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February 5, 2021  

UAS in the News
Report: These States Are Most Prepared for Commercial Drones
Some states are more ready than others for commercial drone services, which currently faces regulatory roadblocks, according to a George Mason University report.

WSU receives funding to improve unmanned aerial systems
Wichita State University will receive $684,000 from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for three programs aimed at increasing safety measures for the use of unmanned aerial systems (UAS).
Droneport Headlines
Ferrovial and Lilium to develop US vertiport network
dpa on the Net | 02/02/2021
Ferrovial, an infrastructure operator, and Lilium, the aviation company developing an all-electric, vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) jet aircraft and service, have agreed to develop a network of at least 10 vertiports.

Coventry UK to be the first to have an airport solely for large drones
Innovation Origins | 02/01/2021
Air-One® is to become the first of 200 "mobile airports" for passenger and cargo traffic in the United Kingdom.

Thales and H3 Dynamics trial new autonomous drone monitoring system
Commercial Drone Professional | 01/31/2021
H3 Dynamics and Thales have jointly trialled a real-time autonomous drone flight monitoring system in an urban environment in Singapore.

Drone deliveries: Coming soon to a property near you?
Renx | 01/29/2021
A growing number of  developers are exploring establishing drone delivery locations at their suburban multifamily, commercial and industrial projects.
Industry Headlines
FAA Approves Fully Automated Commercial Drone Flights
JDSUPRA | 02/02/2021
On January 14, the Federal Aviation Administration approved the first fully automated commercial drone flights by granting Massachusetts-based American Robotics, Inc. permission to operate drones without hands-on piloting and...

FAA Could Strengthen Its Implementation of a Drone Traffic Management System by Improving Communication and Measuring Performance
sUAS News | 01/30/2021
The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is working with industry and public stakeholders to develop a traffic management system for unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), also known as drones. The UAS traffic management ecosystem (referred to as UTM)...

WFP boosts global co-operation on humanitarian drone use
reliefweb | 02/04/2021
The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) with support from the UK Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) is stepping up global co-operation on the use of humanitarian drones, which are a game-changer for fast, accurate, disaster...

Fit2Fly Aims to Make Future Drones Safe and Reliable
NASA | 02/02/2021
A delivery drone is assigned to fly your package from a distribution center out by the airport to your home downtown. There's a lot riding on this brief flight and you need to trust the small uncrewed aircraft isn't going to crash and wreck the...

DRC launches ‘Drones for Health'
Southern Times Africa | 02/01/2021
The DRC on February 1 officially launched its routine drone delivery operations to reach remote communities in the Équateur Province. Through the "Drones for Health" Program, drones ensure fast turnaround transport of lifesaving vaccines, medicines,...

Livestreaming drones for the future of site inspections
Ericsson | 02/01/2021
As an essential part of industrial operations, site inspections need timely, inexpensive, and accurate methods to keep businesses up and running. And while drones are fast becoming a popular means to support this, their limited capabilities point to...

New Capability Now Available for Drones
iHLS | 01/30/2021
The Identification Friend or Foe (IFF) concept enables the warfighter — and/or another aircraft — to instantly determine if an entity encountered is friendly or hostile. With aircraft, the specific technology employed is an IFF transponder, that...

Raven-X: world's largest drone ready, will launch satellite
FLA News | 01/30/2021
The use of unmanned drones is increasing in various fields. Now the American company has created the world's largest drone. The drone is named Raven-X and can also be used for satellite launch.

The FAA is preparing for delivery drones in 2021. Is your state ready?
USA Today | 01/30/2021
Commercial drone delivery is growing all over the world and as the FAA is poised to pass new regulations, it's important for states to also prepare.

Wingcopter secures $22 million to strengthen its leadership in drone delivery
Inceptive Mind | 01/30/2021
Wingcopter, a German startup specialized in the development and operation of unmanned delivery drones for commercial and humanitarian applications, has secured $22 million in Series A funding. The startup produces drones that can be used, among...

Drone startup opens Northern Ontario office to service mining industry
Timmins Today | 01/29/2021
A U.S. drone survey startup has opened an office in Sudbury to better serve mining operations in Northern Ontario and across Canada.

Cybersecurity and UAS
UASCI/ by Vince Scott | 01/26/2021
Is this you? Just completed a Phase I SBIR on UAS related technology. The DOD sponsor says, "We love you, have budgeted for your Phase II, but you need to get your cyber stuff done." What cyber stuff?

New anechoic chamber lets MSU drone research fly under the radar
The Reflector | 01/26/2021
Mississippi State University's Raspet Flight Lab II is making use of a quiet room for their research, and it is not the library. The lab specializes in research on unmanned aerial systems (UAS) and has been focused on research related to drones,...

Drone system shows promise in frightening pest birds
AgAlert | 01/13/2021
Drones properly equipped to scare the heck out of pest birds may prove to be an effective and economical way to protect winegrapes from European starlings in the final days before harvest.

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