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UAS Cluster Initiative Newsletter
November 21, 2018  

A Moment of Thanks
On this Thanksgiving Holiday, we want to share our genuine appreciation for you, our readers. We wouldn't be where we are today without you!

Keep calm and gravy on.

UAS in the News
Amazon Joins DronePort in Belgium
The DronePort campus in Brustem, Belgium is teaming with drone testing activity. With the likes of the internet giant Amazon joining an international group of companies all set to test drones. DronePort Campus has the requisite infrastructure...

Drone footage shows wildfire devastation
CNN captured this drone footage that shows the devastation in Paradise, California after the deadly wildfire, Camp Fire, that is still burning north of the state's capital.

Hyundai Motor partners with unmanned aerial vehicle startup ‘top flight' to take future mobility to new heights
Hyundai Motor Company ("Hyundai") today announced a strategic partnership with Top Flight Technologies, Inc. ("Top Flight"), a leading startup in hybrid-electric unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) technologies, as part of its broader effort to cement...

Kratos receives contract awards for unmanned drone systems
Kratos Defense & Security Solutions has received contract awards worth approximately $15.2m for unmanned drone systems.
Technology Spotlight
In-flight detection, tracking, commandeering rogue drone system
Naval Surface Warfare Center - Crane Division
To detect, record, and commandeer unauthorized or enemy drones, the Navy has developed a remotely operated vehicle (ROV) data collection protection system (DCPS) platform. The hardware/software of the ROV DCPS is configured to take control of rogue drones, co-opting their communication link via RF from the ground or satellite feed. Additional functionality includes the ability to monitor what data is being collected by the drone, prevent the data from being sent back, and otherwise interfering with the ROVs operation.

Contact: Brian Metzger, PhD, CLP
Phone: 406-994-7782

Can you repurpose this unique Navy drone?
Upcoming UASCI Events
Exit (Early)-Stage Right - Effective Exit Strategies for Investors and Entrepreneurs
Webinar 12- 1 PM CT
Whether you are an investor or entrepreneur, including within the UAS space, it may be important to know what strategies are available to you in order to help you make a successful exit from an investment deal or your company. In this webinar, you will hear from several experts in the business and investment communities who will share their thoughts and ideas about successful exit planning and which exit strategies may be right for you.
Upcoming Industry Events
National Drone Show
Washington, D.C.
The National Drone Show, co-located with Government Video Expo, is an event for video professionals focused on UAV and video capture, creation, management and delivery tools and techniques which takes place in Washington, D.C., USA. The event...

International LiDAR Mapping Forum (ILMF) 2019
Denver, CO
International LiDAR Mapping Forum (ILMF) is a technical conference and exhibition showcasing the latest airborne, terrestrial, and underwater LiDAR as well as emerging remote-sensing and data collection tools and technologies.

SPIE Defense + Commercial Sensing
Baltimore, MD
The leading global sensing, imaging, and photonics technologies event

AUVSI Xponential
Chicago, IL
Join 8,500 technologists, regulators and users across commercial and defense sectors for AUVSI XPONENTIAL 2019, the largest, most comprehensive trade show for unmanned and autonomous systems. As adoption spreads and applications expand, XPONENTIAL...

SPAR3D Expo & Conference
Anaheim, CA
From sensing with drones, mobile rigs and hand-held devices to AR, VR and 3D printed deliverables, everything 3D is here at the only industry-agnostic, platform-neutral 3D event in the market: SPAR 3D Expo & Conference.
First ever drone-delivered kidney is no worse for wear
Tech Crunch | 11/20/2018
Drone delivery really only seems practical for two things: take-out and organ transplants.

15 drone teams deployed after Camp Fire in Paradise, CA
DroneDJ | 11/19/2018
CNN reports the Camp Fire isn't even halfway done burning. Meanwhile, drone teams are already deployed after the Camp Fire in Paradise, CA, in what is called the largest UAV disaster response effort in the history of California. 

Oxford University spin-off Animal Dynamics raises £6 million for its drone and UAV projects
Tech EU | 11/19/2018
Oxford-founded startup Animal Dynamics that develops unmanned aerial systems inspired by biological concepts has raised £6 million in a Series A funding round led by Oxford Sciences Innovation (OSI), with participation from Kindred Capital and Australian investment company Tanarra Capital.

Tennessee County OK'd for sUAS Flights Over People
Unmanned Aerial | 11/19/2018
The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has OK'd commercial drone operations over people for the government of Rutherford County, Tenn., through a Part 107 waiver.

Drone assassination attempts are a reminder that better legislation is needed | 11/17/2018
In early August an assassination attempt on Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro served as a jarring wake up call that the possibility of a drone attack against a public figure or civilian is real. To the security industry and United States Government, this attack was not surprising. Frighteningly, there has been little resolve within Congress to determine who or what security agencies have the authority to mitigate these threats.

Opinion: The Commercial Drone Industry is Flying High, But It Still Has Regulatory Obstacles to Clear
CTECH | 11/16/2018
Despite efforts by governments around the globe to promote drone innovation, regulatory policy has restricted the acceleration of commercial drone usage, writes Flytrex CEO

San Diego to Take Community Feedback on Future Drone Use
Times of San Diego | 11/15/2018
The Federal Aviation Administration and the U.S. Department of Transportation selected San Diego to test unmanned aerial vehicles, commonly called drones, during the next two years. Because of the selection, the San Diego Regional Unmanned Aircraft Systems Integration Pilot Program will take community feedback on the tests via an online survey.

Solar-powered Odysseus will gather data for climate research
UAS Magazine | 11/15/2018
Aurora Flight Sciences—a Boeing company—this week unveiled a new solar-powered, autonomous unmanned aircraft system (UAS) called Odysseus, which the company said can effectively fly for indefinite periods of time in the stratosphere.

Boeing's solar-powered climate research drone takes flight in 2019
Engadget | 11/14/2018
Aurora Flight Sciences, a subsidiary of Boeing that specializes in unmanned aerial vehicles, is gearing up to launch a solar-powered autonomous aircraft. The vehicle, called Odysseus, is designed for persistent flight at high-altitudes and will be used to perform climate and atmospheric research. Its first voyage is scheduled for the spring of 2019.

DHS explores machine learning to improve drone detection
UAS Magazine | 11/13/2018
Visual detection of drones could become more precise and reliable by combining cameras with machine learning, according to researchers with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Science and Technology Directorate and Sandia National Laboratories. DHS and Sandia are working to make visual drone detection as effective as thermal and acoustic signatures or radio signals.

UAS Sensors Defeat Drones
Sensors Online | 11/12/2018

MyDefence Communication announces the successful integration of Counter Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) technology in vehicle platforms for military forces.

Micro-weather forecasts for UAS will be tested in New York
UAS Magazine | 11/09/2018
CustomWeather Inc.—a provider of high-resolution weather data and alert services based in San Francisco—has entered into a partnership with TruWeather Solutions LLC to produce high-resolution forecasts supporting the specialized needs of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) operations.

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