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UAS Cluster Initiative Newsletter
August 15, 2019  

UAS Tech Forum Kicks Off Next Week
The 6th Annual UAS Tech Forum begins next week, August 21-22, 2019 in Salina, Kansas.

If you have been thinking about attending now is the time to sign up.

UAS in the News
Kansas Sheriff's Office Expanding Drone Use to Deter Criminal Activity
Since 2017, the Shawnee County Sheriff's Office in Kansas has seen a 21% increase in crimes involving burglaries, thefts from vehicles and thefts of motor vehicles.

Why Drone Delivery of Food is Actually Important (Beyond Hot Wings)
Yesterday, Israeli-based drone delivery solutions firm Flytrex and North Carolina-based charter flight company Causey Aviation announced that they have received FAA Approval to begin food delivery by drone in North Carolina.

How Drones Reduce Costs & Where to Find Grant Funding
Dr. Judy Riffle explores drone costs and drone grants that can help fund for first responder uses.
Technology Spotlight
Vigilant Spirit UAV ground control software
Air Force Research Laboratory - 711th Human Performance Wing
The Air Force developed a new, non-proprietary UAV software that can control multiple groups and types of UAVs that can be customized for individual operators or missions. It's called the Vigilant Spirit Control Software.

The VSCS suite was written using publicly available software development tools.

The 711th Human Performance Wing is using an information transfer agreement or a license agreement to provide private companies with access to its Vigilant Spirit Control Station software package.

Contact: Brian Metzger, PhD, CLP
Phone: 406-994-7782

Business Innovation is Risky: How Technology Transfer Can Help
Upcoming UASCI Events
DronePort Network Seminar
Salina, KS
In the seminar, you will learn how droneports are becoming epicenters for UAS activities by serving as nodes for testing, training and commercial drone operations by obtaining permissions for flight. These facilities are also providing housing, maintenance, fueling, piloting of fleets and more. 

The third annual Midwest Big Data Hub
Salina, KS
All-Hands Meeting will serve as the culmination for the National Science Foundation project dedicated to bringing academics and commercial operators together around the topic of big data for agriculture.

UAS Tech Forum
Salina, KS
The Tech Forum's agenda spotlights UAS in three exciting tracks: Agriculture, First Responders, and Innovation. Industry leaders and policy makers will be front and center at this event making this a one-stop shop for some of the best networking of the year. 

Droneport Workshop – Hosted by Grand Gateway Economic Development Association
September 12, 2019
(Invitation only)

UAS Angel Network Pitch Presentation
September 18, 2019
1:00 pm, ET - Webinar (Invitation Only)
September 18, 2019 SAVE THE DATE - Invitation only

Deals to be announced.

If you are interested in receiving an invitation, contact Jim Troxel at

Droneport Workshop – Hosted by COEDD and the City of Stroud
October 10, 2019
(Invitation only)
Upcoming Industry Events
Waukesha, WI
Wisconsin's public safety organizations are one of the largest users of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (i.e.: "drones") in the United States. The UASAN is hosting an event for public safety professionals.

UAS Summit & Expo
Grand Forks, ND

InterDrone 2019
September 3-6, 2019
Las Vegas, NV
InterDrone, The International Drone Conference and Exposition, is where the commercial UAV industry comes together. Connect with other drone pilots, service providers, UAS engineers and developers, UAV manufacturers, videographers and enterprise UAV...

AI Innovation Summit
San Francisco, CA
The AI Innovation Summit 2019 is coming to San Francisco, CA. Come learn, explore, and create with some of the world's most accomplished practitioners, thought leaders, and vendors. This unique program engages, inspires, and provides unique insights...

Public Safety Drone Conference
Tulsa, OK
Unmanned and Autonomous Systems are the future of the industry. Why? Drones significantly improve your effectiveness while keeping you out of harm's way. Departments all around the world see the benefits already. If you want to start orgrow your...

