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UAS Cluster Initiative Newsletter
May 24, 2018  

UAS Tech Forum Topics Announced

The UAS Tech Forum set for September 12-13, 2018 in Broken Arrow is shaping up with sessions featuring speakers from NASA, UASIPP Awardees, National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR), cybersecurity experts, tribal leaders, and so much more.

Speakers are being added weekly, check out the agenda for a full list of sessions and save $50 off registration until July 13th.

UAS in the News
Technology flies into future of agriculture at Enid forum
The next generation in farm implements wowed an audience of Oklahoma agriculture and economic development leaders at Enid's recent Future of Food Forum. It looked nothing like a new combine or a tractor. It was a drone, a pilotless, remote control...

KDOT selected for UAS integration pilot program
Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chao May 9 selected the Kansas Department of Transportation to participate in the department's new Unmanned Aircraft Systems Integration Pilot Program. Under the program, KDOT plans to deploy UAS to support beyond...
Technology Spotlight
Folding wing mechanism for unmanned aerial systems (UAS)
Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division (NAWCAD)
The Navy has long seen the value in folding-wing aircraft and in fact, the first patent for a folding mechanism dates back to 1913 for use on a bi-plane. Rotor-wing aircraft also utilize a wing-folding mechanism aligning the blades over the fuselage to save space on deck or in hangars. Given the success and widespread use of this space management capability, Navy researchers are applying it to drones and related UAS. While there is a long history of utilization, folding-wing mechanisms have been handicapped by design complexity and use of many moving parts leading to reliability concerns and high costs. These issues must be addressed for application to UAS, which are expected to be inexpensive, easily deployed, and lower maintenance. Navy researchers have tackled this problem and developed a new folding mechanism for rotor-wing UAS. The system is also applicable to shoulder or tube launched missiles.

Contact: Marti Elder, CLP
Phone: 406-586-7621

Exclusive or non-exclusive, what's the right patent license agreement for your business?
Upcoming UASCI Events
May 17, 2018
Tulsa, OK
Hosted by Tulsa Community College Continuing Education and Workforce Development
You are invited to our lunch and learn discussions with panelists from both the drone industry and higher education. The latest drone activity in the business, workforce, and educational fields in the Tulsa area will be discussed.

UAS First Responder Symposium
June 1, 2018
Salina, KS
Join fellow first responders at this one day networking symposium. Plan to attend to discuss advancing UAS operations for first responders in Kansas and beyond.
Network and learn from first responder agencies at all levels of UAS operation
integration. Divisions just considering implementing UAS technology can learn from veterans already effectively using regularly utilizing UAS.

Mindset and Methods of Open Innovation Workshop for Manufacturers
June 5, 2018
Claremore, OK
Successful large companies use the process of Open Innovation to provide them with a competitive advantage and surpass their competitors.
This seminar "Mindset and Methods of Open Innovation" takes Open Innovation to small and mid-sized manufacturers to share with them the techniques that have worked for large companies. "The World is Your Lab" is the mantra of this half-day workshop inviting participants to understand the wealth of R&D resources available to them at the federal labs, universities and potential partner firms.

UAS Workshop
June 7, 2018
Ardmore, OK

Valuation of Companies Webinar - SAVE THE DATE
August 8, 2018

UAS Tech Forum 2018
September 12 - 13, 2018
Stoney Creek Hotel and Conference Center, Broken Arrow, OK
The UAS Tech Forum is a convergence of entrepreneurs, investors, researchers, tech transfer professionals, economic development officials and other service providers in the UAS industry. The event features tech presentations, valuable networking with attendees and exhibitors, potential investment opportunities, thought-provoking panel discussions and relevant keynote speakers.

Green Country Unmanned Aircraft System Competition
September 29-30, 2018
The University of Tulsa Campus
The University of Tulsa Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering is planning an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) competition on the TU campus August 25-28 2017. UAV systems are effective in recruiting middle and high school students to fields related to science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). The industrial applications of UAV systems continue to expand, and TU is home to innovative UAV research.
Upcoming Industry Events
Drone Focus
May 30-31, 2018
Fargo, ND
Autonomous systems are no longer a thing of the past but rather, the future is now. At Drone Focus we believe in the potential of Unmanned Systems and the opportunities the industry creates for Entrepreneurs and established businesses alike. In...

