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January 13, 2021  

UAS in the News
FAA Adopts Final Rules for UAS Remote ID, Flights over People, and at Night
The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) released long-awaited final rules yesterday governing unmanned aircraft system (UAS or drone) remote identification (remote ID) and flights over people and at night.

Op-Ed: Brian Wynne and Kevin Burke on Remote Identification for Unmanned Systems
Recently, Santa delivered thousands of drones across the United States.  And while many flying enthusiasts are eager to take to the skies, we must continue to ensure the safety and security of our national airspace. That's why we welcome the release...

Alphabet unit Wing raises privacy concerns over new U.S. drone ID rule
The United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) recently issued a set of rules allowing small drones to fly over people and at night and making remote identification technology mandatory for nearly all drones. This effectively does away with...
GSA to Remove Almost All Drones from Contract Offerings Over China Concerns
Nextgov | 01/12/2021
The General Services Administration—the federal government's central buyer—will no longer include drones in its suite of offerings, except those previously approved by a small innovation unit inside the Defense Department.

Red Cat partners with Skypersonic Completes Long Distance Drone Flight Remotely
sUAS News | 01/12/2021
Red Cat Holdings, Inc. (OTCQB: RCAT) ("Red Cat" or the "Company"), a leading brand in the drone industry, announced that Fat Shark, a wholly-owned subsidiary, had partnered with Skypersonic, the manufacturer of the Skycopter UAV, to complete a...

Skyports To Deliver Mail
Linked in | 01/12/2021
#Skyports is helping Royal Mail to deliver to the most remote parts of the UK using our delivery #drones. Watch to find out more about this exciting national first!

Verizon, UPS, and Skyward announce connected drone delivery at CES 2021
Verizon | 01/11/2021
Skyward, A Verizon company, and UPS Flight Forward today announced collaborative efforts to deliver retail products with drones connected to Verizon 4G LTE, as well as 5G testing and integration for delivery. The companies aim to deliver retail...

Drones set to deliver packages 'everywhere' in country in near future
Fox 6 Milwaukee | 01/10/2021
Instant delivery of packages, groceries and restaurant meals are one step closer to a reality under new commercial drone regulations.

Japan to Host Futuristic Cargo Drone Logistics Facility
inside unmanned systems | 01/08/2021
Japan's regulatory environment, commitment to UAV cargo delivery and maturing 5G infrastructure are prime reasons why Asia's largest logistics real estate conglomerate has chosen the country to build what it claims will be "the world's first cargo...

Mapped: Drone Privacy Laws Around the World
Visual Capitalist | 01/08/2021
From Olympic opening ceremonies to public safety, drone applications have come a long way. In fact, their modern applications are set to almost double the total value of the commercial drone market from $22.5 billion to $42.8 billion between...

Pea Ridge, Arkansas, gives drone deliveries the go-ahead
Drone DJ | 01/08/2021
The city of Pea Ridge, Arkansas, has unanimously approved Walmart to begin delivery of health and wellness products using Zipline's delivery drones. The two partnered last year but have been waiting for the go-ahead for the last few months.

Airports Council CEO Kevin Burke Criticizes Decision to Exclude Airports from Federal Drone Advisory Panel
Aviation Pros | 01/07/2021
Kevin M. Burke, president and CEO of Airports Council International – North America (ACI-NA), criticized the decision to exclude airport executives from the Federal Aviation Administration's (FAA) Drone Advisory Committee (DAC), the panel tasked...

New Members Appointed To FAA Drone Advisory Committee
AVweb | 01/07/2021
U.S. Department of Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao announced new appointments to the FAA's Drone Advisory Committee (DAC) on Tuesday. According to the FAA, the twelve new DAC members represent unmanned aircraft systems (UAS/drone) interests in...

What Will Implementing Drones into Airport Operations Look Like?
Market Scale | 01/06/2021
Drones in America host Grant Guillot has discussed the future of drone delivery throughout 2020 but, this week, he takes a a look at how real estate once thought not to have much value – rooftops – can now serve as "droneports."

Will every industrial estate have a vertiport in the near future?
Lexology | 01/06/2021
In the run up to Christmas, four organisations (Royal Mail, DronePrep, Skyports and what3words) came together to enable the Royal Mail to become the first nationwide UK parcel carrier to deliver a parcel to a recipient using a drone. The delivery...

Pendleton UAS industry continues growth despite pandemic
East Oregonian | 01/04/2021
While it has had devastating effects on other business sectors, Pendleton's unmanned aerial systems industry wasn't grounded. Darryl Abling, the city's range manager, said operations never really slowed down during the pandemic as social distancing...

State ramps up detection of abandoned oil, gas wells
The Post Star | 01/02/2021
A partnered state effort announced earlier this month is leveraging new drone technology and magnetic surveillance to spot abandoned oil and gas wells statewide.

Osijek Airport Becomes Part of World's First Cargo Droneport Network
total croatia news | 12/02/2020
Bulgarian cargo drone developer and operator, Dronamics, unveiled the world's first cargo droneport network in Belgium, Croatia, Finland, Italy, and Sweden

DRONAMICS Announces World's First Cargo Droneport Network
sUAS News | 12/01/2020
DRONAMICS, the world's leading middle-mile cargo drone developer and operator, today unveiled the first 5 airports in its European network of cargo droneports.

Air taxi facility to grow Lake Nona aviation cluster.
Orlando Business Journal | 11/27/2020
The managing director of Tavistock Group has used private jets throughout his career, particularly during his time as chief financial officer of aviation services firm Signature Flight Support Corp. That's why Weaver knows how expedient it is to use...

Drones, mites, electromagnetic energy — Wyoming's war on invasives
Star Tribune | 11/26/2020
If Wyoming is to be successful fighting invasive grasses and plants — species that hitchhiked here on the bottoms of shoes, on the fur and wings of animals, tucked under wheel wells or hidden in bundles of hay — it's going to depend on research...

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