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UAS Cluster Initiative newsletter
March 22, 2022  

UASCI Lab to Business Technology Pitch Presentations
Jack James, UASCI Technology Commercialization Consultant

UASCI is developing a series of Lab to Business Technology Transfer Pitch Presentations for UAS/AAM Entrepreneurs and industry. The presentations will present potential new business opportunities based on the latest research and technology development from federal labs and universities. The first of these sessions will be in April, with the general theme of new vehicle architectures and new sensor capabilities.

To identify the best opportunities for business, we will select the technologies and presentations based on a set of criteria identified below. Keep in mind that the criteria is used as a first cut ‘triage' type of selection.

  • That the technology aligns with UASCI ecosystem technology needs priority. Specifically, that the technology presents an innovative solution to a problem in the UAS/AAM marketplace.
  • The scope of the technology would enable a new product line and business. In contrast with a technology that is a point or incremental solution to a problem in an existing system.
    • If you do have a problem that requires more of a point solution, please contact us and we can help you find a technology.
  • There is a broad field of use available to be licensed. This relates the flexibility of the IP when developing the business case, along with the potential for the technology to be a platform solution.
  • At least one or more patents have been issued, and that there is at least 10 years remaining on patent(s).
  • That the technology concept has been demonstrated at least in a structured or lab environment (TRL4) and that a prototype and test data are available.
  • The inventor and his/her laboratory can be available and willing to participate at some level. Having the opportunity for a co-development or sponsored research agreement with the inventor to collaborate with your development team. The opportunity is not just accessing the specific technology but also the opportunity to build relationships to access ongoing research and knowledge in that subject.

If you have any further questions or comments on the selection criteria, or if you have specific problem or technology need areas you don't see covered, please send an email to Jack James at

Upcoming Industry Events
FAA Vertiport Design Industry Day on EB 105
March 29

"AERO Oklahoma" Aviation, Aerospace & Defense Awareness Day
March 30, 2022
State Capitol, Oklahoma City, OK

Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma 2022 Emerging Aviation Technology Conference
April 4 - 5, 2022
Durant, OK

April 25-28, 2022
Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, FL

Commercial UAV Expo
September 6-8, 2022
Caesars Forum, Las Vegas, NV

UAS Summit & Expo
October 4-5, 2022
Grand Forks, ND
Droneport Headlines
Embraer's Eve Consortium Announces Initial Urban Air Mobility Concept of Operations in Miami-Dade County
Cision | 03/16/2022
Eve UAM, LLC ("Eve"), an Embraer S.A. ("Embraer") (B3: EMBR3,NYSE: ERJ) company, has formed a consortium of leading Urban Air Mobility (UAM) organizations and technology enablers, including Skyports, L3Harris Technologies, and the Community Air...

The race for AAM infrastructure, industry catches up
evtol | 03/15/2022
Realizing that the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) would be unable to complete its official vertiport advisory circular in time to support the first eVTOL operations, the FAA has opted to provide industry with interim guidance on...

The Federal Aviation Administration Looks to Vertiports to Accelerate Air Taxi Deployments
Commercial UAV News | 03/11/2022
The Jetsons' idea of advanced air mobility (AAM) works well in cute, 60's-style animations but it does work well with the realities of today's crowded national airspace (NAS). Where to take off from and where to land are the greatest obstacles to a...

Dallas PD Drone Unit: After Years of Research, Department Takes Flight
dronelife | 03/08/2022
After more than a half dozen years of study and pilot program testing, the police department in Dallas, Texas earlier this year officially launched its Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) program.
Industry Headlines
FAA Releases BVLOS ARC Recommendations
dronelife | 03/11/2022
The FAA has published the Advisory Rulemaking Committee (ARC) recommendations for rulemaking on flight beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS).  The full, 222 page report can be read here. FAA published the report last night.  The drone industry has...

AUVSI Commends Safety Focused UAS Beyond Visual Line of Sight Aviation Rulemaking Committee Report
GlobeNewswire | 03/10/2022
the Association for Uncrewed Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI), applauded the publication of the Federal Aviation Administration's (FAA) Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) Aviation Rulemaking Committee (ARC) report. The report sets the stage...

DRONEDEK Applauds FAA for Opening Door to Drone Package Delivery in the U.S.
sUAS News | 03/18/2022
Dan O'Toole, Founder and CEO of DRONEDEK, today lauded a federal aviation committee for recommending new regulations that would encourage drone-based package delivery in the United States.

RTK and Drone Mapping: Do You Need It? Is It Worth It?
drone life | 03/20/2022
Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) is a buzz term in the UA industry, one many pilots may not understand, even though they may be "mapping" with an uncrewed aircraft (drone).   When it comes to RTK and drone mapping, how necessary is the technology to a...

Drones in the Agriculture Sector: Five Ways Intelligent UAS are Helping Growers Meet Demand
dronelife | 03/16/2022
Zena Drone has helped revolutionize the burgeoning hemp industry.  In this guest post, Leah Jacobe outlines five ways that intelligent drones in the agriculture sector are helping growers to meet the demands of global food production.

Wing in Texas: Launching Service in Dallas Fort Worth
dronelife | 03/15/2022
Wing, the subsidiary of Alphabet that has pioneered drone home delivery service in cities in Australia as well as Helsinki, Finland; and Christiansburg, Virginia, is planning to launch its service later this year in the densely populated Dallas/Fort...

Qarbon Aerospace Partners with Georgia Tech for NASA's University Leadership Initiative (ULI) to Address Barriers in the Development of Civilian Vertical Lift Vehicles
businesswire | 03/14/2022
Qarbon Aerospace, Inc. (Qarbon Aerospace) has partnered with Georgia Tech to participate in NASA's University Leadership Initiative (ULI), focused on the development of Advanced Structures for Civil Vertical Lift Vehicles.

Teledyne FLIR on Counter Drone Solutions: "The Big Problem with Small Drones"
dronelife | 03/11/2022
"The Big Problem with Small Drones (and How to Address It) is a new whitepaper by Teledyne FLIR Defense, part of Teledyne Technologies Incorporated (NYSE: TDY) on counter drone solutions. The whitepaper addresses the rising risk of weaponized small...

FAA Announces Application Period for LAANC Service Suppliers
FAA | 03/09/2022
The Federal Aviation Administration will open the application period to become an FAA Approved Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Service Supplier for the FAA's Low Altitude Authorization and Notification Capability (LAANC) on May 2, 2022.

Disaster Response Training Offered for Women Drone Pilots
Newswires | 03/08/2022
The Center for Robot-Assisted Search and Rescue (CRASAR), the world leader in robotics for disasters, is partnering with Women and Drones for 3.5 days of drone pilot training. The purpose is to introduce female pilots to the missions, skills, and...

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