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UAS Cluster Initiative newsletter
  February 7, 2023

UASCI Spotlight: Lab to Business Technology Presentation on February 15 featuring sensing and inspection technologies

The next UASCI Lab to Business Technology Presentation will feature inspection and sensor technologies on active multispectral imaging, hyperspectral 3D vision, railroad bridge inspection.

For serial entrepreneurs, new entrepreneursor an existing businesses looking for your next UAS or AAM opportunity, UASCI has scheduled the next Lab to Business Technology Presentation. As with previous , events, this is a program of curated technology opportunities from Federal Laboratories and Universities.

This is a free online event which is scheduled for Wednesday, February 15th, 2023 at 1:00 pm CT.
To register for this event, please go to UAS Cluster Initiative Event registration

Technologies to be presented are:
  • A multispectral remote sensing system that uses active illumination to improve performance, reduce signal to noise, and avoid dependance on ambient lighting conditions.
  • A 3-D, stereoscopic vision system that fuses visible, infrared and multispectral images from multiple cameras for maneuvering unmanned or autonomous vehicles.
  • A system to inspect the condition of railroad bridges in static and dynamic conditions using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) and Laser Cameras

For questions or more information, please contact Jack James at

UASCI is creating an environment where unmanned aviation startups can thrive, connect with innovative networks, access global capital, discover national technologies and learn from proven tech industry leaders.
Upcoming UASCI Events
UASCI Lab to Business Technology Presentation #4
February 15, 2023
The next UASCI Lab to Business Technology Presentation will feature technologies on active multispectral imaging, hyperspectral 3D vision, and railroad bridge inspection.

UAS Angel Network Pitch Session (accredited investors only)
March 2023 - date TBD

UASCI Private Industry Advisory Council Meeting (by invitation)
March 2023 - date TBD

Lab to Business Tech Session
April 19, 2023
Details in work

UASCI Private Industry Advisory Council Meeting (by invitation)
May 2023 - date TBD
Upcoming Industry Events
Aero Oklahoma
March 22, 2023
Oklahoma City, OK

Choctaw Nation Emerging Aviation Technology Conference
April 2023 (date TBD)
Durant, Oklahoma

AUVSI XPONENTIAL Annual Conference
May 7 - 11, 2023
Denver, CO

Paris Airshow
June 19 - 25, 2023
Paris, France

EAA Air Venture Oshkosh
July 24 - 30, 2023
Oschkosh, WI

Thunderbird Drone Festival
August 2023 (date TBD)
Woodward, OK
Droneport Headlines
The Future of Drones: Mobile Operators as Enablers of Autonomous Flight
01/23/23 | 02/02/2023
The first petrol stations as we know them appeared in the 1920s - more than a decade after cars had already become a mainstay in America's burgeoning urban centers. Petrol stations and sprawling, well-paved road networks enabled longer, safer, and...

Volatus To Build Vertiport Near Penn State University
AIN Online | 02/01/2023
Volatus Infrastructure has agreed to build a public-use, FAA-compliant electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) vertiport at the privately owned, public-use Bellefonte (Pennsylvania) Airport (KN96) that serves the State College area, including...

Air Taxis and Vertiports – A Growing Trend In 2023
SRI LANKA Guardian | 01/24/2023
Known as flying cars by some, air taxis (or flying taxis)   are technically known as EVTOL (electric, vertical take off and landing) aircraft. 
Policy News
The FAA should improve its approach to integrating drones into the National Airspace System
sUAS News | 02/03/2023
Why GAO Did This Study

Confronting Drone Threats: Why New Technology Requires Action
Newsweek | 01/31/2023
If the FBI thinks drones are a threat, why doesn't congress?

GAO Report Calls for Clarity on Tax Exemptions for AAM Aircraft
Future Flight | 01/31/2023
A new report from the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) calls for lawmakers to clarify tax exemptions for advanced air mobility (AAM) aircraft and their associated infrastructure. 
Research News
Ohio University receives a grant to study using unmanned aircraft to move packages and people around
WOUB Public Media | 02/02/2023
Ohio University has been awarded a grant to investigate using unmanned aircraft in Appalachian Ohio for applications such as delivering packages to homes and transporting patients to hospitals and travelers to airports.

Unmanned Systems Enable Shift Toward a Green Economy
inside unmanned systems | 01/30/2023
From scientific research, firefighting and rainmaking to energy-saving airborne deliveries, more sustainable agriculture and renewable energy, unmanned systems are enabling the shift to a green economy.
Industry Headlines
Drone Reality Show Goes Inside a Survey of the Pearl River
dronelife | 01/31/2023
Drone Reality Show Follows Surveying of the Pearl River by Land, Water, and Air

Choctaw Nation Beyond Program obtains FAA approval for Beyond Visual Line of Sight operations with uAvionix Installation
sUAS News | 01/25/2023
uAvionix today announced that the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma (CNO) Beyond Program received approval from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) operations using uAvionix SkyLine™ Managed C2 and Detect &...

Inside the Department of Energy Project Using Drones to Map Radioactive Waste Storage Vaults
dronelife | 01/24/2023
Flyability's Elios 3 has successfully completed a 3D mapping operation of a radioactive waste storage vault following more than a year of preparation and research. The information obtained in the mapping project will prove crucial to planning the...

Pontifications: Do you really want the Jetsons zipping around?
Leeham News | 01/24/2023
"For those of you old enough to remember, this is the Jetsons. This is the dream. This is what everybody would love to do." This cartoon is what former Boeing CEO Phil Condit used to segway into the hot topic of Urban Air Mobility vehicles (UAM). A...

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