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UAS Cluster Initiative newsletter
  June 14, 2022

Spotlight: Planning for Technology Development funding

If your company is considering Federal R&D funding for technology development, summer is the time to begin planning
  • If you are looking for federal R&D funding, including SBIR and STTR;
  • If you want to collaborate with Federal Research Labs on Technology development;

Summer is a good time to begin now is the time to begin your background research and laying the groundwork for your proposal. For many R&D funding initiatives, fall marks the beginning of the year with numerous of the SBIR, STTR and other funding calls occurring in late fall and winter time. Also, October 1st begins the new federal budget year which means those labs and their researchers will be identifying and funding internal research projects. These can be opportunities for in-kind collaborate (don't expect funding). Planning and establishing your alliance should start in the summer with the key activities of understanding research opportunities; building alliances; and connecting with supporting resources.

Start by talking with researchers at Federal Labs and Universities to better understand research priorities and challenge areas. Look at this as a research topic discovery process, much like customer needs discovery to understand expectations of proposal reviewers. Alternately, can identify potential collaborations with organizations that will participate in research. You should be able to contact the researchers through the lab tech transfer or partnerships office.

It is also good to make early contact with state support organizations that can assist in your SBIR or STTR proposal development. The SBA has established a network of organizations in each state that can provide this support for free. Some states even provide small amount of funding to assist in proposal development. For those of you in Oklahoma, contact the OK Catalyst at the Tom Love Innovation Hub in Norman

For more information on SBIR & STTR, go to

A reminder that UASCI a free consultation service to assist in navigating labs and opporutinities. Contact us at
Upcoming Industry Events
Thunderbird Drone Festival
August 12-13, 2022
Woodward, OK
The Thunderbird Drone Festival is Oklahoma's first and only drone film festival and drone technology expo.

Commercial UAV Expo
September 6-8, 2022
Caesars Forum, Las Vegas, NV

UAS Summit & Expo
October 4-5, 2022
Grand Forks, ND

Public Safety UAS Workshop
October 5-6, 2022
Salina, KS
Join fellow public safety professionals and the Kansas State University UAS experts for a day and a half of UAS education, networking, and hands-on exploration. This workshop will provide learning opportunities for law enforcement, fire, and...
Droneport Headlines
Air taxi company proposes connecting Tampa with Pinellas
Catalyst | 05/31/2022
An air taxi company is proposing to bring its fleet of electric aircraft to Tampa Bay. 

Longest cross-country flight of an electric aircraft in recent years included a stop in Springfield
Springfield News Sun | 06/01/2022
The Springfield-Beckley Municipal Airport was a destination recently for one of the longest cross-country flights performed by an electric aircraft of any kind in North America since 2016.
Industry Headlines
Oklahoma State University partners on aerospace innovation center
Flyover Future | 06/09/2022
The aerospace industry accounts for about 6 percent of the Oklahoma workforce, but its impact is often overlooked in a state where agriculture and oil dominate the headlines. Several university and municipal programs are working to change that...

K-State Salina again selected to support national UAS prize competition
sUAS News | 05/31/2022
Following its successful coordination of the recent First Responder Unmanned Aircraft System Triple Challenge, Kansas State University Salina Aerospace and Technology Campus has again been selected to lead an unmanned aircraft systems competition...

ZeroEyes partners with Asylon Robotics to develop Drone-Enabled Active-Shooter Response
sUAS News | 06/09/2022
ZeroEyes, Inc., creators of the only A.I.-based gun detection video analytics platform that holds the US Department of Homeland Security SAFETY Act Designation, today announced a formal partnership with Asylon Robotics, a firm that automates...

Drones and High Resolution Lenses Protect Wildlife Around the World: Quantum Systems and Wilderness International in Peru
dronelife | 06/08/2022
Drones equipped with high resolution lenses are a powerful tool in the fight to protect wildlife around the world.

UAV Navigation's GNSS-denied navigation capability ensures optimum performance for Alpha's helicopter UAVs
sUAS News | 06/07/2022
The majority of Uncrewed Aerial Systems (UAS) rely on Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) to maintain a stable position and/or to navigate between waypoints. Added to this weakness, any small drone system that relies exclusively on...

AgEagle Evolves: from Agricultural Drones to Flying Robots and More
dronelife | 06/06/2022
Recently, the company announced that sales of its NDAA-compliant eBee TAC Unmanned Aerial System have increased substantially with shipments to both U.S. and NATO forces in the United States and Europe. The news follows the March announcement by the...

AT&T's Flying COW® Drones: The Mobile 5G Hotspot
dronelife | 06/06/2022
This past April, the AT&T drone team took to a field in rural Missouri to test its new Flying COW® (Cell on Wings), marking the first time AT&T has transmitted its 5G network from a drone.

The UK's wee military recon drones will double as cartographers
Popular Science | 06/06/2022
The Ministry of Defence is spending some $3.8 million to purchase small, smart drones that can build maps and help provide info to people on the ground.

The Vertical Flight Society Announces the Winners of the 2nd Design-Build-Vertical Flight Student Competition
Benzinga | 06/06/2022
Ohio State University took first place, University of Maryland took second and the Pennsylvania State University took third in the annual VFS student drone competition.

Caltech Engineers Developed Neural-Fly: A Deep Learning Method That Can Help Drones To Withstand Violent Winds
MARKTECHPOST | 06/04/2022
The commercialization of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) necessitates that their control becomes more precise and responsive. For instance, drone delivery necessitates transporting goods to a confined target area in a variety of weather conditions;...

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