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UAS Cluster Initiative Newsletter
November 21, 2017  

Check Out Our New Technology Spotlight
The Technology Spotlight features emerging technologies developed in federal labs, all available for commercialization.

Also, as one of the most beloved US holidays approaches it provides an opportunity to take a moment to acknowledge our gratitudes and send you, our readers, a message of appreciation.

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UAS in the News
Black Friday Promotions from DJI, FLIR, and FireCam
It's that time of year – to grab a deal. Here is a round up of deals that might appeal to both commercial drone operators and enthusiasts.

The Bard College Center for the Study of the Drone has Analyzed Over 900,000 Drone Registrations in the U.S. – and the Results are Surprising
The Bard College Center for the Study of the Drone has published another report offering significant insight into drone use in the U.S.  The Center's Drone Registrations: A Preliminary Analysis, written by Center co-founders Dan Gettinger and Arthur...

Natilus Attracts More Seed Investment from Starburst Ventures, Seraph Group, Gelt VC, Outpost Capital and Draper Associates
Today Natilus, a manufacturer of large aircraft drones, announced it has closed a second round of seed funding with investment from Starburst Ventures, Seraph Group, Gelt VC, Outpost Capital and Draper Associates. The funds will go toward the...
Technology Spotlight
Unmanned aircraft system with power line detection, identification, and avoidance capability
Army Research Laboratory
Army scientists and engineers have developed a sensor and software system for detecting energized power lines in the vicinity of an aerial craft. The method includes using sensors located on the aerial craft to measure electric and magnetic fields in the vicinity and determine the orientation of the power line based on these electric and magnetic field measurements. Alternatively, detection can be achieved using a Poynting vector. The Poynting vector is the cross product of the electric field and magnetic field and runs parallel to the lines. Normalized values of the sensor data may further be calculated, as these values can provide consistent detection thresholds vs. distance, regardless of the magnitude of the voltage/current values of the power lines.

Contact: Brian Metzger, PhD
Phone: 406-994-7782

How To License Technology from the DoD
Upcoming Industry Events
AUVSI Xponential
April 30 - May 3, 2018
Denver, CO
If you're looking to harness the power of unmanned technology, AUVSI XPONENTIAL 2018 is the spot. An intersection of cutting-edge innovation and real-world applications, XPONENTIAL is the one event that brings all things unmanned into sharp focus....

ICUAS'18 The 2018 International Conference on Unmanned Aircraft Systems
June 12-15, 2018
Dallas, TX
The Conference spans four days. June 12 will be a Workshop/Tutorial day, followed by a three-day technical Conference on June 13-15. Judging from the interest ICUAS has drawn over the past eight years and its growth, ICUAS'18 is expected to attract...
Lewis University Delivers Acceptance Letters via Unmanned Aircraft
Unmanned Aerial Online | 11/14/2017
Lewis University, a Catholic university based in Romeoville, Ill., says it has kicked off its college admission season by deploying a drone to deliver acceptance letters to high school students.

Drones are fighting wildfires in some very surprising ways
Wildfires in the U.S. were brutal last summer, scorching more than 8.8 million acres and cloaking the Pacific Northwest in smoke and ash. In California alone, more than 40 people died and 8,400 buildings were destroyed in the deadliest wildfires in the state's history. Things may only get worse in years to come. Climate change is lengthening fire seasons and triggering more and larger blazes. But aerial drones may help save the day.

Going up: Drones play a bigger role in residential, commercial real estate
Central Penn Business Journal | 11/14/2017
In residential and commercial real estate, the demand for drone services continues to rise, and uses have expanded beyond producing photos for marketing materials. From help with safety planning before heavy equipment is brought into a new site to quick checks of subcontractor progress on a project, the broader range of what drones can do on construction sites helps justify the expense for those companies buying their own drones. 

Drone Leader Launches Drone ‘License Plates'
Point of Beginning | 11/13/2017
DJI has developed two new systems to help ensure drones remain a safe, secure and beneficial addition to America's airspace. The company's new AeroScope system acts like an "electronic license plate for drones" and is intended to provide a reliable way for authorities to identify and monitor airborne drones. DJI's new Knowledge Quiz is developed to ensure new drone pilots understand safe flight rules by requiring them to pass a safety test before flying.

Drone Events Now Covered by International Drone Racing Association (IDRA)'s Worldwide Insurance
The Drone News | 11/12/2017
The International Drone Racing Association (IDRA) has announced that drone events are now eligible to apply for event liability insurance. After using IDRA's semi-professional series, 2017 Challengers Cup, as an opportunity to test the liability insurance with partnered event organizers, the company is motivated and excited to expand the coverage to other drone related events around the globe. IDRA is confident that the service will have a positive impact in helping drone events find applicable and affordable coverage to protect their businesses, pilots, and spectators.

North Dakota has potential to tap federal drone integration program
Bismarck (ND) Tribune | 11/11/2017
Doors could open for North Dakota's unmanned aircraft industry, thanks to a federal pilot program allowing local governments to partner with others in the industry. But the state will have to prove it is the place to test drone integration if it wants to be one of the few successful candidates, the state's U.S. senators said Nov. 10.

California Wildfires (Part 2): How 360 drone panoramics become a first-responder tool
sUAS News | 11/14/2017
I had some time to think in between the two dozen drone flights it took to map the Coffey Park neighbourhood in Santa Rosa, one of the hardest hit by the recent wildfires in California (see Part 1). As I stood in front of the burned-out homes and cars in one of many cul-de-sacs in the neighbourhood, I couldn't begin to imagine the heartbreak the residents must be feeling. Thousands of families lost everything in an instant. And this was one of many neighbourhoods impacted by multiple fires burning across the state. Tens of thousands of people were still evacuated, anxiously awaiting news of their properties.

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