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UAS Cluster Initiative Newsletter
September 28, 2018  

UAV Competition this Weekend at Tulsa University
The Green Country Unmanned Aircraft System Competition created by The University of Tulsa Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering is here, September 29-30 on the TU Campus.

Teams of no more than 10 members, including advisers, are invited to participate. Registration cost per team is $200. Register your team.

The drone competition will feature two divisions: high school and college. Competition will involve package delivery (outdoors). Competitors will fly their drones at H.A. Chapman Stadium and Mabee Gym in case of extreme weather conditions.

Watch video of last year's competition.

Come out and see some amazing student UAV innovations.
UAS in the News
Kansas State using drones to improve agriculture, human health
Kansas State University researchers are using unmanned aircraft systems to help improve the environment and human health while balancing the livelihood of farmers and ranchers. It's part of a three-year collaborative project—funded by the Kansas...

Salina chosen to host 2019 UAS Tech Forum
Salina will host a 2019 conference promoting the use of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), thanks to a successful application by the Salina Community Economic Development Organization (SCEDO) and the financial assistance of several local government...

DV8 Tech makes award-winning drone for first responders
Salina UAS company DV8 Tech recently won a $50,000 prize from a contest sponsored by the National Institute of Standards and Technology for a drone designed for first responders.

Unmanned ag drone launched in Kansas fields
Mid-Kansas Cooperative, WinField United and American Robotics partnered to launch their first fully-automated drone for agricultural use. The drone was used at fields in Wamego and outside of Hesston.

Boys & Girls Clubs exec: Preparing our children for the jobs of tomorrow
Op-Ed piece extolling STEM programs created by the Boys & Girls Clubs of Oklahoma County, designed to help at-risk students develop job skills needed for STEM careers, particularly in the unmanned aerial systems industry.

Fallin touts state's advancements on drones at forum in Broken Arrow
The Broken Arrow (OK) Chamber of Commerce and the city of Broken Arrow hosted the Unmanned Aerial Systems Tech Forum attended by about 225 researchers, entrepreneurs and educators in the industry.
Technology Spotlight
Vigilant Spirit UAV ground control software
Air Force Research Laboratory 711 HPW
The Air Force Research Laboratory is sharing unmanned aerial vehicle ground control software with businesses to further enhance the software's capabilities. The Department of Defense uses a variety of UAVs, also known as drones, to perform critical missions. Similarly, many businesses use UAVs to monitor crops, manage forests, and inspect communication towers and pipelines. Most UAVs are piloted remotely, and those that are come with piloting and control software. But the Air Force developed a new, non-proprietary UAV software that can control multiple groups and types of UAVs that can be customized for individual operators or missions. It's called the Vigilant Spirit Control Software.

Contact: Brian Metzger, PhD, CLP
Phone: 406-994-7782

Why your business should develop inventions from defense labs
Upcoming UASCI Events
Green Country Unmanned Aircraft System Competition
09/29/2018 - 09/30/2018
The University of Tulsa Campus
The University of Tulsa Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering is planning an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) competition on the TU campus September 29 -30, 2018. UAV systems are effective in recruiting middle and high school students to fields related to science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). The industrial applications of UAV systems continue to expand, and TU is home to innovative UAV research.

Getting Started with UAS in Western Kansas
Hays, KS
Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) and drones are more than a fad. This technology impacts most of our population every day and yet we're still only scratching the surface of its economic potential. This workshop will bring together industry experts to share UAS opportunities, applications and regulations.

AUVSI Xponential
Chicago, IL
Join 8,500 technologists, regulators and users across commercial and defense sectors for AUVSI XPONENTIAL 2019, the largest, most comprehensive trade show for unmanned and autonomous systems. As adoption spreads and applications expand, XPONENTIAL is the one event that brings together the entire unmanned systems community to share ideas, collaborate across markets, capitalize on next practices and emerging trends and harness the power of unmanned technology for your business.
Upcoming Industry Events
Commercial UAV Expo Americas
10/01/2018 - 10/03/2018
Las Veags, NV
Join more than 3,000 professionals at the leading commercial drone conference and expo October 1-3. With top-notch education and an unparalleled exhibit floor filled with the highest precision UAS technology, Commercial UAV Expo is the best choice...

AUSA Annual Meeting & Exposition
Washington, D.C.

