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UAS Cluster Initiative newsletter
  November 28, 2023

UAS Angel Network Announces 2024 Pitch Event Dates;
Rethink Vertical Podcast with Jump Aero Founder and CEO, Carl Dietrich, PhD;
Tulsa Designated as "Tech Hub" for Autonomous Technologies;
UAS Angel Network Announces 2024 Pitch Event Dates

Are you an innovative entrepreneur with groundbreaking ideas in the Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) and Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) industry? If so, mark your calendars because the UAS Angel Network has unveiled its schedule of pitch dates.
The new pitch dates are:
  • January 24, 2024
  • April 10, 2024
  • July 10, 2024
The UAS Angel Network is comprised of accredited individual investors, angel groups, and seed funds who are seeking opportunities to invest in UAS and AAM companies. The pitch sessions provide the opportunity for emerging aviation start-ups to connect with capital investment. Subsectors and business applications of interest include:
  • Drone Service Providers,
  • UAS logistics,
  • Airspace Management Systems,
  • UAS Flight Safety Systems,
  • Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM),
  • Droneports and Vertiports,
  • Commercialization of New UAS Technologies.
Don't miss this golden opportunity to bring your UAS and AAM concepts to life.
To apply for the pitch events, visit the website.

Rethink Vertical Podcast with Jump Aero Founder and CEO, Carl Dietrich, PhD.

In the latest episode of the Rethink Vertical Podcast, Craig Mahaney, the Executive Director of the UAS Cluster Initiative, talks with Carl Dietrich,, PhD, Founder and CEO of Jump Aero. In this podcast they discuss the development of Jump Aero's business case and operations concept to achieve fast response for critical emergency medical services. You will also hear about Dr. Dietrich's journey as a serial entrepreneur.

Find about this and more on the latest Rethink Vertical Podcast .

Tulsa Designated as "Tech Hub" for Autonomous Technologies

The U.S. Economic Development Administration has designated Tulsa as a "Tech Hub" in recognition of its leadership in autonomous technologies. The Tulsa Hub for Equitable & Trustworthy Autonomy (THETA) will advance the development of autonomous technologies which include uncrewed aerial systems (UAS), drones, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, advanced manufacturing, and other related fields. THETA's mission will be to develop these cutting-edge autonomous technologies for various applications including counter-UAS, agriculture, pipeline inspection, parcel delivery, and urban and regional mobility. Tulsa's position as a hub ensures that these innovations and the high-quality jobs they generate will flourish and remain firmly rooted in the region.

Link to press release on Tulsa Innovation Labs website

UASCI is creating an environment where unmanned aviation startups can thrive, connect with innovative networks, access global capital, discover national technologies and learn from proven tech industry leaders.

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UAS in the News
Oklahoma has sky-high hopes for aerospace, aviation
Legislators and agency leaders believe aerospace and aviation could become the top industry in the state.
Upcoming Industry Events
Oklahoma Women in Aviation & Aerospace Day
December 8, 2023
Will Rogers Airport, 137th Special Operations Wing, Oklahoma City, OK
Policy News
High Stakes in the Sky: Michigan Legal Battle Redefining Drone Law and Privacy Rights
dronelife | 11/22/2023
An obscure legal case involving a zoning dispute in rural Michigan could have significant national impact on the rights that government regulators have to use drones to pursue enforcement actions.

AAM Multistate Collaborative Takes Flight to Support the Future of Advanced Air Mobility
Newswires | 11/21/2023
State aviation and aerospace officials begin exchanging views on policies and innovation for safe and sustainable AAM operations and economic development.
Research News
As the Drone Industry Soars, Educational Institutions Prepare the Next Generation of Experts
Mundurowe Wiadomosci | 11/17/2023
As the drone industry continues to experience exponential growth, educational institutions in the United States are taking advantage of the opportunity to meet the demand for qualified professionals. One such institution at the forefront of this...

NASA Selects Awardees for New Aviation Maintenance Challenge
NASA | 11/16/2023
NASA has selected three university-led teams for the first round of a new technical challenge pursuing innovative aviation maintenance practices.
Industry Headlines
Watch: Would you like to ride in my beautiful air taxi? Joby, Archer, Lilium, Eve, Bell Nexus, eHang and other eVTOL makers
Gulf News | 11/21/2023
Electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft makers soar to next level of aviation

Are drones aviation?
Air Traffic Management | 11/20/2023
This was a big question during the recent DroneTalks Aerial Cities conference. Although a discussion along these lines is not surprising, some of the answers were!

The Art and Science of Low-Light Drone Operations: LiDAR or Camera? A DRONELIFE Exclusive from Immervision
dronelife | 11/20/2023
Immervision is a leading provider of "Deep Seeing Technology": wide-angle optics, processing, and sensor fusion for next generation technology.  Here, Immervision AVP Ludimila Centano gives a deep dive on the sensor options available for safe,...

Arlington hopes to have air taxis flying into entertainment district by 2026 World Cup
NBC DFW | 11/17/2023
The city expects to have the first vertiport in a future regional system moving people around the Metroplex by air

Effortlessly Communicate Land Access Requirements to Drone Operators: Maximising Estate Potential
sUAS News | 11/16/2023
In today's rapidly evolving world, the commercial use of drones is poised to revolutionise industries, from emergency response and healthcare to mapping & surveying, logistics, filming & photography, inspection & maintenance, and farming &...

Advanced Air Mobility Testing RoundUp 2023
Aerospace Testing International | 11/14/2023
The Advanced Air Mobility sector had an important year during 2023, with the top players on both sides of the Atlantic preparing for the final sprint towards Type Certification in 2024.

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