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October 24, 2019  

UAS in the News
What is Part 135 and what does it mean for drone delivery?
As companies look into starting a drone delivery service they must overcome a key regulatory hurdle: obtaining a Part 135 certification.

Vigilant Aerospace, OSU drone flies 18 miles by itself
Vigilant Aerospace Systems recently flew an autonomous drone 18 miles during a software test, which demonstrated its aircraft management system called FlightHorizon 2.

Kratos expanding drone production in OKC
Kratos Defense & Security Solutions has ramped up production of its Firejet unmanned aircraft at its Oklahoma City facility and has plans to expand production there next year.
Technology Spotlight
Multiport microwave device for compact antenna steering
Air Force Research Laboratory - Sensors Directorate
Navy scientists have developed a cost-effective, remotely-controlled, unmanned underwater vehicle that can transform into a buoy.

Air Force scientists recently invented a rollable multiport microwave device for a more compact antenna system that can fit inside an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV).

Applications include UAVs, universal internet wireless base stations, mobile internet services, mobile internet devices, and similar markets.

The patented technology is available via patent license agreement to companies that would make, use, or sell it commercially.

Contact: Brian Metzer, PhD, CLP
Phone: 406-994-7707

Army engineers invent actuating enclosure for deploying drones from moving vehicles
Upcoming Industry Events
Commercial UAV EXPO Americas
Las Vegas, NV
Commercial UAV Expo focuses exclusively on a finite number of industries, making it the most effective and efficient vehicle for owners and operators in those industries to access the most relevant education, contacts and best-in-cass UAS technology...

NASA's Drone Challenge with Safeguard Technology
Hampton, VA
Application Deadline November 1, 2019 - The Safeguard with Autonomous Navigation Demonstration (SAND) Challenge will be an opportunity for small businesses to compete in an autonomous unmanned aerial vehicle competition.

Public Safety Drone Conference
Tulsa, OK
Unmanned and Autonomous Systems are the future of the industry. Why? Drones significantly improve your effectiveness while keeping you out of harm's way. Departments all around the world see the benefits already. If you want to start orgrow your...

January 7-10, 2020
Las Vegas, NV
Explore the next wave of advancements in and applications of drone technology that are going to revolutionize the way we capture, monitor and assist our world.

International LiDAR Mapping Forum (ILMF) 2020
March 23-25, 2020
Washington, D.C.
International LiDAR Mapping Forum is a technical conference and exhibition showcasing the latest airborne, terrestrial and underwater LiDAR as well as emerging remote-sensing and data collection tools and technologies.

Counter UAS - USA
March 31, 2020 - April 2, 2020
Washington D.C.
IDGA is proud to announce the launch of the 4th Counter UAS Winter Summit! Over the past three successful years our winter edition of the Counter UAS Series has become the premier stop for military and industry professionals who need to learn about...

May 4-7, 2020
Boston, MA
FAA falling behind EASA on UAV integration, expert warns
Air Transport World Online | 10/23/2019
Numerous delays in the rollout of FAA's remote identification rulemaking for unmanned aerial vehicles have caused the agency to fall behind EASA, FAA's European counterpart, in efforts to implement a comprehensive UAV traffic management (UTM) system, an industry expert said.

House committee advances drone legislation
The Hill | 10/23/2019
The House Homeland Security Committee on Wednesday unanimously voted to advance two bills related to drones, blocking purchases of them from certain countries and creating a position at the Department of Homeland Security to counter associated threats.

US Border Patrol signs $5.2M deal for AeroVironment's UAV
UAS Magazine | 10/22/2019
AeroVironment Inc. received a $5.2 million firm fixed-price contract award for the trademarked Puma 3 AE systems and support equipment on August 8, 2019 for the U.S. Border Patrol, part of the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP). Delivery is anticipated by January 2020.

What Is Needed for UAS/Drone Training for Public Safety Agencies?
StateTech Magazine | 10/22/2019
Cities, counties and state governments are increasingly turning to drones to help fight crime, combat fires and assist in rescue efforts. However, public safety agencies cannot simply go out and purchase a fleet of drones. They need to abide by federal and state UAS regulations and engage in proper drone training.

The Los Angeles Fire Department wants more drones
TechCrunch | 10/20/2019
As it looks to modernize its operations, the Los Angeles Fire Department is turning to a number of new technologies, including expanding its fleet of drones for a slew of new deployments.

