone
Naval Air Center Warfare Weapons Division
The U.S. Navy has developed the shootable remote threat ground target for testing modern weapon systems. One such iteration of this technology has been deployed on a Ford F-350 truck.

These targets are threat representative because their signatures in all modes can be made to very closely match the land-based targets they represent and because their performance in terms of speed and maneuverability corresponds with modern manned vehicle capabilities. The speed, accuracy, and maneuverability of the vehicle while operating in a semi-autonomous control mode are key features that provide significantly enhanced performance over the current systems.

Contact: Marti Elder, CLP
Phone: 406-586-7621

US Army invents 40mm grenade that nets bad drones
Upcoming UASCI Events
UAS Angel Network Pitch Presentation
1:00 pm, ET - Webinar (Invitation Only)
SAVE THE DATE - Invitation only

Deals to be announced.

If you are interested in receiving an invitation, contact Jim Troxel at

Droneports: Unlocking the Economic Potential for Your Community at XPONENTIAL
Chicago, IL
Discover how Droneports are becoming an epicenter for regional UAS activities. Learn from industry leaders and visionary communities about how Droneports are serving as nodes for testing, training and commercial drone operations by obtaining permissions for flight, and providing facilities for housing, maintenance, fueling, piloting of fleets and more.

UAS Angel Network Pitch Presentation
1:00 pm, ET - Webinar (Invitation Only)
SAVE THE DATE - Invitation only

Deals to be announced.

If you are interested in receiving an invitation, contact Jim Troxel at

UAS Angel Network Pitch Presentation
1:00 pm, ET - Webinar (Invitation Only)
SAVE THE DATE - Invitation only

Deals to be announced.

If you are interested in receiving an invitation, contact Jim Troxel at
Upcoming Industry Events
Unmanned Tactical Application Conference
Perry, GA
FLYMOTION is pleasedto announce the first annual Unmanned Tactical Application Conference in March of 2019. This state of the art conference provides first responders, operators, and agents the opportunity to immerse in real-world training...

Hazard, KY
First Responder Drone Conference dedicated to Law Enforcement, Emergency Management Personnel and Fire Fighters.  Speical discount for UASCI, use discount code DCN25% for 25% off the current registration rate

2019 UAS Roundup
Nathrop, Colorado
he Chaffee County UAS Advisory Board and Chaffee County Economic Development Corporation invite you to explore and understand the capabilities of emerging unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) technology at the stunning MT. Princeton Resort in Nathrop,...

SPIE Defense + Commercial Sensing
Baltimore, MD
The leading global sensing, imaging, and photonics technologies event

AUVSI Xponential
Chicago, IL
Join 8,500 technologists, regulators and users across commercial and defense sectors for AUVSI XPONENTIAL 2019, the largest, most comprehensive trade show for unmanned and autonomous systems. As adoption spreads and applications expand, XPONENTIAL...

SBIR Road Tour
Oklahoma City, OK
Registration is Open - Connect with Program Managers from the $2.5 billion Small Business Innovation Research & Small Business Technology Transfer programs.

SPAR3D Expo & Conference
Anaheim, CA
From sensing with drones, mobile rigs and hand-held devices to AR, VR and 3D printed deliverables, everything 3D is here at the only industry-agnostic, platform-neutral 3D event in the market: SPAR 3D Expo & Conference.

FAA UAS Symposium
Baltimore, MD
Together with AUVSI, the Federal Aviation Administration organizes the FAA UAS Symposium at the Baltimore Convention Center from February 12-14, 2019. The FAA says that they are "getting down to business. We're not waiting for what's next, we're...

Drone Expo East
Atlantic City, NJ
Drone Expo International has announced Drone Expo East, the largest and most diverse event of its kind in the eastern United States.
Drones change the way advocates protect the environment | 03/21/2019
Unmanned aerial vehicles, also called UAVs or drones, have recently become so affordable and easy to fly that they are winding up in the hands of more environmentalists. Pipeline opponents and watchdog groups are perfect examples.

