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UAS Cluster Initiative Newsletter
August 10, 2018  

Governor Mary Fallin to Kick off UAS Tech Forum
Governor Fallin has been a champion for the UAS industry from the start. Under Governor Fallin's leadership the Oklahoma Aerospace and Autonomous Systems Council (formerly Oklahoma Governor's UAS Advisory Council) was created in 2011. The Council has gone on to spearhead the State's UAS Strategic Plan. As a supporter of top tier educational programs focused on UAS, test site development, UAS research funding, and manufacturing Oklahoma is positioned to become a national UAS hub.

Governor Mary Fallin urged researchers, entrepreneurs, investors and service providers to attend the UAS Tech Forum in Broken Arrow and stated the state is "just scratching the surface" of the growing industry's potential.

"The UAS industry is intriguing because of the potential economic contributions it can make to existing business segments in Oklahoma like energy, agriculture, weather, defense and logistics," said Fallin. "The work our UAS leaders are doing now will pay off in the future as businesses from these traditional segments continue to learn more how this exciting industry can help their companies grow in previously unforeseen ways."

Register today for one of the largest UAS events in the region, set for Sept. 12-13 in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.

UAS in the News
AUVSI's McMahon, ISR Idea's Poss To Bring Keynotes at UAS Tech Forum
Attendees at this year's Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) Technology Forum in Broken Arrow, Okla., can expect to hear a wide-range of quality speakers, including a couple of nationally known and respected industry professionals.

Drones as Crash Scene Analysis Tools are Rapidly Taking Off
The advent of affordable unmanned aerial systems has dramatically shifted business models in a wide variety of industries, from agriculture and infrastructure inspection to search and rescue, and law enforcement. According to The Huffington Post,...

Bringing drones into a smart city network
San Diego is in the midst of a tech convergence. It is working to build what it calls the nation's largest smart city network, and it also was selected for the U.S. Department of Transportation's UAS Integration Pilot Program.

FAA issues more than 100,000 remote pilot certificates
The Federal Aviation Administration last week announced that it has issued more than 100,000 remote pilot certificates to fly drones for commercial and recreational uses.

UAS attorneys advise against shooting down drones
Two Washington, D.C., attorneys specializing in unmanned aircraft systems law say one of the most common questions they're asked is whether it's okay to shoot down a drone. They say the simple answer to the question about whether someone should...
Technology Spotlight
Hyper-spectral 3-D vision for autonomous vehicles, unmanned systems
Air Force Research Laboratory - 711th Human Performance Wing
The Air Force has invented a 3-D, stereoscopic vision system that fuses visible, infrared and multispectral images from multiple cameras for maneuvering unmanned or autonomous vehicles. The technology is available to innovative businesses for development of new products or services.

While 3-D displays are rapidly becoming a popular entertainment medium, their use in real-world settings is not so well defined. Incorporating 3-D technology into the operation of drones may be one of the early applications outside of gaming. A benefit of using a 3-D display with autonomous or remotely piloted vehicles is to allow operators of those vehicles to aggressively maneuver in a complex or dynamic environment.

Contact: Brian Metzger, PhD, CLP
Phone: 406-994-7782

Exclusive or non-exclusive, what's the right patent license agreement for your business?
Upcoming UASCI Events
Due Diligence and its Impact on Investment Opportunities
Webinar 12:00 PM - 1:00 AM CDT

UAS Tech Forum 2018
09/12/2018 - 09/13/2018
Stoney Creek Hotel and Conference Center, Broken Arrow, OK
The UAS Tech Forum is a convergence of entrepreneurs, investors, researchers, tech transfer professionals, economic development officials and other service providers in the UAS industry. The event features tech presentations, valuable networking with attendees and exhibitors, potential investment opportunities, thought-provoking panel discussions and relevant keynote speakers.

Green Country Unmanned Aircraft System Competition
09/29/2018 - 09/30/2018
The University of Tulsa Campus
The University of Tulsa Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering is planning an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) competition on the TU campus August 25-28 2017. UAV systems are effective in recruiting middle and high school students to fields related to science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). The industrial applications of UAV systems continue to expand, and TU is home to innovative UAV research.
Upcoming Industry Events
UAS Midwest
Dayton, OH
If you are a current or future participant in the UAS community, we invite you to attend this year's event. We aspire to exceed your expectations and also give you the chance to enjoy the hospitality of the State of Ohio, its partners, and the...

UAS Summit & Expo
08/20/2018 - 08/22/2018
Grand Forks, ND
During the course of three days, attendees of the UAS Summit & Expo will hear from 100+ industry experts about insight on commercial UAV manufacturing and distribution, UAS technology offerings, regulatory updates, business case models, commercial...