Colorado Drone Facility Paves Way for Public Safety Innovations
Emerging Tech | 10/18/2019
In Garfield County, Colo., the R&D branch of the Colorado Division of Fire Prevention and Control has established the Technodrome, a drone-testing space that appears to be a national first.

Drone Delivery Is One Step Closer To Reality
NPR | 10/18/2019
UPS subsidiary UPS Flight Forward has won federal approval to expand its drone delivery operations, allowing the company to use multiple aircraft in multiple locations to make revenue-generating deliveries over longer distances. Drones with longer ranges could eventually be a game-changer in helping meet health care needs in underserved communities and in rural areas, where doctors and patients could be miles apart from medications and supplies.

FAA's Drone Advisory Committee Makes Recommendations on Remote ID, Security
Avionics International | 10/18/2019
Members of the FAA's Drone Advisory Committee unanimously approved recommendations for the agency to consider regarding remote identification and UAS security issues, which were highlighted by a recent Blue Ribbon Task Force report on UAS Mitigation at Airports. Committee recommendations on remote ID for drones focused on efforts to encourage voluntary equipage, as the FAA has noted it is likely 24 months away from official rulemaking on that issue.

New Open Source Platform Lets Cops Remotely Identify Drones
Government Technology | 10/18/2019
A collaboration between industry partners and regulatory agencies has yielded a software platform whereby drone pilots will be able to identify and communicate with other drones in their vicinity.

The Plan to Boost Drone Batteries With a Teensy Jet Engine
WIRED | 10/17/2019
A Florida aviation startup wants to supplement electric power with its watermelon-sized "microturbine."

Will drones reduce manpower demands in future?
Deccan Herald | 10/17/2019
In a world driven by data, government organisations, commercial firms and private citizens are increasingly turning to drones generate critically important information to help with decision-making.

New Government Access Can Transform UAS Sector
Unmanned Aerial Online | 10/16/2019
The likelihood of civil governments in all 50 states, District of Columbia and U.S. territories relying on drones to deliver services recently received a significant boost, thanks to an announcement in Virginia last August when the state's Center for Innovative Technology (CIT) announced a groundbreaking contract that will provide state agencies with easier access to drone services with no red tape.

Skydio 2 Dock enables autonomous factory, warehouse, and industrial operations
Venture Beat | 10/16/2019
Redwood City-based Skydio unveiled Skydio 2 two weeks ago, a $1,000 autonomous drone that can track objects and people while traveling upwards of 30 miles per hour.

AI Raising Drone Game in Oil, Gas but FAA Challenges Remain
Natural Gas Intelligence | 10/15/2019
Breakthroughs in drone technology aimed at oil and gas companies, such as advanced integration of artificial intelligence (AI), have added urgency to the fight for regulatory gains with the Federal Aviation Administration. Drones, or unmanned aerial systems, are increasingly pairing with AI capable of analyzing data gathered from oil and gas infrastructure in response to industry needs. As a result, interest from midstream operators has grown.

The Postal Service is Exploring Big Ideas for Small Drones
Nextgov | 10/15/2019
The United States Postal Service recently announced it's exploring introducing drones into its vehicle fleet to advance mail delivery operations and support its collection of geospatial, sensor, image and other data.

Drone technology takes Boulder County public safety to new heights
The Denver Post | 10/13/2019
Drones have ushered in a new era of crime fighting and rescue techniques. With drones at their disposal, authorities have located suspects fleeing from justice, found missing people in the wilderness and been able to capture invaluable information in a short span of time.

Ford Patenting a Drone You Can Deploy from Your Car's Trunk
Car and Driver | 10/13/2019
As drones become more commonplace—the FAA says there will be 4.3 million of them in the hands of hobbyists by 2020— it's no surprise that automakers have taken an interest. Ford has been proclaiming its interest in new approaches to "mobility," and one of those is a patent for a programmable drone that drivers can deploy from a vehicle.

N.C. Drone Firm Lands Critical Drone Contract in Virginia
dronelife | 10/12/2019
The old catchphrase "Virginia is for Lovers" may be true but – thanks to a North Carolina start-up the Commonwealth is also for drone lovers.
Vigilant Aerospace Systems Vigilant Aerospace Systems
Vigilant Aerospace Systems, Inc., a private company founded in 2015 and headquartered in Oklahoma City, provides FlightHorizon next-generation collision avoidance and flight safety systems for unmanned aircraft.

13905 Quail Pointe Dr, Suite A, Oklahoma City, OK 73134 |


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