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UAS Cluster Initiative newsletter
November 16, 2021  

UAS in the News
$32 Million Research Center to Open in 2020
The 57,800-square-foot building will provide leading-edge, high-tech research and development capabilities for both the campus and the Kansas City community at large. As home to the campus' Free Enterprise Center, a maker space with industry grade...
Droneport Headlines
Ohio makes aviation history with advanced air mobility showcase flights
The Highland County Press | 11/11/2021
A short drive from where Orville and Wilbur Wright perfected flight more than 100 years ago, aviation history was once again made in Ohio. On Wednesday, Springfield-Beckley Airport welcomed a new era of aviation as the advanced air mobility industry...
Industry Headlines
Congress Votes to Support Advanced Air Mobility
Flying | 11/08/2021
House OKs an interagency working group to plan and coordinate the emerging advanced air mobility industry.

New Embry-Riddle Drone-Safety Initiative Could Be Key to Unlocking the National Airspace
Aviation Pros | 11/01/2021
Research currently being conducted at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University's College of Aviation could play a major role in expanding restrictions on small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS), or drones, being flown beyond the visual line of sight of...

FAA – Drones, a key piece in fighting wildfires
sUAS News | 10/29/2021
The use of drones for fighting wildfires is a "hot" topic, with more than 6 million acres of forest burned this year. When they are used by emergency responders they have proven to help suppress and contain massive blazes, and save lives on the...

American drone registration decline
sUAS News | 11/10/2021
Many people are looking for drone registration statistics. While the Part 47 registration database is publicly available, the Part 48 registration database is not. The vast majority of drones register under Part 48. The FAA has released Part 48...

Ready for air taxis? Here's why Kansas could be a player in the future of aviation
The Kansas City Star | 11/11/2021
Aerospace engineers and entrepreneurs across the world are in a race to fundamentally change how we see the sky. They are working on new air vehicles — in an industry called advanced air mobility — that will be used to drop packages on your...

'Flying Cars' Make Springfield-Dayton Region Their Home
Aviation Pros | 11/11/2021
Springfield has quickly become a hub for so-called flying cars, making it "the Huffman Prairie of the 21st century," with five companies developing the new mode of transportation for military and civilian use.

Crop Spraying Drones: This Small U.S. Manufacturer is Taking on the Global Market
drone life | 11/02/2021
Small manufacturer of crop spraying drones takes on big competition

Tethered system enables Mavic 2 to autonomously fly over and land safely on small vessels
sUAS News | 10/29/2021
Firefighters and police drone team has been using the V-Line tethered system for the Mavic 2 drone in a variety of situations on land. Today, Volarious launch a new product called the V-Line boat mode. It can also be used in coastline surveillance,...

Near Earth Autonomy and L3Harris demonstrate drone system that delivers life-saving blood to medics in the field
sUAS News | 11/10/2021
Near Earth Autonomy and L3Harris Technologies have announced a successful demonstration of an unmanned aircraft system (UAS) that can autonomously deliver life-saving blood and other medical supplies hundreds of miles away from operational bases to...

The Art and Science of Investing in Unmanned Aviation
Commercial UAV News | 11/11/2021
The business model. Are companies creating a sustainable revenue stream in an environment where most variables such as certification, detect and avoid (DAA), and unmanned traffic management (UTM) are still unresolved? And how do we explain the...

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