ICUAS'18The 2018 International Conference on Unmanned Aircraft Systems
June 12-15, 2018
Dallas, TX
he Conference spans four days. June 12 will be a Workshop/Tutorial day, followed by a three-day technical Conference on June 13-15. Judging from the interest ICUAS has drawn over the past eight years and its growth, ICUAS'18 is expected to attract...

Energy Drone Coalition
June 19-21, 2018
Houston, TX
The Energy Drone Summit is a forum dedicated to launching, growing and scaling enterprise UAV/Robotics operations in energy companies worldwide by bringing together the major rapidly growing segments within the UAV/AUV/Robotics ecosystem, with the...

June 25-29, 2018
Atlanta, GA
DEMAND for UNMANNED® brings the UAS and aviation system stakeholders together to discuss and collaborate on research challenges and advancement strategies. Engineers, researchers, developers, pilots, and regulators from academia, government, and...

UAS Summit & Expo
August 20-22, 2018
Grand Forks, ND
During the course of three days, attendees of the UAS Summit & Expo will hear from 100+ industry experts about insight on commercial UAV manufacturing and distribution, UAS technology offerings, regulatory updates, business case models, commercial...

Commercial UAV Expo Americas
October 1-3, 3018
Las Veags, NV
Join more than 3,000 professionals at the leading commercial drone conference and expo October 1-3. With top-notch education and an unparalleled exhibit floor filled with the highest precision UAS technology, Commercial UAV Expo is the best choice...
DOI unveils first ever $17M contract option for UAS providers
UAS Magazine | 05/23/2018
As part of a broader strategy to aggressively combat wildfires, the U.S. Department of the Interior has awarded a Call When Needed contract to four U.S. companies for small-unmanned aircraft systems services. The contract, which is Interior's first of its kind, will allow the agency to obtain fully contractor-operated and maintained small drones that are ready when needed to support wildland fire operations, search and rescue, emergency management and other resource missions in the Contiguous 48 States and Alaska.

Elevation – a documentary examining the many profound ways drones are changing our world
We Talk UAV | 05/23/2018
Drones may potentially be as disruptive to society as the advent of the internet.

That's one of the claims made in a new short documentary about drones called Elevation (link to film on second page). The film is produced by Dezeen, a popular design and architecture website and magazine. Coming in at just under 18 minutes, the doco interviews futurists, architects and other experts about positive and negative implications that UAVs are having on society today.

The FAA adds three military bases to the list of no-drone zones
DroneDJ | 05/22/2018

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) recently added three new U.S. Defense Department facilities to the list of no-drone zones and extended the restricted boundary of a third facility. The additions are the result of a request to enhance unmanned aircraft flight restrictions over military bases in the US.

Commercial drone pilot loses 90% of revenue due to increased competition
Drone DJ | 05/21/2018
Ever since the Federal Aviation Administration started to allow commercial drone flights the unmanned aerial devices have come down in price while at the same time their capabilities have improved and the competition has increased tremendously resulting in dramatically lower prices.

How Gangs are Using Drones to Disrupt Law Enforcement
In Public Safety | 05/21/2018
As gangs are finding new and better ways to disrupt community safety, they are getting alarmingly proficient at using unmanned aerial vehicles to support their criminal activity.

Drone deliveries ready to soar in Japan but lingering issues likely to keep post office in business
The Japan Times | 05/20/2018

A drone carrying a package sails through the air, touching down to make a delivery right on a customer's doorstep. Inc. wowed the world in 2013 with a video purporting to show what the future of the delivery industry would look like. But are we any closer to that now? The answer seems to be no — at least in Japan.

Florida looking to use drone technology to combat mosquitoes | 05/18/2018
Officials in Lee County, Florida, will soon be testing out drone technology to battle mosquitoes. The county is one of only ten sites in the country that has been approved by the federal government to test drones for various applications.