May 4-7, 2020
Boston, MA
Researchers crashed drones into test dummies, and here's what they found | 08/15/2019
A study on the public risk from drones led by an Alabama university has arrived at few conclusions, mostly because of the wide variety of unmanned aerial vehicle available and the many ways they can collide with humans.

Success for several drone service firms continues in the oilfield
UAS Magazine | 08/15/2019
Drone service firms are finding success in the oilfields.

DARPA, research partners tests drone swarms in urban settings
UAS Magazine | 08/14/2019
New testing by a team of researchers and private companies led by the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency has helped demonstrate how drone swarms can be used in urban environments.

Drone delivery developer signs global distribution deal
UAS Magazine | 08/14/2019
Drone Delivery Systems has secured a distributor of their products including AirBox Home for the Nordic region plus India and Malaysia. 

N.D. Sheriff's Department Approved for UAS Flights Over People
Unmanned Aerial Online | 08/09/2019
The Burleigh County Sheriff's Department in North Dakota says it is the first law enforcement agency in the nation to be given a waiver by the Federal Aviation Administration to operate unmanned aircraft systems over people.

Skysense announcing New high power Outdoor Charging Pad
sUAS News | 08/09/2019
Skysense ​today ​​announce​d​ the launch of ​its long-awaited new High Power Outdoor Charging Pad product line.

Tests show multi-rotor UAVs can improve cetacean behavioral studies | 08/09/2019
A New Zealand-based research team assessing the utility of small, multi-rotor unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to survey and study humpback whales determined that video data collected from a UAV improved upon data recorded by an expert observer from a research vessel, the standard behavioral technique. The team found the UAV captured some social activities not detected by the observer, with no observable effect on whales' behavior.

Amazon requests FAA approval of delivery-drone plans | 08/08/2019
Amazon has grand plans to deliver packages to its customers via autonomous drones but first it needs to get clearance.

How photogrammetry will replace LiDAR in transmission line inspections?
sUA News | 08/08/2019
Revolution in the power energy sector in on. Polish UAV manufacturer recently launched the innovative photogrammetry-based algorithm for transmission line modelling. It is to replace costly helicopter inspections. 

Drone developments benefit Rome, region
Rome (NY) Observer Dispatch | 08/05/2019
Over the last month or so, the unmanned aircraft systems test site in Rome has received a number of boosts from state and federal contracts, company partnerships and other investments. The progress those developments have made at the UAS test site at the Griffiss International Airport showing progress that helps the city and the surrounding area, said Rome Mayor Jacqueline Izzo.

Fast-growing Public Safety Drone Programs face new challenges
DroneDJ | 08/05/2019
New research from non-profit group DRONERESPONDERS that was presented at the 2019 UAS DRONES Disaster Conference in Los Angeles, shows that the fast-growing Public Safety Drone Programs face new challenges. Analyst Greg Crutsinger, Ph.D., presented insights as to how first responders and their agencies are using UAS for public safety.

Alaska Team Performs BVLOS Drone Flight Without Human Observers
Robotics Business Review | 08/02/2019
A team of partners in the University of Alaska Fairbanks' Unmanned Aircraft Systems Integration Pilot Program have conducted a Beyond Visual Line of Sight drone operation without human visual observers, the group announced recently.

The evolving airspace ecosystemHow to replace human eyes to keep our national airspace safe
Tech Crunch | 08/02/2019
magine a worldwhere drones deliver emergency medical supplies to people in need. 

Northern Plains Unmanned Aircraft Systems Test Site helping unleash the UAS industry's full potential
Prairie Business | 08/01/2019
In this Q&A in Prairie Business, Northern Plains UAS Test Site executive director Nicholas Flom talks about the work this North Dakota-based organization has been doing to safely integrate UAS into the National Airspace System
Vigilant Aerospace Systems Vigilant Aerospace Systems
Vigilant Aerospace Systems, Inc., a private company founded in 2015 and headquartered in Oklahoma City, provides FlightHorizon next-generation collision avoidance and flight safety systems for unmanned aircraft.

13905 Quail Pointe Dr, Suite A, Oklahoma City, OK 73134 |


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