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UAS Cluster Initiative newsletter
March 5, 2021  

UAS in the News
Drone Experts at K-State Clarify New FAA Rules
Drone experts at Kansas State Polytechnic hosted its "UAS FAA Regulation Update" webinar on Feb. 25, which provided clarification on upcoming drone rule changes. Spencer Schrader, an Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) flight instructor at the school,...

Is Oklahoma ready for the drone industry?
Oklahoma is one of the top states ready to accommodate the drone industry, according to an analysis by researchers at George Mason University.

Are the UTM models for industry facing a financial crisis?
In 2025 and beyond, prospects for the UTM sector are strong and getting stronger every day. But for now the global UTM/U-space service supplier (USS) market is facing a major crisis before it really takes off – for most suppliers there will be a...
Droneport Headlines
Autonomous Drones for 
Airport Security in Belgium
Inside Unmanned Systems | 02/23/2021
Droneport, a regional airport in Belgium, is set to become the first in that country, and possibly in Europe, to use autonomous drones for security inspection, pending regulatory approval. The airport is using a system developed by Airobot, a drone...

Tampa Bay transit authority works with NASA on developing vertiports for air taxis
Tampa Bay Business Journal | 02/12/2021
The Tampa Bay Area Regional Transit Authority has started working with NASA to help identify the best sites in Hillsborough County to develop vertiports for air taxis.  

Flying taxis are coming. Here are 5 ways they'll differ from air travel as we know it.
Fast Company | 03/05/2021
Based on our design explorations, we believe that the first flying taxis entering service in the next three to five years will feature some surprising moments for first-time passengers. The first of these aerial vehicles will operate on short,...

AECOM, Ferrovial to develop Florida vertiport network
Construction Dive | 02/24/2021
AECOM and Ferrovial have announced that they partnered to design a vertiport network connecting major Florida cities. Vertiports provide the landing, recharging and departure infrastructure necessary to accommodate electric aircraft that take off...

WiBotic's Commander will autonomously charge drone fleets
DroneDJ | 02/11/2021
Autonomous charging solutions company WiBotic has launched its Commander drone and robot fleet energy management software for companies with large fleets. The software package allows the charging state of all drones in the fleet to be managed and...
Industry Headlines
US drone firm Skydio valued at $1 billion as government freezes out Chinese competition
The Verge | 03/01/2021
Skydio has become the first US dronemaker with a valuation of more than $1 billion, a signal of deeper investment in American-made drones after the US government blacklisted Chinese manufacturers. The California-based Skydio raised $170 million in a...

Eastern Pacific and Schulte Group invest in autonomous drone startup
Splash | 03/01/2021
F-drones, a Singapore-based startup developing large scale autonomous drones for maritime logistics, has announced a successful raising of seed capital. 

State Farm Arena Enlists Cutting-Edge Lucid Drone Tech As Part Of Expanded Safety Protocols | 03/05/2021
State Farm Arena, home of the Atlanta Hawks, has implemented the latest in drone technology as a part of the venue's cleaning and disinfecting protocols. The award-winning arena has enlisted Lucid Drone Technologies, a cutting-edge drone company...

Researchers introduce a new generation of tiny, agile drones
Mit News | 03/02/2021
If you've ever swatted a mosquito away from your face, only to have it return again (and again and again), you know that insects can be remarkably acrobatic and resilient in flight. Those traits help them navigate the aerial world, with all of its...

New Honda Patent Illustrates Motorcycle-Based Drone
Interesting Engineering | 02/28/2021
Honda is known for its innovation, engineering some pretty awesome robots, and even swappable electric batteries. Now. it seems it has new plans for a motorcycle drone according to a novel patent the firm has filed.

Let me drone on a moment about drones for agriculture or forestry
Green Biz | 02/25/2021
As more corporate sustainability teams cultivate projects to restore biodiversity and degraded landscapes or to nurture soil carbon sequestration and other nature-based climate solutions, interest in drone technologies that can weed out the best...

NCDOT conducts first bridge inspection using drone
WWAY tv 3 | 02/25/2021
The N.C. Department of Transportation has another new tool to help make our roadways safer: Drones.

Saab heads EU industry push for a drone collision-avoidance kit
Defense News | 02/22/2021
he European Commission has approved Saab to lead the bloc's quest for a detect-and-avoid kit that would allow aerial drones to fly safely alongside civilian air traffic.

Increasing Demand For Last-Mile Drone Delivery Is Boosting The Autonomous BVLOS Drones Market
PR Newswire | 02/17/2021
In the past few years, drones have exploded int a wide number of markets, both military and civil consumer & commercial use... and for a wide number of reasons, but it's the delivery markets that seems to be the segment that will see the most usage...

Nordic states launch joint drone development initiative | 02/11/2021
Nordic Drone Initiative backed by 16 public and privately owned organisations in Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark to probe the efficient use of airspace for drones. The Nordic Drone Initiative (NDI) will probe the efficient use of airspace for...

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