Commercial UAV Expo Americas
10/01/2018 - 10/03/2018
Las Veags, NV
Join more than 3,000 professionals at the leading commercial drone conference and expo October 1-3. With top-notch education and an unparalleled exhibit floor filled with the highest precision UAS technology, Commercial UAV Expo is the best choice...
National Guard Launches Drone Missions to Fight California Wildfires
dronelife | 08/08/2018
The  California Air National Guard's 195th Airlift Wing recently launched a drone reconnaissance mission to aid firefighting efforts in northern California.

Project Wing Completes First Long-Distance, Residential Drone Delivery in US
The Drive | 08/08/2018
Google's parent company, Alphabet Inc., recently deemed its Project Wing substantially advanced enough to graduate into its own, separate company. Wing has been testing aerial food delivery in the Australian suburbs for quite some time now, and according to Bloomberg, completed the first long-distance, residential drone delivery in the United States Tuesday. The payload? Ice cream.

Caltech Engineers Taught a Drone to Herd Birds Away from Airports
Pasadena Now | 08/06/2018
Engineers at Caltech have developed a new control algorithm that enables a single drone to herd an entire flock of birds away from the airspace of an airport. The algorithm is presented in a study in IEEE Transactions on Robotics.

US Army increases investment on counter-drone program
C4ISRnet | 08/05/2018
Leonardo DRS has received an additional $13 million to continue engineering and testing a vehicle-mounted system that the U.S. Army hopes will protect soldiers from small drones, according to a July 31 Defense Department statement.

Harris County's Drone Fleet Catches Illegal Garbage Dumping in Houston
The Drive | 08/03/2018
While car crash and nihilistic murderer analyses are certainly viable reasons for efficient drone use, the city of Houston has found the UAV to be an excellent solution for an entirely different problem: illegal garbage dumping.

It's Time to Pay Attention: Industry Leaders Comment on FAA Reauthorization Amendments
dronelife | 08/02/2018
News and Commentary.  It's time for drone operators in  the U.S.- both commercial and recreational – to start paying attention as regulation heats up.  On July 31, the Small UAV Coalition, AOPA and other industry advocates signed a letter opposing an expected amendment from Senator Mike Lee (R-Utah) to the FAA Reauthorization package, concerning UAS delivery; on August 1, the Small UAV Coalition and a slightly different group of supporters including the Commercial Drone Alliance penned yet another letter voicing their support for proposed revisions to Section 336, which would require recreational operators to take an aeronautical knowledge test.

USAF Wants Drone Swarms, AI To Buy Space
Breaking Defense | 08/02/2018
The Air Force wants more AI, cloud computing, autonomous drone swarms and thousands of tiny satellites. But most of these projects are only now getting off the ground at the Pentagon, making the service's new "Flight Path" a little cloudy.

Medical Drones: The Life-Saving Potential Of Unmanned Aircraft
Drone Below (blog) | 08/01/2018
If you think about it, time is what is most crucial in healing. Whether it's a natural disaster, a traffic accident, a heart attack or an organ transplant, time is what remains a challenge and is something that needs a better solution. In 2018, it looks like we have a solution for time in healthcare. It is coming in the shape of drones which will fly the extra mile and deliver drugs, vaccines, blood and even organs.

Survey shows drone adoption rate by farmers
According to a study recently unveiled by Munich Reinsurance America Inc., nearly three-fourths of all U.S. farmers "are currently using or considering adopting the technology to assess, monitor and manage their farm.

Survey shows drone adoption rate by farmers
UAS Magazine | 07/31/2018
According to a study recently unveiled by Munich Reinsurance America Inc., nearly three-fourths of all U.S. farmers "are currently using or considering adopting the technology to assess, monitor and manage their farm."

The PHASA-35 aims to stay airborne for years at a time without landing
Drone DJ | 07/30/2018
The PHASA-35 is a high altitude, long endurance aircraft that is currently in development through a collaborative effort between BAE Systems and Prismatic. The two companies behind this UAV have their eyes set on the long haul with intentions to keep this aircraft airborne for over a year.

CA Tops In Cybersecurity Jobs, NY Is Drones Leader
Business Facilities | 07/26/2018
California is Business Facilities' top-ranked state among Cybersecurity Jobs Leaders and New Yorkheads the leaderboard in Unmanned Aerial Systems (Drones), two new high-tech rankings categories appearing in the magazine's 14th Annual Rankings Report, released today.

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