International LiDAR Mapping Forum (ILMF) 2019
Denver, CO
International LiDAR Mapping Forum (ILMF) is a technical conference and exhibition showcasing the latest airborne, terrestrial, and underwater LiDAR as well as emerging remote-sensing and data collection tools and technologies.

SPIE Defense + Commercial Sensing
Baltimore, MD
The leading global sensing, imaging, and photonics technologies event

SPAR3D Expo & Conference
Anaheim, CA
From sensing with drones, mobile rigs and hand-held devices to AR, VR and 3D printed deliverables, everything 3D is here at the only industry-agnostic, platform-neutral 3D event in the market: SPAR 3D Expo & Conference.
Drone Hobbyists Angered by Congress Ending the Aerial Wild West
Bloomberg | 09/27/2018
The Wild West days of unregulated recreational drones may be nearing an end.

If We Want Drone Delivery To Be A Reality, We've Gotta Keep It Simple
Futurism | 09/27/2018
In 2013, we learned about Amazon's splashy plans to drop packages off at customers' homes using drones. Sure, there have been a few pilot drone deliveries, but for the most part, even Amazon hasn't made that future a reality yet.

Hoverfly introduces new tethered LiveSky SENTRY drone
UAS Magazine | 09/26/2018
Tether-powered drone manufacturer Hoverfly Technologies Inc. has unveiled a new all-weather, military-grade unmanned aircraft system called the LiveSky SENTRY.

First Responders Tap into UAS Technology for Improved Situational Awareness, Safety
RadioResource Media Group | 09/25/2018
When Richard Davis, assistant fire chief for the Austin (Texas) Fire Department (AFD), began setting up a UAS program, many around him dismissed the technology as a gimmick or a toy and said it wouldn't be useful for firefighting operations. AFD's Robotics Emergency Deployment (RED) now has 22 members and provides a variety of important services that improve situational awareness in firefighting operations.

NUAIR Beefs up UTM Capabilities at New York UAS Test Site
Unmanned Aerial | 09/24/2018
The Northeast UAS Airspace Integration Research Alliance (NUAIR) has signed a multiyear collaboration agreement with Thales, a provider of air traffic management.

The Challenges to Unmanned Traffic Management and Drone Integration
Dronelife | 09/24/2018
This month's edition of Air Traffic Management magazine  featured an article written by ANRA Technologies' Amit Ganjoo.  The article details the concepts – and challenges – of Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) systems.

UAS Data Becomes Increasingly Valuable for Worksite Monitoring
LIDAR Magazine | 09/24/2018
The spectrum of commercial UAS applications today is broad, ranging from product delivery and media coverage to precision mapping and worksite monitoring. The tool is ideal to monitor the status of construction progress or agriculture yield, explore and document remote or hazardous sites, provide accurate information in support of asset management systems, and verify safety issues and concerns at any location.

How simulations ease drone integration | 09/21/2018
Before package-delivering drones dot the skies, the nation needs a way to efficiently and safely manage unmanned aerial systems similar to the air-traffic control systems used to track and monitor manned aircraft. NASA is one of the many agencies at the federal, state and local levels contributing to the effort.

The Pentagon wants to win future wars with drones that troops can control with their minds
Military Times | 09/20/2018
The Pentagon believes that the "future of war" involves mind-controlled unmanned aerial vehicles, a capability that would represent a major leap forward in the development of advanced military technology. The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency has even overseen trials that could serve as the preliminary steps to developing this type of technology.

10 Things You Need to Know About Adopting Drones for Your Business
Commercial UAV News | 09/19/2018
The Unmanned Safety Institute, the most widely recognized leader in unmanned flight safety solutions and training, gathered its top 10 lessons on how to learn about, create, and deploy drones in any operation.

Drone Start-up Airware Pulls the Plug
Unmanned Aerial | 09/17/2018
After seven years in business, San Francisco-based drone start-up Airware has closed its doors.

FAA drone tracker launches nationwide | 09/17/2018
The sixth and final installment of the Federal Aviation Administration's real-time drone flight authorization system is live, making the capabilities available nationwide. The FAA said on Sept. 13 that it had turned on the Low Altitude Authorization and Notification Capability (LAANC) in its North Central region.

Insitu Unveils New Extended-Range Drone
National Defense | 09/17/2018
Insitu, a subsidiary of the Boeing Co., unveiled its latest unmanned aerial system, the Integrator Extended-Range drone, at a recent gathering of Air Force and industry leaders..

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