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UAS Cluster Initiative newsletter
October 29, 2021  

Call for applicants: Executive Director, UAS Cluster Initiative (UASCI)
The Growth Phase of the UAS Cluster Initiative (UASCI) is underway. The team will focus on five priority areas that include Training and Knowledge Exchange; Mentoring for Small Businesses; Technology Transfer; Business Counseling and Consulting; and Facilitating Access to Capital. An Industry Advisory Council has been formed, co-chaired by Dr. Jamey Jacobs, Director of Oklahoma State University's Unmanned Systems Research Institute, and Kraettli Epperson, Founder and CEO of Vigilant Airspace Systems, to lead strategic planning and advocacy efforts.

As we expand activities, a search is underway for an Executive Director. This is an excellent opportunity for a dynamic leader to help pave the way for this emerging industry. Interested candidates are asked to send a cover letter and resume to the UAS Cluster Initiative's Interim Executive Director, Sallie Traxler, at or apply through Indeed by November 10.

To find out more about the UAS Cluster Initiative go to:

To apply for the Executive Director position, go to Indeed at:
UAS in the News
NASA's Multirotor Aircraft Noise Reduction Webinar on Tuesday, Nov 16 at 2pm ET.
NASA researchers have developed a phase-locked rotor system to reduce noise in multirotor aircraft. NASA will host a webinar regarding this technology on Nov. 16. Registration is free, just follow the headline link.
Industry Headlines
Alphabet's Wing to start drone deliveries in Dallas-Fort Worth area
cnet | 10/20/2021
Wing, the drone delivery division of Google parent company Alphabet, said Wednesday that it's expanded operations to parts of the Dallas-Forth Worth area. This is a significant expansion into a more complex urban area, though operations so far are...

DRONERESPONDERS Florida Public Safety Coordination Group: Working Together to Use Drones Effectively
dronelife | 10/20/2021
A new collaborative initiative with AIRT and AUVSI will help DRONERESPONDERS bring statewide resources together.  The Florida Public Safety Coordination Group will help agencies develop a statewide framework to support the use of drones and other...

The Smarter Pilot: Steve Rhode's New Column Helps Pilots Parse Current Drone Regulations
dronelife | 10/20/2021
Current drone regulations can be difficult even for experienced pilots to understand.  In his new DRONELIFE column, Steve Rhode works to help bridge the knowledge gap between passing the Part 107 test and requirements of the most current drone...

Smart Farming With Drones and AI
sUAS News | 10/15/2021
FlyNex and Pheno-Inspect combine their solutions to digitalize and automatize work processes in agriculture. AI-based image capturing with drones and analysis open up new opportunities for sustainable, digital farming with a simultaneous increase of...

Wireless Power for Drones: Meet the Company Who Wants to Change the Battery Game
dronelife | 10/15/2021
Battery life is a limiting factor for commercial drones.  This technology company wants to dispatch wireless power for drones. A company that uses its proprietary wireless-power technology to handle complex logistics issues in the retail and...

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