California Police Department Earns Drone Waiver for BVLOS Flights
RBR | 03/19/2019
FAA approval lets public safety agencies expand geographical reach for drone response.

Skies Aren't Clogged With Drones Yet, but Don't Rule Them Out
The New York Times | 03/19/2019
If you've been worrying that drones would be filling the skies over your head, dropping packages off day after day at your neighbor's house, leaving food on doorsteps or photographing your every move, you can relax a little. At least for now.

Does the Phantom 4 RTK replace Ground Control Points for Drone Mapping?
DroneDJ | 03/18/2019
As DJI and drone mapping further disrupt the civil engineering, surveying and GIS fields, there seems to be a common debate amongst most drone mappers about the practical application of the Phantom 4 RTK replacing ground control points (GCP's) and checkpoints.

Manufacturers are making drones and for good reason
The Manufacturer | 03/18/2019
Unmanned aerial vehicles, aka drones, are increasingly being manufactured and trialled for many applications across industries, as the technology seems poised to hit the mainstream.

Sen. Rubio introduces effort to provide funding for disaster relief, border support
Homeland Preparedness News | 03/18/2019
New relief and border support efforts could be available to Florida and Puerto Rican communities hit by hurricanes last year if a new bill introduced by U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) gains traction.

UAVOS launches flight simulator to test UAS of differing weights in multiple weather conditions
Intelligent Aerospace | 03/18/2019
UAVOS has unveiled a simulator that allows customers to test the autopilot on different types of unmanned aerial systems(UAS) in myriad weather conditions in vehicles ranging from 1 kg up to 1,200 kg. 

Kratos acquires Florida Turbine Technologies
Aerospace Manufacturing and Design | 03/15/2019
San Diego, California-based Kratos Defense & Security Solutions Inc. has acquired an 80.1% interest in Florida Turbine Technologies Inc. and FTT Core LLC for $60 million, consisting of $33 million in cash and $27 million in Kratos common stock. Kratos has an option to acquire the remaining 19.9% of FTT at a future date.

AFRL Information Directorate engineer recognized at Black Engineer of the Year Awards (BEYA) STEM Global Competitive Conference
Robins Air Force Base | 03/14/2019
An associate computer engineer at the Air Force Research Laboratory Information Directorate was recognized as a Modern Day Technology Leader at the Black Engineer of the Year Awards (BEYA) STEM Global Competitiveness Conference held Feb. 7-9 in Washington, D.C.

New U.S. law pushes use of drones to fight wildfires
DroneDJ | 03/14/2019
Last Tuesday, President Trump signed a bipartisan bill into law that pushes federal agencies to start using drones to fight wildfires.

Drones that perch like birds could go on much longer flights
MIT Technology Review | 03/13/2019
A simple gripping mechanism allows unmanned aerial vehicles to save energy by resting on ledges and poles.

Flirtey and Reno receive FAA approval for BVLOS drone delivery
UAS Magazine | 03/13/2019
Flirtey and the city of Reno, Nevada, have received approval from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to conduct drone delivery flights beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS).

Bipartisan law pushes use of drones for fighting wildfires
FedScoop | 03/12/2019
President Trump signed a bipartisan bill into law Tuesday that pushes federal agencies to explore increased use of drones in managing and fighting wildfires.

The Drone Fund Invests in Malaysia-based Aerodyne Group
Inside Unmanned Systems | 03/11/2019
Tokyo-based Drone Fund has invested in the Aerodyne Group, a Malaysia-based drone service provider with offices in 10 nations around the world.

How is Lava Flow Thickness Measured and Why Does it Matter?
Maui Now | 03/09/2019
Eruption rate (how much lava comes out of the ground per unit time) is probably the best measure of volcanic activity, and the first step in that calculation is to measure lava flow thickness and area.

Canada-Based SkyX Brings Drone Solution to U.S. Oil & Gas Market
Unmanned Aerial | 03/07/2019
Expanding into the U.S.' oil and gas market, SkyX, an Ontario-based provider of an aerial monitoring solution for long-range assets, has opened a new location in downtown Houston.

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