MIT Researchers Are Using Virtual Reality to Prevent Drone Collisions
The Drive | 05/18/2018
IT researchers have developed a virtual reality-based system that lets drones navigate rooms while avoiding virtual obstacles. 
The "Flight Goggles" system, developed by MIT's Laboratory for Information and Decision Systems along with its Computer Science and Artifical Intelligence Laboratory, reportedly allows the unmanned aerial vehicle to "see" a complete virtual environment and navigate around intangible objects.

AI-powered autonomous drone could bring new capabilities to agriculture, logistics, more
TechRepublic | 05/16/2018
Scientists have created the first nano drone capable of flying itself without a human operator, breaking ground on new ways to miniaturize artificial intelligence (AI) and limit processing power.

This Startup's Communications-Blocking Bubble Can Silence Phones, Drones and More
hypepotamus | 05/16/2018

"No cell phone use in this area." It's not an uncommon sight in any restricted-access area, but one that's rather difficult to enforce. How does a corporation or government entity know who's using wireless service in any given area, and even if they know, how would they stop it?

Apple is Joining UAS Integration Pilot Program to Collect Aerial Imagery and Improve Apple Maps
The Drive | 05/15/2018
Apple will soon be working with the state of North Carolina under the Trump administration's UAS Integration Pilot Program to operate drones for aerial imaging purposes in order to improve Apple Maps, according to a report by Engadget.​​​

Bill Would Give DOJ, DHS Power to Take Action Against ‘Malicious' UAS
Unmanned Aerial Online | 05/15/2018
On May 14, 2018, several U.S. senators introduced the "Preventing Emerging Threats Act of 2018," a bill that seeks to give the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Justice the authority to take action against unmanned aircraft systems that pose an "unacceptable security risk" to public safety.

Drone Industry Just Beginning To Take Off
Forbes | 05/15/2018
Drones, a.k.a. "unmanned aircraft systems," tend to be commonly misunderstood. Many people view them as playthings of the rich, a leftover gag from the old cartoon series The Jetsons or a sinister surveillance weapon used by a Bond villain. None of these myths, however, does justice to a technology that is – quite literally – just beginning to take off.

Windhover Labs' says its open drone software ecosystem will help unleash potential of commercial applications for autonomous UAS
AUVSI News | 05/15/2018
Windhover Labs, which describes itself as an "emerging leader in open and reliable drone software," has announced the successful test flight of its integrated flight software stack and ground control software.

Is It Time for the Security Industry to Embrace Drones? Here's What Experts Say
Security Sales & Integration | 05/14/2018
Among the newest technology applications to be considered promising in the security industry are unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) or drones. Driving the interest of manufacturers, security providers and end users alike are the expanding capabilities of drone systems to quickly and efficiently gather crucial data for all manner of life-safety, reconnaissance and security deployments.

Reno attracts new drone technology and innovation
KOLO 8 News Now | 05/14/2018

The City of Reno along with the company Flirtey have been chosen by the U.S. Department of Transportation and just one of ten locations across the nation to spearhead new drone technology.

Running a Drone Business Was a Massive Cash Cow. Then the Drones Arrived
Fortune | 05/14/2018
Three years after federal regulators began allowing commercial drone flights, the fever to cash in has turned into a pitched battle for business. Prices for collecting airborne data have plummeted amid a flood of competition equipped with cheap, hi-tech aircraft that practically fly themselves. That's pressuring operators, while handing customers new opportunities for affordable drone inspections, pictures and other services.

Air Force deployed mysterious drone to Afghanistan to catch terrorists planting roadside bombs
Defense News | 05/11/2018

Data from an investigation spearheaded by Defense News sister brand Military Times revealed that an experimental, homegrown reconnaissance drone called "Silver Fang" was deployed by the Air Force to Afghanistan during the mid-2010s.

Florida County to Battle Mosquitoes Through Federal Drone Program
U.S. News | 05/11/2018
The Lee County Mosquito Control District has won federal approval to ramp up drone use for pest maintenance.

ND selected for UAS pilot project
Minot Daily News | 05/11/2018
North Dakota has been selected as one of 10 participants in a pilot program to integrate unmanned aerial systems into the national airspace.

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