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UAS Cluster Initiative newsletter
October 15, 2021  

Droneport Headlines
Smart Rooftop or Ground Vertiports: TruWeather and Drone Industry Systems Corp
dronelife | 10/07/2021
Two companies, TruWeather Solutions and Drone Industry Systems Corporation (DISC), have teamed up to provide a holistic infrastructure solution for the unmanned aircraft system (UAS) and advanced air mobility (AAM) industry.

Brownsville: VTOL Company to Transform City Transportation with Vertiports and Microgrids
Virtual Builders Exchange | 10/05/2021
In the three months since Paragon VTOL Aerospace announced its move from California to Brownsville, the company has assembled a new management team, scouted sites at the local airport for the testing of vertical takeoff autonomous aircraft, begun...
Industry Headlines
AWS vet joins Auterion as drones ops go to cloud
sUAS News | 10/04/2021
Auterion,the company building an open and software-defined future for enterprise drone fleets, today announced the appointment of Jeff Jones as Chief Revenue Officer. Considered one of the top emerging executives and strategists in the technology...

Hidden Level launches low-altitude airspace monitoring service in Arlington,TX
sUAS News | 10/04/2021
Hidden Level announced today that they have brought their revolutionary Airspace Monitoring Service (AMS) to Arlington, Texas. Working with city officials as part of its Smart City initiative, Hidden Level's AMS adds a layer of situational awareness...

Grand Opening Of The US's Only Military Drone Museum Based in Caddo Mills, Texas
sUAS News | 10/12/2021
Dallas, TX: Saturday, Nov. 20, 2021, the Aviation Unmanned Vehicle Museum (AUVM), the only US military drone museum, in Caddo Mills, TX is hosting their grand opening.

At California Blazes, NASA Team Observes How Drones Fight Wildfire
NASA | 10/11/2021
Armed with fire-retardant clothing, a helmet, headlamp, and flashlight, NASA's Joey Mercer spent a night in August scrambling over rocks. He was in the woods of Northern California shadowing a team fighting the Dixie fire – the second-largest...

Taking Off in Public: Visiting Aviation's MIT
Flying Magazine | 10/11/2021
FLYING owner Craig Fuller takes us along as he tours The University of North Dakota.

Drones to Manage Powerline Vegetation: Routescene UAV LiDAR
dronelife | 10/10/2021
The latest in a series of forestry based case studies conducted by Routescene showcases the value of remote sensing techniques like UAV LiDAR for identifying diseased or damaged trees and overgrown vegetation close to powerlines to prevent outages...

SkyGrid Launches Autonomous Remote UAV Operations Solution
sUAS News | 10/07/2021
SkyGrid, a Boeing, SparkCognition company, announced today that it has released a new autonomous remote UAV operations capability to allow flight managers and operators to control and execute flights from remote locations. Using artificial...

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